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Author Elmo Smith (7 days)
your so dumb those are photo effect il prove it go on 1 19 you can see its
a doberman a dog breed

Author Fart Burgers (23 days)
Pokémon don't exist we are pokémon game theory explained it

Author Morten Pedersen Herø (1 month)
Lucario stand on his feets, but not on his feet and hands

Author Tiffany Luong (1 month)
I can tell photo shop...

Author iKat-Sansa (2 months)
Kyogre and Shaymin were the best!:)

Author Abdullah Al Otaibi (1 month)
Johto, not Jhoto idiot.

Author juanjos1800 (2 months)

Author Lman136 (1 day)
Everybody knows that's photoshopped

Author Ameba Pigg X Fantage (17 hours)
photo bucket..its fake though but looks cool.

good bay

Author Simon Gray (3 days)
houndoom so

Author gilles cailliere (4 days)
Fake photos 

Author Jamall Peart (6 days)
ok fist there all photo shopped and they don't exist 

Author ANDY AU (17 days)
Fake maybe he painted they

Author Joaquin Ravacio (2 months)

Author SziKris123 (2 months)

Author Adam Wolves (2 months)
fake it looks like photo shop

Author zook leanord (18 days)
Pokemon Does Not Exist. I Could Tell That Your Video Is Photo Shop Because
I've Seen Lots Of Animals And I Have Not Seen A Single Animal That Look
Like Those In The Video.

Author Matthew Dunn (27 days)
Everyone knows you used special fx on random animals and insects and i'm 9
and I know that's fake

Author Blaine Carr (1 month)
hey what about the univa and kalos reigon

Author Ryan Ojla (1 month)
unova and kalos did not exist in september 2008

Author Deshawn Ezra (5 months)
Some might be real because i saw a flygon fly on my hand first i was shock
then it was harmless

Author Thiago França (4 months)
Fuck and chip

Author Pedro Moraes e Souza (3 months)

Author mustafa gokalp (2 months)
Of course its fake. Everyone knows that Pokemon are just in a game and
aren't real. (Lucario comes into the room) Lucario: What did you say? Me:

Author Guilherme Janczak (2 months)
what the hell were people thinking when they came to this video to say

Author Johnny Ngo (4 months)
Absuluty fake >:(

Author John Reggi (2 months)
i won a b the very BEST like know one ever WASSSSS!!!!!!!

Author syed nasir (2 months)

Author adam sjolundh (4 months)
nice photoshoping

Author Maryset Mendoza (5 months)

Author walkthoughman9 (2 months)
Lucario is a hoenn region pokemon :P

Author minecraft lover (1 month)
No they don't it's just a show and game

Author arthur teep (2 months)
you say fake a lot give him a chance LOL

Author Kieran Mew (1 month)
I knew straight away people would say fake as soon as I saw this ;)

Author Pikachu83 (2 months)
Kill me.

Author jj6x612 (2 months)
Its just photoshop :/

Author Pol Vallès (1 year)
viva fotoshop
Pokemon EXIST

Author Andreu Gallart Rui (2 years)

Author Ryan Ojla (1 month)
lucario is found in sinnoh but its a hoenn pokemon which you can see in
lucario and the mystery of mew

Author BloodstoneHit Sanchez (2 months)
Some look real but then some look fake but great video dude i subscribed

Author Edgar Acosta (3 months)

Author Piet Mondrian (5 months)
Funny vid I like the cat mew

Author Nick Glaister (4 months)

Author Diane Dickson (2 months)
of course thy r real

Author Pepiux Ochoa (3 months)

Author Evie Cortes (2 months)
some real..... but, MOST ARE FAKE!!!!!!!!!

Author sebastian6078 (1 month)
look a the real pidgey hell yeah

Author Madara Uchiha (3 months)
this video was sexy

Author D.J. Simmons (4 months)
shaymin and mew looks the exact same

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