1 ) 10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY Crash, saves 2017

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  • Mimin Mumun
    Mimin Mumun 13 hours ago


  • TheRedPanda
    TheRedPanda 1 day ago

    1:37 Jacksepticeye???

  • Frédéric Torcq
    Frédéric Torcq 1 day ago

    3.40 did you see the guy ejected from the tower?!? not sure he survived...

  • Isegrim1S9T8P0
    Isegrim1S9T8P0 2 days ago

    8:00 Instant silence

  • j Wayne
    j Wayne 2 days ago

    This shits suicide

  • Paco_bl
    Paco_bl 3 days ago

    Wow the most intense 10 minutes of my day...

    My girlfriend says when i do it...

  • rez rezax
    rez rezax 3 days ago

    rest in peace evo 8

  • Engage
    Engage 3 days ago

    Moral of the story ...Watch RALLY at home ..I wont be in a street watching deadly car crashing into me ...Sorry i will pass ..

  • phapnui
    phapnui 4 days ago

    Uh, oh. Better get Macco...

  • Bad Karma
    Bad Karma 4 days ago

    What a great video! I'm so jealous. I love rally racing but it's nearly impossible to find it televised in the U.S.

  • Pinto Beans
    Pinto Beans 4 days ago

    Who pays for the damage or destruction of personal property when the races run into it.

    • Schaufelor
      Schaufelor 4 days ago

      Good question. Probably the promoter of the event. But i wonder anyway who spends all that money on the cars. Must be expensive as fuck.

  • bmw_dieselpower
    bmw_dieselpower 4 days ago

    0:13 did he died? ;c

  • Cleydson Oliveira
    Cleydson Oliveira 4 days ago

    it's dangerous people are so close

  • oiudqjioqw
    oiudqjioqw 5 days ago

    1:40 what a monster crash

  • ydenneki
    ydenneki 5 days ago

    From the looks of some of these crashes, the organisers had better have some hefty third party property insurance.

  • stephen john gray
    stephen john gray 5 days ago

    ( @ 9;10)what a twat sitting in the ditch of a bend,and the amount of people who stand or sit on the wrong side of a bend beggers belief....you are all fucking retards.

  • KingM
    KingM 6 days ago

    Man dirt 4 looks nice!;D

  • Charlie and Alfie
    Charlie and Alfie 6 days ago

    1:38 Ken block?!

  • Janikaa21 21
    Janikaa21 21 6 days ago

    2:09 Hungary :D

  • Afdal Amir
    Afdal Amir 6 days ago

    yang berani mati tu gini

  • Michael Reid
    Michael Reid 6 days ago

    So, this rally racing...done on public roads, sometimes snow-covered, with spectators close enough to be in danger when a car crashes and occasionally knocking down trees and roadside buildings. Why do we Americans waste our time with NASCAR, again?

  • Marshall Collins
    Marshall Collins 7 days ago

    8:12 to 8:25. WHAAAAT

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez 7 days ago

    9:56 This is why the earth is polluted

  • planetjanet
    planetjanet 7 days ago

    Gilfoyle @ 0:26

  • Black Rock Shooter Insane

    too many trees hate this

  • haley smith
    haley smith 7 days ago

    who needs chainsaws when you can use rally carss to cut down trees

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 8 days ago

    Out of control! Anybody killed? Rally drivers must be a little crazy, I admire their skills and courage, but sometimes it's almost hard to watch.

  • Frank Reynolds
    Frank Reynolds 8 days ago

    7:05 Do those tires squeal "Batman"?

  • Werner Pohlmann
    Werner Pohlmann 8 days ago


  • Yurricane
    Yurricane 8 days ago

    5:30 that Mitsubishi really hates Subaru ))

  • tyty 1221
    tyty 1221 8 days ago

    why the click bait? it pains me to see what youtube is turning into.T-T I came for 10 minutes not 11 smh

  • Jan Gołębiewski
    Jan Gołębiewski 8 days ago

    Dawaj ten telefon xDDDDD

  • BrandHit1
    BrandHit1 8 days ago

    Does anybody has any idea what happened to the driver of the evo that skidded off a cliff?

