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Author Bander AL-Otaibi (8 months)
MD80 Cockpit Takeoff Part 2 FULL HD

Author vonjuergen (1 year)
is it still the most quiet jet cockpit in history?

Author MileHighClub211 (1 year)
Quick takeoff!

Author stewart baker (1 year)
Great video, thank you 

Author javacup912 (1 year)
This is a very good video, but like the comments below, the only reason I
see the long flight to the States is either the airplane was sold, or being
scrapped. Either way, this is probably a ferry flight. By the cockpit
layout, this is either an MD-88 or MD-90, which both still have some life
left. I've ferried DC9/MD-80 before with removable extra tanks in the cargo
bays and in the cabin area on top of the center box, and range was extended
to about 5,00 miles plus. I know we did Hawaii-LAX, and Japan-LAX or SEA.
No ETOPS required for the ferry, so we flew over the open water and hope
the engines stayed healthy, which they did. This is probably the best
airplane ever built, period. And these last MD-8x models had the right
combination of automation and human interaction. I still look up to the sky
when I see one on approach or climbing out, and just watch and go back in
mind to my prime days. Thanks for sharing this and the other videos.

Author EBZR Pilot (3 years)
Really nice video but why would you do long haul flights with an MD-80? was
it sold to a south american company or scrapped? I suppose this is not a
scheduled passenger flight?

Author HeyGod (4 years)
nice vid! thx for posting

Author gforce4all (4 years)
Where's the stereo?

Author Josef Stalinsson (2 years)
Mmmmmm very good climbing rate 3500ft/m at 214 sp. , i was wrong when my
friend told me that on Fsx he can get 4000ft/m at 230sp with B-747-8j

Author FSXreality (3 years)
@aybam12 I can't help but chip in and state that you are most wrong indeed.
Airliners have a steering 'tiller' because the rudder no good at low speeds
and tight turns. Boeing recommends not using the tiller above 30 knots due
sensitivity/responsive issues (and engine failure). Rudder doesn't become
effective until about 60-80 knots, however. The 80 knots call actually
refers to 'rudder fully responsive'. Rudder deflection is 10 degs on the
ground so not for tight turns.

Author tinyman12323 (4 years)
cockpit so quiet :]

Author JumpStartation (3 years)
@sixstringmania You need to press a button. Otherwise, how would you talk
in the cockpit?

Author MANTLEBERG (4 years)

Author AllanVictoriaA (3 years)
Great video, thanks for posting.

Author thevidguy11 (3 years)
@blueangels5 your wrong, thats only on small aircraft, in the case of the
md-80 and other commercial aircraft there is a small steering handle to the
left of the yolk that hydraulically controls the nose gear.

Author Ben Gaut (4 years)
@alamoman444 That's not in the U.S. at all. A lot of jets have the landing
lights on the landing gear. So when they retract the gear, the lights are
in the wheel wells.

Author sam9524 (4 years)
AWESOME!!! so how did you capture the video??? i mean like how did they
allow you to make a video in the cockpit??

Author Wayne Phillips (1 year)
Boxes may not complain but they can shift if not properly secured and you
definitely don't want that to happen!

Author 11TreySimons (3 years)
@beergut111 it wouldn't. so it is meaning that there flying that distance
first, then going on another plane to miami

Author AdognamedOp (2 years)
One of the reasons I love watching these videos is because I know one day
these birds will be fully automated and the role of pilot will be further
diminished- we're almost there already. Technology is great but one day
folks will look back at these vids and long for the days when technology
played less a role in flying. But safety and efficiency trump nostalgia,..
for now. :0

Author Flying101 (4 years)
@02powertube i think its the trim buzzer to tell the flight deck crew that
the elevator trim is in motion

Author djaxe32 (4 years)

Author Xjazzzi (2 years)
yeah computer fly :P

Author vsbfbmusic (3 years)
@Erich64x2 thanks

Author artistforrealart (2 years)
Its amazing that airline pilots get so much money...destroying the
airlines...there are so many good boys to want to be pilots...

Author Charlie Williams (3 years)
Whats that noise at 2:45? i love it :D

Author beergut111 (3 years)
dussledorf to miami on an md80?......i dont think so

Author compteck7 (2 years)
Airbus dont use yokes..they use a fly-by-wire joystick

Author Flying101 (4 years)
@easyJetAirbus *no worries!

Author indiantan (3 years)
What the pilot press at 3:33 with that click sound?

Author Steve Marshall (2 years)
Just realized the fuel guages are in kilos LOL

Author 46Bax (2 years)
Honestly, wouldnt it just be allsome if you could activate auto pilot, and
just sit in youre lazy pilot couch just watching outside for a few hours
for money? With cargo would be even more allsome, as boxes don't complain ;)

Author MargeMargeMargeable (3 years)
same here! :-)

Author DannyTakeOff (3 years)
@sixstringmania Haha, No it's when you push a button, it's on the yoke in
my aircraft. :)

Author jeff (3 years)
@indiantan it looks like he was changing ether his heading or vertical

Author Ivan Nuñez (3 years)
@thevidguy11 your wrong, no aircraft has a "small steering handle" they all
use rudder pedals. some airbus aircraft might have a flight stick (like a
helicopters control) that is off to the left. but in your case you are

Author Luc Gaupin (3 years)
Is there an european type airline that allows type 1 diabetics to fly

Author storm reports live (2 years)
AWESOME who filmed this id love to be IN THE COCKPIT filming

Author Erich Albertsen (3 years)
@vsbfbmusic Trim Movement alarm

Author fixitmekanik412 (2 years)
man i was dizzy after watching this video!!!!

Author 49nst (3 years)
@Erich64x2 Too bad the rest of the plane isn't... ^.^

Author Richy (4 years)
@scaremengaviation I was wondering the same. Can an MD 80 seriously travel
over the Atlantic?

Author Edoardo Rossi (4 years)
very very turbolence!!

Author rockgodpatrick (3 years)
@afgrocks123 at 3.00 they were told to climb to FL190 and free speed. Free
speed means they can go whatever speed they want, meaning the 250knots
under Fl100 restriction is removed

Author popacap21 (3 years)
@sixstringmania for outside cabin its PTT.. tower, other traffic ect

Author aaron8862006 (3 years)
Letting the FO have a go at the takeoff?

Author cipmars (3 years)
@999lifegoes A flyie talkie.

Author PhiveIncognito (3 years)
@60SixHouseBeats He has a connecting flight in Dusseldorf. Another aircraft
and airline.

Author Andreas Damhaug (2 years)
this is a md 80..

Author Johnn Dea (3 years)
@richygambs321 an a319 can

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