Colors such as "Green" mentioned in the video refer to the soft colored yarn we played around on each one to identify them until they got names from their new owners. This video only shows the 1st birth. Please see parts 2 and 3 for the other 4 births!
Then watch all 8 videos, from birth through 9 weeks.
This is the 1st of 8 videos of five cute Maltese puppies from birth to 9 weeks old. These puppies were born on January 19th 2005. Visit Muffins Facebook page at:

Dogs birth behaviors are related to wolfs because dogs were domesticated from the gray wolf thousands of years ago. In the wild - female wolves eat the newborn's placenta which provides a valuable meal when she is unable to hunt while caring for her pups! The mother will clean the pups by licking which stimulates them to urinate and defecate by licking the genital region. She swallows all of their excretions, keeping the den clean and odor-free. More about wolf pups

Watch a pregnant dog, expecting 5 puppies, in labor give birth during welping!!! This dog birth and development of this Maltese breed is similar to all dogs.

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Author Ellen Limawan ( ago)
Very cute

Author Loi Lac ( ago)
Wows the puppy so cute ohhhh so lovely

Author lady_guru ( ago)
I thought humans not suppose to touch the puppies when they are first born?

Author Working Bulldog Channel ( ago)
To attend a female dog giving birth is exciting! Great video, and good
mommy dog!
My female just gave birth to 5 and she did great, too. It is her first

Author Chikiz M ( ago)
good job helping

Author Asia Washington ( ago)
So cute!!!😍😍😍

Author Cheyene Fernandes ( ago)
So cute

Author Valeria Valera ( ago)
it.was alittle discussing at the.beginning but those pups will turn out

Author Kallum Brown ( ago)
ewwwwwwwwwwww yuckie

Author Aarons World HD ( ago)
At this moment in time my friends dog is giving birth to my dogs pups

Author Gracie Jean ( ago)
Do you mind if I ask how much the mom weighs? My dogs pregnant and I just
want to know if I should be worried she's tiny?

Author marlou acain ( ago)
hello little boo boo

Author Mr master Roblox ( ago)
Awwww the puppy is so cute

Author Ghazala Ghani ( ago)
shouldnt these guys be wearing gloves???

Author Shock ( ago)

Author Madam Mudkip ( ago)
My dog just gave birth to a litter of four. It was so cute! But, one nearly
didn't make it. She was breached, but she survived.

Author Miguel Tovar ( ago)
wait wait wait did the mom eat the the sack

Author Blueplush Gaming ( ago)

Author Syahrainna Miranjani ( ago)
After 2 weeks you can touch it if you want

Author Syahrainna Miranjani ( ago)
Do not touch a new born animal

Author The Taylors ( ago)
how many where there I only sow 1

Author Jade ( ago)
Wow! I can't believe how small they are.

Author Olivia Bordes ( ago)
to cute

Author Emma Mallatratt ( ago)
I'm watching in 2016

Author Haley's Journey ( ago)

Author Judith Anne ( ago)
normal birth. no need to 'help'.

Author G Fall ( ago)

Author Miguel Tovar ( ago)
wow some really cute puppys aww

Author Crock Natior ( ago)
All i did is question this......why did i click this?

Author Miguel Tovar ( ago)
wow that was dog birth wow

Author teena tinker ( ago)
puppy is so cute

Author Andrew Cinque ( ago)
what breed is your dog

Author the Minecraft guy 619 ceja ( ago)
cute puppies make me happy

Author the Minecraft guy 619 ceja ( ago)
cute puppies make me happy

Author fernesha Babe ( ago)
I dont want my dog to have a baby :(

Author Gracie Peter ( ago)
you should be touching the puppies for the first 4 weeks.
the mom could get mad and bite someone or something, and you really can't
pick them up because the mom will help her babies.
My German Shephard China is having puppies and we aren't keeping any, are
turning half of our garage into the place for the mom, father and puppies.
For the first 4 weeks we aren't going to be touching them because the mom
can take care of them.
I know that we have to set up everything around China and the puppies but I
think that we are good because China is only 6 weeks pregnant and about
less than 1 month to go.
I am just saying to everyone reading this, please be careful and respect
your dog(s) and puppies.

Author ChaniyahSonic Warhead ( ago)

Author Sylvia jules 1923 ( ago)

Author Justin Vickers ( ago)
This is some good filming for a video from 2006!

