Adding 140 TERABYTES to the Studio with Linus!

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  • Adding 140TB of storage to the Studio thanks to Linus and the crew.

    Video Gear I use:

    Intro Track: Italo Disco (Instrumental) by The Plain Ensemble

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  • IJTheCuber
    IJTheCuber 5 hours ago

    4:16 "He only gives me 22 seconds but I'll try my best." Talks for 1 minute 26 seconds.

  • bosun99uk
    bosun99uk 7 hours ago

    this is super dope, I keep all the movies I download and now am on 1terabyte,

  • Tacho Jelev
    Tacho Jelev 13 hours ago

    well that must be pricey ...

  • Jenson Thomas
    Jenson Thomas 14 hours ago

    Publication fuel extension foystz mention fan boy works gentleman purchase signal.

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster 16 hours ago

    in about 6 months we will see linus again petabyte project 2.0

  • john doe
    john doe 17 hours ago

    You are the man FUCK LINUS

  • Daniel Thomas O'Keefe

    Why? Why shoot in 8K? Why even shoot in 4K? When the mainstream have adopted 4K and 4K monitors are commonplace, fair enough. The majority of the world are still using 1080p and under and won't shift to 4K for a long time yet. Being ahead of the curve just to simply be ahead is nonsensical. I love high-res sure...who doesn't? Is it necessary right now though? It raises your costs in many areas and adds nothing to your content.

  • ade guntoro
    ade guntoro 1 day ago

    RED !!!

  • Charles Castillo
    Charles Castillo 1 day ago

    wtf 150 tb? I only have 128gb on my mbp haha

  • Lukas Gehrer
    Lukas Gehrer 1 day ago

    I have an iPhone with 128 GB :)

  • Krish Thakkar
    Krish Thakkar 2 days ago

    if i get a 140tb pc the first thing that I'll do is download gta 5 because it takes 100 gb

  • Lack Hape Luis
    Lack Hape Luis 2 days ago

    omg what a fool.... probs like 1% of people watch video over 4k...

  • T.E.D. de Medici
    T.E.D. de Medici 2 days ago

    Half my yearly wage there...

  • Electronics For Fun

    l was expecting to see austin evans, he really seems to like popping up in other peoples videos.

  • Electronics For Fun

    AHAHAA!!! he was a little kid!

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 2 days ago

    Such a mad setup with such a average PSU...

  • sp3c14l1st
    sp3c14l1st 2 days ago

    nice server front!

  • Johan ousback
    Johan ousback 2 days ago

    noctua fans cause Linus had a hand in the project lol

  • Speed Flyer
    Speed Flyer 3 days ago

    Saving in 8k is just overkill. Saving it for 2035 doesn't make any sense. Even the likes of Criterion Collection will only do 2k or 4k scans at most.

  • AR
    AR 3 days ago

    Getting all the rich kid feels after buying a 1 TB hard drive

  • superXphos
    superXphos 3 days ago

    What are the dots infront of videos wtf

  • Erwin van der Mark
    Erwin van der Mark 3 days ago

    like the custome front !!

  • WizERD
    WizERD 3 days ago

    imagine wannacry on his hdds

  • caoYB
    caoYB 3 days ago

    noob video

    • caoYB
      caoYB 3 days ago

      Linus is much better than you in any ways

  • taipeitaiwan10
    taipeitaiwan10 3 days ago

    Who would be crazy enough to have Linus install and setup the Storinator?

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 3 days ago

    Wow man. You've come a long way. Congrats. You deserve it.

  • Eckstant
    Eckstant 3 days ago

    the small amount of OCD I had has now exponentially increased because of the sound panels behind him.

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly 3 days ago

    total cost?

  • Kelala
    Kelala 3 days ago

    Was really getting drawn in on how you organize your videos and files. Any way to have an episode to expand on just that? Crazy to think but for many of us who watch your stuff, its the elephant in the room! Thanks man great work

  • Kody Muhs
    Kody Muhs 3 days ago

    Could I get a link to the server case? You said "Airy server case" but I can't find that or know the exact spelling.

  • Tomasz Sliwowski
    Tomasz Sliwowski 3 days ago

    What kind of mini rack is that?

  • The Nick
    The Nick 4 days ago

    What about backup power??

  • Rafay Khan
    Rafay Khan 4 days ago

    yeah I know you are hard worker

  • peterpanneherself
    peterpanneherself 4 days ago


  • Chase Jacobsen
    Chase Jacobsen 4 days ago

    Repeat after me:

    You need to do off-site cloud backups, or tape backups shipped to off-site storage.

