Fallout: New Vegas-360/PS3-NCR Ranger Combat Armor Guide

NOTE: Youtube user jthfoxPS3 is entirely responsible for discovering this trick; he told me how to do it, all I did was record it. All credit/kudos/props should be directed towards him.

I show 360 and PS3 users how to get NCR Ranger Combat Armor without incurring any kind of penalty whatsoever with the NCR.

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Author SomeNewGuy (5 months)
Here's an easier way:

1) Have an GRA Anti-Materiel Rifle with AP bullets.
2) Buy the silencer attachment for it.
3) Make sure the Ranger is alone.
4) Snipe him from a mountain or from far away (the silencer only slightly
reduces noise)
5) Take some Psycho and Steady just to ensure the perfect one shot kill.
6) Aim for the head.
7) Shoot.
8) Suffer only from Karma loss, but no Faction Reputation loss.
9) Loot his stuff.

Ta-da. Free Ranger armor.

Author Ivan Zermeno (3 months)
Does this have to be after you kill Benny?

Author Link need (9 months)
Veronica dissapears when i dissmiss her someone please help me

Author bipolar bear (4 months)
Im idolized by the ncr and have talked to Hsu many times but still never
the ncr safehouse key someone please help me

Author Justin Povey (5 months)
OR become liked by ncr, talk to hsu, and get the ranger

Author rugonfire (6 months)
You realize you can just do quests for the ncr until you're liked by them
and then one of their npcs gives you the armor, right?

Author LaVontae Ross (8 months)
go to 188 trading post

Author AQWhelp3r (5 months)
Don't have enough caps to do it

Author Joshua Bourne (1 year)
Better place to get c4 detonator and explosives lucky 38 cocktail floor in
a hard locked breif case

Author sgt forge (9 months)
what level do you have to be to actually have the rangers to spawn?

Author Rad1ated (3 years)
or you could just kill them with with a silenced weapon..

Author kwameopoku410 (3 years)
@junfaa you put it in their inventory if they think its better then the
armor they already have they will putt it on.

Author chuyista (2 years)
i have boone and that motherfucker just help :p

Author JIMMYTOMATOES1 (1 year)
Thanks man this really helps.

Author IncredibleFalk1 (3 years)

Author TheSteve2k7 (1 year)
Well I just tried an alternate method for this and it worked! Turns out all
you need to do is to plant C4 on the ranger then detonate it while hidden.
I just did it and only lost a small bit of Karma from pickpocketing. No
Karma or Fame loss for blowing him up. Just make sure of 2 things: 1: Don't
get caught pickpocketing(obvious, but still save beforehand as they have
crazy Perception). 2: Be out of sight of everyone before detonating. If
anyone sees you, it's instant Fame loss & Karma loss.

Author Lovestospooge1987 (2 years)
Nothing in the safehouse for me

Author Hi I'm Normal (3 years)
another good way is to get 60 sneak and get the sandman perk and go to camp
golf. wait till midnight and some rangers will be sleeping. use sandman to
kill them and take their stuff then run and fast travel and ENJOY! :D

Author bentotheclarke (3 years)
how is new vagas differient from fallout 3???????? , havent played vagas

Author GreenSporters (2 years)
you have to complete the high quest like Kings Gambit

Author TheSteve2k7 (1 year)
Unbelievably this has been patched! I followed this guide to the letter,
but then when the companion's dismissed, they disappear. Tried this with
Veronica and Boone, happened with both. These are your only other options:
1: Mister Sandman kill - Karma Loss. 2: Getting it from the Ranger
Safehouse - Is in lousy condition like all safehouse items. 3: Just plain
killing a Veteran Ranger - Fame Loss

Author 123zxman (2 years)
is there a black ranger amor?

Author SlipknotFanize (3 years)
@TheFireRelic Is the armour in good condition?

Author Matthew Quist (3 years)
you know that if you complete all NCR quests the man in charge of mcarren
will give you access to the NCR safe house which has vertan amour and the
NCR power slavge amour plus lots of other good loot...sorry for bad spelling

Author 336ac (3 years)
in the honest hearts DLC it gives some ranger armor but its not NCR so you
walk right up to caesar while wearing problem : )

Author Meezlow (2 years)
@xXIWillXKYAXx you have to get the key by gaining the NCR's trust by doing
missions for them

Author TheSnippy1 (3 years)
@NeoGuyver2 just go through the main quest

Author Henrique Souza (1 year)
You'll lose karma and gain NCR Infamy.

Author Mr Winddy (1 year)
Says this only works on XBOX 360 and PS3 Shows it on the PC version

Author Myfunhat (2 years)
V.A.T.S. glitch with the anti material rifle and flaming bullets

Author wackypack09 (2 years)
Go to the cocktail lounge in the lucky 38 to get free c4 and detonator.

Author MrFieldo1 (3 years)
Can you not just select open inventory? I have Boone and every time I
dismiss him he disappears and I have to go back to Novac to get him? I
Didn't know If it would still work

Author Rhamrock (2 years)
You can get this armor in the ranger safe house

Author Tim Barnes (3 years)
this doesnt work for ps3, when you dismiss the companion they disappear.

Author MrDeathface69 (2 years)
If you have a silenced sniper rifle you can go cinda far away to where you
are hidden you can snipe the ranger with no fame loss REQUIRES SILENCER!

Author LaughInFrench (1 year)
hey i went two three different ranger stations, but none of them had
rangers, they just had regular nor guys, why is that?

Author BionicLantern (2 years)
i am having trouble with this method, every time i dismiss veronica she
just vanishes and ends up at the 188, and i try to plant the C-4 on her at
the 188 and then i make her my companion again and we go to the ranger
station and then i detonate it and it does not work i dont know why she
vanishes to the 188 instead of walking away slowly please someone help me

Author RiddckNL (2 years)
it is also possible to snipe them with a anti material rifle witn flame
bullets, if you have a silencer they wont know you did it

Author Stafford Lannister (3 years)
Uhm Im level 23 and i havent found any Vet Rangers....And you said you
confirm it :/

Author Meezlow (2 years)
or you could go to the NCR safe house and get it for free

Author strikers123able (3 years)
go to that mine at guardian peak i found ten

Author mynameisauk (3 years)
@SuperLilgiant thank you mate.

Author snoodler856 (2 years)
omg thanks!!!!

Author Griffin Ray (2 years)
@meezlow where im in there and i dont see it message me back plz i kinda
killed boone trying to get there and saved by accident

Author sideswipe341 (2 years)
Is there a certain level. Untilled the armour comes out?

Author mynameisauk (3 years)
gonna try this but i just started the game so i don't have that location
discovered. does it matter what level i am for the ncr ranger to be there?

Author Efren Rivera Junior (2 years)
Try completing the quest wild card ace in the hole

Author Semicross (1 year)
You need to compleet a way in to the main quest

Author PowerDragon999 (1 year)
what level require to see a NCR ranger to wear the combat armor?

Author Nathan11661 (3 years)
i got to that station and station alpha there isnt even one there:( and the
NCR like me canyone tell me why they aint they thats if you know:)

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