5 TERRIBLE Minecraft Rip-off games!

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Today I'm testing out five awful 'fake' Minecraft games on the app store! Some of these games aren't actually too bad but they're definitely very lacking. In case you want to try them out, I played:

Worldcraft, Blockcraft, Buildcraft, Eden & SurvivalCraft

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Author Super Derpy Girl ( ago)

Author ROCKcandy _YT ( ago)
LDshadowlady could u plz make like a new world on minecraft like crazy craft and can u name something poppy

Author Shelly Dawe ( ago)
hi Lizzie I love your video keep making them UP ROCK

Author Pixel hamster ( ago)
my pet air died today plz like

Author bella. ( ago)
Lizzie you should get a puppy/cat and name it Prince or Princess. Girl:Arira Boy:Akira Jr

Author Bea Atienza ( ago)
i know block craft you can have wolf and tame them


Author Daisy Lady ( ago)
I have hate game on my iPad

Author Drunken Boner ( ago)
Survival Craft is great lowkey

Author Jackson Minel ( ago)
Lizzie can you please get the game Titian Fall 2 please :?

Author BFFs Forever ( ago)
Lizzie do a House Tour!

Author Alex Illuminati ( ago)
Lizzie should do a series with Stacy plays like if you agree

Author FlurryMae Gaming Channel ( ago)
I give block craft a 9/10
5 points for blocks and Decorations
4 because hard to move

Author Eliana Rodriguez ( ago)
I have block craft 3d

Author zaan Mall ( ago)

Author Madison and Mallory Show ( ago)
Literally am I the only one who thought survival craft was life when I was like ten?

Author MineDancers' Youtubers ( ago)
Survivak craft is pretty good

Author Radioactive Radio ( ago)

Author Kadin Borgman ( ago)
stop and pause at 9:50 i don't hate she just makes a funny face

Author Adeline Flaskerud ( ago)
Go to Klara Hardi channel pls. I love your videos by the way!

Author Kawaii Does Minecraft ( ago)
I played all those games

Author Kawaii Does Minecraft ( ago)
I've played world craft

Author Aliya Jafri ( ago)
Play rolling sky PLZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz it's my favorite game I'm on level 2 I'm a loser but it's so addicting

Author Me'annya Kirk ( ago)
How she said zebra tho

Author RAD REBEL ( ago)
i thoght you loved panders and you scared of party poppers

Author Jaci Green ( ago)
And you weren't playing the second game right

Author Jaci Green ( ago)
Personally I love the game SurvivalCraft!

Author Jaci Green ( ago)
SurvivalCraft is its own game, believe it or not!

Author Itz Ari ( ago)
Where the early subscriber squad?

-who remembers Enchanted Oasis
-who remembers shadow craft S.1
-who remembers minecraft fractions
-who remembers sky kingdoms

Author Mandy Alborn ( ago)
also if you get a new chocabo can you name it devil if its purple or pink cupcake also blue can u name it luna because on my little pony theres a princess called that

Author Mandy Alborn ( ago)
lizzie can u do a vidio of yammy hacking u

Author Grace Milliken ( ago)
plz play roblox

Author Grace Milliken ( ago)
play roblox plz look at your character

Author Olivia Fennekin ( ago)
i would get build craft

Author Lin Kuei The Samurai ( ago)
היי גברת צל

Author Bree Gamer ( ago)
Maybe I won't except for one of those games

Author kaye irving ( ago)
hey can you play roblox now

Author Iliel Hurtado ( ago)
You should play Roblox

Author Amanda Eddings ( ago)
/| |z
| |

Author RadioMelissa Games ( ago)
I only have app that was on here

Author Queen ( ago)
ive played block craft before

Author Breuna Robinson ( ago)
stawberry Llama lol i see but thats a good one get no ok i tried lol

Author Cindy Chen ( ago)
Can you plz make one

Author Breuna Robinson ( ago)
i love survial craft but i have the demo on my phone but sadly i deleted it was kinda getting boring so yeah

Author Cindy Chen ( ago)
Fen you make series of kawaiicraft plz plz plz plz plz super plz

Author The Enjolie Show ( ago)
LDshadowlady is the best youtuber Eva!

Author Galaxy Star ( ago)
Lizzie I Love your videos you brighten my day. You are so funny and so kind. I wish that you have a nice day with your family and friends.💖💖💖love you!!!

Author Athan Ruiz Gonzalez ( ago)
4:55 it shows her email 😂

Author bernice tang ( ago)
The games are such a rip off

Author Jeni the Pineapple ( ago)
Plz post a new troll craft

Author NutellaLoverJr ( ago)
I have survival craft!

