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Runtime: 3:12
Comments: 12156

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Author Rudy Mancuso ( ago)
Thank you all for the love. Hope you enjoy.

Author Clara Bairral ( ago)

Author Funmbie TG ( ago)
Genius man!!!

Author Thiago D. Yan ( ago)
Does everyone know the name of the piano song that he played at 0:38 ??? PLEASE I NEED THAT SOOONG

Author AdityaTD ( ago)

Author Eva Alordiah Makeup ( ago)

Author Victoria Girl ( ago)
i watched this like a million times

Author Victoria Girl ( ago)
i really love this video

Author HELP ME REACH 10000 SUBS this is a challenge ( ago)
If your replay button broke here

Author Msp UniPopz ( ago)
Love her voice it's so cute

Author Zarah Kumar ( ago)
Whose watching this for the 30th time

Author Holly-Cakes Lover ( ago)
I'm amazed at how everyday things like that can turn into a song/tune just like THAT👏🏼!

Author Holly-Cakes Lover ( ago)
Rudy Mancuso THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Author aminu zango ( ago)
'keep going'
i'v been watching this video since when the views was 102k nd now it's 7.4m. still enjoy watching.

Author Sarah Juteau ( ago)
Wait is he dating Lele pons or is Lele dating Juanpa

Author Fox Freak :p ( ago)
From average, to loved, to darkness...

Author yamel olivan ( ago)
whats the name of the song that he plays in the piano?? its so beautiful and i would love to learn it

Author Ewok Master ( ago)
Whyyyyyyyyyy they seemed like such a great couple

Author Evangelina Martinez ( ago)
the girl was is so pretty but when they broke up:(

Author HACKED BY THE USRG ( ago)
he goes through loneliness i though he had lotsa girl bc he so damn fine❤😇💯🔥😍😍

Author Assassin's Creed syndicate ( ago)
After they both saw each other naked they broke up???

Author Gael Gonzalez ( ago)
she hot af ;) :P

Author Agent_ Gold_Mine ( ago)
Rudy do you have a girlfriend?

Author shuayb dahir ( ago)
Wow my life

Author Jacob Miranda ( ago)
So true tho

Author Emily Aguilar ( ago)
Idk why I love this video

Author Cristiano Girardello ( ago)
I want this song 😍

i love this vid you put a lot of time in to it

Author A Handful Of Full Hands ( ago)
Piano part is godly

Author SUCRE GS ( ago)
Was Mila Kunis in th end of this Video??

Author Sana Mohamadhosen ( ago)
The best part is when he gets hit in the face😆

Author Rodney S. ( ago)
Your inspirational keep it up man

Author Skye Roland ( ago)
I love your videos ❤️ and your soo buff😍😍 I would never break up with u

Author Super Emma ( ago)
you and that girl are the perfect couple😀😁

Author Super Emma ( ago)
your so good att playing piano.🐩😀😁😁

Author Super Emma ( ago)
Is she your real girlfriend?

Author Huy Dat ( ago)

Author Huy Dat ( ago)

Author Julie Ramirez ( ago)

Author TechTonics XD ( ago)
Wut is that piano piece

Author Ever Rosales ( ago)
Rudy is good a the piano🎹

Author Shirel Bieber ( ago)
I love this vid

Author Anne Tolentino ( ago)

Author Saul Salgado ( ago)
Who else is wondering if they actually showered together

Author Shueber Santos ( ago)
Amei. Muito bom. I 😍. Amazing, I really laughed very much! 😂

Author The101 ( ago)
This reminds me of that one animated short "Jerry"

Author Renee's Style ( ago)
So truee

Author juli's lps ( ago)
love this video so much

Author joann martinez ( ago)
;-; ♥ ;-;

Author Hissam Yousaf ( ago)
the sounds are like GULAB JAMON to ears. ;).. awesome

Author Christpapi0 ( ago)
Ha ha stupid

Author Yuri Rodrigues ( ago)
Sad and cool

Author PrincessElla X ( ago)
I find this so catchy 😂

Author Milan Pankuch ( ago)
Where can I get notes or piano chords? Please.

Author _.grae._ ( ago)
did anyone else notice that at 1:26 , the girl who slapped him looks exactly like Breland / glitterforever17 ? idk if thats actually her tho ? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Author hala aljundi ( ago)
Who else thought it was kinda boring

Author Its me Cory all along ( ago)
so yeah

Author Its me Cory all along ( ago)

Author Its me Cory all along ( ago)
i wnt to be with your girl sorry

Author rehaan kudari ( ago)
dat was mila kunis n eva mendes right

Author John Yong ( ago)
who know that piano song?

Author medaziz chabir ( ago)

Author kiattylaks ( ago)
How the fuck did her hair stay perfect in her sleep?!

Author Victor Jordem ( ago)

Author Mavik James ( ago)
Black bra. Lol.

Author carolyn A ( ago)

Author Student Erine Mats ( ago)
this made my day :)

Author Danilo Souza ( ago)
Song name ?

Author Bruh Itz Nikki ( ago)
Is this depressing this is what happens to a guy except the end

Author A D Gainer ( ago)
your so cute I think I like you

Author Sayf Chaudhry ( ago)
What is the song he plays on the piano

Author Victoria Baker ( ago)
Ok but y is Rudy so hot

Author Barbara Moreno ( ago)
he took a shower with the girl

Author Fábio Morais ( ago)
excellent video... Mikaela is gorgeous

Author Adam Ramos ( ago)
Hannah didn't really kiss him

Author Bob The Builder ( ago)
What's the song called tho

Author Bob The Builder ( ago)
Dude when he kissed her and she kissed back and he wasn't expecting it like awww

Author jaydah Turner ( ago)
😍😍 😉😉😉😉😂😂😂😀😀

Author MightyJosh987 ( ago)
0:38 i cant stop rewinding that piano bit.

Author Gent Malushaga ( ago)
0:10 lol thought he said Mormon Jesus at first

Author SimsForever2000 ( ago)
wish you did the whole thing with the people who kissed you

Author Dark Light ( ago)
WTF happened at 2:57? 😶😉😅

Author Gladys Franco ( ago)
Loved it!

Author Ramos Haos ( ago)

Author DuhItsSunday ( ago)
Lol the end tho xD

Author L Courtney ( ago)
I can't stop watching this, omg I love it!! Xxxx

Author DocZero ( ago)
I relate to this on a spiritual level.

Author AlaaEddin ( ago)
I just subscribed and I have to say you have a great creativity, keep it up

Author Lay Smith ( ago)
I love your videos

Author Paula Santos Rego ( ago)
Awesome video

Author Cristy Trejo ( ago)
Rudy is good at drums

Author Sakura Moon ( ago)
So when is this going to be on Spotify

Author Nicolas Oliva ( ago)
i love your job i from argentina!! sos muy bueno boludo

Author Mauricio Cortez ( ago)
nice pair on her tho aha

Author yogesh bairwa ( ago)
rudy ur fucking creative bro.

Author Mackenzie DiValli ( ago)
Has anyone else come here multiple times bc of how good this video and I like rap music with a good beat THIS BEAT THOUGH U GO BRO KEEP IT UP

Author OMID ( ago)
The Circle Jerk of Life

Author OMID ( ago)
Mikaela is too fine

Author Manuel Cabral ( ago)
it's so hard to lose the one girl that you kiss then asked if she marrie you then she brake up with you 😢😢😢

Author Arvin Segales ( ago)
Subscribe for rudy good job using instrurments

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