Lindsey Stirling - Something Wild ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (From Disney's Pete's Dragon)

Lindsey Stirling - "Something Wild" feat. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness from the Original Motion Picture "Pete's Dragon" available on Lindsey's new album "Brave Enough" available now!
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Author itz durp ( ago)
i luv this song. Its been my favorite for a long time

Author Beth Tearrell ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling is true artist who was and still is meant to make great things with her creative music and beautiful heart and soul. She is one of those who has made true success just by being herself. Thank you Lindsey for helping me to continue to belief in true creativity.

Author Kadri Käpa ( ago)
Is Lindsey ballerina or was because these moves are little bit like ballerina's. I just wander.

Author Luis Cuevas ( ago)
quien habla español?????

Author Luigi Mae ( ago)
best of the best

Author YouTube xd ( ago)
watching this reminds me a bit of bridge to terabithia
listening this reminds me a BIT of
photograph by ed she ran

Author Midnight Wolf ( ago)
freakin' adorable

Author 2 Harmony velaochaga ( ago)

Author J-DogXXVIII ( ago)
The Legend Of Zelda: Something of the Wild!

Author weirdo fangirl ( ago)
my school just performed to this at a dance show , and the whole aduience was crying ..!

Author pako ordaz ( ago)
Someone that hable español ? _?

Author Nayeli Alvarado ( ago)
this song makes me think of the book/movie called "Bridge to terabithia". I really love that movie and I really love this song it is so amazing!

Author Dee R ( ago)
Why did this make me cry?

Author SnowStorm TheSnowWolf ( ago)
Who else is here wondering why these two artists aren't in the top ten charts

Author partygamer11 ( ago)
I love this one!

Author Travis Nguyen ( ago)
Lindsey, can I use this song for my power point presentation. I will put your name in the credits, well technically I have to put it in the title to because we have to make a presentation about our favorite musician.

Author Chris Simpson ( ago)

Author Thony Sanchez ( ago)
Me encanto.
I Like Lindsey Stirling

Author M-ZQZE ( ago)
Is't goooooooooood music:)D I like music to sing for Lindsey Stirling

Author Savannah Baker ( ago)
Am I the only one that originally thought that she was Lindsey Lohan😆

Author Keroppi The Frog ( ago)
I love this song!!❤

Author Teaghan Olesen ( ago)
I'm so in to music 🎶 videos 📽

Author Awetrix ( ago)
I want to like your videos more than once! =/

Author BioNichole ( ago)
I am forever grateful to you for this song, Lindsey. It means more to me than you could possibly know, though I hope to one day be able to tell you. In the meantime, know that I burst into tears in the theater when I saw Pete's Dragon, heard this song, and knew for an absolute fact that this song was you. God bless you, Lindsey.

Author IndigoWolf Soul ( ago)
adorable. just adorable

Author ZeratKJ ( ago)
Watched the movie for this song, got a short version at the credits :(
wasted 2 hous, got back here to listen to the full version

Author Thais pires ( ago)

Author Ronja Dähnert Lysholm 7AT Fjordbakkeskolen, Taulov ( ago)
That boy is a better artist then i Will ever be

Author Ruben Grimaldi ( ago)
WOW!! Veramente splendido video e ottime musiche come sempre!!

Author Le Bazar de Mon-Strueux13 ( ago)
Une chanson pleines d'émotions. Vraiment magnifique, bravo à vous ❤️

Author Gina Wilson ( ago)
AMY FAV SONG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author Simple Assembly ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling you bring so much light and love to your music. :)

Author Charity Buchan ( ago)
i so loooooovvve her outfit ! ; )

Author marco magana ( ago)
Love ya Linsey

Author Michaela Reis ( ago)
música gostosa de ouvir

Author Erin Erasmus ( ago)
love this song!!!!!!!

Author iuna solar ( ago)
I love this song! (well, and all her songs) :P
Lindsey Stirling make more fantastic songs like this one!

Author AndurilWielder ( ago)
When I went to her concert, I remember two things: one, how overjoyed she was that she was going to be in a Disney movie. She mentioned how much she grew up with them. Two: that she was thankful for all her peeps that supported her on YT when she played her nerdy video game music pieces. She mentioned she'd never be where she is now without them.

I've been watching you for years now, and I'll always be your fan Lindsey Stirling!

Author E Lewis ( ago)
this song holds something special, some raw power that stirs my soul, and I love it. Lindsey Stirling has done it again.

Author Addison SilverNest ( ago)
Lindsey's hat is goals

Author Hippo co ( ago)
I was surprised this was not the theme song for breath of the wild for the switch

Author Bogmire42 ( ago)
Please, Lindsey, do a music video for Mirage next! It's one of my favorite songs on the album, and it's such a beautiful piece.

Author Devin Vlogz ( ago)
Absolutely love this song!

Author Mariusz Kiz ( ago)
I like so much, somethimes I cry during listening.

