The Odd Death Of Michelle Von Emster

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  • Some things may not be what they seem.

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  • Lena
    Lena 3 hours ago

    This is a good video, and quote

  • Jacian perez
    Jacian perez 11 hours ago

    Do john benet ramsey

  • Emily MacLeod
    Emily MacLeod 1 day ago

    I just love Shane "I'm jumping, I've jumped, I've landed" and the last "huh?" Made me laugh so damn hard

  • Jayson Sargent
    Jayson Sargent 1 day ago

    Hannah had a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder to

  • AvEc FroZtro
    AvEc FroZtro 1 day ago

    This is a great series!!

  • Greta D
    Greta D 1 day ago

    she was raped! she was pushed in the sand, he dumped her body of off the cliff where her leg were broken int he way that they were then were torn off my sharks, but not with a clean bite.

  • Kayla Catz
    Kayla Catz 1 day ago

    I call it was murder

  • Kiwi Blood
    Kiwi Blood 2 days ago

    The bear/shark argument is the funniest argument I've ever heard in my years on earth as a lazy potato.
    And it will always be the funniest.

  • Jeesa Johnson
    Jeesa Johnson 2 days ago

    why didnt the shark bite the tattoo on michelles shoulder? ;)

  • Jalen LaCour
    Jalen LaCour 2 days ago

    I don't like sand it's coarse and rough-Anakin Skywalker

  • New Person
    New Person 2 days ago

    are was she raped pushed of the cliff and was left for he sharks !!!!!!!!

  • Hatt squad
    Hatt squad 3 days ago

    She was pushed of the cliff by the coffee dude, they had been planning a night out. He pushed her of the cliff causing the injuries she was severely hurt her leg at this point was only on bye a thread the guy saw that she was still barely alive so he drowned her in shallow water, she gullpes frantically causing the sand. He waded in and let her of into the current it is there as she hit the bottom that her leg finally gave way and was separated. He planted the purse the next day.

  • Twisted.Whiskers
    Twisted.Whiskers 4 days ago


  • Zuzanna Buczkowski
    Zuzanna Buczkowski 4 days ago

    a hippo easy kill a bear

  • silverkitten36
    silverkitten36 4 days ago

    If this mystery guy was really stalking Michelle, he would have seen her with Edwin the night before her death. This probably made him jealous, so when she went to sight see at the cliff, he pushed her off, climbed down, killed her or if she was already dead butchered her body, then tossed her body in the ocean.

  • kickman 787
    kickman 787 4 days ago

    She probably had her leg cut off by the motorcycle man and then was thrown into the ocean by him

  • xbone super
    xbone super 5 days ago

    i guess it could be an orca attack.. orca loves to play with it's food an would leaves it when it's get bored

  • Samantha Chacon
    Samantha Chacon 5 days ago

    question: is it possible for a motorcycle to tear off her leg like it did?

  • electro shark
    electro shark 5 days ago

    if a hippo can kill an alligator in a heartbeat I think it'll kill a bear when it is in the water

  • Zeba Baig
    Zeba Baig 5 days ago

    I love the comic relief when things get really intense 😂

  • Kimberly Loreto
    Kimberly Loreto 6 days ago

    Do an episode on Natalie Wood

  • madi griffin
    madi griffin 7 days ago

    none of these theories explain why her leg was sharpened to a point tho... what Is the truth

  • Partical 88
    Partical 88 7 days ago

    a little beside the point hahaha

  • Lainey Carter
    Lainey Carter 7 days ago

    this is freaky i was born in san diego and live there

  • TopP!ATDMelanieLIFE

    what is someone murdered her in different ways like Getting pushed off the cliff, then getting murdered, and lastly getting thrown into the ocean.

  • KamaroPayne
    KamaroPayne 7 days ago

    I'm gonna die of starvation bc of buzzfeed. Can't stop clicking

  • Lilipop15499
    Lilipop15499 7 days ago

    How the hell would some guy just remove her leg

  • Lydia Anderson
    Lydia Anderson 8 days ago

    Worst poem ever

  • Jessica Prantl
    Jessica Prantl 8 days ago

    I think it was all of them. Someone could have been pushed, then ran to the ocean where are shark finished her off. It's just a theory, but it could have happened.

  • Emily S
    Emily S 8 days ago

    i think someone tried to r*pe (naked part) her on the cliff then he pushed her /fell off the cliff and because she was not dead he then drowned her (sand) then panicked and faked the shark attact (leg, and threw her in the ocean). i think it was either the stalker or the bartender.

