WONDER WOMAN ALL Trailer & Clips (2017)

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  • Official "Wonder Woman" Movie ALL Trailer & Clips 2017 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | Gal Gadot Movie #Trailer | Release: 2 Jun 2017 | More https://KinoCheck.de/film/qaf/wonder-woman-2017
    “Wonder Woman” is released in cinemas around the world next summer when Gal Gadot returns as the title character in the epic action adventure from director Patty Jenkins. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.

    #WonderWoman is the new adventure movie by Patty Jenkins, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Robin Wright. The script was written by Jason Fuchs.

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  • Denisse Medina
    Denisse Medina 1 day ago

    Wonder Woman is sexy

  • weirdgirl_11
    weirdgirl_11 1 day ago

    Lol who is still watching after seeing the movie ?

  • django fox
    django fox 3 days ago

    And finally we have a good dc movie from WB iam so freakn happy like crazy ... nicely done patty jenkins ... now do you see that zack snyder ? That's how you make a superhero movie

  • Dragon Sword
    Dragon Sword 7 days ago

    Can't wait to watch this movie. Looks like It's going to be the best DC movie so far but I love all of them, specially man of steel. All the comments about B vs S and Suicide Squad in my opinion are just a huge pile of crap. People can give their personal opinion about a movie but at the end what really counts are the numbers and those two movies were on the top of the list of the box office.

  • Christopher Caridi
    Christopher Caridi 7 days ago

    14:24 - 14:35
    imagine if Diana tries on a bustle

  • Fajri Khoirun
    Fajri Khoirun 8 days ago

    keren bgt film nya

  • Pat Paterson
    Pat Paterson 8 days ago

    I want those cuffs!

  • Amazing Mia UnicornPuppy

    You know how she said " that's your leader!?" Well that is ares not the German or britan commander

  • Sugestii Purbo
    Sugestii Purbo 12 days ago

    wonder women ada gak sih dibioskop?

  • Aya swwet Elsamraii die ich

    Wonder woman 😍😍😘😘😘

  • danielangel vega
    danielangel vega 15 days ago

    Movie was a total ripoff of Captain America first avenger, right down to (Cap had his howling commandos) Wonder Woman had some genetic squad of military soldiers, everything was the same story line👎 sux it DC🤔

  • A.R.M.Y Forever
    A.R.M.Y Forever 16 days ago


  • Morgan Migita
    Morgan Migita 16 days ago

    only good if you want to see and hear 3 people geek out about the movie with no clips or video.

  • Martha Whitley
    Martha Whitley 18 days ago


  • Simran Bhatia
    Simran Bhatia 18 days ago


  • Mawitea Remmawia
    Mawitea Remmawia 20 days ago


  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim 21 day ago

    wonder women indonesia..Ralin syah

  • HariomHariom Hariom

    hariom 20086

  • Lauren Perez
    Lauren Perez 21 day ago

    I like this 🎥 movie🎥📽📹⌨️💻📲📱⌚️🖥🖨

  • gerona joey
    gerona joey 21 day ago

    where's wonder woman's airplane?

  • Alondra Nunez
    Alondra Nunez 21 day ago

    wonder women is so strong she is conciderd a goddes

  • Lana Marie101
    Lana Marie101 21 day ago

    I just saw the movie I loved it so much

  • Jack the Gestapo
    Jack the Gestapo 22 days ago

    To be honest I dont like the idea of portraying the ww1 germans as the ultimate bad guys.

    well then again its the fucking hollywood.

    I only go to the theatre to enjoy the view of good old fashion german uniforms anyway.

  • eat dick
    eat dick 22 days ago

    steve trevor dies😭😭

  • rayhan jalil
    rayhan jalil 22 days ago

    When you FUCKING loved wonder woman and want to watch it again but you're broke so you watch this on youtube😂😂

  • Boss Gipsy
    Boss Gipsy 23 days ago


  • lens lea
    lens lea 24 days ago

    make more part 2 pls and dont make steve trevor die pls

  • Elizabeth Aguilar
    Elizabeth Aguilar 24 days ago

    wonder woman I love you with your black hood and your black cape kis kis kis this comment is from Lisandro Aguilar

  • Sebastian Baena
    Sebastian Baena 25 days ago

    HOLY S.H.I.T!!! BEST MOVIE BASED ON A COMIC I HAVE EVER SEEN. If you have not you must go... and I promise you are in for a treat. Everyone in the cinema was laughing, crying, gasping and at the end standing ovation clapping and hollering. Master piece. Go see it.

