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Author Brett Stafford (4 months)
I found 2 medal halide transformers heres the images will these work for a
welder? has
4 wires on bottom and one wire on top different then the ones your using.

Author Neo Tanatos (1 year)
how many wraps you puted on each secondary?

Author Joshua Puariea (1 year)
keep in mind you could also run primaries in paralell so you don't have to
use two different outlets.

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@TheSuperFungus the reason we did it on that piece of carpet was because we
didnt want to scrap the primary wires and risk a short curcuit :)

Author shortyjk95 (4 years)
@MrStemkilla u cant use thicker wire because you need 20 raps per
transformer or it wont work also duh it matters what way you wire them what
i was saying in the vid is it doesnt matter how you wire them because you
can use a multimeter and find out what is + and what is -

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@hellrose1228 nice try at trying to be smart, first if we did strip a wire
on accident there is no way possible that it could shock us, the
transformers are grounded so they can short out but cant shock us in anyway
unless we obviously touch the 2 ends of the welder which would be stupid.
also we put it on 2 separate circuits so we dont blow a breaker.

Author Polo Driver (3 years)
I dont know why should experiment with it hes Brother should know it is
dangerous big i never had transformers like that i would like to have 1or2

Author Julián Barrera (3 years)
who the fuck film this video, a dog????

Author BenjaminForge (2 years)
hey dont be hating just cause he sounds like justin beber

Author Polo Driver (3 years)
damn kid slow down abit with your talking hard to follow im going to make
one with some transistor i have around here for controlling the amps for

Author Live Montey (1 year)
omg i could make a super simple welder! urs are all so complicated!!!!!!

Author scottishmale1970 (3 years)
why let kids near any type of welding equipment never mind home made un
tested equipment

Author MAGGIFUCKER (3 years)
Try to keep your arc stedy

Author agripino malatesta (3 years)
Nice vid , but remember ! : Exposing your genitals to radiation is very
dangerous. That can cause you infertility. Always use protection !!

Author Harmonlisa (3 years)
@hellrose1228 I am sure the inurance company will deny any claims after
seeing this video.

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@warnematt haha 0 likes so far!!!!! guess what they are there for your help

Author shortyjk95 (4 years)
@GnarlsGhashington first of all i was 13 and now im 15

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@boholhunter29 if you stay posted i will make a video this week for you on
how to wire it and then put a link in the description :)

Author Gono Lara (2 years)
Smart kids, next time got to Harbor Freight, they have welders for 80 bucks
and save the headache!!!

Author CocktaiLMolotovX (3 years)
the voice of this young teen is absolutely crap.

Author shortyjk95 (2 years)
by size of your brain, you must not be able to see. cuz it clearly says in
the video, the auto focus wasnt turned on

Author Mamosh88 M88 (1 year)
could you please make a video into how to build a step Down transformer
from 220 to 110

Author 6023Nath (2 years)
To many haters here, great vid. I cant believe how well it works. What
transformers are they/from?

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@Txbassmaster96 yeh i know but i was trying to keep my total cost low

Author Jimmy O. (4 years)
@shortyjk95 eh i broke a good multi meeter with thos and it was no fun....
step dad bought me a new one...way better... and it dose matte rif they
arnt need and wrap around eachother it alters magnetic feanld and you losse
qwite abit of power... you have 2 transformers.. you dont need 20 wraps
each and hears a little help the thicker the wire and the less wraps and
more wraps on the non modified part = higher amps ... and you use more amps
than voltage in welding like that

Author risk3715 (3 years)
So are we to understand that you put a rectifier or diode bridge and some
extra stuff into your welder to change it to DC? Because, based off your
video and the way you wired this particular welder up it's still just an AC
welder. (Just two MOT's and wire, right?) Oh well... kids will be kids and
they'll continue to think they know everything. Anyway, good job for
building a little welder! (even if you don't know how it really works)

Author Mark Stevansen (2 years)
I'm with you brother. Nothing beats an Inverter welder with hot start and
arc force control.

