Cockpit casero

logitech g25 cockpit casero volante formula 1 f1

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Author JOAO TELE BERTUNES (1435 years ago)
ai boa noite vc podeira dar mais informações de como vc desenvolveu todo
esse aparato e qual o tipo de eletrônica vc usou??????? desde ja grato.....

Author Imagination Dragons Gameplays ( ago)
cara quero ver voce jogar nfs shift no manual

Author Ray Titselaar ( ago)
wtf what a unreal game u playing

Author Tout du 61 ( ago)

Author Ricardo González ( ago)
Y tienes las medidas???

Author Alexi Alarcon ( ago)
Tienes las medidas que las compartas?

Author Evan Moses ( ago)
you would have been better off with no music (shitty bang boom noise ) in
the back round but good job !

Author wellerson RC Ferreira ( ago)

Author Satwik N ( ago)
from where did u get the seat

Author Marcelo Vidal ( ago)
con ese excelente simulador minimo me compro un lcd ahahahahha tele culia

Author lucas cavalcante ( ago)
o cara tem um g27 e tem que fazet um Cockpit caseiro

Author Younés Benjelloun ( ago)
Beautiffol :)

Author Iago Hensel ( ago)
é um g25

Author Rafael Martinez ( ago)
Koeh, Matheus ! kkkkkkkkkkk Acabei comprando um cockpit já feito... rs

Author matheusfonseca1 ( ago)
olha qm eu encontro por aqui! haushas

Author arno deryck ( ago)
What s the song?

Author PcGameplaySby Roger ( ago)
u need to get a damn new tv dude

Author tuto marow ( ago)
vc poderia mandar as medidas para meu email

Author Rafael Martinez ( ago)
Muito bom! Pena que acabei de comprar um já feito, senão eu mandaria fazer
um desse aí... Muito bom mesmo!

Author mtlnascarfan ( ago)
Keep in mind...the vid's 4 years old. Back then...this was "state of the
art". LMAO

Author mtlnascarfan ( ago)
Having the cam on your TV was useless. We could care less how good your
driving is. We want to see you sitting in the cockpit and how comfortable
it looks and how easily the shifting is with the shifter mounted where it

Author Silverflame Gaming ( ago)
How to what? He shows how to make it in the video. Just copy it?

Author Chewitdude64 ( ago)
Builds kick ass racing setup....uses a shit tv...

Author zama195 ( ago)
si me harias el favor de poner las medidas de los tablones o los planos en
pdf te lo agradeceira estan muy currados

Author Da Cruz 1910 ( ago)
Vende sou de sao paulo

Author Jose Ibaca ( ago)
Ehhhh Me Podrias Mandar Las Medidas Es Que Estaa Geniall Esooo ! Por Faaa
Aquii Esta Mi correo

Author Sehan Cherian ( ago)
g25\27 pedals nd gear box wid thrustmaster wheel lol

Author Francisco Abel Pérez Krause ( ago)
Juan, me podria pasar dichas medidas de ya agradecido!

Author guilherme feitosa ( ago)

Author Emanuele Di Stefano ( ago)
Slave mi potresti gentilemente mandare il progetto per la realizzazione
della postazione completa con sedile Grazie mille in anticipo e cmq

Author MegaDeros ( ago)
that music makes me want to punch a donkey

Author Alexandre Alves Rodrigues ( ago)
vc vende?

Author Demolidor detonar ( ago)
muito bom cara, q cockpit hein

Author paulsmeg ( ago)
excellent build, you should make and sell for a living ;))))) -

Author A Smiraglia ( ago)
new driving simulator 2013

Author Kaan K (684 years ago)
dont forget about hd it has to be hd

Author Ole Landsverk ( ago)
its sick, but why the are you using "Ferrari" stickers on the side? would
have been more awesome with like MOMO, SPARCO or something like that.
Especially SPARCO since its a chair

Author Luis nasciento filho ( ago)
ficou marerao

Author MrYerro305 ( ago)
Loko t quedo bacanisimo tremendo trabajo

Author flavio alex. amaral ( ago)
o meu mail:

Author flavio alex. amaral ( ago)
ola bom dia gosto do video adorei cockpit casero tou a pensar a fazer um
igual podias me mandar um desenho com as medidas tou a pensar a fazer o
grande??????????? obrigado fica a espera da resposta???

