Michele Malkin & Hannity Have A Laugh A Rachel Mandow 6 / 16 / 2017

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  • Hans Hahr
    Hans Hahr 20 hours ago

    Not just fake news but lies after lies!! Please go back to hell from where you came from Maddow. Such an ass.

  • Hans Hahr
    Hans Hahr 20 hours ago

    Rachel Maddow is such a horrible person.

  • Hans Hahr
    Hans Hahr 20 hours ago

    President Donald J. Trump will never be impeached!!! GOD our FATHER has sanctioned this from day one!!!! GOD bless President Trump and GOD bless the United States of America!!!! Praise YOU LORD JESUS and ALL PRAISE YOU FATHER on HIGH!!!!!! Thank YOU Father!!! Thank YOU JESUS!!!! Thank YOU,thank YOU, thank YOU!!!!!

  • blockerroach1
    blockerroach1 23 hours ago


  • Charles Henley
    Charles Henley 1 day ago

    Mancow! LEz be friends! Another Trumpderanged rug muncher........She is a fool. Like Transderson Pooper the other Tranny on CNN.

  • Margaret Dell
    Margaret Dell 2 days ago

    She is the dishonest desk jockey that gets paid big bucks for lies and propaganda

  • Bev Taylor
    Bev Taylor 2 days ago

    The way she bobs and nods while she speaks is, to me, a tell that she knows she's lying.

  • Katherine Stavrojohn

    *POOR BABY👶🏻 I just can't imagine. Ever since Rachel Maddow's dream world got SHATTERED on NOVEMBER 9, 2016, her grip on reality is dangerously tenuous.* While exploiting her "Russians colluded with Trump" and "Trump stole the election from Hillary" Fake News "fairytale," Rachel said: "Maybe that's true, but that doesn't change the world. What would change the world"...then I had to stop when I realized that Rachel's cognitive dissonance is classic "TDS" or "Trump Derangement Syndrome." Sadly, this TDS induced self delusion won't fix her problem. Hillary lied. Hillary cheated. Hillary got caught. Seth got shot. DNC got sued for ELECTION FRAUD. Shawn got killed. Debbie and Donna got fired. Hillary lost. Her world was SHATTERED. Hillary created Fake News and Russian hackers. Not even fake polls... fake Russians... 24/7 fake news... fake Special Councils... or spirit cooked Deep State witch hunts can CHANGE this reality: "The Donald" won the 2016 election. Trump didn't cheat like Hillary. He didn't kill anyone to get there. He is officially "President Donald Trump" (and will be) until January 20, 2025. REALLY. *So, quit lying to yourselves. Quit lying to US. Let's hope the DNC is dead and that TDS is terminal.*

  • C.W. Growden
    C.W. Growden 3 days ago

    it was alien check her rubber hat lmaooooooooooooo

  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith 3 days ago

    What a pathetic joke...First of all, there is no evidence that Trump has had any contact with any Russians...But the bigger joke is that during the Obama years, the US interfered with elections in over 70 countries...We have forced sovereign leaders to step down, or we have been responsible for killing them..Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Ethiopia, Israel, Turkey.....France, Germany, Poland, Russia....there are no elections that we have not stuck our nose into....That is what should be investigated...Maddow is a lunatic...period.

  • reignman2112
    reignman2112 3 days ago

    CNN: Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia.....oh, and some guy shot at some people at a park.....Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia....

  • Vino Rocky
    Vino Rocky 3 days ago

    Michele Malkin for President

  • Larry Norsworthy
    Larry Norsworthy 3 days ago


  • Dre Zee
    Dre Zee 3 days ago

    Rolling Stone? That would be the A#1 False Rape accuser of 2016?

  • Thom Girardin
    Thom Girardin 4 days ago

    Has anybody checked CNN ratings. They have to be close to ZERO. Who actually still watches Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Brian Stetler, Wolf Blitzer, etc. I can't imagine that companies want to pour money into CNN for their advertising. Maybe everybody should email these advertisers and point out that CNN is a failing network, and not worth throwing their shareholders money away on this outfit.

