A Fazenda: Viola dá banho em Melancia

A Fazenda: Viola dá banho em Melancia

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Author HoldThePickle800 ( ago)
these girls look ugly as fuck to me but beaners love this shit.

Author getitpopin ( ago)
big brother brazil?

Author Yash Singh ( ago)

Author DRISKOL334 ( ago)
This beautiful woman has it goin' on... I'm speaking her language... SOOOOO

Author bobstheman922 ( ago)
is anybody else going to the horses screwing video on the right like

Author bobstheman922 ( ago)
must be spanish for ugly chick gets bathed by black gay guy

Author 3BOOD767 ( ago)

Author John Arredondo ( ago)
I noticed the camaras are hidden in this bath room even behind the glass.

Author Jeff Castor ( ago)
wtf did i just watch?

Author rayner salih ( ago)
hahahaa that was being rude

Author aslam khanlove ( ago)
waooooo kiya ass hai mast hai yr............

Author Maurice Manfred Nieszery ( ago)
Liebe Dein Leben und lebe es heut! Dann kannst du sagen : " Ich hab nichts
bereut!" Einen Schönen Sonnigen Oster Samstag ...Namaste...Merci,,

Author Eduardo Dalefi ( ago)
Rapa que trem grande demais da conta so.

Author Qasem akrami ( ago)

Author Prima Herianto ( ago)
big ass and more fat yuewwww...!!!

Author Pasguiroq ( ago)
She was born for hardcore sex!

Author clama79 (1426 years ago)
fat and ugly

Author msg1711 ( ago)
That woman would kill a man with those thunder thighs.

Author Hamlin008 ( ago)
nice glutes

Author B. ( ago)
she's built like a brick shithouse! it's creeping me out.

Author DICSPICS1207 ( ago)
I hope kids don't see this woman, they will think all women look this bad.

Author Chris Benoit ( ago)
this chick is so damn HOTT!! when I was masturbating to this video , I shot
myself in the head!! and a glorious over laod of cum all over my belly! it
was great. my wife is in sort of diet ,and she's losing all her sexy curves
:( So thank you youtube! for saving my marriage. now I don't have to cheat
, ps. is internet porn cheating??

Author #EYE VIS# ( ago)
@ryu9109 jajjajaajajajajajajajajaj

Author hombre2610 ( ago)
he was a man

Author hypnos315 ( ago)
I want her

Author ataalps ( ago)
just disgusting

Author Ajnabi Heart ( ago)

Author Raul Mtz ( ago)
como le ha de oler la cuca ni se la lavo

Author perregaful ( ago)
estoy realzado

Author jillsimon ( ago)

Author Антон Антонов ( ago)
Fucking fat bitch!!!

Author zabuza edo tensei ( ago)
unas re pierna tiene.. re hace mierd si te agarra en la cama jajaja

Author JaySkuxXx ( ago)
@plzIneedhelp it wasnt youtube it was your dick! lmao

Author colindres ( ago)
rico culito!!

Author Brian Cardoza ( ago)
and......i just came

Author augusto30ism ( ago)
qe hermosura impresionante cuerpo qe mina!!!!

Author mechtech104 ( ago)

Author nathan cnockaert ( ago)
where did they have that housemaid from?

Author TheDemethar ( ago)
not sure if i like this...

Author 77montana77 ( ago)
how many times is it necessary to check one's ass?

Author huebacca1 ( ago)
@electroboysvoice she was in playboy brazil.

Author jim lowe ( ago)

Author ernesto39100 ( ago)
yo me la violaria si la pillo desprevenida y le meto el pene por detras y
por delante al mismo tiempo

Author fancyflavour (1235 years ago)
I find this easy to masturbate...sometimes it is hard to type with one
hand..Damn it!!

Author electroboysvoice ( ago)
@easyrhinotuber she´s playing with us

Author electroboysvoice ( ago)
i want to see her nude

Author cinesenaples ( ago)
Big ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author puggster ( ago)
man if she went for a snorkel session at the beach, people would think that
ass was a desert island, come to think of it, the ass is like 2 built in
life rafts, she would be handy to have round on a sinking ship, the other
passengers could sit on her, then her farts could propel them all to safety

Author dumbbo1 ( ago)
@adspof At least she's not sitting around eating ice cream all day by the
tube while watching the Rosie O'Donnell show on Oprah's channel. lol

Author Jr Owing (1964 years ago)
What a cow. Is that what is attractive in that country? Remind me to never
visit there. What do they eat carbs all day and night?

