Pokemon EXIST

Pokemon exist and i will prove it to you. oh and sorry i didn't put music

btw i didn't make these pictures :p notice WORTH 1000

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Author link073 (1 month)
Les pokemons existe et c'est prouver a 100 pour 100 

Author PrincessGabby02 (1 month)
If these were real the government would have probably taken all of them by
now XDD

Author Rubi Cruz (3 months)
Real are you trying to fool me

Author The Terawolf (3 days)
the only one that isnt photo shopped is the mudkip. that is a real animal.

Author Ares Popal (15 days)
A Real Pokémon? 00:51

Author Gabe Huntson (18 days)
Is this person stupid or is he joking

Author Maryann Farrell (20 days)
The mudkip was real it's based off that animal 

Author AleGui G.A (21 day)

Author Erin Reed (22 days)
I wish this was real... :(

Author TheLightningDragon42 (25 days)
Much wow, such fail.

Author Emily Johnson (26 days)
were is ls the Unevor region

Author luiz eduardo schons torres (27 days)
ha ha ha ate pareçe

Author The Yakie Gamer (27 days)
Im pretty sure one like goldeen or zubat are real

Author Kimanh Dinh (28 days)

Author Alexandra Aparicio (1 month)

Author Carlos Eduardo Silva (1 month)

Author Luigi Carnemolla (1 month)

Author Jefferson Bruno (1 month)
raposa de nove caudas

Author John Appleseed (1 month)
Some look fake

Author Xinhua Goutier (1 month)
Um, yeah. Hi I'm using meh mom's account and, yeah. There's something
called PHOTO SHOP. Idiot. And if they didn't photo shop it they dyed there
animal's fur, or either bended the animal's tail bone or something. It
couldn't get dumber than this. Ugh.

Author Firedemon72 (1 month)
All photoshop or disguises

Author Leo Wilson (1 month)
Electross isn't from Kanto

Author Sabrina Magliocchi (1 month)

Author Canh Pham (1 month)
Really u think I'm stupid?

Author wolf09 (1 month)
well pokemon are dast off of real animals so you are right but the moves
are not real

Author Qing An Chou (1 month)

Author Marc Arriaga (1 month)
what there reel holy shit gotta catch them all

Author Fart Burgers (4 months)
Pokémon don't exist we are pokémon game theory explained it

Author Mary Otoole (1 month)

Author Ronaldo Mouraria (4 months)
se pokemon esiste porque ninguem ja
viu em

Author bluutran (1 month)
This is heck a fake

Author Vinyldjrockerz (1 month)
You all are missing the point! The fact is that you can tell if some one
photo shopped it uh DUH!

Author Alexandra Aparicio (1 month)
Fake fake

Author Vincent Harris (2 months)
Am I right people

Author varun anand (2 months)
fake ass

Author Lindsay Durant (2 months)
...seriously? how dumb do you think we are?

Author kara mishi (2 months)
no music?

Author Jon Harr (2 months)
At least some of them looked real but they still aren't really real that
was special effects.

Author Pinkamena Diane Pie (2 months)
Mew! So cute!

Author Tami Horn (2 months)

Author Jeff Brown (2 months)
That koffing is kind of creepy

Author Deyn Bacani (2 months)
Hey !!! Pokemon is not real but where is rceus???

Author Tuyen Nguyen (2 months)

Author Vincent Harris (2 months)
They just use animals and put special effects on them

Author Kayle18995 (3 months)
Shaymin s2

Author walkthoughman9 (6 months)
Lucario is a hoenn region pokemon :P

Author animalteamleader (3 months)
Ah photoshop

Author Tammy Rossitto (3 months)
witch ones witch?

Author Daddycraft (3 months)
Jente claro que é real, igual gente com J

Author chiti chatergirl allright Pesce (3 months)
1.25 there real what Pokemon is ment to be lol there really called
axoltalos its sorta like the evolve in the wild axoltls water rose down
they transform Into slamander cause there part tadple don't believe me look
up axoltls

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