  • Creation proof
    Creation proof 4 days ago

    fuck sharia lover lesbo Rachel Maddox she's ignorant. .

  • mtman2
    mtman2 4 days ago

    Paid big money to lie + pretend; being phony every single day.
    Just what value is in such a life as a shillbot whore for anti-American treasonous criminals?

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 4 days ago

    The craziest thing is that someone just shot to kill numerous Republicans on a baseball diamond and the media has already stopped talking about attempted mass murder and moved right back to Russia and Trump. That is very disturbing as a citizen of this country.

  • David P
    David P 5 days ago

    They try to ban Alex Jones, they should ban her for spreading hate

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz 5 days ago

    Rolling Stone really showed it's left leaning self in an article I read a couple years ago, and I never bought it again.

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz 5 days ago

    She's such a piece of crap spewing trash. GAWD.

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz 5 days ago

    What the hell?? They interrupted this for a Russian death?

  • Giorgios Culofakis
    Giorgios Culofakis 5 days ago

    How long would lesbian Madcow last in a Muslim Jihadist state without getting a full genital mutilation?

  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin 5 days ago

    Rachel is her own biggest fan. She just loves to hear herself talk.

  • the 13th
    the 13th 5 days ago

    So funny ! Rachel Maddow, literally , has mental issues like depression , yet , retard MSNBC is happy to put this crazy bitch on the air to lie to America every night .

  • jake snake
    jake snake 5 days ago

    the people that watch Rachel Maddow are only "IDIOT AND IDIOT"

  • jjammin1812
    jjammin1812 5 days ago

    Rachel Mandow is committing jounaluicide (...death . . . by journalism...)!!!

  • Chris Kavanagh
    Chris Kavanagh 5 days ago

    Rachel Mamdow, you're a "freakin" joke.

  • Eric Lars
    Eric Lars 5 days ago

    Msnbc needs to remove her...cartoon network has better ratings then her.

  • Stan Childs
    Stan Childs 5 days ago

    Rachel Maddox is a dude baby!!!

  • Tony Pate
    Tony Pate 5 days ago

    And this er "lady" boys and girls shows why you must always buckle up that seat belt !

  • rob berrie
    rob berrie 5 days ago

    Sources say that Rachel's Grandmother was a lizard space traveler that lived under the icecap for 10,000 years. Which could explain a lot, We must get to the bottom of this!

  • lily
    lily 5 days ago

    Why would a gay- side with the brotherhood member who wants gays murdered- Hillary Clinton & Huma the Muslim party=Sharia laws advocates!

  • TheFullBug
    TheFullBug 5 days ago

    I have always slammed Rachel Maddow for being a pitiful lefty hack (and a dumb dyke) who never had much credibility to begin with. Her unending lying yapping about Trump has gotten awfully tiresome to watch and downright embarrassing. But Sean has his own fondness for peddling conspiracy theories and is too much of a Trump fanboy himself that detracts from his own credibility from time to time. That said, the Russian collusion allegations and other desperate, dirty tactics by Dems & Co. to oust Trump from office is what is the real assault on American democracy.
    On another note, as a lifelong staunch conservative myself and as much as I invariably largely agree with Malkin and other conservative commentators on tv, their style often grates on my nerves. Michelle normally always sounds and acts like a snarling shrill attack dog. Coulter a bit of a whiny diva and Ben Shapiro like a cackling, smart alecky college kid. I can only take these people in limited doses. 😀

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly 5 days ago

    This Michele Malkin is just lovely intelligent attractive and appealing and a good reporter.

  • MrRidingman
    MrRidingman 5 days ago

    Its well due to boycott all the products from the companies which advertise on MadCow/MSNBC,  The View, and Bill Maher, they all need to get off the air.