Author ritemasterful ( ago)
oi, eu qeria fazer um igual mas mao sei as medidas dele nem o preço que vai
ficar você poderia me passar elas? obrigado.

Author Tiago Pinheiro ( ago)

Author Julio Cesar ( ago)
Boa tarde, eu tbm estou querendo fazer um igual, teria como vc
disponibilizar as medidas do menor? Obrigado!

Author Eduardo Almeida ( ago)
Boa tarde, estou querendo fazer um igual, teria como vc disponibilizar as
medidas? Obrigado

Author caskareta ( ago)
que crack!!!!y encima temazo!!!!!!!!!

Author marcaobv ( ago)
Compartilha as medidas do cockpit menor! Ficou show!

Author hellenvilaralves22 ( ago)
hello friend you tell me what are the measures of the project? I look back

how to ?

Author David GR ( ago)
gracias a tu video hice el pequeño, va de fabula! muy grande si señor

Author 123sexycola ( ago)
The TV is not of the best but if you will make better cockpit i was wrong
you was right

Author marryson123 ( ago)
what i meant is he spent all his money on the wheel and the mount, thats
why he had a shitty TV lol

Author dacasman ( ago)
its just a g25.

Author AwesomeReality (TheOskar57) ( ago)
que importa me gusta no solo lo pondria usar en F1 tambien en juegos de
rally ect

Author AwesomeReality (TheOskar57) ( ago)
Bien hecho pero una cosa de donde haz sacado el cockpit al lado del que
estas enseñando como hacer en la parte 1:57?

Author Jeff Maginniss ( ago)
lol. That TV with this is like using steel wheels on a sports car.

Author marryson123 ( ago)
spent all ur money on the wheel ic....

Author Joao Goncalves ( ago)
Buy new tv friend!

Author Joao Goncalves ( ago)
Like a bos!

Author malachi o'connor ( ago)
yah im going with that box on the other video

Author NewMoises ( ago)
buen trabajo te felicito

Author Norowner ( ago)
too much money..

Author Espen Olsen ( ago)
i dont see the point getting a g25 just for racing f1..

Author stashwe54 ( ago)
Nice,,,,,,3 screens n your set.

Author James ( ago)
Buy a car.

Author Mauricio santos cristo ( ago)
muito show

Author MiTTeNs ( ago)
@BoyPocketsJr How should he learn from his mistakes if he doesn't comment
what he's thinking? If somebody like you didn't correct him, he'll never
learn anything and would've thought there would be an automatic gearbox
used in the making of this video. So at example, when you're in a math
lesson and you give a wrong answer instead of shutting the fuck up, you
definitely aren't an idiot, but you learn something.

Author redjeansonyourlegs (1083 years ago)
all this work could have made a real car xd

Author whitecastle323 ( ago)
too much of a cockpit for such small tv, I just bought a 42" 1080p LCDtv,
42" is just good enough for my set up thats why i bought it that size, i
have my tv about 3 feet away from my steering wheel, so it's just big
enough for my view. using a playseat evolution gaming seat, logitech g27
steering wheel, dual buttkickers btw, my tv is mounted on a zline tv stand
which has a tv mount which tilts down also for better viewing pleasure.

Author Gorilla Jones ( ago)
Nice rig but why does everyone use such a tiny TV? I have a 102" rear
projector screen in front of my redline sims rig. It covers almost all your
peripheral vision and adds tons to the immersion factor. Get a much larger
television and this will be 100% :)

Author Hotdogman000 ( ago)
you should put doors on them.

Author Jorge Salas ( ago)
geniooo!!! saludos

Author xXAPPLEGUYXx ( ago)
can i get a how to please or the dimencions of the wood please

Author Alberto ( ago)
das la idea a muchas personas yo me constrire el pequeño por temas de
espacio saludos..

