Fallout: New Vegas-360/PS3-NCR Ranger Combat Armor Guide

NOTE: Youtube user jthfoxPS3 is entirely responsible for discovering this trick; he told me how to do it, all I did was record it. All credit/kudos/props should be directed towards him.

I show 360 and PS3 users how to get NCR Ranger Combat Armor without incurring any kind of penalty whatsoever with the NCR.

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Author Armord Nation ( ago)
Only got riot gear, want the ranger armour for me, so then my companion can
have the riot gear.

Author Anita Christopher ( ago)
I went there but they didn't have the armor on.

Author Anita Christopher ( ago)
I went there but they didn't have the armor on.

Author Thomas ( ago)
Or you can go to the NCR safe house

Author Daniel Guzman (110 years ago)
Justin povey were is the location

Author jonny mak ( ago)
you can also kill them from a distance without being noticed I use a
anti-material rifle (GRA) for example

Author Ivan Zermeno ( ago)
Does this have to be after you kill Benny?

Author analavenger13 ( ago)
Im idolized by the ncr and have talked to Hsu many times but still never
the ncr safehouse key someone please help me

Author Justin Povey ( ago)
OR become liked by ncr, talk to hsu, and get the ranger

Author SomeNewGuy ( ago)
Here's an easier way:

1) Have an GRA Anti-Materiel Rifle with AP bullets.
2) Buy the silencer attachment for it.
3) Make sure the Ranger is alone.
4) Snipe him from a mountain or from far away (the silencer only slightly
reduces noise)
5) Take some Psycho and Steady just to ensure the perfect one shot kill.
6) Aim for the head.
7) Shoot.
8) Suffer only from Karma loss, but no Faction Reputation loss.
9) Loot his stuff.

Ta-da. Free Ranger armor.

Author AQWhelp3r ( ago)
Don't have enough caps to do it

Author rugonfire ( ago)
You realize you can just do quests for the ncr until you're liked by them
and then one of their npcs gives you the armor, right?

Author Link need ( ago)
Veronica dissapears when i dissmiss her someone please help me

Author Joshua Bourne ( ago)
Better place to get c4 detonator and explosives lucky 38 cocktail floor in
a hard locked breif case

Author chaseingpavement1x ( ago)
Actually just do the NCR support call and go to there enemies place and
they will swarm the NCR ranger or etc and thy will kill him

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
When you role play you what ever world you live in with it's laws of
physics ect. are considered realistic. If I play a game with magic and
dragons I take the role of some one living in a world with magic and
dragons. I then play it out how I would REALISTICALLY handle such a world.
In fallout I'll take Rad-Away with me for example because in this world
radiation is an every day problem people face. Like I said you obviously
are not a Role-player just another guy who plays for combat. 

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
When you role play you what ever world you live in with it's laws of
physics ect. are considered realistic. If I play a game with magic and
dragons I take the role of some one living in a world with magic and
dragons. I then play it out how I would REALISTICALLY handle such a world.
In fallout I'll take Rad-Away with me for example because in this world
radiation is an every day problem people face. Like I said you obviously
are not a Role-player just another guy who plays for combat. 

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
The object of Role Play is to act like it's a real situation and not a
game. I never said killing rangers is bad but it's not Role Play and thus
it's fail RP. That's why I said that if you want to kill friendly's for
armor than you might as well spawn it in if you're on PC. Obviously you
play for Combat and Adventure and not politics and Role-Play so this must
be new to you. 

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
Fail RP is doing what some one would NEVER do. In real life no NCR hero
would kill NCR troops for their armor. Not only does this go against what
the NCR stands for but it would also go against a person that would have
the mental ability to fight, serve, and be accepted in the NCR. Not to
mention the killer wouldn't be able to live with him/her self as a murder
that kills friendly's. Also an NCR character would want the NCR to win and
killing rangers lowers the chance of victory. It's fail RP.

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
You seem to not know what Fail RP is... Never mind I guess you play RPG
games for combat and adventure rather than character building and straight
up role play. Oh well that would explain why you didn't get what I was
trying to say this whole time.

