Pokemon EXIST

Pokemon exist and i will prove it to you. oh and sorry i didn't put music

btw i didn't make these pictures :p notice WORTH 1000

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Author Keith Kiernan ( ago)

Author Gabriel Viana da Silva ( ago)
que mentiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! (i'm portuguese :)

Author Jade Zumwalde ( ago)
чєαh. thαt'ѕ cαllєd phσtσѕhσp

Author spionnadh ( ago)
fake fake fake fake fake

Author Jason Ellis ( ago)
Bigfoot Meh, Aliens Well the Galaxy is big, But Pokemon? Who ever belives
this Is Dumber Than A Rock.

Author Sarah Hernandez Santos ( ago)
real cheep man

Author pokeball 101 ( ago)
Now all I need is a pokeball!

Author Mine Romero ( ago)

Author iran almeida ( ago)
i love unbreon

Author Masked Man Claus ( ago)
...Mhhh.... Ñemh.....

Author GoldFishTeam ( ago)
Uhm... Do you think we shoud believe this is real? For it is easy tonsee
that they are fake and the name "pokémon EXIST" well thats not true you
that made thid id dumber then a dead rat!!

Author Tuany Valesca ( ago)
fakeeeee f#ck

Author Lorrayne Alves ( ago)
that our incredibly beautiful assembly I wish it were really I was going
there now because I have 10 YEARS! I'D get mad I wish it were true!

Author Boy123 Boy123 ( ago)
Real PokeMon Season 13

Kanto / Johto / Hoenn / Sinnoh

Author Christopher Schuetz ( ago)
I think it would be cool if Pokémon was real but all those pictures are

Author merivalda doroteu (1014 years ago)
Que pora e esa o licaria fica pe o chanmande tb o caiogre e mais grande

Author Run Li ( ago)

Author Legoguy415 ( ago)
What if Pokemon really were real

Author Tamara Crhistine ( ago)
50 seg e a laranja irritante kkk

Author kevin small ( ago)

Author Evelyn Calderon ( ago)

Author Jan Van Nieuwkerk ( ago)
all foto shopt

Author LeagueOfLegends Ahtisaari ( ago)

Author LeagueOfLegends Ahtisaari (5 years ago)

Author Dhaynia Moraes ( ago)
só o zubat exite

Author Luisa _ ( ago)
Why the hell is everyone saying "it's fake, they're photoshopped", that's
obvious, did you really expect them to be real?

Author Ey b0ss ( ago)
At first I thought that was supposed to be an areal view of the staryu, and
the water was land. I freaked the fuck out at the idea of a huge ass staryu

Author Nin10doGaming ( ago)
Am I the only one that realized that he got an evolution wrong. Metapod
doesn't evolve into beedrill. Lol

Author Noah Handy ( ago)
Sorry to burst your bubble but... These are photoshoped.

Author JN FUMASA ( ago)
No,no and no

Author shadow sanchez ( ago)
Totally fkn fake u r lame😒😒

Author Mikael Silva ( ago)
Eu sei que é montagem mais esse kyogre ta bem foda

Author Kai CrimsonBilly ( ago)
not sure if retarded...or just playing retarded

Author Leeann Stewart ( ago)
You are clearly editing photos or painting the animals or making them hild
the things and photos of what pokemon are based off of

Author Jerry Norasing ( ago)

Author galaxyeverything1987 AJ ( ago)
Very few of these are real but they are not pokemon

Author Enzo Cordeiro ( ago)

Author Matheus Cabral ( ago)

Author Noah R ( ago)
It's fake at the end it says ps I didn't create these pictures 

Author Mohammad Ali ( ago)
It's johto

Author Ireland Connery ( ago)
photo shop i called it

Author Grimsley Girl ( ago)
So fake bro!

Author Rose Chavarria ( ago)
These aren't real pokemon there animals !!!

Author esperanza fernandez ( ago)
me a gustado este videooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo

Author shantelli ( ago)
i agree

Author shantelli ( ago)
all of these animals r in the wild

Author ‫אושיר חי כהן ששון‬‎ (1351 year ago)
I have a lot of questtions!!!!!!

Author o0AJD0o ( ago)
Ofcourse they do

Author Bryan Ortiz ( ago)

Author LOLFlyingPotatoes ( ago)
You didn't even spell Johto correctly!