  • Nga Doan
    Nga Doan 26 days ago

    Very humble to watch both you dance love it xx

    GOBLET OF FIYAH!!! 26 days ago

    Batman: Do you bleed?
    Wonder Woman: You will soon find out

    BatmanXWonderWoman: Dijon of Justice

  • Denver Cayle Ong
    Denver Cayle Ong 26 days ago

    so basically, battlefield 1 + DC comics = Wonder Woman

  • mini maredo
    mini maredo 27 days ago

    SPOILER! que mal que Steve haya muerto :c y que Ares es el 'jefe' de Steve

  • mini maredo
    mini maredo 27 days ago

    SPOILER! que mal que Steve haya muerto :c y que Ares es el 'jefe' de Steve

  • Gerardo Diaz
    Gerardo Diaz 27 days ago

    Isn't Zeus a guy technically her father

  • Julian Skilton
    Julian Skilton 28 days ago

    Anybody else realise that the shield is probably worse than the sword? If she throws that thing like Cap, it could decapitate someone. It has more mass than the sword, and Diana's strong enough to throw that thing like its made of paper, so that is one high-speed guillotine coming right up.

  • Mario Qewer
    Mario Qewer 28 days ago

    🔴 *Wonder Woman* Mᴏᴠɪᴇ 🎬 ► https://d.pr/yqGc00?Wonder-Woman-2017

  • TheMook1012
    TheMook1012 28 days ago

    Who else would smash...

  • Namita Sing
    Namita Sing 29 days ago

    never quit, never loose hope and never stop exploring creative ways to defend

  • Lisa Pich
    Lisa Pich 29 days ago

    im going to go watch it this weekend 😍😘😍😍🤗

  • diascrive
    diascrive 1 month ago

    I am so hoping Wonder Woman is a good movie. Usually I get psyched up for a DC movie and it's rotten on tomatoes and a fail at the box office. Marvel gets it - and does the best - but DC always sucks and I am hoping Wonder Woman will not suck. We are 5 days away and no tomato meter - that does not sound good.

    The trailers looked so good for Wonder Woman - I am a total Marvel Fan but geez I am pulling for this movie.

  • Scar Mangler
    Scar Mangler 1 month ago

    Metropolis has Superman , Gotham has batman , But now the world has Wonder woman. 10/10

  • Joanie 345
    Joanie 345 1 month ago

    Where's the Red White and Blue costume, also she's very butch looking, will give this a miss.

  • Evi Wen
    Evi Wen 1 month ago

    i am a wonder woman! yes!! ^0^ i love her love story

  • Lucy LaVigne
    Lucy LaVigne 1 month ago

    gal and chris have such good chemistry on screen

  • Eric Law
    Eric Law 1 month ago

    yes, nice

  • Strocca
    Strocca 1 month ago

    lol shit

  • IntegralBif
    IntegralBif 1 month ago

    Still think she's too skinny to be Wonder Woman. If Superman has to be built like a mountain, then Wonder Woman should have to be built too. Screw gender social norms, women are just as capable of putting on muscle as men. Ever seen a woman body builder? I think part of the problem is that women have been taught to see muscle mass as a disfigurement. Diana in the comics sometimes has decent muscles but she still looks weak. A true warrior wouldn't sacrifice something as trivial as good looks over giving yourself an advantage in combat. Sure she has super powers and who knows how they manifest, but a warrior takes themselves more seriously when it comes to living or dying. Give me a physically imposing Wonder Woman. Movie looks sweet though.

    • Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida 24 days ago

      +IntegralBif A canuck obsessed by "diversity", a good disciple of Trudeau i assume. This is getting better and better to watch.
      No matter how hard you believe that Men and Women are equal, they are not. As a biologist (you claim to be one), you should known that.

    • Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida 24 days ago

      +IntegralBif Well, i am a biologist as well (i took my degree in biology at Aveiro's university, took my master degree on zoology by the university of Coimbra and a master degree on marine biology by the university of Uppsala).
      None of the articles presented have sources nor real data to analisis.
      And c'mon "women have to rip the facial tissues (do you mean fat tissues?) in their muscles and they will grow bigger".
      All your publications... its sad that they gave you a biology diploma, really sad.
      Also, you sound like those feminist that say all the bullshit possible without backup. Next time you present some studies around here, make a better effort. Such a miserable sight really... "biologist". LOL

  • Nightcore Eternal
    Nightcore Eternal 1 month ago


  • mr1876
    mr1876 1 month ago

    Is wonder woman DC's captain America or is it captain America is Marvel's wonder woman.

    MISH WISH 1 month ago


  • Darcel Lee
    Darcel Lee 1 month ago

    This movie is off the hook. just looking at the preview I can imagine how it's going to be. I am going to see this movie for facts

  • XPurple Myth :3
    XPurple Myth :3 1 month ago


  • Shadow Box
    Shadow Box 1 month ago


  • Memoon Khan
    Memoon Khan 1 month ago

    The trailers are good but the clips are just fantastic. Cant wait.

  • barry 234
    barry 234 1 month ago

    people who have seen this movie are sayong its the best movie of the year

    • leslie cbrera
      leslie cbrera 23 days ago

      barry 234 cuz it practically is if you have watched it

  • Ms.RazzleDazzle Pants

    i love wonderwoman so much

  • john ko marvel
    john ko marvel 1 month ago

    She tries too hard..😒

  • Charles  Loftin
    Charles Loftin 1 month ago

    so I'm assuming her braclets is the only thing she didn't have to steal?

  • Gaby Reyes
    Gaby Reyes 1 month ago

    Are Chris and Gal together?

  • freakedyouout
    freakedyouout 1 month ago

    Never seen such trailer befor my whole life deserve 1 billion like

  • Soleil Magica
    Soleil Magica 1 month ago

    If only Chris Pine wasn't in this movie. But whatever i'll still watch it.

  • Üfet Kahraman
    Üfet Kahraman 1 month ago

    She looks way cooler than Batman and Superman WTF :D I think they won't fuck this one up, at least I hope.

    • __Diana Prince__
      __Diana Prince__ 19 days ago

      Üfet Kahraman it.was,good.not.just.good.its.awesome!

  • Javier Hagendijk
    Javier Hagendijk 1 month ago

    that imagine dragons song from the league of legends world championships fits amazing with this trailer

  • Pineapple Tart
    Pineapple Tart 1 month ago

    OMG I cant wait, I cant wait, I CANT WAIT!!!!

    • Pineapple Tart
      Pineapple Tart 22 days ago

      Well now I do - actually I was talking about the movie - seriously of all things THAT'S where your mind went?!?!!?

    • H I
      H I 22 days ago

      Pineapple Tart you need to poop?

  • The Happy Boy
    The Happy Boy 1 month ago

    Warriors - Imagine Dragon

  • Qiyu Pek
    Qiyu Pek 1 month ago

    wow it's awesome

  • Hayat uzun
    Hayat uzun 1 month ago

    Deserve 100M Views Hit Like If U Agree 👍

  • tweety birdy
    tweety birdy 1 month ago

    ww is such a badass.... love her much

  • Alyssa Gammond
    Alyssa Gammond 1 month ago

    19 minutes worth of the movie lovely

  • Andy Bryant
    Andy Bryant 1 month ago

    Roll on June 2nd 2017

  • Op Gaming/OPG 2
    Op Gaming/OPG 2 1 month ago

    I love the song that they used

  • Thomas Doherty
    Thomas Doherty 1 month ago

    my most anticipated movie this year, my favourite super hero finally getting a film :) actually can't wait. 10 days

    • Thomas Doherty
      Thomas Doherty 24 days ago

      +Kay And Jazz haven't got to see it yet, but so far the reviews have been great.

    • Kay And Jazz
      Kay And Jazz 24 days ago

      Thomas Doherty I watched it yesterday. It was so good!

  • nava cohen
    nava cohen 1 month ago

    גל ימלכהההה

  • Wilfredo Lopez
    Wilfredo Lopez 1 month ago

    i love wonder woman

  • Angelique Dusingize
    Angelique Dusingize 1 month ago

    What about the invisible jet???