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
Well of course the game isn't going to stop you that would suck. It's still
fail RP and if you have ever role played with a community, spent extensive
hours role playing you should know killing a friend over his/her armor is
fail RP.

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
You failed to see my point then. To kill an ally for armor is fail RP which
is basically cheating/game exploiting (not bad just not intended in a ROLE
PLAY game). I said if you want to do a fail RP exploit and you have a PC
you might as well just use console commands and spawn your stuff as it is
no different. I said this specifically if you have a PC. Also console
commands are part of the game as much as NPCs are. You don't need mods for

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
Nice Add hominim fallacy. You fail to argue a valid point so you jump to
insults that don't get you anywhere nor support the insult itself.

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
If you are an NCR character and you stealth kill an NCR ranger just for the
armor your just as much as a cheater as some one that spawns the armor in.
Role play is about character development and no body would go "well I want
his armor and even though I support and love the NCR I guess I'll murder an
innocent ally just for his armor". Either way you're cheating (not saying
cheatings bad).

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
This works as long as you are not a hard core role player. My character
would never kill an ally for their armor so I wont be using this exploit.

Author Atomic Hamburger ( ago)
Hell if a PC player wants to exploit the armor by killing an ally for it
he/she can just spawn it with console commands. It's kinda pointless to get
a tutorial then.

Author Fábio Paquete ( ago)
they disappear, when i say that it's time to part ways. This only works on

Author Robin is Senpai ( ago)
I killed 2 ncr rangers with plasma mines

Author Reapinsimon 「 ReaP 」 ( ago)
I got my ranger armour from killing a NCR ranger with a barrel. Doesnt make
you lose karma

Author Thugsdrugsslugsandhugz ( ago)
get further in the game 

Author FNAF Is an absolute piece of shit ( ago)
you could kill the ranger, lose some fame, but then later in the game you
can get fame back by doing quests for NCR

Author Hydra Clan ( ago)
I just kinda used a stealth boy and sledge hammered a NCR ranger and took
his armor without a penalty except a little bit of karma loss but im still
pretty much liked

Author MrOddyboy ( ago)
or you can get a status of like or over with the NCR. then if you go to
camp McCarran and thalk to the commanding oficer ,you will get the key to
the safe house. 

Author carlos lugo ( ago)
i found one way to get it if you go to any ranger station(mut be above
leval 18 and have a companion and a stealt boy in stelth mode) snipe the
ranger and hide your companions will kill the rangers friend but the sign
must say coution after they die (better at ranger station alpha at night)
come out from hiding and take his armor, this wont ruin your reputation if
you go to alpha.

Author TheSteve2k7 ( ago)
Well I just tried an alternate method for this and it worked! Turns out all
you need to do is to plant C4 on the ranger then detonate it while hidden.
I just did it and only lost a small bit of Karma from pickpocketing. No
Karma or Fame loss for blowing him up. Just make sure of 2 things: 1: Don't
get caught pickpocketing(obvious, but still save beforehand as they have
crazy Perception). 2: Be out of sight of everyone before detonating. If
anyone sees you, it's instant Fame loss & Karma loss. 

Author TheSteve2k7 ( ago)
Unbelievably this has been patched! I followed this guide to the letter,
but then when the companion's dismissed, they disappear. Tried this with
Veronica and Boone, happened with both. These are your only other options:
1: Mister Sandman kill - Karma Loss. 2: Getting it from the Ranger
Safehouse - Is in lousy condition like all safehouse items. 3: Just plain
killing a Veteran Ranger - Fame Loss

Author Henrique Souza ( ago)
You'll lose karma and gain NCR Infamy.

Author xArmyleader260x ( ago)
Hell yeah! ED-E is one of my favorite companions! :D

Author Arthur Ho ( ago)
Ed-e is a good companion?

Author themagikcake ( ago)
could you not just place the C4 on the ranger? 

