Colors such as "Green" mentioned in the video refer to the soft colored yarn we played around on each one to identify them until they got names from their new owners. This video only shows the 1st birth. Please see parts 2 and 3 for the other 4 births!
Then watch all 8 videos, from birth through 9 weeks.
This is the 1st of 8 videos of five cute Maltese puppies from birth to 9 weeks old. These puppies were born on January 19th 2005. Visit Muffins Facebook page at:

Dogs birth behaviors are related to wolfs because dogs were domesticated from the gray wolf thousands of years ago. In the wild - female wolves eat the newborn's placenta which provides a valuable meal when she is unable to hunt while caring for her pups! The mother will clean the pups by licking which stimulates them to urinate and defecate by licking the genital region. She swallows all of their excretions, keeping the den clean and odor-free. More about wolf pups

Watch a pregnant dog, expecting 5 puppies, in labor give birth during welping!!! This dog birth and development of this Maltese breed is similar to all dogs.

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Author Juzza8346 (17 days)
When do dogs only have one puppy in a litter??

Author Ellie Carrisalez (28 days)

Author Lord Orochimaru (2 months)
This is where I go if I want to turn off myself.

Author Goddess_Arachne999 (1 month)
so cute! :) I love this video. congratulations!

Author jamie-lee simmons (2 months)
omg this is so cute it reminds me when my pet cat had babies so cute makes
me want to cry! good job to you and your cute dog! :D oh and

Author ♥DashieProductions♥ (2 months)
That was adoarable and gross

Author Lily Rusche (1 day)
stop talking

Author Cameron Macri (3 days)
the baby dog is so adorable

Author Kaylyn Monna (3 days)
What does green mean and not the color?

Author Neha Diwakar (5 days)
soooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttt

Author Ab Beverly (8 days)
Mine had more but that's cute mine had 15

Author Angel Martin (13 days)
Omg i cried its so cute😭

Author melanie cook (20 days)

Author David Maciag (1 month)
the dog is like 5 minutes old and they already have a collar on it lol 

Author Choi William (24 days)
welcome to earth babies

Author Pewdie Jacob (14 days)

Author siwalung ham (1 month)
this not happened in china cause it gonna turn to food

Author MATHEW V THOMAS (14 days)

Author donald seacrist (3 months)
I love puppy's

Author Ethan George (2 months)

Author Roblox vids gone awesome (3 months)

Author Trinity Whittington (15 days)

Author 7World2 (3 months)
Awwww :')

Author Charlene Stone (25 days)
awwwww meeerr

Author Valerie (1 month)
OMG Adorable

Author Mayah Bitner (1 month)
Those people that are telling him to fix (I am not saying spay because it
sounds like a dumb word that does not exist) the dog should shut up! She
could be fixed right now because I saw that she only had this litter.

Author simran T (2 months)
cuteness overload <3<3<3

Author Tatiana Mendoza (1 month)
Cute and ewww

Author lupe ramirez (1 month)
Is so cute

Author Zoe Miller (1 month)
I'm going to cry congratulations, its so cute

Author Julia Pasturan (3 months) NO I CAN'T (hides in box in coner of the room)

Author Joy Umman (16 days)
A lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance

Author janzelle123 (2 months)
so cute!!!! muffin is so cute!!!

Author Buttercreeper135 (5 months)
I think it is a beshon poodle don't know how to spell it.

Author John Legere (17 days)
The baby is cute

Author Daniel Danielov (2 months)
wtf did i just watch 

Author Jorge Valencia (1 month)
Not to offend anyone but ignorance is bliss.
The mother dog should've been left alone to do what comes natural to her.
I know these people ment no harm, but surely could've cause the mother dog
to reject her puppies.
And the mother dog should've been the one that took all the stuff from her

Author Nicole Ernst (2 months)
So cute 😊

Author Millath Hussain (2 months)
Cute and I have my brother account so I'm a girl and soooooooooo

Author Kelsi Linscott (3 months)
Lovely it's sooooooo adorbes 

Author Divine Watson (3 months)
Exactly why does a dog giving birth have over 24 million views?

Author Long Oliver (1 month)
arc word. CUTE CUTE CUTE

Author Jeffrey Sneed (3 months)

Author Tom Lunzer (4 months)
So sweet!!!!AHHH I love animals

Author bianca therese (1 month)
i love cute dogs like that...congratulations!!!
take care your cute adorable puppy!!!

Author Bradley Chipe (4 months)

Author Flarettacha (7 months)
This is so precious; thank you for sharing this moment with us:)

Author miinniieelovee (8 months)
membered.wen my doggiie gave biirth(': so beautiful

Author Joann Ruiz (8 months)

Author head exblower (8 months)
gross and beautiful at the same time

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