  • x xXxFurryFilmzxXx x

    do one on Titanic

  • BumbleBettas
    BumbleBettas 9 days ago

    5:19 why do they look like Ned and Keith

  • Thomas Xiang
    Thomas Xiang 10 days ago

    its so funny when they laugh

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 10 days ago

    This was the only one i didn't get spooked

  • Ruby Nadine
    Ruby Nadine 10 days ago

    I love the random fight about bears being the most powerful animal in the world

  • Clarise Herrera
    Clarise Herrera 10 days ago

    Wtf is about this poem it was so creepy

  • flowerbombdiamond
    flowerbombdiamond 10 days ago

    A in water a hippo or a shark would beat a bear hands down!

  • meinefresse94
    meinefresse94 10 days ago


  • ʍąďƶ
    ʍąďƶ 10 days ago

    Shane or Brent?

  • Lily Francis
    Lily Francis 11 days ago

    What happened to Brent?

  • clique jishwa_
    clique jishwa_ 11 days ago

    throw back to when i thought these were creepy

  • Mettapop strikes back !

    That poem sounded like someone was mentally ill and drunk when they write it

  • Dresden Tulip
    Dresden Tulip 11 days ago

    Really? This lady was obviously murdered ffs

  • littlefoot
    littlefoot 11 days ago

    I think this is my fave Buzz feed channel it's the only one I've subbed to.

  • NotClickbait
    NotClickbait 11 days ago

    Ryan a ducking hippo would look at the bear and kill it.

  • Torun Torun
    Torun Torun 11 days ago

    I think that She Was murdered

  • Rozaida Md Yusoff
    Rozaida Md Yusoff 11 days ago


  • Keenan Sullivan
    Keenan Sullivan 12 days ago

    and what's that?

  • rivka sing
    rivka sing 12 days ago

    I think I have a good theory about this video probably not right but makes sence

  • Itshappy
    Itshappy 13 days ago

    I think it was murder

  • Jenny Park
    Jenny Park 13 days ago


  • Alex Chairez
    Alex Chairez 13 days ago

    no its not yes it is no its not yes it is no its not yes it is

  • Jaclyn Smith
    Jaclyn Smith 13 days ago

    "He and her had drinks." She and he, Ryan, LOL! Still a great video though. Love this series.

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 13 days ago

    okay but all theories didnt explain the missing leg

  • Nathan Warfield
    Nathan Warfield 13 days ago

    Sand in the internal organs is a way of preserving bodys in Egyptian times.

  • Giselle Sandoval
    Giselle Sandoval 13 days ago

    "The shark is ten times less creepier than you"


  • Yina_ Pie
    Yina_ Pie 13 days ago

    this is a bit funny and like something?

  • Kiara Izzy
    Kiara Izzy 13 days ago

    I think Edwin Decker and the stalker guy teamed up. Think about it. Edwin said he felt a connection with Michelle. What if she didn't feel it and Decker tried to force himself on her or when he told her how she felt, she might have declined leaving him 'bummed'. And remember, he was under the influence of alcohol, which would have made his thinking... well, drunk. His brain wasn't working properly. So I think he somehow got in contact with the stalker guy and teamed up on killing michelle. What if he raped her before she died...? I mean, she was naked. And he was thinking along the lines of forcing himself on her again, out of hate from her decline. And that stalker guy seemed to hang around her. What if it was out of hate? Or maybe... the stalker guy might have been working for Edwin to find out more about Michelle since he liked her...? Either way, they both must of had something about Michelle and decided to get in contact. I think Edwin might have known the stalker then to get in contact with him. So, I think they teamed up to kill Michelle. Please rate my novel 👍🏻

  • DerpyNinja Hero
    DerpyNinja Hero 13 days ago

    A bear will lose to dinosaurs and sharks 80 meters down because swimming

  • Lily Weiss
    Lily Weiss 14 days ago

    hippos are the most dangerous animals in the world

  • Anna Woodward
    Anna Woodward 14 days ago


  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams 14 days ago

    "He should be put in jail for that poem"
    You mean he belongs in the Poetry Slammer
    I'll stop...

  • Hailey Playz Mcpe
    Hailey Playz Mcpe 14 days ago

    Box Jellyfish. There are a number of species of box jellyfish, but they are all quite dangerous. The sea wasp box jellyfish is perhaps the most deadly variety. This translucent sea-dweller may not look all that menacing, but it is the most venomous animal on planet Earth.
    -From Me And Wikipedia

    PS. You were both wrong...

  • SoulGod
    SoulGod 14 days ago

    Definitely murdered

  • Soya Kat
    Soya Kat 14 days ago

    Is the bear or the shark the most powerful animal? This case will remain...unsolved.

  • no name
    no name 14 days ago

    cough meta human cough

  • Manas Seth
    Manas Seth 14 days ago

    the way I see it she was murdered by throwing of a cliff and then thrown into the ocean.