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@Electrodudeify sorry to say but your wrong, you wont have the voltage and
amps you need having it in series gives you the amps and voltage you need

Author engineprojects (2 years)
u a question i dont know what a welder kost there but here i can get an
welder for 30 uero so eee why make one

Author Remi Kvalheim (3 years)
@shortyjk95 explane it step by step in the vid girl... no need to haste

Author Eskimo1399 (3 years)
@shortyjk95 how did you come to learn such thing? This to me looks
complicated, i was thinking about doing it but since you said the
insulation is a problem, im a bit iffy, what if you just insulated it a bit
more with some electric tape? Would that shut down the magnetic field, a no
no, or would this help keep peace of mind?

Author Mamosh88 M88 (1 year)
Please, please, please change your camera man!!!

Author Jeff (3 years)
@shortyjk95 Fair enough, getting shocked can hurt a lot. Been there, don't
want to do it again..

Author joe muncey (3 years)
good welds for a beginner with a home made welding rig.Btw you should try
1/16 inch welding rods, they work verry well with low amperage welders.

Author srm13560 (3 years)
Serious, serious willpower right there... Cant get more jealous by now.

Author TheChipmunk2008 (3 years)
Yes there are errors, but stop being so critical people. It's too common
these days for people to look down on experimentation.. I predict this kid
will probably end up learning a lot from experimentation :-)

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@ismokewead420 ikr sorry about that but i had to bcuz otherwise people
wouldnt understand it and get pissed bcuz they dont know what parts are
what on the transformer

Author Amar Rambo (3 years)
@BrandonJ21984 Series is positive to negative and positive to negative so
what u do is get the negative from one transformer and connect it to the
postive of the other. Then use the remaining positive as a ground clamp and
remaining negative as your electrode holder. Adding a third transformer
creates too much current which i very dangerous so dont do it

Author hellrose1228 (3 years)
im a professional electrician. i wasnt "trying" to be smart i know what the
hell im talking about and have the degrees in electrical science to prove
it. just because you put them on two different circuits doesnt mean you
wont still burn your house down. electricity is nothing to mess with

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@mrFadiabbas1 i used 2 microwave transformers that i got for $10 a peice

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@MrFuriousG trust me that is the rod thickness u wanna use i tried 1/16 and
it burns to hot/ just acts as a cutter instead of welding it

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@CocktaiLMolotovX how so?? and how is it crap i dont get it

Author Jimmy O. (4 years)
god you dont know much about electronics but um ya it dose matter what way
you wire the transformers and you should have used a thicker wire but it
looks like you got lucky with the wiring of the transformers and put the
hot in the welding rod and the nutril in whatever your welding that's
pretty important

Author brantster581 (2 years)
hey you messaged me i know but for some reason youtube won't let me reply
to the message so text me 229-603-0003 or email me

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
@rocknrolldaddio yeh depends on what im welding, if i care about it or not

Author MPRdrummer (3 years)
I can't seem to trust your instructions, mainly because your voice sounds
like your 10 years old.

Author bigvell02 (2 years)
These kids did their thing. there's more than 1 way to make a welder. Just
think of their talent when they get older

Author shortyjk95 (4 years)
@MrStemkilla ok for the second part but you want a certain amount of amps
and volts so the less amount of wraps means more amps and you dont want to
many cuz itll make it not powerful enough, just saying but when i made my
welder we were researching it for about 2 months

Author pa maj (3 years)
After spending days researching this setup on YouTube i have come yo
realize that the amps and volts entering the machine is most
dangerous,after passing first mot volts drop approx to 40vac and amps go up
to 40 or so,not so dangerous,then after passing second mot vac drop to 20
and amps go up to 80 or so,even safe to touch electrode end and ground end
with both hands,the way i see it,if everything is boxed in safe and made
good, casings of mots earthed to power outlet then good job! well done!

Author Jonathan Slater (2 years)
was this filmed with a potato or what?

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