Pokemon Light Platinum Gym 4 : Ghost Type


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Ghost types are annoying...

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Author Joao Vitor De Pina (459 years ago)
How u get roserade

Author EkatMaster39 ( ago)
i like this gym because ghost is my favorite type

Author datpoint ( ago)
i did most of the sinnoh already but my team when i stopped is: infernape
lvl70 flamethrower-strenght-flame wheel-clam mind (jolly nature) staraptor
lvl 70 aerial ace-take down-aeroblast-fly (rash nature) azelf lvl70
psychic-shadow ball-calm mind-extrasensory (bashful nature) weavile lvl70
brick break-surf-shadow ball-ice beam (jolly nature) luxray lvl70
thunder-bite-thunderbolt-crunch (bold nature) porygonZ lvl70 shadow
ball-flamethrower-psychic-ice beam (lonely nature)

Author Cowboysallstar ( ago)
my team at this point... LVL. 39 Infernape LVL. 38 Staraptor LVL.35
Floatzel LVL.33 Growlithe LVL.38 Luxray and a charmander egg xD

Author Maanit Aman ( ago)
well. this gym is the same as the fire gym in ruby/sapphire and emerald.
compare this speech to r/s/e

Author AQWloonety ( ago)
getting overheat from ghost gym????LOL

Author DynamoDuskull (old account) ( ago)
Not Dusclops, Banette

Author DynamoDuskull (old account) ( ago)
Remade Damon: Sableye lv 33: Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch, Shadow Claw,
Shadow Ball Dusclops Lv 36 : Spite, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Night shade
Gengar Lv 40: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Lick, Shadow Ball Umbreon Lv 44: Dark
Pulse, Hynosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare.

Author SuckaFish50 ( ago)
cool i made a dragon gym leader his name is Drakkin Gabite lv 44 Dragonair
lv 43 Dragonite lv 46 Gyrados lv 45 Salamence ;v 47

Author nkechi ikem ( ago)
lvl 46 torrtera lvl 39 gabite lvl 41 charizard lvl 30 aron lvl 40 heatran
lvl 42 ramparados did you know you get a wild ramparados in the game at lvl

Author SaladTasteNice ( ago)
HA beat him with my garydos team hard tho XP

Author Lilluck156 ( ago)
O.o Dusknoir i did not expect that

Author DynamoDuskull (old account) ( ago)
I made up a Ghost-type gym leader: Damon (from Demon, an evil spirit)
Pokemon: Haunter Lv 30 Sableye Lv 33 Dusclops Lv 35 Banette Lv 38 Reply if
u like it!

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
It is possible to change cries, but it messes up other Pokemon's cry too,
so yeah.

Author Phantom Drags ( ago)
i'd like to see spatial rend, shadow force and, roar of time in pokemon
platinum gba!!

Author DynamoDuskull (old account) (1800 years ago)
well, you can put gen 4 pokemon in hacks, but they are a drawing other the
other pokemon's body, they cannot change the cries

Author MonsterDroiid ( ago)
this game is hard !! xD

Author chente415 ( ago)
is light platinum a hack or something i have never heard of it

Author MegaPokemaniac ( ago)
the pokemon don't have there own cry (or most)

Author kratosaurion24 ( ago)
im stuck here as well.Geez,this is a VERY HARD gym

Author Azuritesmyidol ( ago)
Hey do you know what to do after you beat the gym in groment. I can't seem
to find surf.

Author Alex1Anater ( ago)
oh ok alright well if i find a way out ill let u know to then

Author Alex1Anater ( ago)
hey EBAfanreborn did u ever get past the part when lugi scares away the
legendary birds? i cant seem to find out what to do aftr that if anyone or
u could help out thatd be great:)

Author prettywitchmomokochi ( ago)
Well itt was easy for me I battled him with a gardevoir like Lv.40 - 45 and
i won in the 1 st try even i was amaised:-S

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
It is a Loudred >_>

Author 4RTP0P 6six6 ( ago)
luxray sounds like a loudred xD

Author blurry93 ( ago)
i juz dont understand why the trainers battle are so easy but the gy battle
and rival battle are hard. and it so hard to train at the grass area!!!

Author Vyn Ryder ( ago)
i have a Question so uh no diamond pearl platinum moves eh?

Author pikachupwnsU ( ago)
this game was hard as balls especially cause he totally UNDERleveled all
the trainers except gym leaders and rival battle

Author juan de la fuente ( ago)
yeah i think kindra and gyrados were the hardest one to beat but not
dusknoir of dakimes that pokemon is worthless if you have a staraptor like
i did with airial ace and some antidotes to cure u from that poisoning.

Author itsmenalwaysme ( ago)
cuz of that hydro pump.. anyway you know where to get strength

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
Kingdra was a problem? I hate problems with Gyarados, but Kingdra was
simple oO

Author itsmenalwaysme ( ago)

Author itsmenalwaysme ( ago)
the hardest gym for me is the 3rd one its kindra is mad!!!!

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
I think its my archenemy jeffrey He was originally my friend, but hes a big
douchebag now.(He was a friend of me in REAL life) Heres something stupid
about him. He is in fifth grade. He moved and went to a new skool, and now
flunked 2 grades... He went back to 3rd Grade. *WUT A LOSER

Author FireEmblemHelper ( ago)
my pleasure just who was the Troll who rated 1 on all of your vids?

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
Thanks man really helps

Author FireEmblemHelper ( ago)
wow like im helping to 5 star it soo much my fingers hurt o.O i wa gonna
try out Fire Emblem - Reunion but im helping you out instead o.O

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
This is the PLatinum GBA hack thing -_-' Really its called Light Platinum
And I dont think that guy who claimed that he made this game was the creator

Author paasuk ( ago)
hey eba what is this a hack of

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
Just walk right Smash the rocks and proceed

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
Yes, I know I managed to train my luxray a bit higher, then I battled him
for the win

Author PokespriterRocky ( ago)
I did this gym it waz super hard took me ages to win

Author FireEmblemHelper ( ago)
dunno i mention it and a new vid comes out o.O just wondering

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
I dont know...

Author angel hernandez ( ago)
is this hack complete?

Author EBAfanReborn ( ago)
no.... why?

Author FireEmblemHelper ( ago)
Did i inspire you or something....?

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