  • Ranulf Lewis Flanagan

    You almost need to be as ballsy as the drivers when spectating this sport!

  • John denis Smith
    John denis Smith 8 days ago

    Why on earth would you put your hands and arms between the roof of your car and a helmet during a role. massively stupid

  • soduno
    soduno 9 days ago

    8:03 aaaaand Stop!

  • Crash Car crashes
    Crash Car crashes 9 days ago

    be curful

  • ромка ромка


  • H8_RICE
    H8_RICE 9 days ago

    @9:04 its the actual shit flying out of that guys pants that ejects him up and out of that ditch, avoiding being hit by that car.

  • 0Zolrender0
    0Zolrender0 9 days ago

    Why do all Europeans scream like 6 y/o girls constantly?

  • Sweetpotato Johnson

    One thing I've learned about Rally spectating, it that you have to place yourself on the inside, outside entrance or exit of a corner. Make sure you are in the most likely place a car will crash. The closer to the road is best also. Sometimes even in the road. This will make for a more enjoyable rally spectating experience.

    • Engage
      Engage 3 days ago

      Hell no ..i'm watching at home

  • dem_bonezz 510
    dem_bonezz 510 10 days ago

    not even a 10 min video. it's fucking 11 XD

  • Christopher Alcívar

    5:45 Mitsubishi odiar Subaru :v

  • MrZlodeus
    MrZlodeus 10 days ago

    9:54 паровоз!!! :))) Steam loco ))) LOL

  • MrZlodeus
    MrZlodeus 10 days ago

    3:40 RIP (( Омск, состязания по автокроссу, 2 октября 2016 г. Потерявший управление автомобиль сбил судейскую вышку, погиб находившийся на ней спортивный комиссар Василий Елизаров.
    During an FIA autocross competition in Omsk, Russia, on 2 October 2016 one of the drivers lost control and crashed his car into the referees' observation platform, knocking it down; referee Vasiliy Yelizarov died of his injuries before reaching hospital.

  • nikitch85
    nikitch85 10 days ago

    The man in the watch tower on 3:42 died. It was on the news.

  • Shag Shag
    Shag Shag 10 days ago

    Hands down best rally video on YouTube. Great job. Bravo!

  • Ruby Hussain
    Ruby Hussain 11 days ago


  • DioDreamer
    DioDreamer 11 days ago

    5:38 Mitsubishi found his love...a Subaru!!!

  • FP gameplay
    FP gameplay 11 days ago


  • jingikio12
    jingikio12 11 days ago

    i dont know who is more stupid, the drivers or the people on the road

  • Mike Gross
    Mike Gross 11 days ago

    These "races" are simply suicide by cars! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT going three or four times the speed limit some of those roads are built for? Human stupidity at its maximum!

  • Cry baby cry
    Cry baby cry 11 days ago

    3:20 lol

  • mark tyner
    mark tyner 11 days ago

    Look out for that tree Earl.


    9:39 ~ 100mph into a tree that never even flinched!!!

  • YelpBullhorn
    YelpBullhorn 12 days ago

    The most disturbing thing about this video are the morons who think it's appropriate to whoop and holler at the site of a nasty crash. Someone could have died. "Yeah, woooo-hoooo." Fucking scumbags.

  • Soulware3D
    Soulware3D 12 days ago

    Old Videos prick

  • radiofun232
    radiofun232 12 days ago

    Idiot fools, why risk your life?

  • Wanton
    Wanton 12 days ago

    9:42 did he die?

  • Travis Haynes
    Travis Haynes 12 days ago

    Rally fans are suicidal.

  • BobbyBoyGaming
    BobbyBoyGaming 12 days ago

    I feel worse for the poor homeowners who have to deal with these idiot drivers crashing into their simple little homes every fucking year. It must be a great source of anxiety. fuck... Some of these guys really don't seem like professional rally drivers. Some don't even seem to have a copilot...

  • YesDeere13
    YesDeere13 12 days ago

    Huge balls, little dicks.