Author TommyiLLtrigger ( ago)

Author James Ballard ( ago)
2 Questions:
Why do people even watch this if they know it's fake?
How is there so little dislikes?

Author m3ta n3wt ( ago)
You forgot quite a few, buddy...

Author Flare The Flareon/ UmberonLover ( ago)
Ik Its fake but the Umbreon looks really real to me -Pants-I WISH IT WAS

Author Vasantha vasu ( ago)
Fake... All editing. It can be clearly seen.

Author Tara Cary ( ago)

Author MusiCat Crissie ( ago)
Awesome :) The bird ("kanto region") is so cute <3 :D *.*

Author Nehemias Davolio ( ago)
sooooooo fake

Author Dansku plays ( ago)
what's photo photo region xDD

Author Shmitty finklebodom ( ago)
cool pokemons are real i thoguht they were not but i saw 1 before and it
was a pikachu

Author Brittney Linn ( ago)
I want to catch one

Author Mani Bharathi (1729 years ago)
they all are photoshop............... lol

Author Vijay U ( ago)

Author TheBlueYoutube ( ago)
u do no that these r all fake right?

Author cookieluverstar ( ago)
There fake because they might been photos hooted

Author Skywalker HD ( ago)
You wrote "Johto" wrong, dumb ass.

Author nikhil krishna ( ago)
you dare shoe lucario as a dog


Author Sorina Alexandrescu ( ago)
Weres espeon so unfair oh and flareon I like him her :-)

Author Dompi ( ago)
Lucario is a dawg........

Author Sara Pancheco Pacheci ( ago)
Thats fake and i relly whish that pokemon was rell

Author danilo veloso ( ago)
o mentira

Author AbbRunner ( ago)
The pictures went by so quick! And why no music???

Author Generic YouTuber ( ago)
If they are real where can I get one?

Author Alexa The Potato (1735 years ago)
Pika hu is a mouse,not a bunny... Idiot -_-

Author gayathri gopan ( ago)
how --- how can u make fun of pokemon
so pathetic

Author 0IIIIII ( ago)

Author frank castle ( ago)
what are you going to use for resheram huh a butt

Author MinecraftMare Miner ( ago)
this is fake the flame on the rapidash isnt relistic i know what real flame
looks like and to me its like these pictures were photo shop

Author Brain Health TV (1471 year ago)
tell me were torso is

Author Kelli Rowan-Tuttle ( ago)
every time when I see that golbat it gives me chills

Author Søren K. Pedersen ( ago)
Dude theyre photshoped!

Author INSANITY CROW ( ago)

Author Aaditya Modi ( ago)

Author Aaditya Modi ( ago)
not true

Author Jayme Wootten ( ago)

Author IIGhostmeansToastII ( ago)
pikachu = mouse not bunny idiot !

Author Drifter Sk (1066 years ago)
Dude its real fake oK you upgrade the animal to pokémon -_-

Author Joseph Breau ( ago)
your full off bull shit.

Author Lena Owen ( ago)
He rock one with the look a like girl from annoying orange

Author TheEnderKing T.E.K ( ago)
i know most of these are fake. the time between the pictures switching is
approxamately 1.2 seconds, so all of the pokemon u can name by seeing them,
they are ur favorite/most memorable pokemon because cute/funny/cool/creepy
pokemon will enter ur subconcious long term memory, making it easier to
recall names and putting it in the semiconcious memory. [its just a theory]

Author Bobby Chap ( ago)
Lies Lies Everywhere But Do Pokemon Actually Exist?

Author Lucas Alexandre ( ago)
concordo luiz
fico nada ave

Author DuplaCraft Craft ( ago)
nossaa nada ave

Author Jake Nichol ( ago)

Author Dupla de Gamers Vasconcelos ( ago)

Author Larry LaSieur ( ago)

Author arsh halde ( ago)
If pokemon are real tell us where you find them

Author janaina moraes ( ago)
esta bem se isso são pokemons reais então eu sou o homen aranha 

Author newdel atencio ( ago)
what the hell

Author Ben quemp ( ago)
correct me if im wrong, but im sensing photoshop here, cept voltorb...that
was real 100% no questions asked didnt look like a fake image at all

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