Dave Chappelle – Here’s My $60 Mil Trump Impression | TMZ TV

How does Dave Chappelle feel about his huge Netflix deal? Let's let Donald Trump answer that.

Dave was cruising into The Nice Guy early Wednesday morning -- after he did another stand-up set in L.A. -- so we asked him about the $60 million deal for 3 comedy specials.

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Dave Chappelle – Here’s My $60 Mil Trump Impression | TMZ TV

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Runtime: 2:5
Comments: 316

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Author kwame robinson ( ago)

Author Freon Manson 2CasholA2 ( ago)
Fukk yo couch NiccA!!!!!

Author BoWeava ( ago)
Ya think maybe 60M and 50M is about the the same amount given a 10 year inflation? 🤔
It great to see Dave doin his thing again!! 😍

Author Negan ( ago)
TMZ... You are not funny, just annoying.

Author Christopher Brown ( ago)
Dave is God fearing he didnt sign with the ol hollywood bosses that worship satan and own tmz comedy central and just about everything we watch on TV

Author Christopher Brown ( ago)
Tmz aka illuminati is trying to do their best here on the legendary Dave Chappelle since Dave signed outside of the illuminati/comedy central and made even more money! Praise the Lord God

Author Hlöðver Eggertsson ( ago)
Whoever wrote what the most annoying voice said, Have a nice vay kay ya cunt.

Author Castlevania Trump ( ago)
He left a 50 mill deal to not sell out, I heard of his 60 mill deal then saw him saying he's doing trump....he's being paid 60mill to roast the fuck out of trump, the one person trying to help Americans take back our corrupt government. I would say that's what selling out looks like, damn Dave you had to fuck up...

Author Jon F ( ago)
ah TMZ youre trash

Author Gummi Tarzan ( ago)
throwing up the baphomet at 1:12, well that was disappointing... new him coming back was too good to be true

Author tezzo55 ( ago)
:-) Well this "comedy thing" seems not to have "worked out" for you TMZ, otherwise i'd guess you'd be using some.

Author Angryconsumernerd ( ago)
chapell was funny 15 years ago ,,,,now its like watching a retard open a candy bar laugh because they to stupid to know it's nothing special .

Author Rob Fraser ( ago)
"he just tossed a cigarette fully lit" #1stworldproblems #whitepeopleproblems #shutupbitch

Author Darth Grey ( ago)
He just tossed a cigarette fully lit? SMFH, who gives a fuck? So lets get him locked up right, lets see if the establishment wants to get him locked up! I wish everyone could get scrutinized like a black man for one year of their life. The fucked up thing is it's such a ingreaned behavior that more white people don't even realize that they do shit to blacks that they don't think to do with there own.

Author Wayne O'Neill ( ago)
wow the guy who narrates this shit needs to be shot in the balls

Author Zilueta ( ago)
Instead of terrific, he should have said Great, but love Dave, a smart man that thinks for himself...

Author Myles Howard ( ago)
TMZ...a bunch of annoying obnoxious douchebags trying to pass their obnoxious douchebaggery off as news

Author TheDatok90 ( ago)
tmz is trash

Author Nunez87 ( ago)
the guy doing the narration here should quit his job. worst fucking, most annoying, cancer causing voice - ever.

Author SENATORPAIN1 ( ago)
jesus fuck off tmz.

Author Fabian ( ago)
you guys are just assholes

Author diemc7a1 ( ago)
What the fuck did I juist watch?

Author ThatGermanView ( ago)
Is there a date for the Dave Special to be released on German Netflix?

Author Jevo Groni ( ago)
Why doesn't TMZ just die? You have a moment and footage of Chapelle and you somehow turn it into some cancerous obnoxious shite.

Author TriumvirateMedia ( ago)
I thought there was going to be a Trump impression. I should just stop using YouTube as it has basically turned into those types of magazines you used to see all over the place in shops with the outlandish nonsensical headlines that wasn't relevant to any of the content in of the magazines, or relative to anything in life for that matter. Has the editor of TMZ by the way noticed that a single guy sitting in front of his computer playing video games gets more views than all of TMZ's videos combined? Has the editor of TMZ ever wondered what the reason for that might be? Has the editor of TMZ ever wondered about the possibility that the only reason why they have views to begin with is because they rely solely on clickbait? It's like a bunch of bullshit mashed together incomprehensibly, and no one, absolutely no one on planet Earth could possibly give a fuck. Why does those who work for, or with, or on TMZ, have any money, at all? If this was a marketplace, where I could see you, I would pick up the nearest piece of fruit, preferably a large, whole pineapple, and throw it at you, hard, I would aim at your face, and then I would pick up another one and throw that one at you, too, and I would keep throwing until you ran, ran the fuck away, ran and hid under a fucking rock, because you're a piece of shit, a scumbag, who sells garbage under the pretense of luxury, and the cops, the cops would fucking applaud me for it.

