Colors such as "Green" mentioned in the video refer to the soft colored yarn we played around on each one to identify them until they got names from their new owners. This video only shows the 1st birth. Please see parts 2 and 3 for the other 4 births!
Then watch all 8 videos, from birth through 9 weeks.
This is the 1st of 8 videos of five cute Maltese puppies from birth to 9 weeks old. These puppies were born on January 19th 2005. Visit Muffins Facebook page at:

Dogs birth behaviors are related to wolfs because dogs were domesticated from the gray wolf thousands of years ago. In the wild - female wolves eat the newborn's placenta which provides a valuable meal when she is unable to hunt while caring for her pups! The mother will clean the pups by licking which stimulates them to urinate and defecate by licking the genital region. She swallows all of their excretions, keeping the den clean and odor-free. More about wolf pups

Watch a pregnant dog, expecting 5 puppies, in labor give birth during welping!!! This dog birth and development of this Maltese breed is similar to all dogs.

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Author Sir Goofynoodles (2 days)
she's not supposed to touch the dog when it's born... it's emune system is
too weak

Author Nainai Whos (14 days)
Why do they have the dog in there bed?

Author Outstanding Videos (1 year)

Author Steve Wright (20 days)
yuck this is sick who agrees but this is a special day but watching when
having it yuck.

Author Kayla Gamer (1 month)
I have a question my dog is pregent and gave birth do I just give it mommy and put somwthing on the nose so it could breath can
someone please help me 

Author Jessica Poltz (1 day)
That's a beautiful puppy that you have given birth to

Author Bonnie The Bunny (2 days)
... wtf is wrong wuth this woman?! She's touching the baby when it was
born. Not quite smart idea, pal!

Author Anastasia Sims (1 day)
Awww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Author MCrealm247 (2 months)
i have a maltichon (bichon/maltese mix) and he looked exactly like this guy
when i first saw him off my cousin's facebook the dog had babies while i
was traveling

Author Riley N (1 day)

Author jillian norris (17 days)
sweet, I have a Maltese and she had puppies a week ago.

Author Sandra Roman (1 month)
But cute

Author erreotorre (4 months)
Lol if it was green it was given birth from 0-6 minutes (paper mario ttyd

Author Ellie Orengo (4 days)

Author Catherine Kirkley (2 months)
It comes out quite quick

Author Ashanti Austin (7 days)
That's adorable

Author Hola vengo a opinar (1 month)
Lo judean mucho al pobre perrito!! ricien nacio dejenlon con la madre un

Author Jelst Cooks (1 month)
Hi my dog is pregnant and she'll going to have her baby within the week.
Should i choose the place where she'll give birth?

Author Tavon Faunteroy (1 month)
Clearly the green thing is choking the pup

Author mohammed abudamos (2 months)
to people who say there is no god
just watch this look how the life begins ,, do you think it happened from
scratch ? only god can gives life and only god can take life
what an amazing video

Author AnJuly Gurung (1 month)
Now almost this baby have been 8 years old

Author Mariangely Melendez (1 month)
ke hermoso momento... +Johanna Saez +Odalys Gonzalez 

Author tizzytiger100 (29 days)
Does it hurt the dogs?

Author Hui Champion (1 month)
Great mother ,very nice, I like !!!

Author Sofiamae Encinashalili (15 days)

Author Watcharee Paiboonporn (1 month)
i`m crying because its toooooo tooooo cute

Author Winona C (14 days)
So cute!!!:)♥

Author Joanne Mina (1 month)
Now go to a shelter and choose which ones get killed so yours can have
their homes. 

Author Hidemi Matsumoto (25 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author niroben101 (2 months)
in 5:21 i read "or click her to see Pitt Bull give birth" and i wuz like
WTF!!! lol

Author marissa shaboo (28 days)
Awww that's so cute

Author Marcela Tristan (22 days)
I love the puppies

Author horseloveforever (3 months)
I'm gonna cry so beautiful.

Author sham singh (1 month)

Author Sarong Goddess (2 months)
WOW!! THANX for sharin' this video as I learned MANY new things!!!!!!!!

Author Luminosa Lopez (27 days)
That was so cute

Author gurtude mcfuzz (2 months)
1:06 so disgusting it looked wierd!

Author WreckITtimo (1 month)
So cute!

Author Dick Trickle (2 months)
Razed wonge you are mean you weird kid

Author Aina Cantimbuhan (15 days)
o my god

Author Charlotte Bao (1 month)
This is so cute omg :)

Author cris estacio (1 month)

Author Abi-Zoe Chase (2 months)
:THIS IS NOT HATE HOW COULD U HATE THAT, but at 4:55 it looks like a goat

Author horseloveforever (3 months)
Bless u little pup and mother.

Author Jocelyn Jeter (27 days)
It was kinda grose but it was cute at the same time but I like that it is a
natrule part of life and this dog was blest by god and he created a
beautiful mother dog and its beautiful pupies

Author Timothy Walsh (2 months)
aawwwwww what a cute fluffy doggie!

Author Dos Anjos Oliveira (2 months)
e femia ou macho

Author baby Babybaby (18 days)
:x :x

Author Lesley Drakken (3 months)
It's not a pretty miracle, but it's a miracle.

Author Barnes Reece (1 month)
He's the best

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