Milo Yiannopoulos Vs Ben Shapiro (#BlackLivesMatter Edition) 2017

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  • Ryan Weeks
    Ryan Weeks 3 hours ago

    Ben always wins

  • Zector
    Zector 5 hours ago

    Antagonistic attitudes need to be put out there, but ben is has a better way of carrying himself that will ultimately yield way better change if for no other reason that more people will listen. You should both try to get along better

  • Dahminator 37
    Dahminator 37 6 hours ago

    it's funny that little belt you are wearing the wrong way is hurting those fragile hops of yours

  • Ellis Magnuson
    Ellis Magnuson 9 hours ago

    came for tits

  • NeverDate LiberalWomen

    I have Ben - first round knock out.

  • Kyle Thoma
    Kyle Thoma 14 hours ago

    Milo is fabulous but paints with a broad brush with comedy and logic.. Ben makes you think and rewind because he speaks so damn fast and fires off so many FACTS

    EBK_CAPTAIN43 14 hours ago

    Man bro why they gotta have beef I love them both for what they do!!

  • Dolan Tramp
    Dolan Tramp 14 hours ago

    Ben just puts the liberals in a daze. While Milo, just pisses them off. I prefer them get pissed off because it just creates memes. #imwithmilo

  • Nate Thompson
    Nate Thompson 17 hours ago

    We're all just a kid from somewhere

  • Jason Morean
    Jason Morean 21 hour ago

    Ben is good. But Mylo is my choice personally though.

  • TheRogueShadow1
    TheRogueShadow1 23 hours ago

    I clicked for the tits..

  • Roozbeh Man
    Roozbeh Man 1 day ago

    An IQ difference of white an black people was falsly related do genes - the correct answer would be that IQ does not mesure your actual intelligence but your adaption to western capitalist society - this can be seen if you take a look at the questions - different ethnik groups will have different knowledge and interests - an Amerikan would have a lower IQ according to e.g an official chinese IQ test

  • Perihelion77
    Perihelion77 1 day ago

    I fought the Vietcong for 13 1/2 months. Note that in Hue, the Cong and NVA killed 1200 people and dumped them in a mass grave as a warning. So, yes, they were very sweet folks.

  • Samuel Dean
    Samuel Dean 1 day ago

    Ben fucking Shapiro won, what a beast

  • Nik Demiln
    Nik Demiln 1 day ago

    Racial IQ differences are a scientific fact. Its been well established and unchallenged factually for over 100 years. To this very day if you Test a Rich black son of a millionaire rapper who has every advantage available to him and then test a poor white kid who barely has food the white kid will almost ALWAYS score upwards of 20+ points above the black kid. And thats just if the white kid is slightly below average. Why do you think that blacks get points Added to their college test scores whilse whites and asians have points deducted?? Its because asians have the highest IQ. And blacks have the lowest. So to make sure blacks don't get utterly blown away in every test they get points added. Where as asians and whites get points deducted. Lol. But yea. Theres no IQ difference blacks just happen to score less than half as well as east asians. Yup. Just ALL a coincidence.

  • joshua mclaughlin

    i love both milo and ben. both very cute. both great american minds and speakers. <3 ;)

  • Jacques Arcadey
    Jacques Arcadey 1 day ago

    I love both but Team Ben all the way, hands down, no question.

  • bigfatmouth
    bigfatmouth 1 day ago

    Both have the same message, but Ben bristles at Milo's ... "persona" and, by that, I don't mean his homosexuality. I don't think Ben likes Milo's provocateur character and probably thinks it cheapens the conservative side of the argument. I like 'em both, but I can understand Ben's critique. It's a big tent - some folks just aren't going to get along.

  • Jack Vai
    Jack Vai 1 day ago

    Trump needs Ben to become his press secretary...

  • Meta Reimie
    Meta Reimie 1 day ago

    but where is the extremely sexy white music?

  • Ryan Swanson
    Ryan Swanson 1 day ago

    I like Milo's and Ben's respect for the very principle of free speech/expression. I like Ben more because he's civilized, Milo clowns around too much making him appear like he's engaging in satire.

  • darren geeslin
    darren geeslin 1 day ago


  • Frigid319
    Frigid319 1 day ago

    Where is the screen cap on this video from of the news anchor opening her blouse? I always see it. Is it a photoshop?

    GAMING NOW 1 day ago

    I love both of them

  • denised6
    denised6 1 day ago

    Ben's intelligence and calm delivery has me impressed and entertained... milo's intellegence and unapologetic humour is equally entertaining and impressive, I admire them both equally

  • Arathae Maxus
    Arathae Maxus 1 day ago

    I would vote for both of these guys!

  • Shiny Glass237
    Shiny Glass237 1 day ago

    I clicked cause the thumbnail

  • Andy T
    Andy T 1 day ago

    Ben got this shit

  • Andy T
    Andy T 1 day ago

    that's how Milo dresses what a child youre at a lecture dress for it. your logic is the same as you dress

  • David Albro
    David Albro 1 day ago

    23:30 "There is no longer any mainstream left. It is all alt-left. The mainstream left has been hijacked by the Black Lives Matter movement." Man, that is the biggest bits of epiphany I've had in a while.

