Britney Spears - Lucky (With Lyrics)

Britney Spears - Lucky (With Lyrics)

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Author DahliasDarkside ( ago)
"The world is turning and she keeps on winning but tell me, what happens
when it stop?" Kinda how I feel about like my youth, like its all just what
i should be doing at my age but what happens when my youth fades and
nothing got any better...

Author DelsinRowe132 ( ago)
My radio Disney days lol

Author Anna MARIE Thayer ( ago)
Britney Spears.... she was singing about herself I do believe that...fame
and Hollywood tore her life apart she had a world wide
under the public eye is hard being famous comes with so much shit and I
think she just wanted to be happy and left alone...the media didn't respect
her space as a person. I'm sorry Britney that the media did this to
you...I've been a fan since I was 6 years old I am now 25 and still a fan
of u Britney

Author daisycris sucuano ( ago)
i Love you britney, im your solid fan here in philippines ajaaja fighting !

Author seeun kim ( ago)
노래는 좋다!

Author seeun kim ( ago)
오랜만에 집에서 바나나 먹었다....

Author Ben Tirado ( ago)

Author Yamislittleangel55 ( ago)
I won a karaoke competition by singing this song XP Now I just love singing
this XD

Author endrit cudi ( ago)
mayde is true strory in life beacuse famosue people have dream to becoming
star in hollwood just one dream

Author nna a (anna) ( ago)
바나나 먹었닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ진심으로 뿜음ㄲㄱㅋㅋㅋ

Author 현우최 ( ago)
오랜만에 나 집에서 바나나 먹었다.

Author Starflame ( ago)
Tbh I feel Britney was singing about herself here...

Author Mateo King ( ago)
It's crazy , I loved this song when I was like 8-9 and I just remember it
😂😂😬 and I'm 16 now 😂😂

Author 미카엘유스케 ( ago)
한국사람을 찾습니다!!

Author kostelo21 ( ago)
Story of Britney's life. Who knew it back then, though.

Author Victoria Jade ( ago)
this song was everything to me back in the day lol :)

Author Vipul De Silva ( ago)
How' lucky' am i with out 'office blocks'..

Author Star Lichtenberger ( ago)
I love this song

Author Sharapstar ( ago)
One of my favs from NOW 5.. I used to listen to that CD every night before
bed when I was a kid. Lucky, faded, case of the ex, and doesn't really
matter were my favorites

Author Daniel Johnson ( ago)
I've never been a huge Spears fan. Never disliked her either though, and
this song flashes me back to a happy memory. It's one of her better
ones...and Toxic is the shit.

Author Floridaoutlaw84 ( ago)
my girlfriend thought i was gay because i knew the words to this

Author Floridaoutlaw84 ( ago)
one of my favorite songs by Britney!👍👍

Author The Lion of Panjshir ( ago)
This song makes me think of the saying "the tears of a clown". Someone who,
on the outside, couldn't be appear to be happier. But if you merely
scratched the surface of that mask, you'd witness something which could not
be more tragic. I'm not saying the Britney Spears era was less fake, but
there's not even a chance that anyone today would touch on such a real
subject matter. I guess there's not enough "swag" to be gained from it

Author Ryan Levine ( ago)
Best Britney song ever.

Author Jerry Sawicki ( ago)
Love this song 

Author Farhana Hossain ( ago) watch it..Nice song, deep meaning +Rebecca Sebastian ..But
who is that Lucky girl ??

Author Rebecca Sebastian ( ago)
Poor MK ultra victim

Author rachel the hobbit ( ago)
bring the year 2000 back!

Author Petrova Fire ( ago)
I named my dog after this song when I was like 2-4 years old, RIP Lucky!

Author werewarwolf3366 ( ago)
I Love you Britney :)

Author Kenneth Grant ( ago)
Listening to this song makes me cry. It's so sad but it makes you forget it
with the beat and rhythm. 

Author nathan stewart ( ago)
This has always been one of my faves by her:-)

Author Sergio Alba ( ago)
Reminds me of Lindsay Lohan back in the day

Author Lyne Gaitana ( ago)

Author stephanie Arambula ( ago)
I like this songs

Author Christiana Camille Speciale ( ago)
I have a childhood memory of dancing in a dark bedroom with this blasting
on the boombox with my friends.

Author Sable Temelso ( ago)
I can see who is missing in her life. With no doubt OUR LORD JESUS

Author JupiterJulia ( ago)
one of my favorite britney songs

Author LykkaBoss_ ( ago)
This song is so good, listening to it again in 2015. I finally know what I
means. And Donghae, Eunhyuk and Leetuek brought me here with their "Banana
Song" lol 

Author Yalda Ahmadi ( ago)
Donghae and Eunhyuk brought me here with their "banana song"

Author Alexander Rivera ( ago)
I remembered when I was in the 6th grade there was a this girl who
constantly loved to smile at me as if she had a crush and sung this at a
party at school

Author Reachland2 ( ago)
I can't believe I used to like this girly song when I was about 9 but now

Author Lauren Rose ( ago)
When I was little, I would sing this song all the time, but as I grew up I
finally listened to the lyrics and understand what it all means. It's kind
of crazy how it blows your mind when you actually listen to what she's
trying to say...