Author Gemini's_quests ( ago)
I actually make quests on survivalcraft. In game name is Gemini

Author LunarFox 200 ( ago)
also my minecraft oes not work

Author LunarFox 200 ( ago)
Survivalcraft 2 the full version IS AJAZING

Author caroline medina ( ago)
Lizzie plz play HOTELHID

Author talia villegas ( ago)
you have the same games😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Author Diana Delarosa ( ago)
Rubish there just very awful

Author Olivia M. ( ago)
I played survival craft a bit when I was younger and it actually isn't that bad.

Author Megan Rankin ( ago)
I had block craft


Author Clarence Glover ( ago)
btw i have all the games

Author Sonja Nova Tikka ( ago)
strawberry Llama
lol :p

Author CanadianInDisguise ( ago)
Eden isn't a mine craft rip off. Sure it is blocky and you build stuff but it is just a game where you can show off your creativity

Author CH3RRYChu MW ( ago)
lol Lizzie's face in the thumbnail vs. the video title

Author Mentissa Kleczkowski ( ago)
Play girls craft

Author Abrahan Torres ( ago)
play world craft it looke like block earth

Author AmazinglyAwsomeAniya Rogers ( ago)
When you do another minecraft vid can you please name a cow Moolela..I love your vids ❤️❤️😊

Author Gema Peña ( ago)
LDSHADOWLADY do not play ROBLOX in March 24TH ples..... Because John Doe and the other Hackers are going to hack youtubers.....

Author Bobby_13 Rose_731 ( ago)
Hi ldshdowlady I love your videos they are funny to ❤️

Author Katie Bakke ( ago)

Author Nana Castelo ( ago)
Play more ROBLOX

Author kris papiernik ( ago)
Can You Please play harmony hollow with shuble it will make me happy

Author Ashlyn Murray ( ago)
I have Blockcraft 3D

Author Ron Parrino ( ago)
How to troll

Read more

Author Rainfeather067 :3 ( ago)
I have survival craft! It's fun

Author Kathleen Martinez ( ago)
can you play crafting and building

Author Ella Grace ( ago)
play msp

Author Hettie_ Rose ( ago)
Any one remember The Shadow???

Author tokyoime acc ( ago)
When I couldn't afford mine raft I used to play survival craft all the time

Author Jomark Gardon ( ago)
all the games even survival craft

Author SERENA BARR ( ago)
this is way out of theme thing but my coach wants me to update my PE journal from February 13 all the way to tomorrow in 1 day even tho she told us Monday but i have a ton of homework and its going to takes me forever since i also have another thing due tomorrow but the time had been going by really fast>......HELPPP

Author Marie Ortuno ( ago)
LDshadowlady if you are reading this plzz plzz make a pixle paniter's and chose these or one of these theme's

Author Jomark Gardon ( ago)
i play that game last time

Author The purple guinea pig //PrettyPringle11 ( ago)
OMG I love survival craft!!!!!

Author Baked Cookies ( ago)
lizzie i have 5/10 rating game u said

Author Mackenzie Lazo ( ago)
hey ldshadowlady I know the code for normal elevator from roblox it is 3792 it is so creepy

Author XxEmilyXx Gar ( ago)
The second game is what I love to play!!!!

Author Proxy Modz ( ago)
you look sexy

Author Larz Garvey ( ago)
This is awesome! I only have one of them it's the last game

Author Yaneli Ramirez ( ago)
hi lizzie you should try other rip off mincraft games like planet craft and exploration lite or just exploration

Author WolfePlayz [Animations'Roblox'Tutorials] ( ago)
Survivalcraft isn't supposed to be minecraft, though it is very much alike. I have survivalcraft and I have played it for years and I never thought it was a ripoff of minecraft.

Author DaCatGirl23 ( ago)
Lizzie can you do another minecraft murder video?

Author Sizzy Fur ( ago)
Lizzie are you done playing Shadowcraft 2.0? Btw love that series!

Author Tiana Rockwell ( ago)
why do u feel sorry I love sharks

Author J Hall ( ago)
Can you make a new shadowcraft

Author Alan Pasley ( ago)
I once played block craft.

Author galaxy. javi ( ago)
u should have tried build and crafcting

Author Miah Espin ( ago)
I like the last one a little eat the deer!

Author Magnolia Steuernagle ( ago)
Troll craft troll craft please do troll craft

Author Tracey Thompson ( ago)
I have survival craft but I keep it on creative so it's easier and I love that game

Author Sassy Gamergirl ( ago)
I have played both of one of those games.

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