Pokemon EXIST

Pokemon exist and i will prove it to you. oh and sorry i didn't put music

btw i didn't make these pictures :p notice WORTH 1000

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Author mattyy101 (4 months)
pokemon exist on photoshop lol ?

Author PrincessGabby02 (9 months)
If these were real the government would have probably taken all of them by
now XDD

Author 0IIIIII (1 month)

Author crazybuizel (4 months)
seems legit

Author Derpy Hooves (4 months)

Author MinecraftMare Miner (1 month)
this is fake the flame on the rapidash isnt relistic i know what real flame
looks like and to me its like these pictures were photo shop

Author gayathri gopan (1 month)
how --- how can u make fun of pokemon
so pathetic

Author roxylovesmusic890 (2 months)
pikachu = mouse not bunny idiot !

Author frank castle (1 month)
what are you going to use for resheram huh a butt

Author Poppy N Rednihctelf (2 months)

Author Vakter112 (5 months)
YES FINALLY POKEMONS ARE REAL XDDDDDD waw man this kid really belive thes
pakimans are real

Author Joseph Breau (2 months)
your full off bull shit.

Author Vijay U (3 days)

Author AbbRunner (1 month)
The pictures went by so quick! And why no music???

Author Whitefang12239 (6 months)
I wish pokemon were real, It would be so cool.

Author Skywalker HD (17 days)
You wrote "Johto" wrong, dumb ass.

Author Luiz luiz mariano neto (3 months)
nossaa nada ave

Author Shmitty finklebodom (2 days)
cool pokemons are real i thoguht they were not but i saw 1 before and it
was a pikachu

Author Alexa The Potato (1 month)
Pika hu is a mouse,not a bunny... Idiot -_-

Author Austin Auguila (5 months)
U forgot a few regons and pokemon are fake

Author Sorina Alexandrescu (21 day)
Weres espeon so unfair oh and flareon I like him her :-)

Author cookieluverstar (17 days)
There fake because they might been photos hooted

Author Mani Bharathi (2 days)
they all are photoshop............... lol

Author newdel atencio (3 months)
what the hell

Author Sara Pancheco Pacheci (1 month)
Thats fake and i relly whish that pokemon was rell

Author danilo veloso (1 month)
o mentira

Author Jake Nichol (3 months)

Author Jayme Wootten (2 months)

Author Drifter Sk (2 months)
Dude its real fake oK you upgrade the animal to pokémon -_-

Author Søren K. Pedersen (2 months)
Dude theyre photshoped!

Author nikhil krishna (20 days)
you dare shoe lucario as a dog


Author Rubi Cruz (10 months)
Real are you trying to fool me

Author SonictheCrafter (1 month)
If they are real where can I get one?

Author TheEnderKing T.E.K (3 months)
i know most of these are fake. the time between the pictures switching is
approxamately 1.2 seconds, so all of the pokemon u can name by seeing them,
they are ur favorite/most memorable pokemon because cute/funny/cool/creepy
pokemon will enter ur subconcious long term memory, making it easier to
recall names and putting it in the semiconcious memory. [its just a theory]

Author Brittney Linn (2 days)
I want to catch one

Author Aaditya Modi (2 months)

Author Alien Nerd (3 months)
Lies Lies Everywhere But Do Pokemon Actually Exist?

Author Toy Chica (8 months)

Author Brain Health TV (2 months)
tell me were torso is

Author Chloe Sandwich (6 months)
I can see no use of Photoshop in these photos.. XD hahaha

Author Lucas Alexandre (3 months)
concordo luiz
fico nada ave

Author Kelli Rowan-Tuttle (2 months)
every time when I see that golbat it gives me chills

Author Lena Owen (3 months)
He rock one with the look a like girl from annoying orange

Author soshan ramung (4 months)
its totally not real

Author Orin Zone (4 months)
I love poke munon a lot if those were real First Carmander, Carmelion,

Author angélica maría reina mendez (4 months)

Author Johnathan Hafele (4 months)
FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!! Most Of These Are Either Painted Or Modified From The
Real Version!!!!

Author rafaelos christofides (4 months)
you have to be kidding me.......

Author Captin_cupcake11 (6 months)
These pictures are fake every one knows you can edit and change pictures
and paint and drees up animals. Plus It was clear the pershon was jest a
painted cat to look like a pershon. :p you don't fool me

Author Aaditya Modi (2 months)
not true

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