  • C Warren
    C Warren 2 days ago

    They are just a funny title :)

  • Neil Steen
    Neil Steen 2 days ago

    I dont understand I thought they were both on the same team.

  • Amit Jose
    Amit Jose 2 days ago

    was here of thumbnail

  • John Costello
    John Costello 2 days ago

    Round One: Ben
    Round Two: Ben
    Final Round: Ben

    No one can beat Ben in a round unless the round consist of boxing or MMA, but if the round is a political debated he is the undisputed pound for pound champion of the world.

  • Matt Hew
    Matt Hew 2 days ago

    Is it just me who's wondering why the fuck Milo is wearing a tool belt to a conference?

  • Brooke Genest
    Brooke Genest 2 days ago

    Ben Shapiro is a house made of concrete with some colorful curtains and a garden; Milo is a house made of traditional wood, that is painted in every color of the rainbow. Both give you facts, but one takes a much more flamboyant approach. #PardonSnowden

  • ewere oyeze
    ewere oyeze 2 days ago

    no , i can't pick , i love them both

  • Niklas Sandberg
    Niklas Sandberg 2 days ago

    Ben seems like a idiot. What about thoose "children before marriages"... Does it occur to him that poor people maybe does not have money for marriages, they priorities other things. Thinking it would be other way around is just... Gahh!! My fucking god do people realy buy this bullshit statistics fuckup interpretations?

  • Ryan Maass
    Ryan Maass 3 days ago

    These men need to kiss and make up.

  • Michael the real Graham

    Who clicked here because of the boobies?

  • Nathan Gilmour-Gunn

    Milo and Ben should bury what ever hatchet they have against each other and team up.

    Quite the formidable force IMHO

  • Eric T
    Eric T 3 days ago

    Both men are white supremacists that are continuing a narrative of denying racism and white privilege. This is white propaganda that's desperately trying to white wash/brain wash others of America's 1st and still standing sin of racist behavior.

  • Slick A
    Slick A 3 days ago

    They're both taking down the left thank god 🙏

  • Fred Fredricksen
    Fred Fredricksen 3 days ago

    The race of a person should have NO effect on which University they go to. Its ridiculous and borderline criminal to take monies from the general Taxpaying public to put a hand on the scales of balance in order to give some advantage over the others when the general Taxpaying public will not get the best return on their investment for those rules, laws, codes. Build USA infrastructure to enable all Americans to improve their lives. Stop taking our monies and giving them away to foreigners, foreign governments...

  • Fred Fredricksen
    Fred Fredricksen 3 days ago

    Good plain speaking by Ben Shapiro, not what I was expecting.

  • Blake Schroder
    Blake Schroder 3 days ago


  • Ranno
    Ranno 3 days ago

    won what? They both fight on the same side with the same arguments? Who delivers arguments best? Ben! Who rallys up the audience best? Milo!

  • tall rak
    tall rak 3 days ago

    Is Ben Shapiro Jewish?

  • Vicky
    Vicky 3 days ago

    I love both guys 👌👌👌
    Milos sarcasm and quick smart remarks and Bens super serious and sharp logical responses.

  • The 6th
    The 6th 4 days ago

    two very wise men god bless them

  • Piyush Pankaj
    Piyush Pankaj 4 days ago

    I like both of em, both of em are rational.

  • mazterpig
    mazterpig 5 days ago

    they said the same shit^^

  • Stuart McCarroll
    Stuart McCarroll 6 days ago

    both lives matters lost

  • madzangels
    madzangels 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who notices the big breasted lady in the thumbnail?

  • Chad Goings
    Chad Goings 6 days ago

    how are the students fascist. its not like they are antifa?

  • neha doe
    neha doe 7 days ago

    You both need to be together cmon guys

  • william Lawson
    william Lawson 7 days ago

    Shapiro is a far more serious man than Milo. He's far brighter, more concise and articulate. He's got facts at his fingertips and can name all his sources. It's preposterous to mention Yiannopoulos in the same breath.

  • peter davy
    peter davy 7 days ago

    I Don't like Milo because he is a homosexual he also loves himself to bits, in other words he is very vain

  • Jdevilist
    Jdevilist 7 days ago

    Ben is the shizznay!

  • John Kolbek
    John Kolbek 7 days ago

    I think they are both fighting an uphill battle against ignorance. If anything, I think they should work together.
    Ben definitely can articulate a point better, but Milo has the attitude

  • Left Hand Ov God
    Left Hand Ov God 7 days ago

    black actors and rappers and athletes: " We need to stop the hate and unite and help each other. america needs to do something about the hood, and all the poverty my ppl are suffering, now let me sign this 1500 dollar check to donate to the YMCA. Now i gotta go on my private jet to fly to my private island, its the only way to my private mansion." psssh yeah im sure if most of these rich black celebrities would donate money to help "their ppl" since BLM matters, but not to them....

