Helicopter engine

Abrief run of a helicopter engine at ellenroad mill Rochdale

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Author abdul ghani bin othman Othman (1 year)
Too noisy and polluted.

Author ype469 (3 years)
23026 views and 8 comments! Just would like to have one of these engines
myself to play with :-)

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Lol 15,000 views and only one comment.

Author EZchairchillen (4 years)
Make that 3!!

Author inthesky666 (4 years)
Maje that 4!!

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15,000 views and TWO comments!

Author Buddy Rowe (3 years)
29,958 views and 12 comments!

Author Fezcat's Adventures (3 years)
that would be a rolls royce nimbus :)

Author thedreamliner2012 (3 years)
That battery cart sitting in water is probably not a good idea. Damn sure
don't touch it.

Author Edward Bernard (3 years)
I want one! My neighbors would love me!

Author cyborgtroy (4 years)
But none of the comments have pointed out how cool this is.

Author Norm Spups Entertainment (4 years)
er thats 5 then

Author AHappyPumkin (3 years)
make it 14

Author Jeff Van Rooy (4 years)
18,100 views and 7 comments!

Author davev8app (3 years)
28.636 and yes

Author peejay1954 (2 years)
the ultimate leaf blower

Author sudoLinux666 (3 years)
Jet engine on wheels? haha

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