Pokemon EXIST

Pokemon exist and i will prove it to you. oh and sorry i didn't put music

btw i didn't make these pictures :p notice WORTH 1000

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Author Lodotod jr. (1 year)
It's a joke Dumbass

Author Borderlands2KillsSla (1 year)
So your saying that plant i saw was a bellsprout ima go throw a pokeball at

Author Elisha Derpsilva (1 year)
Photo shop

Author marcosmendoza345 (1 year)

Author The Muzzy Man (1 year)
haha i actually found this pretty funny

Author stephane vitória (1 year)
também acho q é montagem mas se for verdade vou pedi urgentemente 259

Author Shanna Deng (1 year)
So much for "If you REALLY KNOW POKEMON, you wouldn't ask me which on is
which"! Whoever made this doesn't know a THING about pokemon. That's
probably why all of the normal animals which can't breathe fire, blast
water, or summon lightning don't look a THING like the ones in GAMES. You
hear me? NOT REAL LIIIIIFE!!!!

Author Gaming Videos & more (1 year)
You stupid its so FAKE

Author Randy Rickel (1 year)

Author Ainsley Richter (1 year)
Photo shop

Author Digi Gamer (1 year)

Author Coolsuh90 (1 year)
You put it too fast

Author Amaya Benaski (1 year)

Author Devon Hamel (1 year)
Kim Kardashians ASS is more real than this

Author Detinator Brown (1 year)
Fake fake photoshopped

Author The Amongoose (1 year)

Author Mrskipper303 (1 year)
lmfao wtf gayest shit since big al

Author crazymage1988 (1 year)
eve the designs were lame

Author Sho N (1 year)

Author Psyondrax1 (1 year)
Skippy missed his milky wilky? Go back to sucking your mom's tits lil shit

Author OlliBillionaire (1 year)
You didnt even spell "Johto" right....disgusting

Author skyblaze eterno (1 year)
its all fake!!!

Author SilvertheCatZ (1 year)
:3 u sed ballz

Author Mrskipper303 (1 year)
ha gaaaaaay

Author Joshua Mondero (1 year)

Author guido gauto (1 year)
so that means i have a mudkip :D

Author Angelo Falcão (1 year)
e tudo montagem ou e fotoshop quem concorda curte

Author JRC4ENTOMOLOGY (1 year)
tuaros is real all the others died off lawl

Author Ham Mac (1 year)
seems legit :/

Author brendon donegan (1 year)
Gotta catchem all

Author Mrskipper303 (1 year)
you do

Author Loyal Servine (1 year)
00:58 that looks nothing like lapras

Author Hiccup trainer (1 year)
it is even real?

Author coddie lynch (1 year)
yay now I can catch a suicune

Author XMintiiX AJ (1 year)
You think I know that already? I know it's a cat. It's formed to look like

Author Bandispyro (1 year)
Could've been a bit slower

Author Andy Presents Games (1 year)

Author faloofaloofa (1 year)

Author david navarro (1 year)
Is amazing

Author XMintiiX AJ (1 year)
1:07 is so cute!!! It's a Mew X3

Author Nimesaloteth . (1 year)
1:19 is great^^

Author demonic dave (1 year)
photoshop/plastic surgery do exist holy fuck

Author Shanna Deng (1 year)
Made before it was made, idiot. How old are you? I'm 9.

Author Riley Belt (1 year)
This was cool.

Author C irusnuxfrs (1 year)
This is the dumbest shit i have ever seen.

Author Hiago Minare (1 year)
realy !! ???

Author Soo Kim (1 year)
He didn't make them look in the discription

Author dat nguyen (1 year)
Mostly all of them LOOK FAKE

Author Psyondrax1 (1 year)
lol wow and you call yourself the gayest lil shit

Author Chelsey Simons (1 year)

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