Sewer Or Later Playthrough | Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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  • Brave the sewer and dive into this playthrough of Sewer or Later from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strike Back!

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Comments: 886

  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia 11 hours ago

    Please upload a fucking video of the sewers that doesn't have the fucking commentary. I mean seriously. 😒

  • Ben - Definitive Dubs

    The music sounds awful.

  • hexenkingTV
    hexenkingTV 3 days ago

    How did you already play this, when it has not been released yet?

  • LEMON Tea
    LEMON Tea 3 days ago

    "Lifelike bubbles"

  • Certified Gamers
    Certified Gamers 5 days ago

    Just replayed Ratchet and Clank Remake and the sewers look way better here than the one in that game in the planet with the hover board races

  • Toxic Turtle 2140
    Toxic Turtle 2140 10 days ago

    no Howie scream? ):

  • MasacoMike
    MasacoMike 10 days ago

    So I'm not a Crash Banicoot fan, and certainly haven't played any games in the series before, so please don't scream at me if the question I'm about to ask is extremely noob-ish, 'k? Glad that's cleared out.

    So is purposely losing a life actually required to beat some levels? I saw the Tomb Wader demo/trailer thing and the player did the same thing......

    • VGAmissos
      VGAmissos 3 days ago

      no they do it because they want to get like both of the gems in one run so to achieve that they have to commit suicide in the other path so to go to the normal path xD you don't have to do it unless you want to get the remaining objects like the gem or the crystal if you haven't acquired them yet xD

    • MasacoMike
      MasacoMike 8 days ago

      So they _did_ do it on purpose......okay thanks.

      VILLA VOO 8 days ago

      It is to get 100%

  • Sid Oliv
    Sid Oliv 15 days ago

    Nitpick alert: Crash don't slow down in the water, like original

  • Sea Level Cain
    Sea Level Cain 20 days ago


  • ABaumstumpf
    ABaumstumpf 20 days ago

    Funy how you mention the light effect right when that guy uses the flamethrower and literally NO LIGHT AT ALL is generated :P

  • Toonmation 14
    Toonmation 14 21 day ago

    The game looks fantastic crash fans need to stop nitpicking about every minor detail.

  • GazzaMania
    GazzaMania 24 days ago

    Great job guys can you include the original audio i prefer the original level music to some of the levels i have seen so far on the remaster for me the music from the originals was the best so if you can include it or make it sound closer to the original that would be awesome but great job look Forward to playing it thanks for bringing this game back

  • The Crow's Nest
    The Crow's Nest 25 days ago

    *Good idea, edit out the sounds and music of the level just so some idiot can talk.*

  • Eric Soto
    Eric Soto 26 days ago

    no sound effects for doors opening?

  • Jaws Shark
    Jaws Shark 27 days ago


  • gtone339
    gtone339 29 days ago

    Almost perfect! Missing mad scientists death scream!

  • Rayan Radeef
    Rayan Radeef 29 days ago

    It looks awesome

  • Beerus
    Beerus 29 days ago

    Shut the fuck up so we can hear the music, you dumbass!

  • MultiGameFreakz
    MultiGameFreakz 1 month ago

    this remastered trilogy of crash bandicoot looks beautiful, looking forward to the release

  • Master M
    Master M 1 month ago

    I hope That this game Will be available for Android.

    • Master M
      Master M 3 days ago

      I am already doing it. But i really wanna try this version bcs Its 2017 and not 1997🤔

    • VGAmissos
      VGAmissos 3 days ago

      REALLY???.... play the original in your android device via using an emulator for more tipps reply

      VILLA VOO 20 days ago

      It wont

  • ali doğanay
    ali doğanay 1 month ago

    1:40 awwwwesome.. actullay box saving symbol... awesome

  • Sid Oliv
    Sid Oliv 1 month ago

    This is beta version... The nitro crates was wrote NITRQ... The scientist scream are absent...

  • Jun Taiohara
    Jun Taiohara 1 month ago

    My only complaint is that there are no *YEAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!* screams from the scientists, but i love everything else in this game already and i am just happy its back...

    • VGAmissos
      VGAmissos 3 days ago

      they did add it in the final version of the game

  • Jayden Kendig
    Jayden Kendig 1 month ago

    Litterally I came here mainly for the soundtrack. But the graphics and the gameplay look beyond amazing.

    BARULICK 1 month ago

    U rock.

  • Jean Dutra
    Jean Dutra 1 month ago

    Everything looks great, just hope they change the intro and outtro warp when you enter Crash 2's levels. Besides that, it's great.

