Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown

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Author jeremiah g ( ago)
2017 only because she got titties

Author AmIl Agarwal ( ago)
lil wayne raps my life?!

Author 24 savage ( ago)
who is watching in 2018

Author JessDaUnicorn ( ago)
2:32 umm wtf lmao

Author JessDaUnicorn ( ago)
i actually ship nicki and drake XD

Author Hollagrl0999 ( ago)
My boyfriend just asked me to marry him this morning while this song was playing... i said YES!!! this song is so special to us now. its so catchy and i love the video. Check out my boyfriends music video by searching "Lucky- Wannabe [HD official video]", people compare him to Eminem..hes getting popular fast. Who else is here on March 24th?

Author Kervin Orosco ( ago)
Wayne said it the best.... she'll be fuck't up!!!!

Author Spicyboi 420 ( ago)
Still staring at the titties doeeeee

Author osana najimi ( ago)
2:33 still staring at em tittys though XD DRAKE WOW THATS ONE WAY TO WIN A GIRL

Author osana najimi ( ago)

Author Ben Prongspie ( ago)
Wow drake didn't know he could disrespect women that way

Author Pauline Royer ( ago)
Y love you nicki

Author Crazy world Video ( ago)
kuck you

Author Sarah Attar ( ago)
This video is....intense....

Author Андрей Акулов ( ago)
Потом ники всем отсосала

Author Denxytube ( ago)
0:43 Why the fuck you lying

Author Ewan Mercer ( ago)
I never fucked Nick that's fucked up if I did fuck her she'd be fucked up

Author NEVAEH CLARK-COE ( ago)
so what its just a song

Author Anissa CupCakez ( ago)
I dont get Chris browns part in this..

Author lena soliz ( ago)
this is me just I wont do nothing with wayne

Author K. Georgieva ( ago)
Chris`s part is my fav !!! ❤❤❤❤❤ His voice is magic ! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Author Kaiya Tolliver ( ago)
Nicki👄💄💋💅🏿drake 🖕🏾👱🏽👆🏽🤘🏽Chris 👩🏽‍🎤🤴🏽🤰🏽💑Wayne 👑💑🚶🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

Author Morshed Khan ( ago)
feel the music

Author Felila Kia ( ago)
i love this song so much 100% obsessed ( its killing me)

Author Denzel Simmons ( ago)

Author Denzel Simmons ( ago)

Author dayday ( ago)
why do I like 4:42 so much😂

Author tiana walton ( ago)
dis my song

Author MALICE of BALOR ( ago)
Meh....beat is catchy...chorus is kinda of the lyrics are shit. Sorry, not sorry.

Author Amanda Baker ( ago)
I love this fucking video

Author sara msp ( ago)
Good job Nicky, I Lil Wayne, Chris Brown!!!! Good fucking song!!!!😘

Author Shelly Marie Delphia ( ago)

Author xEmPix ( ago)
Nicki Minaj is trash and a piece of shit ! let the war begin but idc she is a fckn bitch and ugly as well :)!!! although the song name must be Drake,Lil Wayne,Chris Brown feat Nicki Minaj cause she isnt even singing except at the fckn beginning !!!!

Author dakota schmitt ( ago)

Author Antonio Hernandez ( ago)
so who won anyways 😂😂

Author Dakota Storm ( ago)
Drake is so thirsty lol

Author Maria Vega ( ago)

Author Candy Cashman ( ago)
You know it's one of those videos with this many views

Author Luka Johanson ( ago)
Nicki should've done this alone or with Lil but Drake is ruining it somehow

Author Camarie Daniels ( ago)
So she fucked Chris?!?

Author Mahnaz Koecher ( ago)
I'am 11 Years old and scared for Chris brown but the part when Hi sings is the best ps i love you Nicky Minaj you are the best❤️💝💖💋💕😍❣️🌹💞 my name is Minas and the kids at school say to me Nicky Minas Whahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Author Alain Bentivoglio ( ago)
Ho aperto sto video solo pe vede le super tette e il culo e sta negra

Author metehan düzgün ( ago)
2pac = Under 100 millions,

Nicki bitch = More than old school

Author asking shy ( ago)
OMG Nicki Minaj I Queen of abortion

Author Daku Gaines ( ago)
Drake, Nicki & Lil Tunechi Huge Fan.