Author Hoang Le ( ago)
cool video 😀

Author Hailie Salvatore ( ago)
this movie was so adorable I cried almost the whole movie

Author Galacticwolf ( ago)
I dunno why... I ... I just...


Author ❤ Варя Best Show ❤ ( ago)
*㋛ Я ваша новая подписчица теперь ;) Лайк за работу:) Милости прошу ко мне в гости :)*

Author Kristin Wallin ( ago)
My daughter will be competing a solo free dance program to this song later this month.

Author Emmanuel Flores ( ago)
i love the music of lindsey stirling 💜💜💙💙

Author Random Pianist ( ago)
Why does this sound like Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Author Daniel Tan ( ago)
can't help but hear photograph in this...

Author Commander Sendak ( ago)
I knew I recognized the violin when they played this song in the movie!!!

Author michael rieder ( ago)
ilve this song and video

Author Calli C ( ago)
I swear, this song makes me so joyful! The chorus makes my cry of joy and happiness, the tune of violet is beautiful!

Author Newtsmoon ( ago)
Ed sheeran Photograph.....????

Author Ghostgirl27 0 ( ago)
number 9 of my favorite songs by you. i just can't let "Shatter me" go

Author blacky machine ( ago)

Author Mary Williams ( ago)
best song ever !!!

Author Jordan ashton ( ago)
this song is so amazing live couldn't help but sing along at the concert 😁

Author jackie pacheco ( ago)
i went to go see you and you did this song wonderful and i agree with jason we need more people like you in this world!

Author itz durp ( ago)
jason scheck A men

Author wanda hawkins ( ago)
Reminds me of bridge to terabithia

Author Taylar Brieana B. ( ago)
I just realized something.... Doesn't she look just like Linsay Lohan in her younger more beautiful days?

Author maipe 94 ( ago)
ela é linda ! casaria com ela sem pensar duas vezes!

Author Lauren Kawkes ( ago)
I love that song

Author Carol-Ramos Dias ( ago)

Author You don't Need to know ( ago)
You were amazing last night in London P.S I was there!!! You've inspired me sooo much! I love you Lindsey and when you played Prism last night I was so happy because that my favourite song that you've done. Thanks for coming to London. Hope you come back soon. 😊 thanks 🙏

Author Ines Miranda ( ago)
a beautifull melody for complety the day

Author Reki Hory ( ago)
nagyon jó

Author Obito Uchiha ( ago)
I like it this music is awsome

Author Ahtziri Mejía ( ago)
this video are so cool

Author Juanita Sanchez ( ago)
This song makes me cry and the movie is really sad i just start crying and get sad comment if you get sad to

Author Gloria Yanez ( ago)

Author Tom Lee ( ago)

Author Club Minecraft ( ago)
this song are me and my best friend

Author crissie sousa ( ago)
We can see too far way when someone is pure true ♡ I love her unique combination of style, music and dance this come from the heart!

Author Ava Troiano ( ago)
Hey guys

Author Smash Shane ( ago)
This is what I love about Disney. With every movie they make they've got amazing music artists to perform original songs and slay it. And you Lindsey, teaming up with Disney, that's another reason why I want to subscribe to you. I hope you come on tour to Arizona. I definitely want to buy tickets and watch you perform. Amazing work Lindsey.

Author Danilo Sanchez ( ago)
she is beautiful and amazing sterling

Author Pablo Xxbylyr1cXx ( ago)
Das ist scheiße : Bernella mbo

Author Amy D ( ago)
It kinda sounds like "Scars to Your Beautiful"

Author Livvie Jones ( ago)
Lindsay is my role model

Author H. Reverie Rogers ( ago)
Yup. This song is one of my all time favorites now. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you bless the world with your music. That and I adore this music video :)

Author Dragon Knight ( ago)
Love It!!

Author Joo Tuber ( ago)

Author Lea Simpson ( ago)
we all need that beautiful thing that is Lindsey stirling

Author Erin Trzaskus ( ago)

Author violine love ( ago)
i cant stop listening to this .....its......incredebible

Author Libbie Hamilton ( ago)
this made me cry

Author Rafael Gamer ( ago)
Games EduUu cd vc meu filho?

Author Lucie Ecker ( ago)
I'm still not over this being by 2 of my favorite people together.

Author The Midnight Crew ( ago)
Something tells me this is better than the actual Pete's Dragon

Author whyman445 ( ago)
Reply with your own couplet for the chorus!

When you fight the fire that keeps on burning
Ignite desire and keep on yearning
That's when something wild calls you home

Author Gayle G. ( ago)
Hauntingly beautiful lyrics and music!

Author Milton Latinblak ( ago)
Un gran saludo desde Perú éxitos Lindsey Stirling

Author Milky Way Flea ( ago)
I watched the movie without knowing it was from Stirling. So that's why there was that cool violin solo..

Author Pusheen Lovr ( ago)
Violin solo starts at 2:26

Author Liam Evans ( ago)
And this song

Author Liam Evans ( ago)
I love pets dragon

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