Loose Curls - no heat!

Check out my cover of We Cant Stop and Uncover!

just a little tutorial on how to make loose curls with no heat at all! leave a comment and subscribe! ;)

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Author kaila f ( ago)
your really pretty ❤️

Author Melissa Rudd ( ago)
did u straight your hair before u did the loose curls

Author Ida Krogh Olsen ( ago)

Okay.. Since everybody is asking "What is that red thing you use" "what is
that thing you are wrapping your hair around" and so and so on...
Actually somebody have been very nice to answer all of your questions in
the comments, but since you still ask i'm telling you now once and for
all.. They are called Flexy Rods or bendy rollers(or something like that,
they probably have other names too) and you can buy them in your local
drugstore, target, beauty supply store etc. etc.. ! :)

Author Ella V ( ago)
no ther not heated

Author jane hopwood ( ago)
Wot song

Author Teresa Sanchez ( ago)
they are heated , not to be mean . my mom has those & i use them . they are
heated before used

Author Gimelle Toledo ( ago)
What song? Please..

Author irma rojas ( ago)
Wats those red thingys df 

Author Hannah Nicole ( ago)
what songgg

Author Megan Cunningham ( ago)
most awkward vid ever.

Author selenasperf ( ago)
the curls look ugly lol

Author Rachel Lee ( ago)
What is the red stick??

Author Stefan Stojanov ( ago)
Wow. Awesome clip clip. My close friend used to be a fat. He went from
290lbs of fat to 210lbs of total lean muscle mass. I could not believe it!
I just joined personally because I must improve my body shape. He used the
Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...

Author MsMaserati7 ( ago)
how long do the curls stay like this? my hair is so heavy and destroys them
in a minute.. :s did you saw any difference with this curl formers? 

Author MaddisBeautyLife ( ago)
Katniss Everdeen

Author Pincerous Pincy ( ago)
Do it from closer to the roots so it doesn't look so blockinsh, it looks
REALLY nice though!

Author CanadianBeut ( ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday! Cool!

Author Chloe Felix ( ago)
This isn't helpful what is she using to pin up her hair how long do u wait
to take them out

Author Laura Burbage ( ago)
i love the way she looks at her wrist as if a watch is there

Author Morgan Anderson ( ago)
I got some at Sally's Beauty Supply Shop, I live near Indiana so I got mine
at the Plaza, I got like 20 for $15. There super easy and if you sleep with
them in they stay longer!!

Author Dave Keonig ( ago)
gorgeous girl. not many videos though.

Author Blue Spray paint ( ago)
I wish you talked about what you were doing. this isn't really helpfull.

Author leo rox ( ago)
Wow. Fine clip. My brother had been a fatty. He remodeled his body from
290lbs of fat to 202 lbs of purely natural lean muscle. I used to be
amazed. I just registered myself because I'm attempting to get big muscle
mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...

Author pinupgirldimples ( ago)

Author pinupgirldimples ( ago)
It came out pretty

Author lozz ( ago)
What stuff did you use coz this is a pointless video

Author Jayah S. ( ago)
those are hot buns

Author shizukagozen777 ( ago)
It s waves not curls but the result is nice ! :D

Author Jeffery Galvin sr ( ago)
u look so pretty

Author Jennifer Pada ( ago)
Please talk pretty please

Author Michaela Arias ( ago)
if anyone found a video that a person with thick hair that is doing a wavy
hair tutorial plz email me at thxx

Author austin lo ( ago)
you are really pretty only if i heard your voice :)

Author Malin Kvitblik ( ago)
Those are not curlformers, they are curling rods :)

Author Baylee Grant ( ago)
they are curl formers, look on amazon or ebay!

Author Laura24sms08 ( ago)
Yes not talking makes the video suck, you should try allowing your vocal
cords to do there thing, just saying

Author Tara Getz ( ago)
order em from amazon they're much cheaper too

Author Tamar Mack ( ago)
does anyone know where you can get those clip things cheap in australia?
sorry for any grammatical problems :c i sat looking at this sentence for
about five minutes trying to figure out how to word it!

Author Mimi Khatun ( ago)
Hi there, do you know "HAIRator" yet? Simply check out the web address: On their website I discovered a smart and pain-free hair
removal alternative that involves no waxing or even shaving or similar
outdated and painful methods. In fact, this specific treatment has been
presented in Vogue. It made it possible for Anna to enjoy enduring very
soft skin. It may help you out too.

Author Jamie M (jamieemc) ( ago)
Those aren't curl formers 

Author Alice Beckett ( ago)
Thank u x

Author amy walker ( ago)
love ur hair

Author gjmgold james ( ago)
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people pay to remove it ,it gives birth and another encripts itself into
peoples bank passwords,let them advertise crap like that on the simpsons
not a sweet girl like you,delete and re upload it

Author gjmgold james ( ago)
oh by the way got a problem,your server is in uk,get in touch
,anytime,anyplace,anywhere,ill do it for society free on the national

Author gjmgold james ( ago)
honey your so beautiful xx you have a virus troll on your page ive hacked
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system there end but the virus keeps cloning itself,that program is running
in bratislava ,i can't get into it,you may have to delete this video then
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sweet,don't let them advertise here xx

Author gjmgold james ( ago)
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Author ashley v ( ago)
You're so boring lol

Author Emily Clark ( ago)
I have those. They're called Heated Flexi-Stylers :S

Author Jose Sauceda ( ago)
A straw

Author Jazmyne Sy ( ago)
what's that bendable thing that you used to have curly hair? :)

Author Stephanie Marie Styles Caylen〈3 ( ago)
What's the pink thing you use?

