UFO Flying Coin, Levitation, street magic trick

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UFO flying levitating coin

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Author faith smith ( ago)
i know how he did this

Author mike117308 ( ago)
Illusion skill increased to 87

Author TheHardcoreGamers (57 years ago)

Author Luke Young ( ago)
nice hat...

Author prototype9000 ( ago)
he looks kindof like freddy kreuger

Author Maharlokan Sovereign ( ago)
try to do it on MetalFight BeyBlade Grrrr XD!!!!

Author Mikail Mirza ( ago)
@Thejumanji300 please tell me !!! please !!

Author cRazySam2121 ( ago)
I wonder what would he do if she'd answer "yes"...

Author LugoFilms ( ago)
i learned that trick in las vegas i know how to do it

Author Spedster777 (591 year ago)
@H3yW00dJ3wBL0wM3 This has nothing to do with the ring... it all involves
his penis... but it only works if you have a small one. You and I, cannot
do this trick.

Author zedude21 ( ago)
This trick looks really cool! Too bad there are so many spoilers in the
related videos section..

Author abdul aziz ( ago)
@hayman122 pleaseell us how

Author RockyTomcat ( ago)
@welcome763 euros are

Author TSotP ( ago)
@pixel19961 awesome man, i didn't know it had snake built in. how did you
find this out?

Author welcome763 ( ago)
@azreona coins arent magnetic

Author welcome763 ( ago)
i would laugh if he went up to some random person and he asks "have you
ever seen a coin fly before?" and the person just goes "yes, why do you
ask?" what would he do then?

Author Tyler Martin ( ago)
@hayman122 how? O.o

Author Daniel ( ago)
I have that trick

Author Azreona Petric ( ago)
Magnets '-.- xd

Author reecetozer ( ago)
@pixel19961 it just replays

Author Daniel Carlos ( ago)

Author boobookitty fuck ( ago)
lmao!!!! easy cheesie!

Author MrsMaeTrix ( ago)

Author LilRiiiicoo ( ago)
The Force is strong with this one

Author Isaac R ( ago)

Author maniapoto01 ( ago)
@jettgagecole Then how about the part inside the cup?

Author Jacob .T. Blow ( ago)
@GrindTimeMoments Love Cyril, that is if your talking about Takayama
anyway, haha.

Author Ben Cochran ( ago)
:42 man on the left is disappoint

Author Great Aspirations ( ago)
@JustinTbeast black people and dont forget chinese ,,im a black magician
and preforming for my people and chinese get the HUGEST REACTIONS watch any
CYRIL video

Author Matt L ( ago)
@HugoTheMonkey lmao

Author pandemicrazor ( ago)
@JustinTbeast XD fuckin good idea my teachers black =P

Author micahc08 ( ago)

Author HugoTheMonkey ( ago)
What would be better is if he said: "Have you ever seen a coin fly before?"
then the woman said "no." And he just chucked it as far as he could and
walked off.

Author pmnwee ( ago)
@bobthepog but what a f*ck is tarantula

Author pmnwee ( ago)
@bobthepog but what a f*uck is tarantula

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
@OrienteeringGuy This trick was out about 2 years before Tarantula, like a
lot my my other stuff, check the dates.

Author pmnwee ( ago)
@bobthepog what tha fuck is Tarantulla???

Author Choloito101 ( ago)
hoe as B***H

Author Tonyproful ( ago)
@sweatanime teach me plz @@"

Author sweatanime ( ago)
i know that trick i can do that wih my ring lolz :D

Author who1ares ( ago)
@Green723Crew errr, wrong person to reply to, you mean H3yW00dJ3wBL0wM3

Author danceisthefuture ( ago)
must be easy to steal coins from homeless people

Author danceisthefuture ( ago)
@rawdog42 he switched hands and put it inbetween 2 cups...

Author AncientHoboTechnique ( ago)
i know how to do this trick, (and it's pretty impresive too) but there's
nothing about the ring that does it. the magician i learned it from wore
rings to throw people off too XD

Author Guy Ishay ( ago)
0:43 yeh the kids like wft?

Author rawdog42 ( ago)
it is so obviously attached to his hand , next

Author 77zjbros77 ( ago)
@bobthepog check my comment i gave to H#yWOOdJ3wBLOwM3

Author JokerScars69 ( ago)
oh i think i know what it is i think is is a magnaite

Author Green723Crew ( ago)
@bobthepog wtf has his ring to do with this??? you'll be like..."hey let's
see him try same trick but with no underware"... that's one stupid comment
from you pal

Author Kyle Bassett ( ago)
wat i love about this is the around the body. trully amazing. plus i dont
think this has anything to do with a itr. from the looks of it its the same
principle as the hummer card, and the ufo card. which really dont have any
difference at all except one lights up.

