Hellcat Blows Parts Everywhere vs Tesla P100D Drag Racing!

1st Mod to Dodge Hellcat - Driveshaft.
Another day at Fayetteville 1/4 Mile Drag Strip. What fun is having a quick car, a Tesla Model S P100D, if you can't find some good races. Well that's where you get me sitting in the staging lanes and like many times before it's always fun to run the top of the new car market. In this case another Dodge Hellcat Challenger. This one had some nice Mickey Thompson Tires and could've been further modified but when speaking to the driver later he did say the driveshaft was stock. As with any breakdown the good thing to come of one is the fact that you can now fix the weak parts and possibly be capable of going even faster after the rebuild. Hope to see him back out on the track soon.

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Author Jon Mack ( ago)
I don't care how the tesla performs, challengers are for men. Teslas are for sweet grandmothers

Author MidWesti ( ago)
@1:32 cue the parts rolling bye

Author WillyTV ( ago)
Dodge is such a PILE OF SHIT!

Author Josiah Daniels ( ago)
"I think it broke" "Got the driveshaft" Meanwhile Tesla is in another time zone😏

Author 5.7L Hemi ( ago)
I'd like to see your face when a demon pulls up besides you in the staging lanes 😎

Author C Morris ( ago)
that dodge quality shining through again

Author mjhacker ( ago)
I drive a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. Come at me bro.

Author willie allen ( ago)
Do Tesla's have a drive shaft to break? I don't think so.

Author taxiuniversum ( ago)
Hellcat just felt like going home, I guess. 😜

Author John Nannery ( ago)
Blows parts everywhere? Hardly.

Author fo0891 ( ago)
too mutch power for it

Author leoboy191 ( ago)

Author Evan Wiedling ( ago)
Not trying to be an asshole because I know that was a shitty way to end the day for him, but the two nuts/bolt heads rolling down the track in front of him fucking killed me

Author lightfighter540 ( ago)
I hardly think this is parts everywhere.

Author Jay Bosslingo ( ago)
damn 😨

Author kram Null ( ago)
It was pouring rain here in NC today. There was a Tesla here running 3sec. 0-60 at least, in 1" of standing water. The first two times I didn't believe it, so I had to run him down to get a third view... From the Tail lights of course...

Author Ahnaf Ahmad ( ago)
that's why you don't buy dodge

Author unijabnx2000 ( ago)
That looks like Fayetteville

Author richystar2001 ( ago)
the new Camaro SL1 seems to be the new king of the 9 second circuit...but waiting to see what the Dodge demon will do...Tesla doesn't need more power but if they made a battery that was say 500 pounds lighter then that would be the thing would be a track terrorist.

Author Ghost wreck ( ago)
The owner looks pissed

Author GioYT ( ago)
Recently got a model x, I'll never regret it! Amazing car! The future is here!! 😀

Author Tehqa ϟ ( ago)
dude using a tesla is cheating Lol its to good

Author Steve Smith ( ago)

Author Screaming z1 ( ago)
I wish the track officials were half as cool as those guys were.

Author Hauling Ass ( ago)
Fix It Again Tony

Author nuffflavor ( ago)
LOL  (smirk)... Dodge is shiot. I had a Dodge caravan once.... gave about the same results.

Author Evan Guthrie ( ago)
You really shouldn't do that with any car, stop hating on Dodge.

Author Todd Stancil ( ago)
Hey love the channel man! I'm curious what are the rules as far as safety at the tracks? My car only has an ecu tune..probably a low 12 car. Will Commerce or other places give me grief on any safety stuff. Will I need just a helmet?

Author RoadWarrior93 ( ago)
LOL red lighted. You lost that race before it even began.

Author Justin Miller ( ago)
dodge chargers like to cut you off in a waiting line or in traffic just to get 1 car ahead of you LMFAO

Author Gracyn Johnson ( ago)
They have to much horse power

Author Eric K ( ago)
You can hear his drive shaft hitting the ground

Author Stefan Wimmer ( ago)
Hellcat is a real hell machine...😂

Author JuergenGDB ( ago)
Great innovation.... but a boring ass car.

Author Panda - Monium ( ago)
Race the dodge demon now... you'll be surprised

Author rcsc824 sc ( ago)
hahaha... that's what a Dodge does for you!

Author Blitz4000 ( ago)
Driveshaft made of twigs.

Author *ŜįМρL·Ÿ*ŶŨĠĬΦĦ* ( ago)
Poor poor dodge. R.I.P hell cat life

Author Maciej Siuta ( ago)
it's electric all power is instant not like a gas car they should not be able to drag race gas cars

Author DJ Sunkisst ( ago)
This is why the Demon was made 😂 to take on the Tesla on the drag strip lol

Author kickinbackinOC ( ago)
The Demon is coming for you! Watch the reveal live at 4:30 pst, 7:30 est

Author Aric Roy ( ago)
If I was in the Tesla I would be laughing my ass off.

Author siciliano29 ( ago)
Do you ever run 1/4mi???

Author Brian NZ ( ago)
Unfortunately, since this video was made Tesla has come out with Ludicrous + , good for 2.4 sec against 2.5 sec with Ludicrous for 0 to 62 mph.