Author johnjd ( ago)
so weird.. suddenly a new life appears

Author Mofo Moto ( ago)
why did you call it "the green one"?

Author Denise Vingers ( ago)
that is so cute

Author Rixt Mintz ( ago)
It seems so much easier for dogs to give birth than women..

Author CYBER XEoN ( ago)
and my poop moulding come out

Author CYBER XEoN ( ago)
when I was watching this I was on the toilet pooping😉😉😉😉😉

Author Hey, Its me! ( ago)
I wonder how they are doing, almost 10 years later.

Author Lisa Nabozny ( ago)
so cute!!!

Author Spaghetti Overlord ( ago)
Well I have a weird fettish

Author Sparkles Shines493 ( ago)

Author SimderZ ( ago)
Awww cutest puppies ever. That pup got a really good latch.

Author diamond Adams ( ago)
cutest video ever!!

Author Tharun Kumar ( ago)
mother dog and newborn puppy are both healthy? thank God! oh so cute

Author kty dguez ( ago)
dont touch the damn puppy

Author layla r ( ago)
that puppy is so adorabull it has supper cut wimpper!!!!!!!

Author layla r ( ago)
that puppy is so adorabull it has supper cut wimpper!!!!!!!

Author Swaggy Penguins ( ago)
Omg... This made me cry a little bit. It's SOOOO CUTEEEEE! IM TELLING YA!

I'm up at 2:08 am watching this

Author Talisha Dillingham ( ago)
it's 6:28 now

Author Shirley jockwell ( ago)




Author MissL 90210 ( ago)

Author Tom Arnold ( ago)

Author one awesome kid ( ago)
one awesome kid

Author one awesome kid ( ago)
by the way subscribe to my channel please

Author one awesome kid ( ago)
it made me cry

Author one awesome kid ( ago)
it's awesome

Author one awesome kid ( ago)
because it a miracle and whoever put a thumbs down don't know what life is

Author one awesome kid ( ago)
I was watching Maddie Mackenzie

Author Omarion Rolle ( ago)
cute puppies

Author Jade Stevens ( ago)
The green one?

Author Eric Franco ( ago)
have any names yet 🤔😅

Author Monica Roberts ( ago)
aww. so cute

Author animal jammer XD 1000'000 ( ago)

Author Zovo 519 ( ago)
Can everyone shut up about why they are up so late this video is cute

Author Salma Suleman ( ago)
That is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Author Jennifer Valles ( ago)
now I know how dogs are born

Author Alexsandra Gonzalez Ramos ( ago)
Hay tan muy bonitos los perritos😊😊😊

Author Kayla Vega ( ago)
is the new born puppy is a boy or a girl

Author 1230zero ( ago)
don't put a collar on a new born.... cute pup

Author Primo Trev love ( ago)

Author Sean Francis ( ago)
that baby puppy is soo cute

Author Caroline Martin ( ago)

Author Foxy Toy Chica Foxy Toy Chica ( ago)
poor mama

Author anna vennettilli ( ago)
so sweet

Author AWSOME COOL GIRL ( ago)
so cute

Author Richard Lesher ( ago)
but it's a boy yay i did not relly won't it to be a boy but it is wat it

Author Richard Lesher ( ago)
it looks like a girl i don't. now.

Author Richard Lesher ( ago)
so cute i wander of IRS a grill or a boy?

Author Kalin Howard ( ago)
That is cool

Author savanaanderika ( ago)
what is that stuff you put in the pupirles mouth?

Author Vanessa Martinez ( ago)

Author Cory J ( ago)
im sry but this lady is so annoying.

Author Syignis ( ago)
So cute

Author Lis Janvier ( ago)
A dog is born

Author Lis Janvier ( ago)
So that's how

Author Erin Martin ( ago)

Author Karen Playz ( ago)
Ewww disgusting!

Author Review King ( ago)
Please help save "Niko" the chug.....He was attacked by a large dog ans is
in need of multiple surgeries to save his life. Please take a look here ..

Author Sin Shine ( ago)



Author Leonardo Moraes ( ago)

Author MineCraftLady01 ( ago)
"Good girl, good girl" She says "Shut up, shut up!" I say because i dont
need this! Im gonna make my dog have her puppies TODAY! Omg actually their

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