Top 10 NEW Horror Games Of 2017

Every year, there's a host of scary video games. Find out what 2017's scariest titles are for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One.
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Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: Q2 2017

Platform: PC
Release Date: 10 March 2017

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: TBA 2017

What Remains of Edith Finch
Platform: PC PS4
Release Date: TBA 2017

Platform: PC
Release Date: Q4 2017

Friday the 13th
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: Q1 2017

Hello Neighbor
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2017

Platform: PC
Release Date: March 2017

Outlast 2
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 25 April 2017

Resident Evil 7
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 24 January 2017


Platform: PSVR
Release: TBA 2017

Ghost Theory
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Linux OS X
Release Date: Q4 2017

Allison Road
Platform: PC
Release: TBA 2017

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Runtime: 8:15
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Author EndyLordDG ( ago)
I can't wait for pamela

Author Marcus McCoy ( ago)
I feel like the Sci-Fi first person horror games are gonna suck like they usually do, save for Alien Isolation. Soma was interesting but otherwise mediocre. Dead Space started out great but turned into a shooter. Doom really isn't scary...

Author Mbuuqw Plays ( ago)
Routine. Shit gives me Doom 3 vibes.

Author Bestialce2007 ( ago)
H.R Geiger is dead :,(

Author MuayThaiMmaXboxGeek ( ago)
You don't have to apologize to Mr Giger as e is dead......

Author Roman00 ( ago)
Giger is dead btw...

Author Moo M ( ago)
aint frday the 13th just dead by daylight?

Author spooky ( ago)
i wonder what would happen if they updated a really old game called dark seed

Author Reese Puffs ( ago)
Fuck Resident Evil 7. It's not even scary! I was laughing my ass off during the demo about the stupid AI dialogue and chase scenes.
Outlast > Resident Evil

Author Thomas Ballard ( ago)
were is prey?

Author DXRaveN ( ago)
Bioshock in the future? you know system shock right?

Author Encounterpart ( ago)
Mr Giger has passed away, sadly. So you are apologizing to a dead man.

Author BleachKiller419 ( ago)
I miss Dead Space 1 and 2

Author Due Decimal ( ago)
"bla bla bla because Konami is awful"
liked, subbed.

Author Matthew Butler ( ago)
politician trail status piece decade negative pressure mutual authority.

Author Banana Man ( ago)
i think i die

Author brooklyntheredone ( ago)
Sorry but Scorn is Zdzislaw Beksinski not HRG.

Author departedlion ( ago)
Pronounced Giger right, but, he passed away back in 2014. RIP

Author True Prophit ( ago)
To me the best on the list is Friday the 13th. Don't really like that resident evil

Author Satyaki Mandal ( ago)
march is already pretty much over, where is routine???? i have been waiting for it since very long.

Author Soviet Pepe ( ago)
Holy shit Scorn's hallways look like the ones from the Alien spaceship hallways except red.

Author Paul Mares ( ago)
ROUTINE is deffinitely the game I'm ( and have been ) waiting for! So hyped! :D

Author Iain Morton ( ago)
"...reminds me of a futuristic Bioshock." So, System Shock, then? :P

Author Larry The Guy ( ago)
i heard the new update to minecraft is going to be pretty scary...

Author ТОП Лучших ( ago)

Author MegaKaiser45 ( ago)
No Call Of Cthulhu? Hmmm...

Author kevstew26 ( ago)
Add The Evil Within 2, new leaked info

Author sodium ( ago)
im looking forward to Little Nightmares. its basically the muppets mashed with some fucked up RE 7 vibes

Author TheUnpredictableSealion ( ago)
im suprised that alison road wasnt placed on the main list tbh

Author Felix Karlzen ( ago)
I'm crazy excited for "Agony" and "Scorn".

Author Stephanie Corcoran ( ago)
I wish for until dawn 2

Author Liam Teague ( ago)
I want Agony , What remains of Edith Finch , Scorn , Friday the 13th the game , Hello Neighbor , Routine , Outlast 2 , Resident Evil 7! all amazing looking games and I hope they are amazing how they look!