  • Lori Cunliffe
    Lori Cunliffe 5 days ago

    What would change the world for the better: would be Rachel Bow Wow disappearing ....back to her padded room.

  • Glenn Webb
    Glenn Webb 5 days ago

    Its not nice to laugh at the mentally ill or developmentally disabled (crazy or retarded, for those who refuse PC)....

  • Adrian Barnard
    Adrian Barnard 5 days ago

    I can't stand Madcow! She should be euthanased. Bad reporting is too kind, flat out lying more like. They are destracting you from their crimes of pheadophilia . They make Russians look like saints in comparison

  • Eric Blair
    Eric Blair 5 days ago

    DEMS Wanted Comey FIRED.... DNC Hacked the elections...Comey said under OATH (3xs) NO RUSSIA Collusion NONE. The same corporation that owns MSNBC owns RollingStone Mag,

  • MAD_aircooled_66
    MAD_aircooled_66 5 days ago

    I bet Rachel has a steamy cooter

  • revolutionpm
    revolutionpm 5 days ago

    Kimmel did not have MadCow on his show for her looks, he is in it to assist the destroy America Sore@$$ crowd..

  • gladiator8324
    gladiator8324 5 days ago

    Michelle describes mad cow awesomely

  • gladiator8324
    gladiator8324 5 days ago

    Michelle, you are a bad Mammer jammer

  • Neddskorg
    Neddskorg 5 days ago

    Unfortunately in my part of the world the MSM takes its lead from the likes of CNN so we get nothing but diluted misrepresented BS here in NZ.

  • she livesforjesus
    she livesforjesus 5 days ago

    I would like to use this comment area to make an offer to who ever reads this. If you aren't a Christian and are feeling boxed in by all of the craziness, please do this: please find a quiet area and pray.Ask Jesus to please forgive all your sins and ask Jesus to come and live in your heart and soul.If you need someone to pray with you please call me at 318-348-7718.I will be happy to pray with you 24/7...please do not delay on this. You do not have to be anxious and alone. .., spend your eternity in Heaven , not hell.God loves you and so do I!!

  • nextdrink97
    nextdrink97 5 days ago

    Rachel Maddow aka Payton Manning is a complete JOKE!!! How are those tax returns Payton??

  • Bee Dee Bee
    Bee Dee Bee 5 days ago

    When I was about 20 I would bitch at my boss 4 days a week about having to listen to Rush and Hannity instead of Q101 and 97 rock... Can't even tell you how many Hannitys I hammered into the woodwork. Now I listen to AM radio all of the time, and all of my nails have become deep state operatives.. Keep up the good work Hannity.

  • fking deplorable
    fking deplorable 5 days ago

    Man, Rollingstone mag has hit bottom. By By, don't buy Rollingstone.

  • Georges Guez
    Georges Guez 5 days ago


  • steve gary
    steve gary 5 days ago

    why cant we send her to Korea??

  • Paul W
    Paul W 5 days ago

    As a citizen of the country I vote that trump can talk to anyone he wants...so can his people.  Democrats did it in spades with so many having spoken to the Russians.

  • Kenneth Harris
    Kenneth Harris 5 days ago


  • Colerain Fan
    Colerain Fan 5 days ago

    Malkin's the joke. Hannity has a knack for plugging guests that no one else will have. Where's D'Souza and Beck when you need them?

  • Shane Horner
    Shane Horner 5 days ago

    The left media is involved together to brainwash the public. You say things over and over and people start to believe it. Basic fact

  • Lilly Day
    Lilly Day 5 days ago

    I think that Rachael's tin foil hat needs to be up graded to HEAVY DUTY Aluminum .

  • american37
    american37 5 days ago

    Remember, the left will always accuse the right of doing what the left itself is doing.

  • macstone9
    macstone9 5 days ago

    Rachel is a totally retarded dyke!! MSNBC SUCKS! CNN SUCKS! MSNBC SUCKS!!!

