5 TERRIBLE Minecraft Rip-off games!

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Today I'm testing out five awful 'fake' Minecraft games on the app store! Some of these games aren't actually too bad but they're definitely very lacking. In case you want to try them out, I played:

Worldcraft, Blockcraft, Buildcraft, Eden & SurvivalCraft

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Author HeyItsShannon xx ( ago)
Give her 7 ooooooo😘

Author HeyItsShannon xx ( ago)

Author HeyItsShannon xx ( ago)

Author Lesli Osorio ( ago)
cool people dont look at exploshens? seen in my pickaxe handbook

Author Amanda Connolly ( ago)

Author Black Cat ( ago)
I have survival craft

Author Kiki Kutie ( ago)
I have Survivalcraft it's actually good

Author mandm61406 ( ago)
I play Block Craft it's sooo fun you can visit worlds

Author Aleshawow Burke ( ago)

Author M and R SandS ( ago)
I love you and your videos

Author Rainbow Queen 24 ( ago)
I Love Your Light Pink Hair

Author Audrey Armstrong ( ago)
to be honest block craft was pretty good

Author Yenlee Kawaii ( ago)
you could had tried Exploration lite tho... I think u would like it..

Author Terri Hofwolt ( ago)
Hi Lizzie I love your channel but you Seid that you hate thome all but I love💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕💕 block craft 3D so much

Author Elora Davidson ( ago)
Come on, Block Craft is not that bad! But I do think that Survival Craft is stupid.

Author franci gaviria ( ago)
I would play Survival Craft

Author Cheshire_CatO.o _ ( ago)
Please post more Disney sims 4 like if you agree

Author Frisk Dreamuur ( ago)
ive played one of them.

Author Steph De Leon ( ago)
what game is that?

Author jordyn658 ( ago)
I've got block craft 3d

Author CyberIced Kunai ( ago)
im new, your a great YouTuber

Author san will ( ago)

Author Cinthia Phillips ( ago)
Lizzie I play block craft3D you need more than 1 price of bed to make a bed.

Author rebekah B. ( ago)
in survivalcraft has a gun and a tnt bows ithink thats all and cute beds if its gamemode c

Author The Group Of Two ( ago)
We love Blocks craft3d your rubbish LD Shadow lady but we still love you

Author Luke_Vader 13 ( ago)
8:54 Hello darkness my old friend

Author Fauna81 AJ ( ago)
I play SurvivalCraft...


Author ELVA MARGARITA ( ago)
i play block craft

Author Saraiasurus Yass ( ago)

Author Hannah Lindsay ( ago)
I like the last one

Author Mister Really ( ago)
your hot

Author marianmy pena ( ago)

Author Zee Ronquillo ( ago)
They were okay

Author Tigerlilly07223 Jamaa ( ago)
I would play Eden and Survival Craft :>

Author LoveKitty Vlogs ( ago)
honestly I thought that survival craft looked pretty good

Author Narwhal Productions ( ago)
What do you guys think i should do a vid on?

Author Neil Webb ( ago)
Play more toca blocks

Author Tatum chloe ( ago)
I'm not getting Those games Chloe:IM DOWNLOADING THEM ALL .3.

Author Judith Badayos ( ago)
In block craft im in level 999 my gems are 1,999

Author Maiya Grimm ( ago)
I used to have Block Craft before I had the real Minecraft

Author Naomi Orellana ( ago)
all these games were so rip offs

Author Fiona Beagle ( ago)
Block craft is not a rip off

Author pierce daniels ( ago)
I play Survivalcraft it is fun

Author pierce daniels ( ago)
LD Shadowlady in Survivalcraft you should have play in creative

Author Miracle Smiles ( ago)
i would only play eden

Author BuildBattle Queen ( ago)
Omg I've played survival craft before

Author ProGamer 257 ( ago)
Am I the only boy watching this?