  • ItzGabrickz1
    ItzGabrickz1 12 days ago

    0:25 sounds like paul walker

  • Toxic Industrials
    Toxic Industrials 12 days ago

    8:00 too funny

  • Shakti Chauhan
    Shakti Chauhan 12 days ago

    No clickbait.. I feel.. I feel sad

  • Cristi C
    Cristi C 12 days ago

    0:12 there is another video about that: "Multiple cameras were rolling as this racecar takes a turn too sharply and tumbles over a cliff at the Pike's Peak International Climb event in Colorado. Luckily the driver and his passenger were able to walk away from this one with no serious injuries."

  • cdrbmw
    cdrbmw 12 days ago

    Not 2017!!!!!!!!!

  • Liam G. G. M.
    Liam G. G. M. 12 days ago

    3:38 guys in the stand got shitmixed

  • Cristian 925
    Cristian 925 13 days ago

    3:41 rip

  • DexMASTER94
    DexMASTER94 13 days ago

    2:02 - ty pííííčo :D

  • Mishal
    Mishal 13 days ago

    Here you are you son of a bitch!

  • Tony Fleetwood
    Tony Fleetwood 13 days ago

    one minutes 40 seconds in, ive already said " oooohhhh fuck! " about 17 times

  • vector6977
    vector6977 13 days ago

    6:25 gonna need more than those wipers.

  • vector6977
    vector6977 13 days ago

    Rally, where you have to have balls just to watch!

  • infectiousprod kush-the space cat

    huges crashes ! thx a lot

  • NuKer
    NuKer 13 days ago

    OMG someone died?

  • Bergen Norway
    Bergen Norway 13 days ago

    So, do you get points by crashing and killing spectators ?

    MAHESH JOSHTE 14 days ago

    C to come to

  • Anna Landler
    Anna Landler 14 days ago

    nujngb jk

  • ILikeTurtles
    ILikeTurtles 14 days ago

    Who pays for the damage to the spectators property? The team owners or the rally organisers..

  • Nick Nieberg
    Nick Nieberg 15 days ago

    what happens if a rally car crashes into your house or car or even into you do they have insurance for that?

  • Андрей Бобровницкий

    ....and the driver becomes a passenger

  • vivostubes
    vivostubes 15 days ago

    Worst Nigthmare 09:40

  • Miroslav Riessner
    Miroslav Riessner 15 days ago

    ...some peoples are simply idiots and cretins... :-(((
    (from the viewers)

  • 78
    78 15 days ago

    Has anyone got a fire extinguisher?
    Yer, that ain't gunna help.

  • Motor Brain
    Motor Brain 15 days ago


  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 15 days ago

    I always snap my seat belt on, but I guess I have never actually used it.

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 15 days ago

    It is like people never learn. Over and over they do it, not caring about the actual energy in a moving car. But they keep texting while driving anyway.

  • James Irish
    James Irish 15 days ago

    they have their windshield wipers on at 6:20 it will be funny when you see it

  • mayakovski
    mayakovski 16 days ago

    These are awesome, I love watching idiots at play.

    • Semjon
      Semjon 11 days ago

      mayakovski idiots at play? This is motorsport, crashes are normal.

  • RECFILM Thierry Schmit


  • Aurang zaib Khan
    Aurang zaib Khan 16 days ago

    death for sale.....

  • thorntam chamnong
    thorntam chamnong 16 days ago

    0:12 very bad. bajet je cakap omputeh hahahah

  • thorntam chamnong
    thorntam chamnong 16 days ago

    back flippppppp hahaha

  • bukanbangkit
    bukanbangkit 16 days ago

    it's so satisfying when the drivers can handle the corners properly. i cringed so hard at these clips. really took a professional to do these kind of things.

  • Willysmb44
    Willysmb44 17 days ago

    Amazing videos, I hate to think how many people died in those clips. They should make this required viewing for anyone who wants to get close to the track during these races.

  • Lars Jönlid
    Lars Jönlid 17 days ago

    That´s what I call crashes !!!!!!

  • Birger Andersson
    Birger Andersson 17 days ago

    Rena vansinnet

  • tony Mac
    tony Mac 17 days ago

    michael jackson hiding out watchin rally at 4:02

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