Author Chloe Sinclair ( ago)
I run a a twin turbo LS in a 65 Chevelle SS. Last pass I did was 8.79 @ 140MPH. But this Tesla is cute for a weekend against Suburbia

Author Captain Howdy ( ago)
You can buy 4 teslas for one hellcat

Author Captain Howdy ( ago)
No glory in a blown opponent

Author D_C16 ( ago)
yea the tesla is fast but it looks like a bitch car

Author Vicente Binladen ( ago)
Yea i would of burned that dodge to the ground

Author redjontue ( ago)
Piece of crap dodge lol

Author Prince Bytor Frunobulax ( ago)
It's a typical global economy problem. Engineering does a kickass job designing. Then shithead executives "save $$" and stupidly get the parts made in some 3rd world toilet where they either can't make the parts to spec because they suck at machining, or they use inferior materials aren't certified to any requirement.

Author Rolan Reynacido ( ago)
Shits itself already.

Author Maurice Aucoin ( ago)
American muscle vs American electric!

Author Kory Johnson ( ago)
Can you go on street outlaws to drag everyone and shut down the TV show and get your own?

Thanks, Sincerely America

Author LeCaissie ( ago)
LOL gasoline

Author alan shoemaker ( ago)

Author Ragingbull340 ( ago)
Still waiting on the parts everywhere on the track.

Author Korryn Roberts ( ago)
The dodge would still be way more fun to drive. Teslas fast but it's just not the same experience. You can talk shit all you want but it's more about having fun and not being a bunch of shit talkers lol. 😂

Author duesing6 ( ago)

Author Tango 007 ( ago)
What's the intro song?

Author The Evilish ( ago)
Driving a Tesla is like having no soul. Wouldn't ever drive one.

Author maximus vonce ( ago)
bro i have a 10 flat 68 Mustang street car and a 10.5 tvs 2011 5.0. I will rape your electric pos tank. Hit me up

Author Jordan Distant ( ago)
that's what the new dodge demon is for to take on tesla

Author Ronnie ( ago)
Of the top 10 least reliable vehicle manufacturers, Chrysler products are 5 of them.

Author essam timani ( ago)
Ahahahahahaha American Mucus car!

Author Janusha ( ago)
This is like a bunch of cowboys trying to herd cattle.

Author Tommy J ( ago)
So theirs ONE hellcat that messes up & the brand sucks the car sucks everything about it sucks. Get REAL people just because this happened to one person doesn't mean it happens to all of us. Their's people who don't know how to drive the damn thing get it thru your heads you dumb fucks. Every car brand has it's ups & downs no matter what you drive unless your driving a lambo or a koeniggsegg

Author American Soldier ( ago)
Haha that's dodge for you, American trash can , that's why they lose resale values so fast

Author Integrafreak1 ( ago)
Are those yellow things permanent?

Author Valentin Lopez ( ago)

Author AbCdEfGhIjKlM nOpQrStUvWxYz ( ago)
are all dodge drive shafts just poor in general? Ive seen this problem with dodge trucks quite often at the shop

Author Cory R ( ago)
Why you don't buy a Dodge.

Author People Hunter ( ago)
Did anyone else notice that he jumped?

Author Lucas Miller ( ago)
why can't people just enjoy having a nice car instead of try to prove who is faster?

Author Nenmeu 2 ( ago)
Omfg that car beats everybody. That grateful start

Author Elliott Garner II ( ago)
Video pretty much sums up Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicle quality.

Author Siwulam ( ago)
I find it funny that someone would pay $70,000 for that dodge piece of crap. That's a real special person

Author Pro Viper ( ago)
Chevy can't build a under carage or suspension Ford can't build a motor and dodge can't build a transmission

Author npsit1 ( ago)
HAHAHA.. #epicfail

Tesla has no drive shaft........ umm this is awkward 🙈

Author Klein Harris ( ago)
I think this is at fayetteville motorsports park in nc

Author Fhritp ( ago)
brand new dodge is a piece of shit

Author paul garcia ( ago)
Those cars are junk!

Author FIGJAM ( ago)
Tesla never fail? Yeah right!

Author psx2rulz2 ( ago)
i like tesla, dont get me wrong, but talk about ez mode. its not even worth bragging about. step 1: press down throttle. step 2: profit. no skill, lol.

Author alpha 90 ( ago)
off the line tesla takes it but any roll race and the tesla loses

Author T. Scott ( ago)
I can see old-heads aren't liking this... The video didn't even directly insult petrol cars, but look at that like-to-dislike ratio. People are clearly salty, grow up. I'm by no means an electric fan, hell, I rooted for the Challenger... but don't dislike the video cause you can't accept reality - the electric car made a bold statement about reliability and speed that show electric cars are the future... and soon. Adapt to change or die out.

Author My beautiful and amazing mistress ( ago)
This channel is pathetic. We get it, your amazing electric car is faster than fuel powered cars.
The worst part about this whole EV and Tesla thing is that these fanboys think they're green and that they're saving the earth, when actually to make a Tesla car you harm the planet even more than a normal combustion engine car, the batteries are toxic when discarded, plus you exploit cheap labor with inhuman conditions in african mines

Author Chris Sullins ( ago)
I want a Tesla.

Author jo blo ( ago)
It's mopar junk.

Author Dan Simmano ( ago)
expected from American trash

Author rastawet ( ago)
How to send a Hell cat back to hell :) they don't call them muscle car for nothing you gonna grow muscles when pushing them

Author B Smoove ( ago)
that cat lost all 9 lives instantly and went to hell

Author jose palacios ( ago)
shit car buying evo x

Author CanadaCraig ( ago)
So... on the 'Tesla Racing Channel' a Dodge blows up. How fucking convenient.

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