  • Skrenja
    Skrenja 1 month ago

    Nitpick# 481 Crash should have his arms bent more when idling. His arms resemble his Crash 1 animation more than his Crash 2 one.

  • Captain Diqhedd
    Captain Diqhedd 1 month ago

    Game seems great, but please fix the lighting.

    • Captain Diqhedd
      Captain Diqhedd 1 month ago

      What do you mean why? Are you asking me why they should fix the lighting? It's obvious why, because, well, it needs to be fixed. Not saying the game won't be great either way, just saying it's something that definitely needs to be fixed.

    • TheAlexGamer
      TheAlexGamer 1 month ago


  • SuperNario55 - Nas G.

    If you're gonna have crash back track in a level, you should really make the camera turn around, or at the least add a button that can show the front side of crash.

    • SuperNario55 - Nas G.
      SuperNario55 - Nas G. 1 month ago

      ECDT1089 and even if back tracking was like this in past games that's still not an excuse not to fix it. The camera being like that was never meant to add to the challenge anyways, its just flat out annoying.

    • SuperNario55 - Nas G.
      SuperNario55 - Nas G. 1 month ago

      ECDT1089 a good remaster is supposed to fix all those nagging issues, and a lot of people had a problem with the camera. If you all you're gonna do is just add good graphics to the game, then it'd just make the game seem lazy and just a way to exploit people's nostalgia.

  • Samuel Church
    Samuel Church 1 month ago

    When are you guys gonna show us the warp room?

  • xXGAMING101Xx
    xXGAMING101Xx 1 month ago

    it looks so good

  • Jon Rhys Johnston
    Jon Rhys Johnston 1 month ago

    Looks so awesome and can't wait! My only problem is that the music doesn't quite have the same punch as the original.

    But, don't worry. You will have my money and I will play the hell out of this!

  • Carlos Fernando
    Carlos Fernando 1 month ago

    I only want you make the correct animation of crash materializing in the platform :(

  • procartaspokemon
    procartaspokemon 1 month ago

    saquenlo para Xbox une porfavor 😟😟😟😟

  • Alexander Hoskins
    Alexander Hoskins 1 month ago

    Awesome gameplay with wonderful graphics! Dear Activision, please remaster Crash Bash. I just want embrace my childhood memories again :')

  • chimerschang
    chimerschang 1 month ago

    I like how much extra punch the sound effects for smashing enemies and crates have here.

    The water could stand to have more glow to it when it's electrified, though.

  • kornrok1
    kornrok1 1 month ago

    I'll get it cause Crash was my childhood favourite. Though I will say that I still like the look and animation of the original Crash 2 and 3 better.

  • Logan Bopp
    Logan Bopp 1 month ago

    okay now just imagine what naughty dog would do with this

  • RottenRoll
    RottenRoll 1 month ago

    Guys support this even if it sucks they can learn from it and give us the twinsanity we couldn't have back in the day. everybody deserves a second chance right?

  • X Fortress97
    X Fortress97 1 month ago

    So hyped for this!

  • KuchiiMaw
    KuchiiMaw 1 month ago

    Gotta say that I really like the new bellyflop sound you've added. It's a tiny detail but I like it a lot. Makes me want to bellyflop even more than in the originals.

  • عثمان الشعلان

    Who can't wait to see the futuristic levels from Crash 3?

  • Mr-Amoory_alharbi
    Mr-Amoory_alharbi 1 month ago

    Crash bandicoot warped 3 !!

  • toastbrot97
    toastbrot97 1 month ago

    The game looks gameplay wise freakin' spot on. Pretty much the whole character controller seems almost ripped out of the original games. They even kept small stuff like the intended death-warps to respawn out of the gem areas.

    But I gotta say that some animations could need some small finishing touches, and also this level in particular looks a little to dark for my taste. But that's nothing that can't be tweaked till release.

    So i don't know about you, but i can't wait for the game to come out ;D

  • Rowdy Rodney
    Rowdy Rodney 1 month ago

    "Immersive" It's Crash, have we not learned that cartoons in realistic environments doesn't work??

  • Ghost Certified
    Ghost Certified 1 month ago

    Can this be played with the D Pad like the original Crash titles?

      VILLA VOO 20 days ago

      Ghost Certified a friend of mine said that there is d pad control since he played the demo

  • The94Venom
    The94Venom 1 month ago

    Given that these playthroughs seem to be released every two weeks (happened with Upstream and this), I think we can expect a new playthrough tomorrow or today. Hopefully our first peek at Warped :p

  • ECDT1089
    ECDT1089 1 month ago

    The people complaining about the lighting fail to acknowledge the type of environment this is. It's a dark, wet, grimy sewer. The lighting is supposed to be this way. It's not rocket science, you know....