  • mister smith
    mister smith 5 days ago

    Ralph Madcow & CNN = Very Fake News!!!

  • Larry McCrae
    Larry McCrae 5 days ago

    Rachel Ratt Droppings Maddow

  • Robin Young
    Robin Young 5 days ago


  • GodsSeer
    GodsSeer 5 days ago

    CHANCE FOR MAKING LOTS OF MONEY; Someone make a funny movie of murdering Obama and Hillary.

  • Maximus hett
    Maximus hett 5 days ago

    The left has all the brainwashers, Eg: mostly current celebs and well known media figures.
    makes it hard for young ones to think for themselves.

  • Val Edwards
    Val Edwards 5 days ago

    Jann Wenner Rolling Stone editor ,Queer, Rachael Maddow, Queer, most trusted by all the liberal Queers, Birds of the feather, what else is new.

  • sim1 sim1
    sim1 sim1 5 days ago

    Does anyone think that Rachel is actually in love with Trump because she seems obsessed by him?

  • Dave None
    Dave None 5 days ago

    Why is Mad cow such an angry little man?

  • kevin keenan
    kevin keenan 5 days ago

    Maddow should be gangraped & beheaded! Fucking Dyke.

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright 5 days ago

    100% correct Annabelle Rhys,,,

  • Joseph Burgess
    Joseph Burgess 6 days ago

    Rachel has her own set of problems, A woman if that's what you want to call her that thinks shes a man. Being gay is a sickness Rachel.

  • mcpeake69
    mcpeake69 6 days ago

    Michele Malkin is one of a kind. She is beautiful, intelligent and insightful.

  • Andrew Hajik
    Andrew Hajik 6 days ago

    Get this bitch Mandow off the air,fire her

  • car ko
    car ko 6 days ago

    In the clips where Rachel Mandow is wearing black all she needs is a black pointed hat and a broom and the witch hunt would be over !!! The witch is herself and what did they do to witches back in old Salem, Mass?

  • Candice W
    Candice W 6 days ago

    Aliens - thats what it is. Aliens helped Trump communicate with the future of Russia so he could determine how to boot Hillary from the WH. And they lived happily ever after. LOL

  • Trevor William
    Trevor William 6 days ago


  • Trevor William
    Trevor William 6 days ago


  • scmarriner
    scmarriner 6 days ago

    At 1:27-8 where the madcow says if all these things were showed to be true it wouldn't matter that much, (I know my quoting abilities aren't great) but I'm trying to point out she doesn't care about the truth. And there you have the whole damn problem, "they" don't care about the truth. That "they" would be on both sides, black hats and white hats.
    Sorry, just had to speak my piece. Is that correct, piece? Because it certainly is not my "peace".😉✌️💖🇺🇸

  • helen eskins
    helen eskins 6 days ago

    Rachel Mandow should take a very very long trip and please do not forget to purchase a one way ticket!!!

  • Martin Feroli
    Martin Feroli 6 days ago

    Knock Knock, Who's there? A really "MadCow" A really "MadCow" Wh .... (-^_^-) -[ MOO!]

  • slavebodybuilder
    slavebodybuilder 6 days ago

    There should be more lawsuits against fake news from everyday people like the frat boys.

  • Tim Brooks
    Tim Brooks 6 days ago

    Could you imagine fucking maddow oh just got sick!

    • tommy toby
      tommy toby 5 days ago

      Tim Brooks She couldn't get it up for you. Now I threw up...

  • Todd Stefl
    Todd Stefl 6 days ago

    These same imbeciles were ridiculing President Trump for mentioning tampering with the elections.
    Most trusted? Bwahahahahaha!

  • Kent Maisano
    Kent Maisano 6 days ago

    this Russia hysteria is worse than it was in the 50s and 60s

    • pulaat
      pulaat 5 days ago

      Kent Maisano the media brainwashed the americans.