Author Hitman Owjie ( ago)
There is also game Realmcraft it's really like minecraft but there are circles but it has mobs too like zombies

Author Michelle tofu ( ago)
ldshadowlady can you play great pizza,good pizza PLEASE

Author David Sheets ( ago)
Is fun

Author David Sheets ( ago)
I've played survival craft

Author Firestar Warrior's flames ( ago)
How dare you say block craft is terrible !!! Yammy is better

Author DJ Jenna ( ago)
Awwww I realy want to play Eden but you have too flipping pay 💰

Author mr wonky toon ( ago)
i play block craft and it is very fun

Author Emily the Jen Lvoer Em ( ago)
These games are the best that's

you should play pixsul gun 3D
!!!!!!!!! ;)

Author Molly Bell ( ago)
hey lizzie I love your videos. Can you please make a reading your comments video soon.

Author Payton Macmor ( ago)
I only played block craft 3D because I can't download real Minecraft:P

Author Aubree Plays ( ago)
Lizzie try the game blockcraft it's terrible

Author Zahid Hussain ( ago)
Lizzie you should have played Blockheads

Author It's the YURI channel // ROBLOX ( ago)
I've played eden

Author Rita Bedolla ( ago)
that was me😱

Author Rainbow kitty101YT ( ago)
I liked the last 1 kinda

Author Cameron Landolfi ( ago)
i have block craft and its sooooooooo fun

Author Kate GarlandThomas ( ago)
I have block craft 3D and I think it is awsome

Author Elaine Shyra Gulifardo ( ago)
i like survivalcraft

Author Ana Motta ( ago)
My daughter has that game survival craft she says it's great

Author Ana Motta ( ago)
I don't like she was bullied in the first game my daughter got bullied on that game

Author Emma5678Simmers ( ago)

Author Xx_CandyChan_xX gamer ( ago)

Author Sharleen Barrera ( ago)
How does Lizzie is son cute like cute😄

Author Jocob Shipley ( ago)
Block craft is awesome I have it on my iPad 👍🏼

Author The_ Gaming_Pug ( ago)
I have block craft and you should try builder buddies

Author RarityCaroseulCouture ( ago)
Survivalcraft is really fun actually

Author Mine girls ( ago)
Survival craft is actually a fun game but u just have to learn it with time which was hard at first for me

Author Monnwolf 565 ( ago)
Suirvle craft is cool on creative

Author Josie Clemente ( ago)
I have block craft 3D

Author Tara McFate ( ago)
Me and my friend used to play survival craft when minecraft the demo version came out on phones and like we felt like that game was legit😂

Author Chara Undertail ( ago)

Author Wolfgamerlizzle YT ( ago)
Omg I have block craft omg lizzy I will create a server omg

Author Shaniarenee7 ( ago)
I like survival craft! my brother plays it on his iPad. he also plays the first game u played with the TNT and nasty people and that is absolutely rubbish

Author LPStakeInTheBlue ( ago)
Lizzie build craft is a 10 out of 10

Author Penny Lee ( ago)

Author Drawing with Georgi ( ago)
Lizzie try exploration lite

Author Grace Tinson ( ago)

Author Kaelee Laver ( ago)
I thought survival craft was pretty cool but that's my opinion

Author GregTheGreat ( ago)
I've actually played Survival Craft a few years ago and I loved it XD

Author Paola Foxhoven ( ago)
there all weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author I am not a number! ( ago)
ldshadowlady u r my favourite YouTube u make me laugh everyday all Ur subscribers love u so much more to have a good day everyone

Author Rania Zoya shaik ( ago)
Try exploration lite💻

Author Rebekah Reyes ( ago)
I actually have survival craft and survival craft 2 but I wish I can get minecraft please read this

Author Shadow Hunter ( ago)
I love survival craft it really awsome and i also enjoy minecraft but surval craft is not terrible btw i love ur vids

Author Ilee Moon ( ago)
do a lot of TNT express

Author Sam Dicken ( ago)
My cousin has every mine craft game except mine craft even one called kitten craft

Author heartbeat fast ( ago)
Why do you hate the world craft 😤 insubscribe unclick thw bell bye bye lizzie you just dont understand

Author Bailey Hornaday ( ago)
Me:blaijjsjnssnsnananajsnssnsmsm person:your weird me:thanks for noticing jshs

Author MandMeater ( ago)
I used to love playing eden!

Author Cupcake I love you!!!!! Aranda ( ago)
I play block craft

Author MoonPlaysRoblox ( ago)
Block craft is a fun game I play it

Author Kiattipong Pongsuppat ( ago)
Ldshadow i have blockcraft

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