If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Awards

What if those annoying "Real People. Not Actors" commercials were actually real life?

You've seen the commercial. "We won the J.D. Power initial quality award!" But what the hell is an initial quality award and who the hell is J.D. Power? The worst thing is that these so called "real people" act so impressed about an award they know nothing about. Well lets see how Mahk deals with the situation.

This is a parody so suck our dick CHEVY

original video for reference

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Author Dollar DNA ( ago)
Zebra Corner will bring an end to these commercials! 👏👏

Author Insane S60 ( ago)
I'll never buy a Chevy. I wish I could attend one of these "commercials"...Ill troll the shit out of them

Author Rye Guy ( ago)
Dude, thank you for making this. It needed to be said. Hilarious video, subscribed

Author Holender ( ago)
From- sodapoppin here xd

Author R 3rd ( ago)
id only buy a corvette or camaro...even tho the camaro is kinda over styled..other than that most modern cars look the same ..UGLY

Author Keenan Bartlome ( ago)
Anyone who buys a new car is either a moron or uber rich. The only time you should buy a new car is if you are rich and are buying a performance car. otherwise you lose way too much money.

Author San0sama ( ago)
This guy is my new spirit animal.

Author Tyler Slager ( ago)
who jd power

Author MyStory 1989 ( ago)
I texted my friend a link to this dudes videos, he said he didn't find it funny. I said we're no longer friends.

Author shaq0071 ( ago)
I want to see him on the stinner isco and green commercial

Author Horatio Huffnagel ( ago)
JD power always gives the same companies the same awards every year. It does sound bogus. Every year its only Chevy and Dodge. Big deal..

Author Cody YZL ( ago)
after watching those fake ads , I will never trust Chevy and never buy their products

Author Dev ( ago)
any 1 from sodapoppin?

Author Attitudeinc1313 ( ago)
i can't stop laughing at these. dude, awesome. you need to bash chevy's truck commercial dissing ford aluminum beds...

Author Maxxed Out TV ( ago)
Lol way to bring this motherfucking channel up pepe

Author Matthew *InsertLastNameHere* ( ago)
hahahah I loooove you!!!!

Author Bradley Bowden ( ago)
Have you ever considered ripping on the pharmaceutical commercials? lol That would be hilarious.

Author Bradley Bowden ( ago)
Once again, hilarious video guys. Keep em rolling.

Author DiamondBQ ( ago)

Author Hector Caroselli ( ago)
+Pancake Face Productions - I couldn't agree more. In a world of bad commercials, these are horrible. Where are the people who made clever and funny commercials? Ack.

Author order9066 ( ago)
"JD Powuh", your car received a bailout from US taxpayers.

Author ltwargssf R ( ago)
So they are proud of a 90 day reliability award from a brand new car ? How stupid can you be.

Author Janissary ( ago)
I hope they kept inviting you :P

Author teenygozer ( ago)
Yeah, I kept asking similar questions: "Whot's initial quality mean, anyways?" and "Who's JD Powers when he's at home?", except I wasn't interested enough to google it. I got a Prius for the gas savings, plus I researched actual for-real reviews that said great things about how little it needs to be fixed. So, 'lasting quality'.

Author Huangism ( ago)
these commercials are the fakest real people commercial there is

Author daniel ( ago)
make more vids mahk!!

Author Pic929 ( ago)
that's funny! that guy is cool

Author dronthegreat42 ( ago)
needs more subscribers wtf

Author Joseph P ( ago)
Sponsored by Ford.

Author LiveFreak ( ago)
Fanfuckingtastic! How have I not seen these yet? Voted and subbed. Keep them coming.

Author rednebula317 ( ago)
do the corolla vs truck comparison!

Author Sam Simpson ( ago)
I wonder how much a JD Power award costs now?  I imagine Chevy has a few used ones to sell us!

Author Azhaar ( ago)
100% sure this channel sponsored by Ford

Author B.L. Alley ( ago)
'Initial Quality' is such a joke. They count individual reported problems without considering the type, so by that standard my Mazda with a broken seat belt clip and a strut squeak is twice as bad as a Chevy that had a transmission failure. That's why the "real people" are screened to be as stupid as possible.
Also, GM 'wins' more awards because they produce more cars, and pay the most in advertising.

Author Peter Tran ( ago)
I remember watching these shitty commercials on TV and cringing so hard, this video is a perfect reaction to that

Author Mint ( ago)
I prefer the Collegehumor one though...

Author stevepartime jobs ( ago)
holy shit mark Walhbergs funny

Author Jon-robert Hunter ( ago)
this video is so true lol

Author Dark Knight18 ( ago)
We slave to build these,you'd be disgusted if you saw our factories in Canada. Canadians make that happen and kill themselves in the process. Save the Canadian auto industry Trump and I'll think about giving you a chance.

Author Oblithian ( ago)
hahaha, so great.

Author jaco2023 ( ago)
Chevy can't make comercials end of discussion xD

Author Matt B ( ago)
Mahk for President 2020

Author XJlover ( ago)
knock off mark Wahlberg hahaha

Author jermamevo ( ago)
This guy from Boston? haha

Author MrLawson6288 ( ago)
They're gonna need bailed out AGAIN if they keep this up. Part of me hopes gas hits $4 a gallon again because of this.