  • Left Hand Ov God
    Left Hand Ov God 7 days ago

    Ya ya ya, who's the hottie in the thumbnail? 🤗 ( . )-( . )

  • Mainnin Senior
    Mainnin Senior 7 days ago

    I enjoyed both

  • poisonsquid37
    poisonsquid37 7 days ago

    Where are those damn titties located

  • Brian Lane
    Brian Lane 8 days ago

    I bet your podcast sucks

  • Matt Wittlinger
    Matt Wittlinger 8 days ago

    Milo, Ben and Gavin McGinnes are my favorite people in all of political media. They all have virtually the same views and do whatever they can to call out on BS

  • ovidiu farcau
    ovidiu farcau 8 days ago

    out of all what Ben, MIlo, Paul Josef Watson, every you tuber out there that tries to improve society i think the message is a simple one to everyone - be responsible for what you do and you actions will echo in the community !

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James 8 days ago

    I ship it

  • Troy Fred
    Troy Fred 9 days ago

    Ben by a wide margin.

  • Leonardo Gonzalez
    Leonardo Gonzalez 9 days ago


  • George Grodzinski
    George Grodzinski 9 days ago

    do-over do-over
    silence is violence if the glove does not fit you must acquit

  • George Grodzinski
    George Grodzinski 9 days ago

    silenceand if the glove does not fit acquit

  • A rnold
    A rnold 9 days ago

    where are the boobs?

  • Debbie Cloete
    Debbie Cloete 9 days ago

    Ben Ben Ben all the way

  • LaFlammeAzure
    LaFlammeAzure 9 days ago

    I came for boobs

  • omgomgmikeomgomg
    omgomgmikeomgomg 9 days ago

    Ben wins.

  • big boy
    big boy 9 days ago

    White silence? Get slammed you weak suburban wannabe

  • Casandra Maynes
    Casandra Maynes 9 days ago

    vs? seriously? this was a tag team attack against pure bullshit with two slightly varying dialects. both are​ BAMFs who know their shit. the fact that they pick on each other is probably purely for our benefit, and by "our" I mean those of us witty enough to catch it.

  • hernandezny
    hernandezny 9 days ago

    I might be an idiot but to me it seemed like you guys had the same viewpoints, so how could you win if your on the same side.

  • 85AngelRogue
    85AngelRogue 10 days ago

    Ben is a destroyer
    Milo is humorous and blunt
    I love them both
    But I definitely would rather have Ben in my corner

  • I might be Insane
    I might be Insane 10 days ago

    I would love to sit milo and Ben down in one room and have them both go off on one topic it'd be heaven for my ears

  • James Vetrone
    James Vetrone 10 days ago

    Ben Shapiro kicks ass and takes names!!

  • Waldane Alladin
    Waldane Alladin 10 days ago

    and more white people are on Welfare.

  • Hawk2429
    Hawk2429 10 days ago

    %50 came to argue %50 came for tits

  • Emerson
    Emerson 11 days ago

    how does someone hate someone who only repeats facts and brings the truth to you

  • Emerson
    Emerson 11 days ago

    ide rather hear ben talk over milo. milo panders more and takes him longer to get to his point. ben doesnt miss a beat.

  • Sandraiga
    Sandraiga 11 days ago


  • D Scott
    D Scott 11 days ago

    Both. These guys both win due to their outstanding commitment to great information.

  • Trap or Doom
    Trap or Doom 11 days ago

    Lmao why the fuck did Milo dress up like a handy man? Rofl this dude fuckin' kills me.

  • Gray Jedi
    Gray Jedi 11 days ago

    off topic, who is the woman in the still for this video?

  • Shelby Mefford
    Shelby Mefford 11 days ago

    The great milo the great Ben

  • Johnie Taylor
    Johnie Taylor 11 days ago

    none of my gay friends speak to me anymore and i aint a subscriber to any god so its not emotional MIlo wins

  • Fatman Rolls
    Fatman Rolls 11 days ago

    Did anyone notice that Colin kapernick looks like a black lil dicky

  • Harambe
    Harambe 11 days ago

    Both are very good in their fields, and consider them as very good speakers and smart. Milo wins because, he is not as arrogant as Ben, and even admitt about things he dont know when asked lol!

  • Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler 11 days ago

    Milo is just as right but WAAAY funnier, so I prefer him. But I love Little Ben almost as much and I can't pretend that he's not more intelligence or convincing, I just prefer humor

  • thetruefarbauti
    thetruefarbauti 12 days ago

    1:20 does he have a hot potato in his mouth? Pronunciate bitch

  • Andrew Ghabel
    Andrew Ghabel 12 days ago

    Both are awesome!

  • Me You
    Me You 12 days ago

    As a Canadian I do not agree with everything you say, but some of the stuff you talk about is the truth and you know as well as I do people don't like the truth. Keep talking

  • coolman1789
    coolman1789 12 days ago

    sure they're entertaining, but seriously fuck fox news

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