Author MrMortull ( ago)
Massive thanks to both jthfoxPS3 for the original research and TheTuninator
for posting this video! I have yet to play a Legion sympathizer (just can't
bring myself to help Caesar) but I love the look of the Ranger Veteran
armour and my old plated leathers just aren't protecting me like they used
to. This is going to improve my playing experience dramatically.

Author Callum Baxter ( ago)
Easier way get mr sandman perk and kill someone in the armor you want for
no karma loss or faction respect loss

Author Fritz Heins ( ago)

Author GameKronos ( ago)
Just hit the Ranger with the fat boy when you're hidden.

Author PowerDragon999 ( ago)
what level require to see a NCR ranger to wear the combat armor?

Author James Roberts ( ago)
might need to delete the patch, they might have patched it.

Author Nolan ( ago)
Yeah this doesn't work she fast travels back and when I loot the body of
the ranger that dies during the assassination of the president they all
turn against me none if these methods work

Author killzer990 (1158 years ago)
you tell her to wait

Author Here'sJonesy! ( ago)
This hasn't worked for me. When I dismiss Veronica she fast travels back to
her original location instead of just walking away. Any ideas why this
happens and how to change it?

Author Vulfolaic 91 ( ago)
"With a "liked" or higher reputation with the NCR, Colonel James Hsu will
give the player a key to the NCR Ranger Safehouse. Inside are a set of NCR
salvaged power armor, NCR Ranger patrol armor, and the NCR Ranger combat
armor. There is also a reloading bench and some empty foot lockers,
alongside a hunting revolver, assault carbine, and trail carbine. Note that
all armors are in poor condition. "

Author Vulfolaic 91 ( ago)
It's because you are wearing faction armour, with it being NCR Ranger
combat armour. That means that you are disguised as a Member of the NCR so
they don't know it's you.

Author blade runner ( ago)
great vid but i cannot find any rangers anywhere im level 10 lol any help
plz cause im desparate for that amour plz help? it will be apresiated . 

Author Svenska ( ago)
You need to compleet a way in to the main quest

Author LaughInFrench ( ago)
hey i went two three different ranger stations, but none of them had
rangers, they just had regular nor guys, why is that?

Author GreenSporters ( ago)
you have to complete the high quest like Kings Gambit

Author Myfunhat ( ago)
V.A.T.S. glitch with the anti material rifle and flaming bullets

Author snoodler856 ( ago)
omg thanks!!!!

Author Josh Gosnell (1574 years ago)
I have the armor and I'm idolized before I put the armor on and when I put
it on it resets my ncr Rep anyone know how I can where it and stay idlized

Author Liberz (1357 years ago)
It got patched now all companions just vanish 

Author James1892 ( ago)
It also works if a ranger is next to a car or a truck, u can just shoot the
vehicle and blow it up so the ranger dies with no karma loss

Author pheelSOcool ( ago)
If you want the armor, just make sure you're hidden and use a silencer. Or
use the mister sandman perk.

Author ya boi ( ago)
lol me too 

Author chuyista ( ago)
i have boone and that motherfucker just help :p

Author Joey Sabishii ( ago)
for me any follower i dismiss just disapears 

Author wewing27 ( ago)
Or u could become liked by the ncr and visit colonel hsu every once in
awhile and eventually he will give u a key to their safehouse. Worked for

Author patrick osullivan ( ago)
soz misunderstood

Author Mike Tischler ( ago)
He never said he wasn't. He just said this is a way to do it for
Xbox/PS3....Jezz what a mook.

Author patrick osullivan ( ago)
your on pc lieing dipshit 

Author RiddckNL ( ago)
it is also possible to snipe them with a anti material rifle witn flame
bullets, if you have a silencer they wont know you did it

Author Cameron Kincaid ( ago)
i know you dont care but when i played this before i was walking on the
side of the road by some old refinery and i saw i dead body i thought it
was a wastelander but i closer and it was a ncr elite guy and i was like
dang its mylucky day because he had the armor and stuff

Author 123zxman ( ago)
is there a black ranger amor?

