10 Fast Food Hacks You Didn't Know About

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  • siren dela cruz
    siren dela cruz 3 hours ago

    lol... food in our cafe is always fresh... place ur order and the order is served fresh.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 hours ago


  • roflcopterkklol
    roflcopterkklol 1 day ago

    In Australia at burger king (or hungry jacks as it is known here) the burgers are always made fresh, same with rotten ronnies.

  • Henry Pelletier
    Henry Pelletier 1 day ago

    Does anyone else think that Dairy Queen and Burger King should get married and live in the White Castle?

    KRAZY GOAT 2 days ago

    hey hey i had a story
    one day i go to kfc asking
    me:"hey you had chicken"
    kfc:"yes sure"
    me"can i talk to the chicken ?"

  • Martin G
    Martin G 2 days ago

    2:42 is that a Starbucks bong

  • McDankness 710
    McDankness 710 3 days ago


  • Joseph Cotta
    Joseph Cotta 3 days ago

    Hello internet, I'm the Disney Brain
    wait, wrong channel...

  • Lompebønnene
    Lompebønnene 4 days ago

    I got so hungry now

  • Riuex Flux
    Riuex Flux 4 days ago

    ive never heard anyone say that burger king is their favorite burger place...

  • 2,000 subscibers without any videos

    #1 On that life hack what if i want to order a large?

  • TT CC
    TT CC 6 days ago

    Just saw the mentos ad about connectingVery very interesting!

  • SwaggZ GT
    SwaggZ GT 6 days ago

    Tip: if you need some drink, go to a fast food restaurant where you can get you're own drink (Like some Burger Kings etc.) btw think of a bottle that is not fulled with some drink then you can get some fanta or cola 😉

  • Sumer Grewal
    Sumer Grewal 7 days ago

    Another fast food hack thats a game changer:
    1. Ask for UNSALTED FRIES .... that way they have to make them fresh and not the premade batch.

  • ToastyBros
    ToastyBros 7 days ago

    u can go into any fast food place and ask for a cup of water it's free lol

  • XavierB ASMR
    XavierB ASMR 8 days ago

    im not gonna lie none of these will ever come of use to me

  • ProfessionalCheater2

    No. Fast food burger places let the cooked patties sit around. Not fully dressed burgers. it takes Mcdonalds 40 seconds to make 8 burgers. just ask for a fresh patty

  • Shmoo Berry
    Shmoo Berry 8 days ago


  • LucasJS
    LucasJS 8 days ago

    For the first one what if you wanted a large?

  • Free Way
    Free Way 8 days ago

    a lot of these are just rich dicks shit

  • Free Way
    Free Way 8 days ago

    fuck you talking about I just paid 199 for a 4 piece

  • XiGoat
    XiGoat 8 days ago

    god i hate his voice

  • Random Lauren
    Random Lauren 9 days ago

    2:37 doesn't everyone know that orrrr is that just me

  • Wrencer Snorton
    Wrencer Snorton 9 days ago


  • Richard Ulysse
    Richard Ulysse 9 days ago

    wrong about #6. Fast food gives you one sauce pack for every 4 pieces.

  • Derek Too swole
    Derek Too swole 9 days ago

    How are these life hacks more like diabetes and high blood pressure and xxxl shirts from Walmart.
    Fun fact: get off your ass, work out, eat healthy, live live.!

  • Zane Jackson
    Zane Jackson 10 days ago

    #2 wasn't a hack at all, in fact it does nothing, ive worked in fast food. No ketchup? they are not in a warmer with ketchup already on them that wouldnt constitute any freshness.

  • Mawall Johns
    Mawall Johns 10 days ago

    also just ask for more sauce

  • Mawall Johns
    Mawall Johns 10 days ago

    waters free anywhere

  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 10 days ago


  • Jessie Palermo
    Jessie Palermo 11 days ago


  • yugioh guy
    yugioh guy 11 days ago

    A.K.A, "10 ways to get employees to spit on your food"

  • Harry Tomato
    Harry Tomato 11 days ago

    Just go to mcdonalds and get a free ice water or just go to a water fountain, the only places that charge for water are places that rich basic white kids go to because they know that they are too dumb to know that they can go anywhere else to get water.