Author Despoina Nikolaidou ( ago)

Author tyheem velotta ( ago)
its so weird how this was some people childhoods... 

Author Splub ( ago)
Hopefully Lucky is alright now.

Author Kerita Deboir ( ago)
For all the celebrities who are forced to act perfect while falling apart

Author Ana N ( ago)
I love her..

Author f3lin3x37 ( ago)
Britney spears is my daughter

Author Kazaki (Crisel15) ( ago)
The sad story of nearly every famous person, ever.

Author BigDaddyCool17 ( ago)
As a boy who grew up in the 90's, I enjoy belting out my soul to this song.
Don't act like you don't either.

Author Carl Adams ( ago)
Just goes to show that fame and money do not guarantee happiness 

Author RagerCuzImMoshpit ( ago)
My childhood...

Author Goniee Rogers ( ago)
This song fits Marilyn Monroe also. How she is so lucky to be Hollywood
favorite star, but at the end of the day when its all over, she cries at
the end of the next night.

Author Tabea Mineur ( ago)
I want this played on my funeral. I'm serious

Author Riicepaddle ( ago)
:( this was my childhood....

Author R2oyalls ( ago)
Holy throwback

Author ILoveAnimals126 ( ago)
This brings back so many memories when I was little:') I remember I would
listen to it over and over again.

Author 619wwechick ( ago)
Awww this brings back memories when I was little :'D Lol! I remember
watching the music video for this song yelling "lucky!" To that part XD 

Author xose vi ( ago)
Alas, the story of Briney Spears career

Author TheKatti5000 ( ago)
Damn how I loved this song as a little girl.

Author Alex Harker (1378 years ago)

Author Alex Harker (1388 years ago)
<3 <3 <3 

Author decusq ( ago)
i remember listening to this allot as a kid and actually making a story
concept from it.

Author CoriSparks ( ago)
It's actually almost creepy how much this song foreshadowed what would
happen to Britney in later years... *"The world is spinning and she keeps
on winning, but tell me, what happens when it stops?"*

She just *had* to ask.

Author Kevin Lin ( ago)
Like everyone else. Miss my childhood. Came here to listen this song coz I
miss my childhood. Wow... times fly too fast... it's already 2014...

Author Yun Z ( ago)
I love this song, so sad

Author Jimi Leezer ( ago)
Omg I'm crying listening TJ this right now!!!! People say I'm lucky but why
do tears come at night!

Author Holly Smith ( ago)
Well this sums up pretty much the entirety of my childhood

Author Demon Zombie ( ago)
Oh I miss this song I love so much

Author elena Styles ( ago)
My childhood life ...

Author Amy Stilton ( ago)
This song is amazing

Author MsLilMonstah ( ago)
This song makes me sad .___. 

Author lilac green ( ago)
True life meanings<3

Author Lucia Vinuales ( ago)
I love this song! So meaningful.... I love you Britney!
I remember listening to this song when I was small...

Author elena biasi ( ago)
I have no words for this song. So many memories. So much meaning. I miss

Author Luke Ibbetson ( ago)
i luv dis song

Author Cammie Mullen ( ago)
I like this song is cool

Author going viral ( ago)
Like if you're listening in 2013 :)
P.S. if you like this song please check out the "MIND BENDING THUMB
BENDING" video!!!

Author Katherine Donovan ( ago)
This is awesome, good ol' days.

Author Enjelika Martinez ( ago)
I remember growing up listening to this song!! I had a dance routine to it
and everything, gosh I miss these old songs..

Author ryan tomkins ( ago)
Love this song reminds me of butlins hahaha

Author Zakya Moussa Alkhoury ( ago)
srry for the last cmmnt idk what are you talking about all i know is i love
brit and if you dont then not sorry

Author Zakya Moussa Alkhoury ( ago)
anneflo2009 shut up stupid what the hell you are dam on u

Author tattoofthesun ( ago)
my older cousins, boys and girls, used to sing this in unison shamelessly
when it came out as we waited for the bus together in the mornings. but
guess who's the one singing it to himself years later secretly and
listening to it at age 23??

Author Lilly Barnes ( ago)
Jeez... you seem like such a charming person!

Author anneflo2009 ( ago)

Author seiriyu15 ( ago)
I know it's a cheesy pop song... but I'm always amazed how it actually does
capture depression and loneliness really well.

Author nicool1987 ( ago)
im pretty sure i wrote this..i was only 8 talented :P

Author JuicyDouble ( ago)
nah i'm pretty sure she wrote it about Jack Mcbrayer

Author Amy Zhang ( ago)
I love this song... Ah the memories.

Author Gabriel Tzukishiro ( ago)
Yeah it fits her a lot I think

Author ray solon ( ago)
So Wonderful

Author Asbjørn Damkjær ( ago)
Nothing brought me here because it wasn't in some lame, mainstream movie
like Spring Breakers.

Author Ayushi ( ago)
I luv dis song dis song is attractive

Author Isabella Amelia ( ago)
I always thought it was she crys crys in her lonely apartment

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