  • Marco Immervoll
    Marco Immervoll 4 days ago

    15 hard drives in an RAID 5. i woundt do that. do a raid 6!

  • alex lawson
    alex lawson 4 days ago

    Committee particular missile surface pleasure cry elite.

  • krishnan srinivasan

    This is cool :) As for as I know Linus is one great Systems Engineer :)

  • Daniel Loacker
    Daniel Loacker 4 days ago

    Damn... And I thought last year when I got a 2TB HDD I was an absolute BOSS. My Dad when he was in collage in 1967 thought he could NEVER fill up a 20MB HDD!!! And now only 40 years later, your rocking a 140TB server!! You're a bad ass!!!

  • MoonieBravo
    MoonieBravo 4 days ago

    Could you do a short clip on your wire management? noticed like no wires coming out the back of the server rack

  • BG from beawar
    BG from beawar 4 days ago

    i have 512 gb hdd and 2 gb ram help me to upgrate them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ExGearUser
    ExGearUser 4 days ago

    wtf youtube youtube isn't going to be around then, all this BS. My guess is the top creators are going to come together and make a new platform way before 2030. YouTube will make itself obsolete with policies...on that platform, I'm sure you still be successful but just not youtube...

  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva 4 days ago

    When I started to put together computer parts to build one for myself HDD's were at max 4.3GB and almost every 2 years capacity was doubling and price coming down. Now I have a 4TB HDD full of family pics and videos and I'm waiting for 8TB HDD prices to come down for the past 2 years but they seem to have gone up :( I think we need a breakthrough in storage tech because I don't like the idea of having several plates spinning with information to be accessed in 10 or 20 years..

  • Sherman Herritt
    Sherman Herritt 4 days ago

    *Mom:* "I don't think the new toaster works right"
    *Me:* "What new toaster?"
    *Mom:* "The one that pulls out from the cabinet. I put 14 slices in and none of them popped out. It burned them real good though."

  • Naethan Carter
    Naethan Carter 4 days ago

    Why not WD? their drives last longer on average

  • Edward Keefe
    Edward Keefe 4 days ago

    Noctua fan's, this checks out as a Linus build :)

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown 4 days ago

    fuckin' love intro music

  • Bhavin Tolia
    Bhavin Tolia 5 days ago

    waste. you have a 1GBPS connection, why not just buy space off a cloud computing provider ?

  • RahulCri07
    RahulCri07 5 days ago

    hey marques, its been nearly a month since htc u11 launched.. u havnt reviewed it, its a bit shocking. i dont know why but that phone is great acc to me. please review htc u11 im waiting for it

  • Reed Williams
    Reed Williams 5 days ago

    LinusTechTips is a mouthpiece for the consumer hardware industry.

  • Husain Zaidi
    Husain Zaidi 5 days ago

    Atleast him and I have 'Corsair 650M' in common :D Everything else in his computer costs as much as my entire rig :/

  • andrea huskey
    andrea huskey 5 days ago

    you're well on your way to a full mainframe..

  • Droplight
    Droplight 5 days ago

    And here I am with my total 1 TB :'(

  • WNYConsoleServices
    WNYConsoleServices 5 days ago

    I seriously question that CX PSU for this application, really 45 drives?

  • Jan Woods II
    Jan Woods II 5 days ago

    Love the vids my dude. Love the "humble, but making millions" attitude

  • Bahar tech
    Bahar tech 5 days ago

    Can i get 50 Subscribers

  • Rave J
    Rave J 5 days ago

    Michael Jordon! I'm your biggest fan!!

  • Vasim Shaikh
    Vasim Shaikh 5 days ago

    All that space, all those files and folders, would love to see your folder structure and workflow.

  • Cool Moo5e
    Cool Moo5e 5 days ago

    if you record in 8k why dont you upload in 8k? I know people wont watch it in 8k right now but latter down the road people will be watching it at its best

  • Kiwwizz
    Kiwwizz 6 days ago

    imagine people in 20 years watching this video and thinking pfff plebs, all that for 140tb, nowadays baseline harddrives come in 1 petabyte, just like it was with the transition from gigabytes to terabytes.

  • Captain Drastic
    Captain Drastic 6 days ago

    MKBHD half of 10 TB hard disk has been delivered to you from world I Guess

  • Captain Drastic
    Captain Drastic 6 days ago

    truly I don't understand anything but this video is nice. from this we got MKBHD studio tour.

