How to make a homemade Welder (diagram)

How to wire it up!!!!

Overview of my welder

This is simple but time consuming way to make a welder but in the end it is awesome and you pay a fraction of what you would for a normal welder and you need to put in a special circuit but not for this welder. The maximum you will pay is around $50

Click here for the diagram:

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Author Brett Stafford ( ago)
I found 2 medal halide transformers heres the images will these work for a
welder? has
4 wires on bottom and one wire on top different then the ones your using.

Author Neo Tanatos ( ago)
how many wraps you puted on each secondary?

Author Joshua Puariea ( ago)
keep in mind you could also run primaries in paralell so you don't have to
use two different outlets.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
since you have 220 where you live, I'm assuming your transformers have 220
wraps for the primary. just take the secondary and put 110 wraps on it.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
Yeah I saw that video. I'm tempted to make a new welder now that I have a
good camera with full hd and the knowledge I have now

Author kim alindao ( ago)
its easier to remove the secondary if you use piece of wood and hammer it
down with the help of a vise

Author Mamosh88 M88 ( ago)
could you please make a video into how to build a step Down transformer
from 220 to 110

Author Mamosh88 M88 ( ago)
Please, please, please change your camera man!!!

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
this is very simple. plug into the wall, you have your 2 lead wires and
fans to keep the transformers cool...?

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
part of it, not the whole thing tho

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
yes i know. I said it wrong in the video. thank you for your feedback

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)

Author NYC Prepper ( ago)
where did you get those transformers? and by the way kid nice job

Author Brandon Palmer ( ago)
AC voltage (current coming from a unrectified transformer) doesn't have a
positive and negative. because it is AC (alternating Current).

Author Greg Stanley ( ago)
Nice video. I don't think I have the cojones to do this myself! Actually,
since I picked up a nice small everlast 140 welder I don't feel the need to
experiment with making my own. Pretty cool to watch others though. Mark, I
noticed Jody has a video out describing arc force you should check it out.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
lol, he just kinda lets me do what ever I want, I just go through things
and see how they work and now I work and fix a bunch of things at my age of
17 :) I'm not the ordinary 17 year old

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
by size of your brain, you must not be able to see. cuz it clearly says in
the video, the auto focus wasnt turned on

Author VerifyVeracity ( ago)
It's nice to see the youth, doing this type of things. Just be careful, we
need you to help compensate for all the for all the youth that are growing
up just wasting their lives & that will likely be a burden to society. I
want to thank your dad's or whoever it is that is helping you learn what
your doing.

Author Micheal Osborn ( ago)
by the quality of the video you must have a choad

Author Mark Stevansen ( ago)
I'm with you brother. Nothing beats an Inverter welder with hot start and
arc force control.

Author Black Cat Kuro ( ago)
nicely done guys

Author Jonathan Little ( ago)
Hey, nice project. Personally I would have bought a small Everlast welder
but if you are a DIY type of guy and just playing around that's pretty cool.

Author elpoder1971 ( ago)
I already got 2 transformers. I wonder if it's up to you to decide the (+)
or (-) pole on the secundary. I mean either pole is fine or there's
something I'm missing? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work !

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
ummmm dude. I have 2 cooling fans that i installed and work great..... Ill
put a video up tomorrow hopefully of an overview of it so stay tuned for

Author Andrew White ( ago)
not very good idea what you have done because of the heat build but know
your young but please but the fan in there from the microwave to help a
little bit becareful and good luck

Author TrueNorthNorway1970 ( ago)
interesting stuff. thanks. Will try myself in a while.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
yeh i got lost... the way i did it it worked for me so im good

Author Mihkel Laansoo ( ago)
Are you fucking mad? Im not sure but useing EI transformers from fucking
microwave is stupid. What i did was: 1200va 400v primary with 55v primary,
soldered 2 11mmsq to the transformer sec and added 400A bridge diode with
50kuf caps, all 100v 16 of them, ... thats insane, i could spotwent but it
just melts everything... But welding with rods is way vetter than any other
. Dint cost me anything, had all parts laying around, you should try
toroid, its probably the best,

Author dercebe ( ago)
Great project. Looked a bit crappy at first sight, but I am amazed at how
well it works as well as how well you handle the welding process. Keep up
the good work....

Author Brantley Boyd ( ago)
hey you messaged me i know but for some reason youtube won't let me reply
to the message so text me 229-603-0003 or email me

Author Brantley Boyd ( ago)
hey man i want a stick welder for some stuff that i don't wanna use mig for
and i was wondering how much you'll make one for?

Author Gono Lara ( ago)
Smart kids, next time got to Harbor Freight, they have welders for 80 bucks
and save the headache!!!

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
thanks man

Author bigvell02 (374 years ago)
These kids did their thing. there's more than 1 way to make a welder. Just
think of their talent when they get older

Author Jonathan Slater ( ago)
was this filmed with a potato or what?