  • Alex Souza
    Alex Souza 1 month ago

    47 days

  • saeed atenzi
    saeed atenzi 1 month ago

    you missed 6 wumpas 😑.
    thats unacceptable 😐

  • Portuguese MGTOW
    Portuguese MGTOW 1 month ago

    The only thing that bothers me is the sound of extra life... it needs to be the same as the original

  • Another GamerZ
    Another GamerZ 1 month ago

    que salga yaaaaaaaaaa

  • RisenFocus
    RisenFocus 1 month ago

    I hope Activision doesn't mess this up somehow. Really excited for this game

  • K-C Rhoder Sees the World!

    Why is there a guy trying to sell me on a game that released 19 years ago?
    You don't need to tell me how good and vibrant it is, that's what I already expect from an official Crash Bandicoot remake.

  • AuraGuardianML
    AuraGuardianML 1 month ago

    A little sad to not hear a recreation of the original Nitro sfx. But damn does this look nice. Really can't wait to hear the music for all 3 games!

  • Toom
    Toom 1 month ago

    I like the reflective ripple effect on the walls in the water sections, it would be cool if the same or a similar detail was added to the water itself.

  • laukku shemeikka
    laukku shemeikka 1 month ago

    the lightning looks bad and the colors are way dull.. i won't say anything about the commentary becus it's obvious

    • ECDT1089
      ECDT1089 1 month ago

      It's a dark, wet, grimy environment. The lighting and colors fit here. It's supposed to look like this...

  • All Nighter
    All Nighter 1 month ago

    I think it should look more cartoony like the originals, if the originals had "realistic" look it was because they wanted to show how the PS1 hardware was capable of, but with PS4 you can experiment how you want

  • vs
    vs 1 month ago

    just show any stages from the first world of crash 3

  • Saatana
    Saatana 1 month ago


  • harol suarez
    harol suarez 1 month ago

    why the assitent does not scream ?

  • Manuel Clavijo
    Manuel Clavijo 1 month ago

    hey vicarious visions ask for help and advice to naughty dog for some important aspects like music and sounds, everything else is ok but just do that so nobody can complain later, it's ok if you work with naughty dog as advisor... you are doing a great job!

  • Stu D
    Stu D 1 month ago

    The glowing nitros and the rats' electronic sounds are beautiful touch, thank you for doing such a beautiful job VV.

  • Aspen Smith
    Aspen Smith 1 month ago

    I've been playing the old ones to hold me over. I think the lighting fits here, I mean its a sewer it should be dark. I think (personally) this level is too light in the original. Only thing missing is the scream.

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 1 month ago

    I need a PS4 NOW!

  • nicktenks allstars gameing

    wounder wa ripper roo looks like

  • derekisazombie39
    derekisazombie39 1 month ago

    Day one buy. Crash is back!

  • Devon LeBlanc
    Devon LeBlanc 1 month ago

    This looks great, though the entrance to each level is missing that warping effect :/ They should really crunch it out this next month or push the game back Imo ..its like 95% perfect.. they have to nail the minor details because reviews are going to seelll this games

  • gotanksrox5331
    gotanksrox5331 1 month ago

    I'm happy to see the spin-slide and the spin-high jump are still there.

  • HeavyMetal Pony
    HeavyMetal Pony 1 month ago

    Perfect, but I believe that when entering a level of the colored gem, the gem should be at the end of the level and not in the middle, in order to force the player to complete that level and increase the difficulty. It's just a suggestion.

    • HeavyMetal Pony
      HeavyMetal Pony 1 month ago

      For that very reason, it was enough to grab it and if you died in the rest of the special level did not matter. So if you put it at the end of the special level would be a major challenge.

    • ECDT1089
      ECDT1089 1 month ago

      HeavyMetal Pony That's where the gem was in the original, too.

  • Ifrit101 Brett
    Ifrit101 Brett 1 month ago

    You should really add an effect for when you grab a gem or crystal to emphasize success. When you grab it with no effect (like in the video) it leaves little impact. Also please give the enemies the scream, that's a necessity. Every thing else looks fantastic.

  • Maelström Minestrone

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait !!!!!!

  • Phil Mehr
    Phil Mehr 1 month ago

    Been waiting for this Crash game for ages, looks awesome :D

  • C. Syde65
    C. Syde65 1 month ago

    I have been looking at this video for quite a few days now and I must say the graphics look amazing! :D

  • LatinSnake
    LatinSnake 1 month ago

    0:00 that crash's eyes...