Author alvaroaviles1 ( ago)
que guapos

Author Bondx72 ( ago)
Lol what's the speakers for just buy Astros or turtle beaches hell even buy
apair of tritons

Author nikolakis1985 ( ago)
how do u refuel??? :)

Author kristoph1 ( ago)
no commento

Author BoyPocketsJr ( ago)
@tiglasutru I have nothing wrong with the Video mate. It was the comment...
Think you need too pull your head out of your ass

Author BoyPocketsJr ( ago)
@MrPlumpkins doppelkupplung is just the Porsche name for their gearbox...
Also the first road car to have a PDK in it, was a Mercedes S Class... In
future I think you should just be quiet

Author BoyPocketsJr ( ago)
@MrPlumpkins "Actually you are an idiot". I beleive that is what you are
trying to say. PDK is a TYPE of gearbox.. You do realise that
doppelkupplung simply means Automatic Dual Clutch... And seeing as F1 use
Automatic Dual Clutch... Yeah they use PDK's. Ferrari's now have PDK's in
their cars (Obviously not produced by porsche), as do alot of other cars
(Including ford).. I think you will find the PDK was developed for F1, and
then given too road cars.

Author Bobby Hill ( ago)
to the guy who built are a fucking beast.

Author NZYE ( ago)
all you need is big ass tv..

Author MrPlumpkins ( ago)
@BoyPocketsJr actually you an idiot. formula 1 cars do not use a pdk
gearbox. pdk is porsche doppelkupplung. so youre trying to tell me that
ferrari mercedes and mclaren uses a porsche made gearbox, which is put on
to its road cars? youre an idiot. before you insult anyone go learn your

Author recarocom ( ago)
just do it !

Author Giovani Alari ( ago)
Poderia saber quanto vc gastou para fazer isso ? fiquei interessado

Author NoGoodNamesIeft ( ago)
hey your cockpit is like mine except for i have a cup holder and carpeting

Author tacle51 ( ago)
I find it's better wood, probably because a more rigid mounting iron and
stiffness for optimal control is very important especially in light of the
action with the force feedback is that there is the steering wheel that
turns. And assembly of such timber is good because it can make a cough
without the need for a welding machine and without having to spend
thousands and hundred if we try a little DIY . Good job anyway, it makes me
want to do the same with my G27.

Author memo12088 ( ago)

Author Blade ManX ( ago)
al this is extra a stand and get a seat and bobs your uncle....all
this painting customisation..and on the other vid you got a grown man in a
F1 outfit and a metal bar making noise everytime he goes over a

Author M3_Produccions ( ago)
oye muy bueno

Author dhabin ( ago)
i think somebody likes Ferraris

Author ImprezaImpresser ( ago)
If I were a kid growing up wit this...

Author leitao1996 ( ago)
thats fukin sick

Author NeXtGen Gamers ( ago)
The video uploaded in 2009 dude lcd and plasma exist for more than ten
years get with the program buddy

Author NeXtGen Gamers ( ago)
dude you need to get up to today 2011 and upgrade your tv third world

Author kaskopf ( ago)
@TheTutoriales7 no creo q se gaste mas de 50 dolares para hacer uno
destes,solo nescecita de madera e espacio,el equipo q es caro,debe custar
unos 400 dolares,yo hiizo uno,pero q yo hizo el equipo tambien,e todo no me
custo como 150 dolares,solo adapte un aciento de auto en la mesa de la
compu,q modifique tambien,para quedar todo en la mesma altura de un auto de
verdad,montado,queda igual a esse,pero puedo desarmar parte del cuando mi
esposa nescecita de la compu,asi no estorba aca en casa...

Author DEDECO DJ ( ago)
cara vou robar seu projeto mas me diz uma coisa vc e viciado hein!!! kkkkkk

Author TheTutoriales7 ( ago)
yo quisiera hacerme uno igual pero uhh bueno necesitaria hacer uno basico
con una silla normal y el volante tratare de ahorra dinero y voy a usar la
pantalla plana de la sala

Author NiiCoTe12LBDP ( ago)
mucha cosa pero una tele de mierda... anda comprate un buen plasma HD

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