Author LexeiBelieber ( ago)
What do roll do u use to curl ur hair?

Author Noor Ali ( ago)
that is amazing!! 

Author Teagan Tucker ( ago)
you should be katness everdeen for Halloween

Author athompson7 ( ago)
ONLY 2,440,000+ views??? : )

Author Nicklas Hammare ( ago)
Was hard to FAP to this, but at least i tried, damn i have no life -.-

Author Melissa Maslen ( ago)
sooo cute thx I am going to do that now :DDDD 

Author BellaBeauty ( ago)
Lol... Im sorry about your mom?

Author Alexis Rodriguez ( ago)
Those pink sticks are called curl formers, you can buy them at Wal-Mart for
$10! They come in 2 sizes, the pink are the larger of the two. I've been
using them for a couple years now and I get more compliments on my hair
when I use the formers than when I curl my hair with an iron. P.S. sleeping
with them will make the waves last longer.

Author PajtshiaBTS bangtan ( ago)
Wat did u use?

Author Bieber Slayed ( ago)
What did u use to keep the curls up?

Author CupcakeTigah :D ( ago)
1:36 Hey what's the time? **looks at empty wrist** oh

Author Laura Vasquez ( ago)

Author cx lee ( ago)
Lol she wasn't wearing a watch XD

Author Aixa Barrera ( ago)
i can't hear nothing 

Author mheryl habon ( ago)
jennifer lawrence- katniss =)

Author Avigail Bencomo ( ago)

Author VanniexD ( ago)
I wish I had your hair.:(

Author Jade West ( ago)
thnx. :))

Author eezya s ( ago)
you look like Jennifer lawrence<3 

Author Kimberly Velutini ( ago)
foam spirals... they come in a plastic box of about 24-30 conair, goody,
and scrunchie makes them. thye run at about 14-20 dollars each. i do
recommend them!

Author Kennedy Liam ( ago)
these definitely worked even for african American hair my hair is medium
long layered hair just dont spray too much wwter on your hair and dont
start from the top

Author Taylor Temple ( ago)
Flexi rods

Author KAYLEXY123 ( ago)
Smart sticks!!! :)

Author Myunicaija ( ago)
That's so MEAN!! but TRUE! LOL!!

Author Nalani Adele ( ago)
you look like the older girl in narnia.

Author Srinivas Eudunuri ( ago)
yippee. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or iphone
as per ur choice. its not a joke, your address and mail id is enough to
receive ur ipad3. go here >->

Author ellz7651 ( ago)
I love this :D I tried it out an bam! My hair looked perfect and stayed all
day! Thank so much this really helped <3 sorry everyone's being so rude
about there being no music and no voice over and stuff. U do whatever u
want! Great tutorial, loved it <3

Author Lucioustutorials4U ( ago)
You look Ike Katniss

Author Methusha Paleswaran ( ago)

Author Crystal Murray (DDS) ( ago)
What brand/size rods do u use?

Author Geraldine Sy ( ago)
yes we have that, just go to the nearest department stores (the big ones
like SM, Watsons). They should have that :)

Author Elyanie Danial ( ago)
is that flexible curve ? 

Author Jade West ( ago)
are there any of those curlers in the Philippines? Cause i'm at the
Philippines right now.

Author Georgina Howell ( ago)
Where can i buy them?! 

Author justbesmart ( ago)
me too.. 

Author chloe fearn ( ago)
it was kinda boring but really good tip thanks

Author Ahmed Rushu ( ago)
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website I discovered a revolutionary and pain-free body hair removal
alternative that involves absolutely no waxing, shaving or other outdated
methods. The truth is, this specific treatment has even been presented in
Time Magazine. It made it easier for Cindy to enjoy enduring soft skin. It
might help you out as well...

Author Jewel Trimble ( ago)
I tried it today came out amazing!!!!

Author SoLikeYeah515 ( ago)
What is she wrapping her hair with?

Author Erin-Leigh Boothroyd ( ago)
Not trying to be mean but why aren't u talking

Author Lanay Miles ( ago)
They look really cute

Author Jasmine Elanor ( ago)
Why can't she just talk?

Author Beāte Štrause ( ago)
loose curls? u get curls, lol :D

Author Maya Rai ( ago)
Damn those look sick

Author Karmen Magel ( ago)
You have such pretty hair!! I love it.

Author Nia fernandes ( ago)
you kinda look like Savannah Montano 

Author Angela Park ( ago)
Creepy girl lool

Author Sara Nava ( ago)
I usually comb my hair through after curling it and it ends up looking like

Author Jasmine Davis ( ago)
actually Nearly 3 

Author Monia Oneill ( ago)
you spelled virus wrong

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