WATCH: Emilia Clarke is a Huge 'Friends' Fan, Gets Matt LeBlanc to Ask: 'How You Doin?'

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  • Shreejan Amatya
    Shreejan Amatya 26 days ago

    Her reaction is same as Phoebe's XD

  • Muggleborn Hufflepuff

    London Baby!

  • sumit dalal
    sumit dalal 1 month ago

    Even Dragon queen is not immune to charm of Joey

  • Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen 1 month ago

    He's just there to see Dany's GoT nudes

  • Arshiya Bharti
    Arshiya Bharti 2 months ago

    Matt LeBlanc is a looker man! He is so handsome!

  • Shihab Malek
    Shihab Malek 4 months ago

    He didn't even say it right....

    • Steifan10
      Steifan10 28 days ago

      he did, just that it was kinda soft prbly cuz it was meant to be personal haha

    • Jack Rain
      Jack Rain 1 month ago

      Shihab Malek he got her to giggle

  • Ufuk Ulusoy
    Ufuk Ulusoy 4 months ago

    Exact same reaction with pheobe wow 😄

  • little fatty
    little fatty 5 months ago


  • Xeno
    Xeno 5 months ago

    Matt LeBlanc sounds like a person who would be apart of the mafia

    • Tcrumpen
      Tcrumpen 19 days ago

      It's the New York / Italian accent

  • African Warlord
    African Warlord 10 months ago

    i bet they fucked

  • Scrappy's Mom
    Scrappy's Mom 1 year ago

    Soo cute!

  • Amir Abravesh
    Amir Abravesh 1 year ago

    Matt Leblanc all the way babyyy !

  • katubo13
    katubo13 1 year ago

    cute ..

  • YzrJ yD
    YzrJ yD 1 year ago

    Matt LeBlanc seems like a genuinely lovely person. He looks good, too.

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