  • The Toy Girl TTG
    The Toy Girl TTG 11 days ago

    I've tried getting free water from Starbucks AND IT WORKS

  • CptWooGAMING
    CptWooGAMING 12 days ago

    I like how he pronouns ketchup like cetchap

  • Dr. Doge
    Dr. Doge 13 days ago

    People that want a steamed bun on other sandwiches have very autistic taste buds

  • Emilee Puckett
    Emilee Puckett 13 days ago

    1:35 thats because you let it sit for too long, trust me, my sister works there.

  • Bryan Galan
    Bryan Galan 14 days ago

    "They have to do with for ya"
    shut the hell up. geez
    half of these will make you into that annoying customer

  • Fuelerism Duo
    Fuelerism Duo 14 days ago

    What If You Get A Large At Starbucks?

  • Bundle
    Bundle 14 days ago

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  • Aiden Sewellmichaelis

    Retarded facts verse. YOU CAN ALWAYS ASK FOR MORE SAUCE.

  • Dhilan Raval
    Dhilan Raval 15 days ago


  • BrettS01
    BrettS01 15 days ago

    I've Mcfallen!


    He sounds like don from monsters university

  • PlanetGeekdom
    PlanetGeekdom 15 days ago


  • Un pequeño jugador español

    what if i want abig coffie

  • Haley Groth
    Haley Groth 16 days ago

    He says Ketchup like hes saying Catch up xD

  • Cadmar Business Suite

    I really did not benefit from this but I hope that people learn something new to maximize their benefits when ordering,

  • Colin Nemeth
    Colin Nemeth 16 days ago

    KA CHEP??

  • Hobo Hacker
    Hobo Hacker 17 days ago

    Who eats Chicken Mc Dognuts? Yuck, pressed meat stuff.

  • HLG Forever 87
    HLG Forever 87 17 days ago

    #11 for fresh French fries
    Ask for no salted fries, then add salt yourself

  • Tristan Sisk
    Tristan Sisk 17 days ago

    If you want a perfectly cooked burger, perfect condiments, and a perfect bun, don't go to McDonalds.

  • lisa i sdey to i isaac

    like wlll the food yes

  • lisa i sdey to i isaac

    you r wts wll the food

  • WolfGamer
    WolfGamer 17 days ago


  • Kyle Shaban
    Kyle Shaban 19 days ago

    I watched
    Happy now YouTube

  • Deanna Henry
    Deanna Henry 19 days ago

    good oldAgitator

  • Rules Tools
    Rules Tools 19 days ago


  • Markus Ruiz
    Markus Ruiz 19 days ago

    I'm so confused

  • SpicyTdot
    SpicyTdot 20 days ago


  • henry Johnston
    henry Johnston 20 days ago

    want to get rich quick find the secret to the Krabby patty recipe Karen and Plankton hate him financial advisors also hate him

  • Rich Heathcote
    Rich Heathcote 20 days ago

    did anyone else notice the THE STARBUCKS BONG....LMAO...

  • Hayley 26
    Hayley 26 21 day ago

    I work at McDonald's and here in Australia we call Burger King Hungry Jacks

  • joe kassira
    joe kassira 21 day ago

    I can't handle this voiceover lmao 😂

  • Mac McKinney
    Mac McKinney 21 day ago

    If I ask a Jamba Juice employee for all the money they have as a substitution for my drink they have to give it to me?

  • I'm just a sexy Kurt

    0:53 "fresh burger."
    And "Burger King." Is an oxymoron.

  • The coolest cucumber ever

    You don't need to order a coffee to get a free cup of any sized water at Starbucks.


