Locstyle: Locs and Pipe Cleaners

Putting curls in your locs by using pipe cleaners.
Check me out for more hair loc tips:

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Author dumabebaby (4 years)
I do that all the time I have a questionnn! are your dreadsss hard?

Author nermar1 (4 years)
I loved the video and your personality. Thanks for sharing.

Author My4tress (4 years)
@manga4774 I'm pretty sure they can. I saw one girl's vid about doing this
and she had thick locs. How thick are yours?

Author My4tress (4 years)
@nappyheadedblackgirl lol! i'm sure you've gotten much better at it though!

Author mooner88 (3 years)
@uluv2nvme Do you mind posting the link to the thick dreads video? Mine are
probably 1/2" thick average and I don't know what will work on them, so I
would love to see how this other girl's turned out.

Author nowrissa (2 years)
how do you remove the pipecleaner?

Author manga4774 (4 years)
is this possible with thicker dreads?

Author Yvette Bailey (5 years)
looks good on you

Author nappy headed black girl (4 years)
@uluv2nvme I sure did! I sent it to yo (2ce maybe? sorry 'bout that! lol).
They turned out well but took forever and a day 'cause I didn't know what I
was doing

Author JustOchi (3 years)
THis is so clever but question why not just braid your hair. To me it looks
the same. Still I like the technique. Thanks for sharing and I'll try it to
see what's the difference. lol

Author My4tress (4 years)
Thanks for the feedback :-)

Author My4tress (4 years)
@nappyheadedblackgirl Aww, cool! Did you do a vid or something? I would've
love to see how they turned out! :-D

Author Krista Bain (2 years)
That's sexy!

Author sbadside (4 years)
thank you so much for sharing, i just got locs about 3 weeks ago, so I see
when they get a little longer I will be able to do so much more with them.

Author My4tress (4 years)
@dumabebaby Right now, yes, because of all the John Frieda holding spray I
have in it right now. (I love that Hairspray!!!) But when I wash it out, my
dreads aren't

Author awhoneychild (4 years)
thanx girl your hair looks real nice and you brought back the creativity
within me to style my locs. My hair is so long i have been growing mine for
5 years this year thank you babes x

Author My4tress (5 years)
Thanx :)

Author My4tress (5 years)
3 years in december

Author Jocelynishott (3 years)
Obviously she can't braid her hair cuz it's short!! Duhh

Author nappy headed black girl (4 years)
Thanks for this video. You were one of my inspirations to give this a shot.
I was pretty surprised by how long they lasted, too!

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