Author Eric W ( ago)
Why they are all in first person/?

Author Dante alighieri ( ago)
Little nightmares anyone?

Author Dallas Nanes ( ago)
What about Prey by Bethesda (I think)

Author Owl Dude ( ago)
My favs are Scorn, agony, Pamela and Friday the 13th

Author n8neiTen8n ( ago)
Resident Evil 7? Where are the Zombies?

Author beastboy 145 ( ago)
I would love to play a third person horror, but ur not slow af or incapable of running faster than 1mph, I want to be extremely agile and capable of fighting back.

Author Xavier Monsivais ( ago)
Please stop talking about RE7! It's like hearing your little sister talking about her favorite boy band! We already know it exists and we know how great it is, now give us something new for us to talk about!

Author Zero time for fun ( ago)
futuristic bioshock... ain't that system shock?

Author Masterzoroark 666 ( ago)
i‘m waitin for agony, scorn, routine and p.a.m.e.l.a

Author Tico The Movie Maker ( ago)
Where the fuck is Prey on this list?

Author DBS/DeividMonsta ( ago)
Resident evil 4 is my favorite Resident evil game and i think that its much scaryer

Author Houldey ( ago)
'because konami is awful', well put #FucKonami

Author Skyman ( ago)
1:11 "in a lot of ways it makes me think of a futuristic bioshock" you mean fucking system shock?

Author StronkGameReviews ( ago)
Pleas somebudy remaster Penumbra. I woud kill to play that game with better visuals ect.

Author AldenPronto ( ago)
Visage "well the game is for suuure a spiritual successor to P.T blah blah blah got cancelled because Konami was off"
Alison Road: "oh look the spritual successor of P.T. ! looks amazing!" got cancelled
Viasage: "Alright big boy where's the catch here?"

Author GamerBoy870 ( ago)
Re7 of successor just kidding Capcom probably gets alot of people saying that

Author Hailey Mew ( ago)
All of these games looks like they're trying to sell VR

Author Maham Shahid ( ago)
resident evil 7 looks promising but my most favourite one was resident evil 4

Author TheCatWithAPlan ( ago)
RIP Outlast 2 in Australia.

Author Red panda Gaming ( ago)
Have u guys not heard of the new ps vr game called crystal rift? It's so goo

Author The Outsider ( ago)
What about "Last Year"? Looks like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight but WAY better. I recommend everyone check it out.

Author Bruno Vazquez ( ago)
Outlast 2!!

Author Kaizo Kiba ( ago)

Author tenshi7angel ( ago)
Prince of Persia.
Right in the middle of the long ass game, you got a room full of potions to consume; almost all of which kill you. Oh and there is no save. Fucking poop!

Author The Wolf Pack Gaming ( ago)
what remains of Edith finch

Author Theo Liger ( ago)
Call of Cthulhu's the only one I'll be playing

Author The CanadianGamer ( ago)

Author Bones Facio ( ago)
out last 2 is a must !

Author Andres Villarreal ( ago)
I'm collecting to buy resident evil 7.meaning that I haven't played it yet. But im collecting to buy an other console as well so sadly I might NOT be able to play resident evil SOON ENOUGH.
I consider myself a big resident evil fan and remember playing resident evil in a Nintendo WIll 😅 so yeah knowing that I haven't played it at all KILLS ME.
But the faster I get a new Console the sooner I would be able to play it .can't wait

Author Andres Villarreal ( ago)
I'm collecting to buy resident evil 7.meaning that I haven't played it yet. But im collecting to buy an other console as well so sadly I might NOT be able to play resident evil SOON ENOUGH.
I consider myself a big resident evil fan and remember playing resident evil in a Nintendo WIll 😅 so yeah knowing that I haven't played it at all KILLS ME.
But the faster I get a new Console the sooner I would be able to play it .can't wait

Author RenaArena ( ago)
I'm really excited for Outlast 2, but after watching this I'm SUPER excited for everything else :D

Author Andres Villarreal ( ago)
PAMELA-"like a futuristic Bio-shock"

Author Andres Villarreal ( ago)

Author Gamer Max ( ago)
I like this series, I like how it's growing I have found a lot of great wonderful games thanks to this series and this channel.