Author David Roy ( ago)
Now YouTube and Google knows I watched this... I'm gonna BURN!!

Author m2kind2001 ( ago)
She a dyke?

Author Marcos32069 ( ago)
seu macedo ,isto é programa que uma emissora de tv mantida por uma igreja
que se diz seguidora do evangelho apresente???

Author DannyShortland (1496 years ago)
how the fook did i end up on here, a man watering a woman? shes not gonna
grow ffs!

Author Angelicworrior ( ago)
that body is epic

Author whiskeybulle (1438 years ago)
that bitch got some smokin hot ass! DAMN GAL

Author John Smith ( ago)
so thats what the black guys like...badonkadonk

Author Lucas Ferreira ( ago)
hm .. quem num queria ser o viola ali em!

Author Marco Fratton ( ago)
que tem relações sexuais com você é um bastardo

Author MaddyOwns ( ago)
i wanna be that nigga !

Author chev6art ( ago)
@910Wesley ....all except for the Brezhnev eyebrows.

Author chev6art ( ago)
@tonfra Amen, brother.

Author ArcticHellfire ( ago)
@mepipeline Aww, now I understand!

Author plstrom ( ago)
LAHRGGGG ! que horror e ainda dizem que é gostosa !!!

Author btownsmostwanted ( ago)
what the hell kind of cleaning tutorial is missed so many

Author easy rhino ( ago)

Author lovethedupstep111111 ( ago)
is it weird that we all just sat here and watched her move round and shower
the a screen

Author locuaslopez ( ago)
O_o OMG !! que me ha gustado. por favor cual es su nombre completo?

Author Igor Vitorovic ( ago)
This is all muscle look up her videos working out in the gym.

Author MrBigabo ( ago)
people Do ya know what fat is? this is not!

Author Austyg ( ago)
G ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) R D A A A

Author Marco Fratton ( ago)
naked please

Author sean h ( ago)
you did it to me again youtube ! how the fuck did i end up here ?

Author 910Wesley ( ago)
Best body i have ever seen on video!

Author Randy S ( ago)
Damn...I'd tap that!

Author clemente miranda ( ago)

Author MACKATTACK1970 ( ago)
This is not a fat ass. This is a bubble butt and a thick girl. Kicks ass on
the Pari Hilton flat droopy ass syndrome. That is disgusting, this is sexy.

Author r4en4rok ( ago)
wtf is this? im not sure how i ended up here but now im involved. I need
answers now !

Author WCR ( ago)
a fat girl with a flat stomach.. Now there's something u don't see every

Author westkan ( ago)
You can't get totally clean while wearing a bikini. Neither a heavy weight
or a light weight. I love how it appeared she was primping her love
handles, though.

Author ArcticHellfire ( ago)
How the fuck did I get here??

Author RASECTSU IX ( ago)
que pex con la luchadora que valor para enseñar esos jamones que digo
jamones todo el puerco entero

Author e22378 ( ago)
yummy ass

Author ISRAEL SALAZAR ( ago)
Great ass!! I Fuckin' love it!! ;)

Author shaira yush ( ago)
over ugly ew

Author carepalmada ( ago)
For asses like that would exist the gay version of 16 and pregnant...

Author trtmntdude ( ago)
That chick has some SERIOUS OCD's

Author Soslan06 ( ago)
Un mec parfait :D

Author Blackjackreggie ( ago)

Author israelvinicius ( ago)
olha o tamanho desse rabo... chupava ela todinha!

Author sickasso72 ( ago)
Whats she scrubbin off ? Cellulite ?

Author Gods warrior ( ago)
sumo wrestler, That's a huge bitch!

Author BoB Brown ( ago)

Author BoB Brown ( ago)

Author GeneralRamstein ( ago)
@midn135 i just said that to my self than i scroll down.....

Author midn135 (832 years ago)
what the fuck did i just watch?

Author chris handson ( ago)

Author zed mcluger (756 years ago)
who is this women

Author Aco Perovic ( ago)
that's a rhino!!!!! :D

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