Author billiebenedict ( ago)

Author Ryan Dunlap ( ago)
i got this thing at a majic store in disney land it was cool for a week

Author BruceLeeRock25 ( ago)
there must be something above him that keep the coin up. it seem kinda hard
to believe that it really flowing with out any support.

Author Christian Ramirez ( ago)
0:43 the kid is just like what... the..... fk

Author Tyler Ferla ( ago)

Author purplerain0403 ( ago)
@Ghostwolf633 how do you do it please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

Author purplerain0403 ( ago)
@Ghostwolf633 how do you do it please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

Author way2good4u100 ( ago)
on the website in the description you can buy the gimmick and a tutorial to
do the trick for $20.

Author drwaldolovesme ( ago)
@Ghostwolf633 me to

Author jonah1683 ( ago)
I know how he does it.

Author frickOfSickTrick ( ago)
@Ghostwolf633 how?

Author Ghostwolf633 ( ago)
i know how he does it!

Author Ghostwolf633 ( ago)

Author rithcool169 ( ago)
how do u do it tell me 0:

Author Ethan Kowaleski ( ago)
@chrisjan1999 how? i really wanna know but i dont want to buy the tutorial

Author wiltse0 ( ago)
@BurnedMatches is it his hat?

Author chrisjan1999 ( ago)
i know how he does it its so simple that when you find out your gonna think
why you didnt notice

Author epilepsy211 ( ago)
@GagsInATent how does he use a wire if it was inside the cups and going
around his head

Author Aggie Trabszo ( ago)
wow! how did he do that?!?!

Author Magician Brendan Rodrigues ( ago)
good point, cant argue with that,

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
if you check the dates this video was released about 3 years before

Author Magician Brendan Rodrigues ( ago)
he is probably using trantualla.

Author drummerboy728 ( ago)
How do you do please

Author Jarf ( ago)
got it at magic gift shop in florida orlando

Author Jarf ( ago)
I can do the trick :D

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
hi nothing to do with the finger ring see my other videos, You can get the
DVD and gimmick for this trick from wideboyzuk

Author James Dsomething ( ago)
simple speicial rings on ya finger

Author francois saliba ( ago)
oh thx ddue u own

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
Hi this trick has just been released on DVD, you can get it from my site,
there are also lots of free tricks on my other site, links top right ;-)

Author francois saliba ( ago)
dude how do u do that can u reveal it to me plz or private or make a vid
that reveals it i reallly want to see how and know how lol

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
hi thanks for the comments, you can mail me if you have any questions, ;-)

Author Brandon Le ( ago)
all i have to say is

Author TheWazzupwazzup ( ago)
good want to try also will u share it? tnx am waiting bro

Author Effe13 ( ago)
We gotta chat a little *_*

Author Dawuri ( ago)
Cool, Iwannalearnthat triiick! :'D

Author adribhattacharjee ( ago)

Author f41beast ( ago)
I bet you didnt close the two glasses all the way. Pretty cool

Author José Gama ( ago)
there's only 2 ways to make small objects fly. one is well none of the
audience and by far the most recured to - it get's even boring this days to
watch. the other is far TOO complicated to master due to its instability. I
guess you'r doing a 'mix' of both, altough I cannot assure this. When the
coin is flying in just one cup - really amazing. Hope you sell your DVD
soon. I sure buy it.

Author mortalstickfighter1 ( ago)
dude how do you do tjhat plz tell me

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
the DVD should be available in about two weeks check the links top right
for updates. I'll also post here when it comes. ;-)

Author pivot360rocker ( ago)
were dude tell me?

Author pivot360rocker ( ago)
were can i buy that dvd ?

Author pocaluz85 ( ago)
there are stores were they sell all the things. A magician went to our
school(to talk about druggs and crap) and told us some of the coolest of
tricks, can be bought for just 10 bucks.

Author WideboyzUK ( ago)
Sry can't give all the tricks away, this trick is out on DVD in a few
weeks, watch the links for an update. There are over 500 free tricks on the
MFMTV link , have fun ;-)

Author niko uusi ( ago)
This is a sick trick! It's so great!!!

Author 2008sophia2008 ( ago)
how do u do it

Author Thorgils1 ( ago)
lol very funny, but i thought someone was able to explain me it but i
didn't find anyone well i'm still curios but i think it's better that i
don't know because the best side of illusionism is thought something quite
real :)

Author SeamusAM ( ago)
Sick man, just plain, straight up sick, escpecially in the cup, sick......

Author Angelica Carlini ( ago)
that was totally awesome!!!! nice video.

Author Justin Costa ( ago)
how do u do tht tht was awesume

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