Author Brandon Palmer ( ago)
i used 3 mots and it worked better.

Author Ian Browning ( ago)
Ok, I built one of these and all it will do is stick my welding rods to the
metal. 2 mots wound with aprox 20 winds of 10ga wire, wired in series. What
could my problem be?

Author 6023Nath ( ago)
To many haters here, great vid. I cant believe how well it works. What
transformers are they/from?

Author engineprojects ( ago)
well je u apsolutlie richt man its to exspensive and u can make one why
spent much monny indeed

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
lucky, a cheap one that is shit will cost me $150 new so i made one cheaper

Author engineprojects ( ago)
u a question i dont know what a welder kost there but here i can get an
welder for 30 uero so eee why make one

Author engineprojects ( ago)
rong way to remove that copper just knock it out

Author ShizBureau ( ago)
herp a derb bagergha perg!!!!!!!

Author swg1987 ( ago)
not bad kid not at all really cool

Author looserkuka ( ago)
Now thats badass!

Author King Hunter ( ago)
5:42 epic explanation starts

Author BenjaminForge ( ago)
hey dont be hating just cause he sounds like justin beber

Author soulmasterdw ( ago)
watch out pluging in 2 diferent sockets some houses run on 2 phase power
and could help to put a choke on secondary side these transformers are
great for tube amps etc also were the filament wing is theres little metal
tabs these are shunts pull them out if u want to make a big tranny cut out
sheet metal into long strips paint them so there insulated wrap it sos its
like a tape roll can use sperate strips put some materail tape around it or
somethink else to stop shrap edges cuting wire

Author Moronicsmurf ( ago)
Cool, u build a DC rectifier with and Amp bridge. Thats is really not a
welder, cause the ark will not really maintain peak amp all the time.. BUT,
you have acomplished something most teenagers wouldnt.. And that without
burning down your house. Kudos! Now... Make a real rectifier instead, you
have the basic knowledge. And make sure it stabilizes the amperage drawn.
And will not oscilliate and not risk catching on fire. Once again, kudos!,
cool experiment.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
you have a small penis what?

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
thanks bro!!!!!

Author risk3715 ( ago)
So are we to understand that you put a rectifier or diode bridge and some
extra stuff into your welder to change it to DC? Because, based off your
video and the way you wired this particular welder up it's still just an AC
welder. (Just two MOT's and wire, right?) Oh well... kids will be kids and
they'll continue to think they know everything. Anyway, good job for
building a little welder! (even if you don't know how it really works)

Author possum66669 (1963 years ago)
this is awsome fuck all the haters posting dumb shit i like i want to make
me one for the hell of it nice jobe and just remember to strike the arc and
keep it in the puddle of molting metal and slitly wiggle it side to side
pratice make perfect next you need to make a rectifier to make it DC and
then make a home made tig welder! have the complete package!

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
well no shit, i welding with it in the video if you wouldve watched the
whole thing

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author TheChipmunk2008 ( ago)
Yes there are errors, but stop being so critical people. It's too common
these days for people to look down on experimentation.. I predict this kid
will probably end up learning a lot from experimentation :-)

Author hotchicksandpuppies ( ago)
In the end it welded. Im guessing?

Author agripino malatesta ( ago)
Nice vid , but remember ! : Exposing your genitals to radiation is very
dangerous. That can cause you infertility. Always use protection !!

Author Car AudioDriver ( ago)
damn kid slow down abit with your talking hard to follow im going to make
one with some transistor i have around here for controlling the amps for

Author IBoosted SS ( ago)
Children and raw electricity..... Hm, where's the big children?

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@MrFuriousG trust me that is the rod thickness u wanna use i tried 1/16 and
it burns to hot/ just acts as a cutter instead of welding it

Author MrFuriousG ( ago)
Those rods look pretty big, you should maybe try some 2.6mm or even 2mm
rods, I reckon you would get better results, and it would be easier for the
young fella to learn with. He'll probably be over stick welders by xmas and
be begging you to buy him a tig..

Author juan cristales ( ago)
hola si lees mi mensaje te pido que me ayudes hice uno pero no me responde
como el que muestras en el video espero em digas en que me equivoque
porfavor te lo agradecere mucho ok

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@Txbassmaster96 yeh i know but i was trying to keep my total cost low

Author Txbassmaster96 ( ago)
You do realize you can an electrode holder and ground clamp for $20.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@Eskimo1399 you privite message by going to there channel and hitting "send
message" wow sry but thats a dumb question

Author James Farina ( ago)
@scottishmale1970 fuck you.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@warnematt haha 0 likes so far!!!!! guess what they are there for your help

Author pa maj ( ago)
After spending days researching this setup on YouTube i have come yo
realize that the amps and volts entering the machine is most
dangerous,after passing first mot volts drop approx to 40vac and amps go up
to 40 or so,not so dangerous,then after passing second mot vac drop to 20
and amps go up to 80 or so,even safe to touch electrode end and ground end
with both hands,the way i see it,if everything is boxed in safe and made
good, casings of mots earthed to power outlet then good job! well done!