Author Arthur Dent ( ago)
Howly shit, that was one obnoxious video.

Author Phaire Couchpotato ( ago)
Nostalgia critic said that "TMZ" is worse than hell....

Author Joshua Moran ( ago)
Chapelle was completely sarcastic about doing a sketch on Trump. In a recent interview he mentioned that Trump is ruining comedy, because so many comics feel like they need to bring him up. It's cliche.

Author melojr ( ago)
stop broadcasting peoples bank

Author Fed0089 ( ago)
Only watched this for Dave Chappelle cause seriously TMZ is up there with Buzzfeed as like the Diarrhea of entertainment.

Author Ka'lika T. Fria'niquia ( ago)
fuck the tone you're taking toward chappelle here.

Author Glenn A ( ago)
Fucking youtube recommending TMZ...not sure whats the bigger joke here the Youtube alorythm for recommending this video or TMZ since they're always a joke.

Author Sean Patrick ( ago)
Small minds occupied by small things. Carry on Plebs!

Author D Bayshore ( ago)
Dave smoking that Cali Kush again

Author abdirahman mohamuud ( ago)
R.I.P Kevin heart July 6, 1979 march 21,2017 u will not be missed

Author anwar ali ( ago)

Author TheOriginalMakaaka ( ago)
I guess this show is for teenagers? THe host sounds like a retarded clown that gives IceT, Treach and Snoop rim jobs.

Author Sam Mastermind ( ago)
wtf is this stupid channel?

Author Bam Bam ( ago)
you know that camera man picked up chappelles cigarette.
I would've.😀

Author Kram Newton ( ago)
How is TMZ even a business??

Author isiah mason ( ago)
how else would you "toss" a cigarette? put it out then toss? that's just stupid

Author Christian 4_Realzz ( ago)
Is she stupid? That chick who said, "He just tossed a cigarette fully lit."
And Dave Chapelle always keeps it real, and is funny while doing so, even in this clip. I'd love to hear many jokes and comments of his about Donald Trump and political things going on this world during Dave's standup specials today. What a crazy dude though. Walks away from millions of dollars, and disappears for 10 years, only to comeback and get offered $60 million Dollars and do more standup. What a legend.

Author dick vandike ( ago)
this is the most annoying shit ever

Author knifemundo ( ago)
Dave didn't leave the money he left the system. if TMZ actually bothered to do their research. Search on Chappelle brought me to this channel, the channel itself will never bring me back. Wow this network is annoying

Author Tommy Williams ( ago)
I can't wait!!! And Dave is still smoking?? Oh well. I hope he extends his Neflix deal.

Author Black Storm ( ago)
David, please stop smoking. It ages you, and limits your life. Take care of your life, or life will take care of you.

Author DiscouragedSoldier ( ago)
Kardashians make how much on their shit TV shows? Go fuck yourself TMZ. You fake ass news outlet. Spending all of your time and energy rattling the cages of people who don't even fucking matter. P.S. If I could shove a broom stick down the the narrators throat I would be extremely satisfied. P.S.S. Go fuck your mothers.

Author room shok5 ( ago)
fucking scumbag

Author Corporal Kush ( ago)
Wait a minute. 60 million dollars and he can't walk in a nightclub that he's the star of with a cigarette? He should just buy the mtf.

Author Hasuh Idiyev ( ago)
Fuck TMZ, only here for Dave Chappelle.

Author A.Justin Atwood ( ago)
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a b!+{h!

Author Mrlennymej1 ( ago)
60 million per comedy special!?!?

"50 million dollars" LOL What a joke! SMH

Anyway, welcome back, Mr. Chappelle!

Author Ryan Dartez ( ago)
"It's going to be terrific."  Good to see he's getting a start already on practicing for when he does Trump.  Next time they ambush-interview him, he should do something on how something's "Big, really big.  Like huge."

Author Joe Sheehan ( ago)
tmz go fuck your selfz

Author quin bagwell ( ago)
who the hell is this guy doing this report? Do they actually pay this guy to talk like he just killed his last brain cell with a hammer? That's the most annoying voice in the history of voices ,including any and all animal sounds , or even a drunken Scotsman playing the bagpipes! He's sucks!!

Author Why Bolo ( ago)
Please do Hillary Dave!

Author BigKing Bud ( ago)
They are giving Chris Rock 40,000,000$ for 2 specials(same price). I would MUCH RATHER hear what Chappelle has to say, vs the EXTREMELY washed up hack Rock.
Chris Rock was only funny one time, and that was in 1999.
Also, technically Chappelle walked out on 50,000,000$ almost 14 years ago, just saying, learn how to count.