  • Dothackfreak11
    Dothackfreak11 6 days ago

    yeah your phone vids need 8k

  • Ralph Starxy
    Ralph Starxy 6 days ago

    Where can I buy these portable sound reduction walls? Was looking for them,but only found the foam without the stand. Thanks!

  • Leo Calman-Finlay
    Leo Calman-Finlay 6 days ago

    lol! back in the day when Linus still wore an apple watch

  • charmili john
    charmili john 6 days ago

    seagate is a very reliable brand

  • Devin Baltimore
    Devin Baltimore 6 days ago

    This guy has just help inspired me to become a mega nerd I #DeeAmaz1n has subscribed 😀

  • Yuriy Yunikov
    Yuriy Yunikov 6 days ago

    @Marques Brownlee, have you thought of migrating all your data to the cloud? Any peace of physical hardware could be damaged/stolen/destroyed, etc.

  • clubpenguin tutorials

    Imagine 10TB SSD. I'm guessing $10K

  • Alexander White
    Alexander White 6 days ago

    Chemical hell throw technology Mexican jump burning.

  • Trey Gibson
    Trey Gibson 6 days ago

    do you make music

  • Chinmay Dhumal
    Chinmay Dhumal 6 days ago

    Why not Cloud Storage ? 🤔

  • Rory Russell
    Rory Russell 6 days ago

    Moral survivor heavily shoulder head positive fee parking

  • TheIgnorantBastrd
    TheIgnorantBastrd 6 days ago

    That CS power supply tho....

  • CouchGaming
    CouchGaming 6 days ago

    MKBHD HERE and heres alittle story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down

    FULL MOVIES 6 days ago

    Hey MKBHD, Beautiful studio you've got here!

  • Hokieboy01
    Hokieboy01 6 days ago

    Sounded like he said "xenon CPU"

  • EastPAWZ
    EastPAWZ 6 days ago

    This video is worth more than my life...

  • le00
    le00 6 days ago

    raidv1 right?

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze 6 days ago

    when you were recording the desktop at 0:24 i was like who is that white guy speaking?

  • Victor Lindellee
    Victor Lindellee 6 days ago

    Did you mention what operating system you are using on the file server?

  • Timothy G
    Timothy G 6 days ago

    Pretty neat

  • Harley Palmer
    Harley Palmer 6 days ago

    sexually secure sunlight zifcobl crash explain catch favor cluster.

  • Picxal
    Picxal 6 days ago

    And this is why you're the king of crispy my friend.

  • A N00by Techy
    A N00by Techy 6 days ago

    and up in canada Linus has one that stores a petabyte

  • User not found
    User not found 6 days ago

    1tb sd card!! damn tht would be the day!! i think in 10 years it is possible!!

  • Lycosa
    Lycosa 6 days ago

    Woah.... Storage madness. Servers, NAS'. Raid. raids. PLEX. Lovely. HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM SERVER STUFF SERVER RACK, EPIC.-

  • Justin Howell
    Justin Howell 6 days ago

    500 GB PER PROJECT?!


  • Dark Cloud784
    Dark Cloud784 6 days ago

    I love how he has 140 TB's with only 1 spare and no redundancy. Once nice power outage and all that data is GONE.

  • Denis Elis
    Denis Elis 6 days ago

    Waste of money. Even at 1440p videos look great.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    Its a Xeon, not a XENON. Rofl

  • kyyla1234
    kyyla1234 7 days ago

    like anybody cares

  • Platinum Viper
    Platinum Viper 7 days ago

    my phone has a 2GB sd card..

  • Joshua Boucher
    Joshua Boucher 7 days ago

    Have you considered mining Burst Coin with that? I mean you aren't using all the space yet.

  • LPGD
    LPGD 7 days ago

    Me: Watching in 240p cause my computer cant handle hd

  • fpczk
    fpczk 7 days ago

    Now let's talk about backups.

  • Jake Hennett
    Jake Hennett 7 days ago

    I like to keep all my GoPro footage even after I make a project video. If I choose to revisit a trip or something later on, say with better editing skills, I want to have all the source material that I started with.

  • Tyler Szentmiklosi
    Tyler Szentmiklosi 7 days ago

    so If less than 100 videos until the 48TB NAS is filled, won't he have to soon upgrade to a new server or add a new one? The 140 is just under 3x the storage he has now and the available slots are already used. Wouldn't buying a higher capacity storinator and just adding drives in the future be a better option

  • Andrew Russell
    Andrew Russell 7 days ago

    That's a terrible idea!! You need at least 2, but more like 3 for a 15 10TB drive array. I can't believe Linus actually allowed this.

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