Author Car AudioDriver ( ago)
I dont know why should experiment with it hes Brother should know it is
dangerous big i never had transformers like that i would like to have 1or2

Author Eskimo1399 ( ago)
@shortyjk95 how do you PM on here?

Author hellrose1228 ( ago)
@TheOffPowerZero no its not, but how much is your and your family's safety

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@Eskimo1399 ok im gonna pm you cuz my exlaination is to long for comments

Author Eskimo1399 ( ago)
@shortyjk95 how did you come to learn such thing? This to me looks
complicated, i was thinking about doing it but since you said the
insulation is a problem, im a bit iffy, what if you just insulated it a bit
more with some electric tape? Would that shut down the magnetic field, a no
no, or would this help keep peace of mind?

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@Eskimo1399 the secondaries do have insulators on them, the wire is called
magnet wire and has a very very thin coat but for what your using it for
you need a lot of insulation cuz they can get hot, no you cant make your
own transformer cuz there is a specific magnet field that is generated by
the primaries and the secondaries pick that up and transform that into the
voltage and amps you need (depends on how many wraps you put on the

Author Eskimo1399 ( ago)
ok, so the secondaries attach to one another? Secondaries are the 10 gauge.
Why couldnt anyone make there own home made scratch transformer, is there
insolation that needs to be considered, like the microwave transformers
have to offer?

Author Car AudioDriver ( ago)
@hellrose1228 its not about the 90 $ for a welder....

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@scottishmale1970 first i bet i knew more than you when i was 12 so i
wouldnt be talking, i prob couldve wired a house when i was that age so yeh

Author scottishmale1970 (576 years ago)
why let kids near any type of welding equipment never mind home made un
tested equipment

Author hellrose1228 ( ago)
@Harmonlisa haha i know right

Author Harmonlisa ( ago)
@hellrose1228 I am sure the inurance company will deny any claims after
seeing this video.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@hellrose1228 ok i can get a paper that says i have a phd in how to make
noodles. my separate circuits are big enough to handle the amps so no my
house isnt gonna burn down. also if your telling me to not mess with
electricity, then how come your a "professional" at it?

Author hellrose1228 ( ago)
im a professional electrician. i wasnt "trying" to be smart i know what the
hell im talking about and have the degrees in electrical science to prove
it. just because you put them on two different circuits doesnt mean you
wont still burn your house down. electricity is nothing to mess with

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@hellrose1228 nice try at trying to be smart, first if we did strip a wire
on accident there is no way possible that it could shock us, the
transformers are grounded so they can short out but cant shock us in anyway
unless we obviously touch the 2 ends of the welder which would be stupid.
also we put it on 2 separate circuits so we dont blow a breaker.

Author hellrose1228 ( ago)
props for being creative but wow are you guys trying to kill yourselves?
you accidently strip one wire while wiring the transformer and you could
cause serious injury to your self or someone else. Let alone blow a circuit
in your house or burn the house down. i'd rather spend the little extra
money and get a 110v harbor freight welder for $90.

Author Remi Kvalheim ( ago)
@shortyjk95 explane it step by step in the vid girl... no need to haste

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@staticincanmore yes really they are there for your help. since your
watching it that means you wanted to know how to make a welder and most
peolple dont know what the primaries secondaries this wire that wire and
how to wire it etc

Author staticincanmore ( ago)
@shortyjk95 Really? Asking me to subscribe/comment/talking about your cam
quality/apology for mower/etc... Are all things I would ask about if they
weren't plastered all over the screen? I dunno about that.....

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@staticincanmore they are there to help you because people like you would
ask. what the hell is the primary. do i need this orange wire, whats this

Author staticincanmore ( ago)
too many annotations, annoying as hell.

Author archeryman5000 ( ago)
cut the weld on the laminations and pull the secondary off whole the add
you secondary and re-install the laminations

Author shortyjk95 (1321 year ago)
@MAGGIFUCKER is bad then now im weld like a pro with it =D

Author Magnús (1926 years ago)
Try to keep your arc stedy

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@windoes98se already did... that was the first size we trying and its too
hot for the metal, it acts like a plasma cutter lol

Author joe muncey ( ago)
good welds for a beginner with a home made welding rig.Btw you should try
1/16 inch welding rods, they work verry well with low amperage welders.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@CocktaiLMolotovX how so?? and how is it crap i dont get it

Author CocktaiLMolotovX ( ago)
the voice of this young teen is absolutely crap.

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@haveyouseenhim89 about $30

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
@Electrodudeify sorry to say but your wrong, you wont have the voltage and
amps you need having it in series gives you the amps and voltage you need

Author Electrodudeify ( ago)
Wire them up in parallel, you will get more current.

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