Author SuperDizzeBeatz ( ago)
tmz need to hire me not to ask annoying ass questions. disrepecting dave like that.

Author dontsine ( ago)
fuck Harvey

Author cole simons ( ago)
dave Chappell sold his soul fucking coon!!

Author Hung Jury ( ago)
Hope he didn't run back to Africa again Lol.

Author XmdogmX ( ago)
wtf did I just watch? How is tmz in business?

Author Danny Walling ( ago)
use to love him BUTT now i just see another asshole ):

Author ChronicDreamer1st ( ago)
Why did I even bother watching a TMZ video ??

Author Yo Obvious ( ago)
honestly fuck tmz

Author StamperTV ( ago)
this channel is gay as fuck

Author Jackson Flowers ( ago)
I always toss my cigarettes fully lit. I don't bother trying to put them out. Didn't know I was breaking the law either.

Author Shelton McPike Jr. ( ago)
Didn't He turn down 60 million back in 2003?

Author londonacid1 ( ago)
tmz all a bunch fags.

Author Bododez 631 ( ago)
i like dave chapelle i think he's one of the best but $60 mil seems ridiculous.i think celebrities get paid way too much.

Author Germino Gray ( ago)
His first skit will be Coke-Head president Trump.

Author Mr hollyvoodoo ( ago)
so glad david is back!!

Author Jeaniemaii92 ( ago)
Soo.... Is he's back in HelliWeird selling his soul again or is this his clone?

Author Professional Banana ( ago)
he deserves it

Author Aaron Garcia ( ago)
Its thanks to people like this is why Dave went to Africa,. I only clicked for Chappelle. Fuck TMZ they only wish they were as rich as the celebrities they berate.

Author mutalix ( ago)
Fender bender @ 1:03

Author SignifieDignifieD ( ago)
where's Ja?
Just when you need him he is nowhere to be found.

Author Brandon Morris ( ago)
I don't think doing anything trump is a good idea. The Internet is going to run that joke into the ground.

Author Rashad ahmed ( ago)
Dave deserve it every penny.

Author hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( ago)
Jesus TMZ. You know it's possible to make good content without the faggy voices right?

Author T U R K - 1 8 2 ( ago)
The voiceover guy's annoying AF!

Author Lavizzle ( ago)
It's dangerous that he threw his lit cigarette because TMZ are basically piles of garbage, which is flammable.

Author Salvador Banuelos ( ago)
woohoo! Chappelle is back

Author Zombie Killa ( ago)
dislikes !

Author Duell Stacks ( ago)
All that MONEY and that brother ain't gone MARCH or even STAND for what's going on to our "Brothers of Color" and he got 'White MONEY People" to back him up....But y'all know that's to much like White, rite?

Author Atreyu Tower ( ago)
Good for him

Author Shady Fungus ( ago)
People in comments talking about how much TMZ sucks... and yet they're still here...

Author Some Random Practice Vlogs ( ago)

Author White Minority ( ago)
you can get fined for tossing a lit smoke? WW TT FF lmao

Author chillydogification ( ago)
Just goes to show you that integrity pays off. he kep his self respect and now he has even more money. That is a win.

Author I-don't play that ish -punk ( ago)
"He just tossed a cigarette fully lit" why is that stupid chick still on TMZ?

Author Lawrence Malcheff ( ago)
The dread on TMZ is Terry Crews lil brother... Looks just like him! I think it is! What do you think?

Author StudioSjaak ( ago)
Gee Tee Em Zee, you are so FUN-NEE..

Author Omega Prophet ( ago)
Chappelle isn't funny anymore. He was barely funny before, his material was extremely dated when his show was on. He's without a doubt the most overrated comedian ever. Netflix overpaid by 60 million. And, yes, I've seen his recent stand up routines. I also saw that shitty SNL bullshit he did.

Author JokerCirca66 ( ago)
I'd watch the shit out of his specials he's funny as fuck, never would have thought 60m funny though, that's what I feel like Hart makes after a tour of the states, he's just doing like 3 hours of stand up? Haha he's a sick ass negotiator, he's on Trumps level of make a deal haha

Author F. Mazz. ( ago)
Love and admire Dave Chappelle. He stood up to the evil powers in the entertainment world, refused to sell out and came back on his own terms. Glad to hear of his success. Not everyone can do that. G** damn 60 million???!!!

Author Summers Journey ( ago)
I guess dave sold his soul after all...

Author Frank Muhammad ( ago)
Stop hatin TMZ

Author Niccolo Machiavelli ( ago)
fuck tmz

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