Author CJ ( ago)
Or you could just place the c4 near the ranger leave hide and blow the guy

Author Efren Rivera Junior ( ago)
Try completing the quest wild card ace in the hole

Author William T (Spinge-Bill) ( ago)
look harder........

Author Lovestospooge1987 ( ago)
Nothing in the safehouse for me

Author Rochelle Charlette ( ago)
I've been looking for a veteran rangers and Im level 22 and theres still no
veteran rangers, i got the ultimate addition, does that have to do anything
with it or is it some glitch?

Author BionicLantern (1645 years ago)
i am having trouble with this method, every time i dismiss veronica she
just vanishes and ends up at the 188, and i try to plant the C-4 on her at
the 188 and then i make her my companion again and we go to the ranger
station and then i detonate it and it does not work i dont know why she
vanishes to the 188 instead of walking away slowly please someone help me 

Author AkiraP0ny ( ago)
u lost karma by pick pocketing veronica

Author Disenthar ( ago)
If you have a silenced sniper rifle you can go cinda far away to where you
are hidden you can snipe the ranger with no fame loss REQUIRES SILENCER!

Author wackypack09 ( ago)
Go to the cocktail lounge in the lucky 38 to get free c4 and detonator. 

Author lambo pickle ( ago)
around 16 i think

Author sideswipe341 ( ago)
Is there a certain level. Untilled the armour comes out?

Author LarsanityGaming ( ago)
@xXIWillXKYAXx you have to get the key by gaining the NCR's trust by doing
missions for them

Author nopex91 ( ago)
or you could just one hit them with a melee in stealth.. no rep hit since
no one saw you.

Author SeñorToastyBuns ( ago)
I Just Sniped A Random Ranger For His Armor

Author LarsanityGaming ( ago)
or you could go to the NCR safe house and get it for free

Author XvWBlink182WvX ( ago)
@MrFieldo1 no you can't put it in their inventory,sadly,since it's just
giving them another weapon.hence the reason why they say "Let's trade
equipment" rather than "Hey,let me carry around a live grenade so I can
buttrape myself"

Author XvWBlink182WvX ( ago)
I hate when people make a comment and they expect it to make complete sense
when its a load of FUCKING GIBBERISH*Glares at the retarded comments below*

Author redvaldez1990 ( ago)
with the new DLC lonesome road, you get the same type of armor, much cooler
looking, and more stronger. However, vs deathclaws its still shit

Author bentotheclarke ( ago)
how is new vagas differient from fallout 3???????? , havent played vagas

Author NeoGuyver2 ( ago)
I'm level 23 have not visited vegas yet and do not know when they appear in
the game please help.......

Author Edge Lord (1947 years ago)
How about just Stealth killing them?

Author alezander16 ( ago)
O wait, and he's in camp mccarren

Author alezander16 ( ago)
Or to get it without killing anyone, get liked by ncr, then talk to col.
James Hsu he'll give u a key to a safe house and in there is all the ranger
armor types even the power armor enjoy

Author Worst Reaper ( ago)
another good way is to get 60 sneak and get the sandman perk and go to camp
golf. wait till midnight and some rangers will be sleeping. use sandman to
kill them and take their stuff then run and fast travel and ENJOY! :D

Author Rad1ated ( ago)
or you could just kill them with with a silenced weapon..

Author WARTORN1031 ( ago)
When I do it I just place the C4 next to the ranger at camp gulf resort,
(about two (2)) and hide behind an object close by and sneak, BOOM! then
wait an hour by NOT waiting just pace. And search body.

Author clamchowder138 ( ago)
At Camp Forlorn hope, stealth boy + silenced pistol + V.A.T.S. = free
Ranger Armor :D

Author kwameopoku410 ( ago)
@junfaa you put it in their inventory if they think its better then the
armor they already have they will putt it on.

Author brian meaghan ( ago)
@junfaa just place the armor in their inventory not 100% but i think it
will use the strongest armor in their inventory same applies for weapon,
ranged and melee

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