  • GoodTryButImNoFanboy

    Marvel was the first one who has launched rocket into space, but this female superhero movie is like landing on the Moon ;)

  • GiantsWFs
    GiantsWFs 1 month ago


  • The King
    The King 1 month ago

    Why are there black amazons, inaccurate

    • Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida 1 month ago

      MsZephyra the true Amazonians were not white? Do you realise that their are based on greek people, right?

    • Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida 1 month ago

      The King because politically correct, that's why.

    • Julian Skilton
      Julian Skilton 1 month ago

      I'm just saying that humans aren't the sanest creatures at times. Racial equality was achieved in the US during the 50's, and I think they were one of the first. If there were black noble, I apologise, I didn't know.

    • Kasrose 8
      Kasrose 8 1 month ago

      The King every heard of migration it happened a lot in trades not that it matters in a made up
      World .... you people

    • MsZephyra
      MsZephyra 1 month ago

      How can anything be "inaccurate" in a made-up world?! And if they're going to use the term "Amazonian", the true Amazonians weren't white, anyway! And to respond to the other dude - people have always traveled and there have always been stories of non-Europeans in Europe and vice versa, whether or not we get the chance to study these stories in school. If you want to convince yourself otherwise, go ahead and do the research, and you will prove yourself wrong.

  • Tomas Rivera
    Tomas Rivera 1 month ago

    am i hearing Warriors?! Woohoo!

  • juandeldiablo696
    juandeldiablo696 1 month ago

    I am still not paying IMAX money for this, sorry D.C. There is a price to pay for MOS , Batman v superman , and Suicide Squad

    • juandeldiablo696
      juandeldiablo696 15 days ago

      H I r I finally saw it, i love the whole cap America vibe this movie had and I still didn't pay IMAX 3D dollars but it was good but then again I saw batman v superman before I went to the movies😜😜😜

    • leslie cbrera
      leslie cbrera 22 days ago

      H I the movie was awesome in my opinion 

    • H I
      H I 22 days ago

      juandeldiablo696 tell me how was the movie?

    • leslie cbrera
      leslie cbrera 23 days ago

      lol why not

    • Stitch 626
      Stitch 626 1 month ago

      juandeldiablo696 oh ok :)

  • Jeffrey JeffreyFLF
    Jeffrey JeffreyFLF 1 month ago

    trailers that amplifies the arousal of guys that leads to MASTURBATING GAL GADOT!!!

  • satinypoem40743 xxz
    satinypoem40743 xxz 1 month ago

    hahaha! the next cap.america

  • Tom Cabler
    Tom Cabler 1 month ago

    wonder woman coming soon so excited can't wait! June right around the corner and Gal Gadot looks amazing as wonder woman!

  • Purple amythstone
    Purple amythstone 1 month ago

    GIRL POWER!!!!

  • Zyb Xax
    Zyb Xax 1 month ago

    Marnie to widzę .

  • Demon's Succubus
    Demon's Succubus 1 month ago

    22 people hates it they are fuck tards or they are Nazi's getting there ass kick by her

    • Demon's Succubus
      Demon's Succubus 19 days ago

      dude i dont suck dicks im a guy dickworm if you really want someone to suck your penis its going to be isis lol all they do is fuck goats

    • danielangel vega
      danielangel vega 19 days ago

      Demon's Succubus just cause you sucked my dick doesn't make me a faggot(demonpoo) it make me a great friend to have around when you want COCK...tails silly 😜 your the one defending a chick flick remember penispuffer #comicbookburn

    • Demon's Succubus
      Demon's Succubus 19 days ago

      then your an asshole don't like DC faggot

  • gera wiz
    gera wiz 1 month ago

    The more I watch this ww trailer, the more I love Marvel.

    • Sonia Gonzalez
      Sonia Gonzalez 1 month ago

      hola puedo coger aire puro

    • A G
      A G 1 month ago

      You mean, the more you marvel at D.C.!!!!!!!  :-)

  • weirdgirl_11
    weirdgirl_11 1 month ago


    • SunMilk
      SunMilk 27 days ago

      malangrad #YourStupid #YourAHater

    • Hey Jude bebrnr
      Hey Jude bebrnr 28 days ago

      malangrad #triggered #Scared#Shittalker

    • malangrad
      malangrad 1 month ago

      weirdgirl_11 #useless #cunt #plain #drivel #twattle™

  • Kara Liddelow
    Kara Liddelow 1 month ago


  • Jr H
    Jr H 1 month ago

    That thumbnail does not do Gal Justice!