    • InYourFace
      InYourFace 6 days ago

      the "russians" are the muslim marxist hood entrenched by obama and hillary

  • Kent Maisano
    Kent Maisano 6 days ago

    madcow maddow

  • Steve Canada
    Steve Canada 6 days ago

    it's really serious that people with this type of mindset are teaching our kids from kindergarten to college that's a serious problem it is overlooked

  • Wanda Sewell
    Wanda Sewell 6 days ago

    And they talk about Alex Jones from Info Wars!!! hahaha!! Rachel is a joke.

  • E F
    E F 6 days ago

    Maddow wants so bad to be a man. If being a lesbian wasn't her cash cow she would do sex change.

  • Barbara Army
    Barbara Army 6 days ago

    The same Michelle Malkin who had a Twitter war with trump because he kept calling her a dummy and said she was born stupid. She has a great relationship with Hannity though.

  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Madcow disease rearing it's demonic head.

  • The Coyne Chronicles

    "Ratchet" Maddow makes claims but couches them as "facts coming soon". Such BS.

    • Creation proof
      Creation proof 4 days ago

      Dynamite guy they are in stupid

    • Dynamite guy
      Dynamite guy 6 days ago

      The Coyne Chronicles
      Like Trumps 2005 taxes ????😂😂😂😂

  • not yrbsns
    not yrbsns 6 days ago

    Such an old nasty communist cunt.

  • Patrick Archer
    Patrick Archer 6 days ago

    Donald Trump is the man the Democrats wanted to run against. The corrupt behind the scenes fixers who made Trump the nominee are the same ones who made the loathsome John McCain the nominee in '08. The Clinton machine believed that the tapes they had of Trump talking about grabbing women by the pudenda would sink him in the general election. Wrong. Their big October Surprise, (or was in August , or September?), didn't work. Thank God.

    • Wanda Sewell
      Wanda Sewell 6 days ago

      Patrick Archer- - Who cares what he said 12 years ago with a bunch of men. That was so lame. lol!!

  • Linda Gore
    Linda Gore 6 days ago

    I'll be glad when that old lizbo dike is gone.

  • Nazi Brown Shirt
    Nazi Brown Shirt 6 days ago

    Put a bullet in the head of Maddow. The left is out of control.

    • Vlasta Molak
      Vlasta Molak 3 days ago

      Truth tellers do not use Nazi methods in dealing with their opponents as Rachel Maddog incites her followers to do and B. Hussein Obama, Hilary Clinton and their Muslim Brotherhood do...lets beat them at their won game...and use free markets to run them out of business......

    • Harri Aleche
      Harri Aleche 5 days ago

      Nazi Brown Shirt @Rachel Madcow is suffering from Mad Cow disease.

    • Steve Canada
      Steve Canada 6 days ago

      this is a mad cow that needs to be banished from the country

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 6 days ago

    madcow's words are so profound! 😂

  • Annabelle Rhys
    Annabelle Rhys 6 days ago

    Rachel Maddow needs to go work for the North Korean propaganda news network.

    • tombea150
      tombea150 5 days ago

      Remember "Baghdad Bob"? Rachel is the Dems "Bob".

    • Adrian Barnard
      Adrian Barnard 5 days ago

      Annabelle Rhys agreed

  • citrus hall
    citrus hall 6 days ago

    Rachel is a joke 🤡🤡

    • Bruce Thompson
      Bruce Thompson 2 hours ago

      Malcolm Nance is another MSLSB on putz that should go too with his tweet that ISIS should use Trump Tower in Istanbul as a well here's his quot “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.” when someone sent a photo of Trump Tower.

    • Daisy Cutter
      Daisy Cutter 12 hours ago

      How many times does Rachel Maddow need to be proven wrong before the idiots in her audience start questioning her integrity?

    • Dre Zee
      Dre Zee 3 days ago

      +JohnnyC Major and a penis

    • JohnnyC Major
      JohnnyC Major 4 days ago

      Ya agreed but she still has tits.

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