Author Little Man Huerta ( ago)
the fuck up with celebrities these day they be getting weirder and wierder are they some kind of devil worshipers

Author Mohammad 321 ( ago)
drake you are rasist YOU say nigger while you are white 🤔

Author Mohammad 321 ( ago)
who's watching in 1886

Author Mohammad 321 ( ago)
Nicki Minaj how can you be so white while you are actin black 🤔😐

Author Erinn Hutzell ( ago)
also has she f***ed chris

Author jazzy genyard ( ago)
i love drake

Author XxGaMeRxX x ( ago)
yo I never fucked Wayne I never fucked Drake all my life for fuck sake

Author SK Eskimo ( ago)
Nigga now you see me, Nigga now you don't.

Author Duh it's Hannah w ( ago)
hold up you said that you did not have things with Wayne and drake but what about Chris Brown he's in the vid

Author Kaoutar Oukdia ( ago)
it stills the best ever

Author Catalina Ciubotaru ( ago)
Lil Wayne had the best rap part in my opinion

Author Mikaella-san 1015 ( ago)
"these girls are my sons" 1:03

Author fairytale official ( ago)
Lil Wayne is a monster on this song bruh!! Shout out to Chris brown, he's got the juice

Author Niyah Jackson ( ago)
you fuck everyone that

Author The Law ( ago)
In my opinion Lil Wayne's verse was the best

Author Only Berkay [OB] ( ago)

Author the braylon station ( ago)
Chris brown look creepy

Author Emerald Avila ( ago)
I only watch this video for Niki's and drakes part

Author Bliss ( ago)
"Let him eat my ass like a cupcake". I love you Nicki 😂

Author Dom Clutch ( ago)
Sooo they rape

Author EmmaTiger ( ago)
i only ********************** when there chickins XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author etina ngata ( ago)
this is my fave rap

Author Mad Pack ( ago)
Lil Wayne fineeee

Author Lizbeth Anahí Pantaleón Ramírez ( ago)
me gusta esa cansion

Author xObsessinMsp ( ago)
this is sooo G A N G S T E R

Author Spnt 875 ( ago)
WTF happened to rap,ofc if you can call this trash rap

Author Green Lighting ( ago)
Rihanna isn't allowed

Author #Breakdance žije ( ago)
Maniak zajebal víc :D

Author yosi araujo ( ago)
This song is lit

Author Melisa Charles ( ago)
chris brown looks cool with the eyes and everything else

Author This Is A YouTube Channel ( ago)
Yo no rulo en BM, yo rulo en BMX

Author Tera Mulholland ( ago)
I have a question what he said BBW did he mean, big beautiful women or big black women?

Author Yung Gunz ( ago)
wayne sounds better without auto tune or is it just me ?

Author fantamatto ( ago)
lil wayne shit

Author mary scheitler ( ago)
I wore a black strappy lil number for my man a few days ago....the first thing I said was, "I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake,"😂😂😂😂 but I was telling the truth. I'm fine with that, the man IS hitting it right.

Author Shamari Baptiste ( ago)
tell drake that besides him you want to be wit Meek Mill or wane

Author Shamari Baptiste ( ago)
Nicki so are going to another song with wane and chris

Author Maria Russo ( ago)
Remy says you fucked Young Money crew 😱

Author s37d ( ago)
nicki minaj slowly transforming into angry old chinese lady

Author Analivia Almeida ( ago)
Nicki Minaj vc arrasa sou muito sua fã.Do Lil Wayne do Drake e do Chris também.
Amo vcs.Nicolly

Author Brittany with tyreik and nate marie ( ago)

Author Music Blogger ( ago)
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Author Bakeem Harriott ( ago)
This song is the bomb

Author LinS ( ago)
just like if you watch this now

Author 2with2 ( ago)
This shit still poppin.

Author SuperBlaze27 _Official ( ago)
Does BBW mean boobs butt waist?

Author Perch 2 ( ago)
Who is watching this 2017? Like.

Author Abhyuday Gaur ( ago)
I'm here because Kendrick said Niki Minaj is good. I guess his account got hacked.

Author Katrine Kruuse ( ago)
The funniest time 2:20 - 2:35😂

Author Lydia Kolokasidou ( ago)
Nicki minaj :Yo! I never fuck Drake ,I never fuck Wayne all my life fuck s...
Drake:I never fuck nicki Because she's got a man
Wayne:I never fuck nicki ......

Author Liam P ( ago)
i never fed drake i never fked wayne

lier lier pants on fire

Author xXBro's4LifeX x ( ago)

Author AC Plays ( ago)

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