  • evilsonic9999
    evilsonic9999 1 month ago


  • Julian Facyson
    Julian Facyson 1 month ago

    Omg I'm too scared to watch this video since it's so much spoilers hope the movie is long

  • steph
    steph 1 month ago

    This new costume and gear suck.She should wear shorts, Gosh!Wonder woman with no blue eyes is not wonder woman.Big mistake ever!In all history I have never seen W.W.being and wearing a gladiator costume,she had never had a sword,what do those guys want to have,a Heman?Fuck!🙈🙈🙈

    • steph
      steph 1 month ago

      Thomas Doherty she looks Heman I will see it just to have what to say here later.

    • Thomas Doherty
      Thomas Doherty 1 month ago

      +steph oh so you've seen it?

    • steph
      steph 1 month ago

      Thomas Doherty Sorry it sucks!

    • Thomas Doherty
      Thomas Doherty 1 month ago

      steph maybe you should actually read some Wonder Woman before commenting

    • steph
      steph 1 month ago

      Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth She looks totally different,there is a lack of red and gold on her costume.These gear has never been used. Gosh!

  • Dilated Beholder
    Dilated Beholder 1 month ago

    I still think Gal Gadot was an awful choice for Wonder Woman

    • ✧Hayyel✧
      ✧Hayyel✧ 28 days ago

      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida she was a combat trainer in the military, she did extensive training for this role. You know Google is free, why do people never use it?

    • ✧Hayyel✧
      ✧Hayyel✧ 28 days ago

      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida go look up the workouts she did for this movie. Most of the women in the movie received physical training.

    • Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida 1 month ago

      ✧Hayyel✧ by the way, just because she was in the Israeli army (which its obligatory there for both women and men) doesn't mean she was in a position that required to train your body. Many women there end up in secretary work or similar jobs for the government.

    • Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida 1 month ago

      ✧Hayyel✧ Lucy Lawless is/was big for a woman.

    • ✧Hayyel✧
      ✧Hayyel✧ 1 month ago

      Dilated Beholder she's no power girl bud
      > I'm only speaking as a DC fan
      PAHAHAHAHAHAH aw shit that's was a good one

      I didn't say you jack off in your parents bedroom but shit if you want to confess I'm not stopping you. I get what you're saying about her not looking like a "warrior" but so for most of the clips that came out were pretty good imo. If you look at the animated versions of WW, Gal cuts it pretty close and it proves that she doesn't have to ripped person. it's a damn comic book for Christ's sake nothing is ever going to be perfect, stop trying to bring logic into it and try to enjoy it for what it is lmao. The movie didn't even come out yet. People did the same shit for Affleck and Heath, now they're kissing their asses

  • tk421missing
    tk421missing 1 month ago

    "What is this place? Who are you people?" Lying bitch replies, "We are the descendants of Isis. Our ancestor betrayed, murdered and robbed her own husband with the help of the beggar Ra. She wanted power. Now we have that power. We will kill anyone who might challenge that power."

  • Elaine Florendo
    Elaine Florendo 1 month ago

    "You mean you were *lying*?"

    Diana, the world truly does not deserve you

  • J Guzman
    J Guzman 1 month ago

    I still think there could have been a more Wonder Woman look alike actress to play the role but I'm still excited for the film to come out . Hoping Gal proves me and everyone else wrong . ❤️

    • Isaacreeper
      Isaacreeper 26 days ago

      I have a question, if these Amazon warriors are supposed to be some of the best looking women that have ever been known to man, come from a place relatively close to Greece or somewhere in the Mediterranean. Please give me the name of some other actress that could play this role better, please.

      I understand the original backlash for casting her but once you realize that she fits all the requirements to be Wonder Woman, you cant chose someone better. She is from Greece(natural accent and all), she was/is a model, and she is clearly willing to gain muscle and fill in the shoes to be more Wonder Woman like.

      Plus it is really hard to find someone who actually looks like most Wonder Woman incarnations.

      Loved the movie I gave it a 9/10

    • Gloria Gracey
      Gloria Gracey 1 month ago

      I agree. She's too cute. I think Gal would have made a fantastic Zatana.

    • BrandonA RealNigga
      BrandonA RealNigga 1 month ago

      haters keep hating

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