Loose Curls - no heat!

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just a little tutorial on how to make loose curls with no heat at all! leave a comment and subscribe! ;)

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Author Ida Krogh Olsen (1 year)

Okay.. Since everybody is asking "What is that red thing you use" "what is
that thing you are wrapping your hair around" and so and so on...
Actually somebody have been very nice to answer all of your questions in
the comments, but since you still ask i'm telling you now once and for
all.. They are called Flexy Rods or bendy rollers(or something like that,
they probably have other names too) and you can buy them in your local
drugstore, target, beauty supply store etc. etc.. ! :)

Author kaila f (5 months)
your really pretty ❤️

Author Melissa Rudd (1 year)
did u straight your hair before u did the loose curls

Author SellySnow (1 year)
the curls look ugly lol

Author TheGrabasspants (10 months)
nice! the curls looks natural..

Author Megan Cunningham (1 year)
most awkward vid ever.

Author Ella V (1 year)
no ther not heated

Author Gimelle Toledo (1 year)
What song? Please..

Author jane hopwood (1 year)
Wot song

Author Teresa Sanchez (1 year)
they are heated , not to be mean . my mom has those & i use them . they are
heated before used

Author sara gibas (1 year)
No I mean speak

Author irma rojas (1 year)
Wats those red thingys df 

Author sara gibas (1 year)
I means peek

Author Hannah Nicole (1 year)
what songgg

Author sara gibas (1 year)
Can you not speed

Author coldplaychica (1 year)
I think she used the Conair Spiral Curlers :)

Author Kennedy Liam (1 year)
these definitely worked even for african American hair my hair is medium
long layered hair just dont spray too much wwter on your hair and dont
start from the top

Author Stefan Stojanov (1 year)
Wow. Awesome clip clip. My close friend used to be a fat. He went from
290lbs of fat to 210lbs of total lean muscle mass. I could not believe it!
I just joined personally because I must improve my body shape. He used the
Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...

Author Stephanie Marie Styles Caylen〈3 (1 year)
What's the pink thing you use?

Author everythinggirls4you (1 year)
Mikee, put 2 french plaits (braids) in your hair when its mostly dry and
sleep in them .

Author Brenna B (1 year)
they're these weird curler things and you can get them at CVS or Walgreens
or any drugstore type place :) I have them but for me they never really
worked that well

Author Dazzie27 (1 year)
i had to play music in the background. the quiet was too disturbing.

Author Nalani Adele (1 year)
you look like the older girl in narnia.

Author Hailey Klatt (1 year)
they are curlers that hold they're place when you bend them.. I got 8 for a
dollar at the dollar store

Author Shreya Chaudhry (1 year)
Why are people saying it doesn't work she clearly said LOOSE curls

Author Annette Valenzuela (1 year)
great idea

Author Ok? Ok (1 year)

Author Efrain Tinajero (1 year)
Why don't you brade it and leave it for 2hours hint hint

Author Melissa Maslen (1 year)
sooo cute thx I am going to do that now :DDDD

Author Abigayle Crawford (1 year)
You didn't talk? Like, I did not know what you were using.

Author leo rox (1 year)
Wow. Fine clip. My brother had been a fatty. He remodeled his body from
290lbs of fat to 202 lbs of purely natural lean muscle. I used to be
amazed. I just registered myself because I'm attempting to get big muscle
mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...

Author Jessica Caldwell (1 year)
I saw that too lol

Author Morgan Anderson (1 year)
I got some at Sally's Beauty Supply Shop, I live near Indiana so I got mine
at the Plaza, I got like 20 for $15. There super easy and if you sleep with
them in they stay longer!!

Author Ok? Ok (1 year)
she kind of looks like Jennifer Lawrence

Author 2BOLD4U (1 year)
Flexi rods.

Author Neonayx Lloyd (1 year)
she looks like she is mad win she takes out the first curle

Author CupcakeTigah :D (1 year)
1:36 Hey what's the time? **looks at empty wrist** oh

Author MaddisBeautyLife (1 year)
Katniss Everdeen

Author shizukagozen777 (1 year)
It s waves not curls but the result is nice ! :D

Author Anna Lanza (1 year)
Wow your hair is so pretty o.o

Author BellaBeauty (1 year)
Lol... Im sorry about your mom?

Author Jennifer Pada (1 year)
Please talk pretty please

Author ashley v (1 year)
You're so boring lol

Author chloe fearn (1 year)
it was kinda boring but really good tip thanks

Author Hanna Davis (1 year)
Are those extensions... bc if not I am so jealous.

Author Jasmine Davis (1 year)
actually Nearly 3

Author Crystal Murray (1 year)
What brand/size rods do u use?

Author KAYLEXY123 (1 year)
Smart sticks!!! :)

Author Nicklas Hammare (1 year)
Was hard to FAP to this, but at least i tried, damn i have no life -.-

Author Lindsey Vargas (1 year)
Rubbish -_-

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