    P.S:- I m 20% sure

  • Amiya Stewart
    Amiya Stewart 14 days ago

    I'm pretty sure she was running away from someone then she was raped and murdered. after that her killer threw her into the ocean

  • rbpink_._.
    rbpink_._. 14 days ago

    I love Shane 💖😭

  • Pucca21 Blogs and more

    It was murder

  • Elis Nadhirah
    Elis Nadhirah 14 days ago

    Please do MH370 and Mona Fendi's murder case/haunted mansion!!

  • daisy danudjaja
    daisy danudjaja 15 days ago

    robert engle is an economist as far as i know? he came to my school to give a speechh?? im so confused

  • Dasha Awesome
    Dasha Awesome 15 days ago

    I think own of the two suspects took off her clothes, raped her, drowned her in shallow waters, and then threw her into the ocean where some shark bit off her leg.

  • Pedro_bear !
    Pedro_bear ! 15 days ago

    what about unsolved mystery of the black knight satellite

  • The moonlight tiger
    The moonlight tiger 15 days ago

    Throughout this episode I kept thinking of maiko tsunami from ygotas "I AM NOT A FREAKY FISH GUY!"

  • Rich Santos
    Rich Santos 15 days ago

    She was killed

  • theaktb
    theaktb 15 days ago

    "The reports said there was a tattoo
    A butterfly on her shoulder
    Which I remembered that night
    On my couch when I
    Like the shark
    Chewed on her lips and took off her shirt."

  • Kennedy Bass
    Kennedy Bass 16 days ago

    +BuzzFeedBlue Shane ur so wrong didn't spongeBob ever teach u about the seabear

  • Maggielovescats
    Maggielovescats 16 days ago

    i want shane to punch my face and then spit on me while he tells me ghost do exist #daddy

  • Yeo Boon kiat
    Yeo Boon kiat 16 days ago

    Your vids are like this👍
    You both are 👬
    I'm a big fan ❤️
    I am a girl👧🏻

  • Nogalistic Chic
    Nogalistic Chic 16 days ago

    and the person who raped her took her clothes and threw her in the water and left...

  • MoniPepperoni
    MoniPepperoni 16 days ago


  • Celestial Enigma
    Celestial Enigma 16 days ago

    This series is so fucking underrated. It's intriguing and my absolute favourite 🙌🙌🙌

  • Mint Oreos
    Mint Oreos 17 days ago

    isn't a mosquito the deadliest animal?

  • Løcal_ Dreamer_
    Løcal_ Dreamer_ 17 days ago

    Buzzfeed unsolved isn't Buzzfeed unsolved without (wheeze)

  • Ethan Hathaway
    Ethan Hathaway 17 days ago

    a wolverine could take down a bear and im not talking about the super hero

  • Rosie Little
    Rosie Little 17 days ago


  • Hannah Cook
    Hannah Cook 17 days ago

    Omg wait this is like baywatch where they killed the guy and then threw him in the ocean and sharks bit him

  • MinK
    MinK 18 days ago

    I was so scared I asked my mom to get my drink cause I am so scared to move
    *I was on my bed and put my drink on my table and there is space between them*

    the cup was next to me just

  • Marisa Hutch
    Marisa Hutch 18 days ago

    That poem was the most hilarious part 😂😂😂😂

  • A. xoxo
    A. xoxo 18 days ago


  • Melissa Miliam
    Melissa Miliam 18 days ago

    I totally think it was a murder. Probably the creepy stalker

  • _lil_keke_
    _lil_keke_ 18 days ago

    Am I the only one that have nightmares about these videos

  • Aurimas Zigas
    Aurimas Zigas 19 days ago

    she was kildd by the wierd man

  • Jeff
    Jeff 19 days ago

    03:05 questionable had autotune

  • Gaming Trix
    Gaming Trix 19 days ago


  • rahul agrawal
    rahul agrawal 19 days ago

    I think her stalker killed her...... He might have confronted her that night then their talk might have started into fight..... Then she tried to run and he might have caught her with her purse and then she left that purse and started running and went to the cliff where she was surround...... She got frightened by the guys madness and found herself cornered...... In the meantime the guy went crazy and might have pushed him accidently Which caused her bruises and neck bone broke...... Then due to fear he ran leaving her at the same position where she fell...... The due to currents she might have drifted towards ocean where the shark have grabbed her and she might have then died...... Maybe she was alive when the shark grabbed her causing an irregular bite as specified by the specialists......

  • Klimke Joy
    Klimke Joy 20 days ago

    plz do bear state unsolved death its so haunting

  • Jennifer Clayton
    Jennifer Clayton 20 days ago

    man having an intellectual connection..............what a load of crap men only like one thing what a scumbag

  • Jennifer Clayton
    Jennifer Clayton 20 days ago

    lets make EVERY EXCUSE in the book to stop people knowing that scumbag MEN hurt women at their WHIM

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