Colors such as "Green" mentioned in the video refer to the soft colored yarn we played around on each one to identify them until they got names from their new owners. This video only shows the 1st birth. Please see parts 2 and 3 for the other 4 births!
Then watch all 8 videos, from birth through 9 weeks.
This is the 1st of 8 videos of five cute Maltese puppies from birth to 9 weeks old. These puppies were born on January 19th 2005. Visit Muffins Facebook page at:

Dogs birth behaviors are related to wolfs because dogs were domesticated from the gray wolf thousands of years ago. In the wild - female wolves eat the newborn's placenta which provides a valuable meal when she is unable to hunt while caring for her pups! The mother will clean the pups by licking which stimulates them to urinate and defecate by licking the genital region. She swallows all of their excretions, keeping the den clean and odor-free. More about wolf pups

Watch a pregnant dog, expecting 5 puppies, in labor give birth during welping!!! This dog birth and development of this Maltese breed is similar to all dogs.

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Author hansende (10 months)

Author razedWrong (26 days)
If you dipped them in batter and deep fried them they would make a tastey

Author Raymond Wiseby (2 months)
at 1:10 it sounds like the woman is having an orgasm xD

Author Flora Moha (52 minutes)
Great puppies

Author Haya Matorin (6 hours)
#dogslife #dogslove sooooo #cute 

Author Jade West (1 day)
Gross but cute

Author Ag lover7 (3 months)
So tiny

Author Beca S (2 days)
Oh my gosh , its sooo cute its actually a huge miracle xx

Author TheMaul3r_Real (3 days)
disgusting mutt

Author doug mcmillan (6 days)
Wye would u do that

Author kingsgarcia008 (8 days)
K asco

Author FrostFire (8 days)
Bless u little pup and mother.

Author Emmanuel Yancy (12 days)
What cida dog is it

Author LucysLondon Blogz (15 days)
The tiniest thing ever! So cute...

Author Kyrene Dominique Gestopa (16 days)

Author lps binuka12 (17 days)

Author Zoila-Elizabeth Salazar (17 days)
this puppy is so cute.

Author Cristhian Reyes (18 days)
Can you stop referring to the puppy as "it" because I was confused as to
who or what you were referring to.

Author Nicole Hill (18 days)
aw thats so cute

Author erreotorre (20 days)
Lol if it was green it was given birth from 0-6 minutes (paper mario ttyd

Author Kimmy Ail (20 days)
That is wonderful

Author Adrianna Gałązka (22 days)
04:58 voldemord

Author PartyTimeBabyCom (24 days)
(Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥

Author butter puppy (27 days)
Eat it

Author Lps Bulldog (27 days)
So cute

Author Ben Lambkin (1 month)
So cute

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I'm gonna cry so beautiful.

Author Victoria Castillo Mina (1 month)
Quiero una perrita

Author Falcon Pawnch (1 month)
Gross but cool

Author Emmanuel Yancy (12 days)
What cida dog is it

Author Ta'mia Addison (1 month)
that is so cute

Author DerpyCactus TheGreatPlant (1 month)
Cute :D

Author RGOKY Niaa (1 month)
I love the fact that the owners are talking so soft and respecting the dog.
their not all loud and their respecting the birth. I hate the fact that
people say ''How did I get on this side of youtube?'' ... you clicked on it
and if it just randomly sent you here then go back to where you were in the
first place and don't watch the video. to cute!.

Author Janiyah Toney (1 month)

Author Samuraisahsah (5 months)
When do dogs only have one puppy in a litter??

Author BBBDubb (1 month)

Author Sean Lobo (1 month)
aww when it gave birth it already had hair!

Author Bella Woo (1 month)
U said "good girl" like so many times i lost track!!But super cute

Author sagar gupta (1 month)
How cute :-)

Author Audrey Griffin (1 month)

Author Nina Lovely (1 month)
When the mom was caring for the baby that was cute

Author RumsyDumsy (1 month)
I love it. I want to take care of it.

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C trop mignon

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Omg so cute

Author Theresa Register (1 month)

Author Roberta Frigo (1 month)
il fiocchetto verde fa cagare!!!!

Author Tami Guin (1 month)
My friend's dog had pupies yesterday

Author Ellie Carrisalez (5 months)

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My dog just had puppies too we were up all night till 4:34 am sucks tiered
and happy

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So cute(=^.^=)

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