Author redwed6 ( ago)
What about Prey and the new System shock?

Author drumd00d ( ago)
Didn't What remains of Edith Finch come out like a year ago??

Author Deathnoks Gaming ( ago)
Friday the 13th sounds a lot like dead by daylight

Author FICKLEII ( ago)
In memory of famous man, who ispired me a lot, gives me food to thoughts and desire to make such a things, H.R. Giger:
Sweet dreams to your eternal travel.

For me he was a father of all cocaine-induced art. First man who introduced me to depression, horrors, suffering, grim colours, cyborgs, misery, sex and savage in art.
All it once. And also really interesting and cool guy as a person in real life.

Also, Hell is been really good pictured in Clive Barker's games and Dante's Inferno. Also strong story lines. Highly recomended.

Also Undying, Jericho, Dante's Inferno have solid gameplay and interesting mechanics; Jericho and Dante's Inferno still good-looking games, even though Jericho is 10 years old and reqires downgrades of your GPU drivers -- don't miss it!
It's worth every minute of your time if you are craving for these kind of things!

Author PJ so Chill ( ago)
having a memory card with a whole bunch of great games on it and it getting corrupted. worst thing ever

Author Harrykyle99 ( ago)
who grew up playing horror games?

Author John Slender ( ago)
for me, these are the 10 games 2scary4me.

Author Raphael Chagas ( ago)
Who inspired Scorn? I couldn't understand the name of the artists (I'm serious)

Author Jackscape ( ago)

Author JamesRestin ( ago)
The Evil Within 2... Psycho break 2.

Author Tobs Meks ( ago)
friday the 13th; Dead by daylight much?

Author Pee Dee ( ago)
people who play horror games need mental assistance

Author Adam Nino ( ago)
Paranormal activity vr where's it at?

Author DreadCannibal ( ago)
this music is so fitting to my ptsd

Author Chichipher ( ago)
I remember P.T so much, it scared tf out of me. My friend called it penis titties

Author DocLove1993 ( ago)
I just want Visage and Allison Road!!!

Author Binswaid Black ( ago)
Music in the video?

Author Rudy Osuna ( ago)

Author Kyle Kliamovich ( ago)
re7 was fun, It had its moments, but it dedicated not feel memorable, and it was ridiculously short. I beat it so fast, and 1 thing that annoyed me the most is that the suspense of being chased was rather short lived, i was left wanting more.

Author Uncle Damfee ( ago)
When he said Resident Evil 7 was one of the best since the first three, I smiled. Finally an OG RE player who knows RE4 was not the best game in the series. Was RE4 great? Hell Yes, but I enjoyed the first three more :)

Author Throttle Kitty ( ago)
Scorn and Agony.
Not two things I thought I'd be excited about.... But I am.

Author Waldo Torres ( ago)
Im havent played resident evil 7 because im a pussy

Author Jonathan Laig ( ago)
Want horror how bout state of decay 2 looks cool the trailer if it were like the previous ones it's a thriller slash horror

Author Frost Dragon King ( ago)
what about that game called wieght or whatever it's called?

Author MLG colTon ( ago)
friday the 13th

Author Exomious ( ago)
Outlast 2 banned in Aus.

Rip. Just gonna have to pirate it. This is part of the reason we pirate so much shit.

Author Zionix ( ago)
I try to play horror games.....

then I camp out in a corner.

So sad

Author Nick Robinson ( ago)
NEW games, not RE7

Author cykachu ( ago)
what about bendy and the ink machine

Author Agony ( ago)
z 2017 has a shitload of PC Exclusives
Get Rekt Console
And now PC players can play ps4 games Exclusives because of PS Now
so Get Rekt even more Console xD


Author Roxane Krols ( ago)
The game where you have to kill teenagers. What was it called PS not the one who was in the video

Author João Luiz ( ago)
Visage and Agony really got me interested

Author I love rainbows ( ago)
Free steam keys :()

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