    McDonald's is like the clickbait of life

  • Giraffe
    Giraffe 21 day ago


  • Just me
    Just me 22 days ago

    but when you order a small drink in a medium cup they often forgets and fills the whole cup... you get more for the money but it doesn't fix the spilling problem

  • joshua ramirez
    joshua ramirez 22 days ago

    if you want a good perfect burger, what are you doing going to fast food places. I would rather make it myself or go to a Restraunt and get a Restraunt burger. not a fast food burger

  • Richard Stilwell
    Richard Stilwell 22 days ago

    i have that exact bong

  • Elin Pugh
    Elin Pugh 22 days ago

    I knew about the Starbucks one

  • CQKhro
    CQKhro 22 days ago

    "so you dont even need to worry about it coming straight from the tap".

    This is one of the things I found really odd when I travelled to the US. The tapwater simply wasent drinkable. Go ANYWHERE in scandinavia and its perfectly fine. Seems like a wierd problem for a 1st world country eh?

  • Amira Mohamed
    Amira Mohamed 22 days ago

    Watching this while fasting

  • Anna
    Anna 22 days ago

    your kaaa chup

  • Lil Wayne Jr
    Lil Wayne Jr 23 days ago

    Fuck you im so hungry

  • Christian/hurricane 946

    We don't have burger king, wendies, Carl's Jr in Australia Im sad 😔

  • beckie lassetter
    beckie lassetter 23 days ago

    eek chicken nuggets if people only knew what was REALLY in them they would never eat them or feed the kids them gag

  • Luger720 GT
    Luger720 GT 23 days ago

    Life Hack: Don't order Chicken McNuggets from McDonald because they made a deal of 20 Chicken McNuggets for $5.95 when you can buy 10 Chicken Nuggets that are way better, more golden and crispy, from Burger King, cheaper. There $1.49 each box. thats $2.98 for 20 Chicken Nuggets at burger king. I don't know but i think they once did 10 Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds 20 for $10. That's like 50¢ each. Like wtf.

  • The Two Pandas
    The Two Pandas 24 days ago

    Burger kings burgers are disgusguting, get Five Guys

  • Nebula USA
    Nebula USA 24 days ago

    Take a shot everytime he says "KATCHUP"

  • We are IF
    We are IF 24 days ago

    subway all day

  • First Order Stormtrooper

    i usually have a gallon of BBQ at home, so just buy 100 nuggets and your go to go

  • MysticL
    MysticL 25 days ago

    Why does he pronounce it Ketchaap

  • Denmark
    Denmark 25 days ago

    You know, people who do this are the worst. If you do most of these you clearly have never worked in a restaurant and don't know how much you want to punch customers who do this kind of shit

  • Jesse Pee
    Jesse Pee 25 days ago

    oh no i got hungry

  • PaintedSodaHD
    PaintedSodaHD 25 days ago

    Can you substitute strawberries for sucking my dick

  • S1mon 91
    S1mon 91 25 days ago

    Why would you worry about getting tap water?

  • Kimberly Brooks
    Kimberly Brooks 25 days ago

    Mickey D's Filet O fish does have the best buns, they need to stop being stingy with the sauce!

  • sharon green
    sharon green 25 days ago

    this guy is way to ......chatty! I do not want to know his dietary likes or dislikes....just get on with the show!!

  • dong shin
    dong shin 26 days ago

    just cause you ask for no ketchup that really does not mean your patty will be fresh -.-

  • Voidizoe _
    Voidizoe _ 26 days ago

    Dick juice

  • PaperObjectsTunedUp
    PaperObjectsTunedUp 26 days ago

    Yeah only fast food employees disliked this

  • tamila Rankin
    tamila Rankin 26 days ago

    I'd be too scared to be demanding all these demands; that's when they start doing stuff to your food!

  • El Tamalero
    El Tamalero 26 days ago

    They dont charge the dipping sauce where i live

  • mongollos3q
    mongollos3q 26 days ago

    I've actually seen a fast food chain where they make the food right when you order, and not having a hot box to use

  • REHJR2008
    REHJR2008 26 days ago

    no just order it 'off the grill' at bk. and food only sits for 10 mins max per holding times.

  • The Paws
    The Paws 26 days ago

    I'm here for booty

  • AsteroidMage294 Xbox1

    Am I the only one laughing at him saying 'catchup' instead of 'ketchup'

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