Author W Boz ( ago)
This guy is friggen hilarious. He just did a radio interview on caddyswag radio. Too damn funny! Check out this cool episode:

Author John SFO ( ago)
My mind for real. Only a flying car will get a woow from me.

Author Jerry Serrano ( ago)
I'm a fan of Chevy, but these are funny as hell.

Author Nas jt ( ago)

Author E.t.A A. ( ago)
"Did you guys get lasting quality award?" That's the true question :D

Author Gobbersmack ( ago)
0:45 Full Chipperson.

Author Justin Thiel ( ago)
these are perfect.

Author Brice Rogers ( ago)
I love you, man. Thank you for saying what we're all thinking about these horrible and intelligence-insulting ads.

Author Eric223 ( ago)
How the hell did this show up on my feed? And why didn't it show up earlier!?!?! This guy is fucking hilarious!!!

Author SuperNoone89 ( ago)
You guys and your doahs!

Author adeeb ( ago)
I call this, when advertising is trying to be real soooooo hard but it can't!

Author Trevon Howard ( ago)
This shit got me rolling 😂😂😂

Author Scott Free ( ago)
so JD power is a fucking idiot...

horrible trucks, toyota and cummins are far superior. great companies dont need stupid gimmicky commercials to sell their product...

Author Abradolf Lincler ( ago)
This isn't a real person thats obviously Mark Wahlberg.

Author Billy Bob Joe ( ago)
Initial quality is bull shit...who cares, give me a chevy that lasts over 100k without the company going bankrupt

Author Kitty Alana ( ago)

Author Ben Hamrick ( ago)
These are actually really funny.

Author Kale Parker ( ago)
Matt Damon?

Author Max Baio ( ago)
jd power is a pornstar

Author shagdesign ( ago)
GM has no CMO. This is what you get when you have nobody in charge of marketing: focus groups are your commercials.

Author vintagevideogamegeek ( ago)
He doesn't shake hands.

Author pinnkang ( ago)
Initially its ok but after that it fuckin falls apart. That's a chevy lock, stock and barrel.

Author Tristan Nerney ( ago)
"Today we're going to talk about quality. What do you think quality is?"

"Not a Chevy, hah!"


Author Fifthcell ( ago)
"Not a Chevy"

Author Kev Flu ( ago)
what really gets me is how they look so fascinated by a fucking j.d power reward...WHAT EVEN IS THAT??

Author Guided Meditation ( ago)
Funny video. I feel like I should hurry up and share it with my friends before you get sued and the video gets taken down.

Author Apcoolcharles ( ago)
Most underrated YouTuber on this website

Author Bradley K ( ago)
to all those people who think the chevy commercials are the worst, your WRONG. They won JD Power best in class advertising 3 years in a row

Author Brandon diesel ( ago)
Lmao this hit it right on the money!

Author Mewtwo _ ( ago)
0:40 J.D. Power and the Iron Fist rofl

Author Pete Trello ( ago)
Are you getting credit for these 9M views on this guy's FB page?

Author Oscar Ramirez ( ago)
Not a Chevy.....aaaa 😊

Author mnb323 ( ago)
Funny how all car companies are the top rated for the past whatever years...

Author Diane A ( ago)
lmao, Mahk is too much 😂😂😂

Author Youbones ( ago)
fuckin' Subb'd son!

Author PaulTT S ( ago)
Funny as S#!t!!!!!

Author Kacper P4sik ( ago)

Author CE GAO ( ago)
watched all the shitty chevy vids several times today and subscribed ur channel. plz keep up the good work, ppl need this kind of crap.

Author Parallax - ( ago)
0:18 - Yes, precisely.

Author Harry Hov ( ago)

Author airwickfreshner ( ago)
all that bailout money and they're still shit

Author hugh stephenson ( ago)
one year long ago mercury Comet won one of these awards. they were Ford Falcons with nice interiors so I quit worrying about awards.

Author D Ray ( ago)
I hate this commercial, it makes me want to puke every time it comes on. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! It's so f-ing fake!

Author Night Rider ( ago)
*This is why i love youtube LOL!*

Author Martin Bro ( ago)
chevy pulls all kinds of stops to con people into buying their shitty cars

Author tinkerwest ( ago)
Very funny and true...

Author Ryan Hoopes ( ago)

Author Greetings by Maria ( ago)
Wow the doors are cool :D

Author green49285 ( ago)
thank you. i hate these fucking commercials

Author William Martin ( ago)
Friend posted, holy shit.. so funny. Those stupid fucking Chevy commercials. Thank you, voice of common sense and all that!

Author Sebastian Craenen ( ago)
Didnt ch make one of these like just now?

Author Junaid Aziz ( ago)
the moment you realize even this video didn't have real people in it :p

Author Matthew Davila ( ago)

Author Ben Dover ( ago)
My Chevy Colorado is a driveway paperweight...

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