Castrating a Calf, Henderson Tool ,Steer Bull Calves, Seminole, Gaines County, Texas,

Bringing calves in to put out on wheat for the winter months. Using a Henderson Castration Tool.

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Author FusionxSnipe (2 months)
You are all fucked up fick you and if you comment back I will cut your
mouth wide open and cut your balls off and put them in your mouth and watch
you scream

Author Iam Cleaver (7 months)

Author John Feazel (8 months)
Anesthetic is long gone from any taste; however, vets are the only ones to
use anesthetics and they don't use them all the time. 99+ percent of
animals don't get the luxury of anesthetics. This is cruel, vile, vicious,
and reflects a very sick mentality 10,000 years worth. You'd think these
so-called farmer-rancher types would get over it, but it's a disease. God
did not put living things here to be abused like this or by using any other
method. How anybody could even think like this is appalling. The word that
goes with this is an assault to the senses and is abusive just by itself.

Author Kendle Miller (8 months)
EW don't use a Henderson tool!! Rubber band them!

Author LeadCodpiece (5 months)
Blunt force castration

Author xsilviadrifterx (2 years)
U people are some sad tree huggers. This has been done for hundreds of
years and is a way of life. They only want to artificially inseminate the
females with the best sperm and don't want random calfs being born.

Author xxibitsuxx (2 years)
Sick. Use some anesthetic!

Author SickBites (1 year)
Just for All the people who says 'Use anesthetics on the animal!' do you
wanna know why there ain't being used anesthetics on bulls and hogs when
they're castrated? Because the animals are being bred for BUTCHERING. Their
meat becomes USELESS if you use anesthetics on the animal. Therefore. This
way of castrating (whether its bulls, pigs or goats) is NOT abusive. This
job was well done, nice and quick. Seemingly very clean. I am sure the bull
was FINE after having his testivles removed.

Author Aren Mori (1 year)
I prefer to watch with this method.

Author Lolis Inquisodara (1 year)
:( wow not nice method dude ...

Author 3638ism (1 year)
hey man i have a question are you sapose to pull the balls untill they pop
and them put the deall on .

Author Rough And Wretched R.A.W. (1 year)
well meat or no meat. In this day and age this IS abusive. Elastic bands
are near painless. Sure this method is cheaper and possibly faster but
subjecting an animal to that kind of pain when there are proven and
approved ways to accomplish the same task without the pain says animal
cruelty to me. I'm from the farm and pain when pain is not necessary just
don't fly!!!! Gotta say also. That ain't no calf!!!

Author Daylen Hawke (1 year)

Author Tatiana Pablo (1 year)
Wow, I've seen castration done the quick way, and even though this is also
quick it looks way more painful. The poor guy :/

Author iggybug1 (2 years)

Author Aleksander Siimes (2 years)
omg you are so evil. dont you understand that it hurts? why would you want
to castrate it anyway, you dont castrate ppl? and for godds sake plz
f****ing use anesthesia!!!!! evil ppl

Author Rough And Wretched R.A.W. (1 year)
Compare the difference in the bull's reaction in this video.and tell me
again how this is not abusive? Search "Callicrate Bander - How to Use" on

Author Tony bob (1 year)
sercumize goml

Author CostelMulti (2 years)
OMG.... UR AN EVIL ~~~!!~~~

Author Tony bob (1 year)
ya it was really close to pass out you see its face?

Author WingedAtheris (2 years)
Oh gosh. Just watching this is painful)

Author Vet_Major_27 (2 years)
Is this the way to do it? I don't anesthesia? Just ripping
them open? That is disgusting. How would you like it?

Author Aren Mori (11 months)
good quick job.

Author vannesseethamtaro (2 years)
he suffers as a poor little sick father! you are crazy!

Author Tony bob (1 year)
you know how ppl sercumsize while little boys are little it hurts but we
dont remember same thing goes for thesse calves its part of life.

Author Loren Haskins (2 years)
I prefer the old fashioned way, pocket knife and finger nails!

Author Emily Williams (1 year)
U faggot I hope this happens to u ..u sick little fucker use some pain

Author BOB TUNNELTON (2 years)

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