  • Sr Vill
    Sr Vill 1 month ago


  • sonic bandicoot9196
    sonic bandicoot9196 1 month ago


  • XStyles6
    XStyles6 1 month ago

    I knooowww this is nitpicking but why can't this game be released on the same day, same month, and same year as the first Crash Bandicoot game. NOSTALGIA RUINED FOREVERR!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zakhrie Hendrawan
    Zakhrie Hendrawan 1 month ago

    The CGI cartoon Movie feel of the graphics look surprisingly actually like a CGI movie game more than actual CGI Movie-based games, keep up the great work, VV and Activision!

  • TheEcrus
    TheEcrus 1 month ago

    For me I want the screams from the pyro guy, other than that it is fine. June 30th can't come soon enough.

  • LarsEMou99
    LarsEMou99 1 month ago

    There's one thing that suddenly bothering me, after all these years.

    Who flush Crates and Crystals down the sewers?

  • powerapgame
    powerapgame 1 month ago

    Please change the color of eléctric water please, make it more yellow pls , ir looks green for me :)

  • juan CA
    juan CA 1 month ago

    this game is cool
    because i do not have a ps4! :(

  • StabNDab
    StabNDab 1 month ago

    if I were vicarious visions, i would show the n-gin battle from crash bandicoot 3 at e3

  • A. Saeful Sofyan
    A. Saeful Sofyan 1 month ago

    when for PC?

  • amunve
    amunve 1 month ago

    demo are avaible in psn usa? in european psn no plz tell me

    • amunve
      amunve 1 month ago

      where u record?

  • Matty_ 98
    Matty_ 98 1 month ago

    Crash 3 pleaaaase!!!

  • Legendary DJ
    Legendary DJ 1 month ago

    Awww, they missed the secret jump through the wall boxes near the end of the level.

    • Legendary DJ
      Legendary DJ 1 month ago

      Oh. Good point.

    • ECDT1089
      ECDT1089 1 month ago

      Legendary DJ That's in the Eel Deal. Not Sewer or Later.

  • Alex Souza
    Alex Souza 1 month ago

    Stop complaining about the lighting. It's too dark in a sewer.

  • Tekno Pathetic
    Tekno Pathetic 1 month ago

    You really really need to sort out the lighting. It would make such a difference.

    Way too poorly lit as is

    • Tekno Pathetic
      Tekno Pathetic 1 month ago

      I do understand that. Look at how the light hits Crash, look at how it shines down at the beginning. Its unnatural, I dont mean its dark lmao

    • ECDT1089
      ECDT1089 1 month ago

      It's a dimly lit sewer. It's SUPPOSED to look like this. Why is it so hard for people to understand this?

  • TailsPrower72
    TailsPrower72 1 month ago

    I'm just sitting here head banging to that Awesome Remix 💖

  • Marco Antonio Luna Serrano

    Rock It or Pack Attack Level please!!!

  • Team Meelezz
    Team Meelezz 1 month ago

    "Crash is back!"

    ...The relevance of those words will be short lived unless SOME certain peeps start toning it down a bit with the nitpicking, because jesus christ it is getting out of hand.

    I mean come on, "THE ENTRANCE ANIMATION IS NOT LIKE CRASH 2 WAAAAHHH". Okay then???? So following that logic, just ONE thing they don't add will lead to an uproar from every fan ever? FFS, I thought this was the Crash fanbase, not the Sonic fanbase.

    Here is a good question. You don't want Crash to be gone for another 6 or so years, do you, fans? Well, do the total opposite of what you're saying and appreciate the fact that your favourite videogame franchise is becoming relevant again. Thank you.

    (This is not directed at those who use real constructive criticism and those who aren't a spoilt bitch, clearing that up.)

  • Loaded Scrotum
    Loaded Scrotum 1 month ago

    Looking forward to this! It'd be great if they remastered CTR next with online play

  • VGAmissos
    VGAmissos 1 month ago

    THESE CRASH FANS ARE POCKS just enjoy the game the way it is or else don't buy and don't play it and don't watch it xD

  • YeahMah Boy
    YeahMah Boy 1 month ago

    IMHO the water looks a Bit too clean, not murky like the original.. Oh btw...make the scientists scream XD

  • WhiteFury GD
    WhiteFury GD 1 month ago

    BUT.... Wheres Crash 3: Warped?

  • Computer-Monster
    Computer-Monster 1 month ago

    I love the visuals SO much,
    But my one nitpick is the Music remix.

  • Cmondesousa
    Cmondesousa 1 month ago

    game looks good, narrator was super cringey

  • pelz
    pelz 1 month ago

    Seriously? Why was the gem in the death route at least not moved to the end?

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