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Author Lauren Rose (3 months)
When I was little, I would sing this song all the time, but as I grew up I
finally listened to the lyrics and understand what it all means. It's kind
of crazy how it blows your mind when you actually listen to what she's
trying to say...

Author tyheem velotta (3 months)
its so weird how this was some people childhoods... 

Author Crisel15 (5 months)
The sad story of nearly every famous person, ever.

Author BigDaddyCool17 (5 months)
As a boy who grew up in the 90's, I enjoy belting out my soul to this song.
Don't act like you don't either.

Author Madame HepburnMonroe (7 months)
I want this played on my funeral. I'm serious

Author Kerita Deboir (4 months)
For all the celebrities who are forced to act perfect while falling apart

Author Alexander Rivera (2 months)
I remembered when I was in the 6th grade there was a this girl who
constantly loved to smile at me as if she had a crush and sung this at a
party at school

Author GlowstoneWolf (8 months)
:( this was my childhood....

Author B'way starlet in the making * 〈3 (6 months)
She is so Lucky but, why does she cry? If there is nothing missing in her
life why do these tears come at night? 

Author f3lin3x37 (4 months)
Britney spears is my daughter

Author Yalda Ahmadi (2 months)
Donghae and Eunhyuk brought me here with their "banana song"

Author LykkaBoss_ (1 month)
This song is so good, listening to it again in 2015. I finally know what I
means. And Donghae, Eunhyuk and Leetuek brought me here with their "Banana
Song" lol 

Author Sable Temelso (24 days)
I can see who is missing in her life. With no doubt OUR LORD JESUS

Author Reachland2 (2 months)
I can't believe I used to like this girly song when I was about 9 but now

Author Christiana Camille Speciale (6 days)
I have a childhood memory of dancing in a dark bedroom with this blasting
on the boombox with my friends.

Author ILoveAnimals126 (8 months)
This brings back so many memories when I was little:') I remember I would
listen to it over and over again.

Author Blue Beauty tears (13 days)
The lyrics have a wonderful message 

Author Amy Stilton (1 year)
This song is amazing

Author Goniee Rogers (6 months)
This song fits Marilyn Monroe also. How she is so lucky to be Hollywood
favorite star, but at the end of the day when its all over, she cries at
the end of the next night.

Author JupiterJulia (1 month)
one of my favorite britney songs

Author Ana N (4 months)
I love her..

Author RagerCuzImMoshpit (6 months)
My childhood...

Author CoriSparks (11 months)
It's actually almost creepy how much this song foreshadowed what would
happen to Britney in later years... *"The world is spinning and she keeps
on winning, but tell me, what happens when it stops?"*

She just *had* to ask.

Author elena Styles (1 year)
My childhood life ...

Author Splub (3 months)
Hopefully Lucky is alright now.

Author Carl Adams (6 months)
Just goes to show that fame and money do not guarantee happiness 

Author Kaitie reimer (10 months)
this song is so me all the time 100%

Author Sabreena Raue (1 year)

Author R2oyalls (8 months)
Holy throwback

Author Alex Harker (10 months)

Author 619wwechick (9 months)
Awww this brings back memories when I was little :'D Lol! I remember
watching the music video for this song yelling "lucky!" To that part XD 

Author Jimi Leezer (11 months)
Omg I'm crying listening TJ this right now!!!! People say I'm lucky but why
do tears come at night!

Author Kevin Lin (11 months)
Like everyone else. Miss my childhood. Came here to listen this song coz I
miss my childhood. Wow... times fly too fast... it's already 2014...

Author Holly Smith (1 year)
Well this sums up pretty much the entirety of my childhood

Author decusq (11 months)
i remember listening to this allot as a kid and actually making a story
concept from it.

Author TheKatti5000 (10 months)
Damn how I loved this song as a little girl.

Author Cose Vidal (10 months)
Alas, the story of Briney Spears career

Author MsLilMonstah (1 year)
This song makes me sad .___. 

Author Deadly NightShade (1 year)
Oh I miss this song I love so much

Author Lucia Vinuales (1 year)
I love this song! So meaningful.... I love you Britney!
I remember listening to this song when I was small...

Author Yun Z (11 months)
I love this song, so sad

Author Katherine Donovan (1 year)
This is awesome, good ol' days.

Author Alex Harker (10 months)
<3 <3 <3 

Author Enjelika Martinez (1 year)
I remember growing up listening to this song!! I had a dance routine to it
and everything, gosh I miss these old songs..

Author Despoina Nikolaidou (3 months)

Author lilac green (1 year)
True life meanings<3

Author elena biasi (1 year)
I have no words for this song. So many memories. So much meaning. I miss

Author Luke Ibbetson (1 year)
i luv dis song

Author Cammie Mullen (1 year)
I like this song is cool

Author going viral (1 year)
Like if you're listening in 2013 :)
P.S. if you like this song please check out the "MIND BENDING THUMB
BENDING" video!!!

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