Trevor Noah & Angelica Ross On How To Be Allies To Trans People: "Just listen." | GLAAD Media Awards

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  • At the 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on May 6, Trevor Noah and Angelica Ross accepted the award for Outstanding Talk Show. During their acceptance speech, Noah highlighted the importance of listening to trans stories and perspectives. Ross continued and accepted the award behalf of the entire trans community saying “your dreams matter, your stories matter and your lives matter.”

    Janet Mock and Zachary Quinto presented.

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Comments: 38

  • Vincent Solomons
    Vincent Solomons 52 minutes ago

    There was a moment when Angelica wanted to give Trevor a hug and you can just see how he was not up for that shit

  • will koze
    will koze 19 days ago

    Trevor Noah, my African brother as disappointed me

    • mali G
      mali G 4 days ago

      will koze how so?

  • ciel222
    ciel222 23 days ago


  • Dan Oman
    Dan Oman 1 month ago

    Never give up America and your core Christian Values!

  • prudence malinga
    prudence malinga 1 month ago

    Being trans is like u r proud of being a sinner I don't support such things and I won't apologise to anyone I'm not judging anyone that's their choice but I won't be yoked with such unless I pray for them ask the lord jesus christ to rebuke them Trevor Noah congratulations

    • genisveil
      genisveil 13 days ago

      nowhere, she isn't quoting the bible, she's quoting her own belief system, her personal beliefs, which is bullshit.
      Trans people don't CHOOSE to be trans, they transition to calm their dysphoria of a mental condition.
      Educate yourself, Malinga.

    • Gota
      Gota 1 month ago

      prudence malinga Where does the Bible condemn Trans individuals?

  • prudence malinga
    prudence malinga 1 month ago

    Wow again

  • Zara L
    Zara L 1 month ago

    He is such an intelligent and sensitive man. Love him.

      YOU TUBE CELEB 1 month ago

      Trevor is amazing. It is like having Obama for a 3rd term.

  • Gregory Bearden
    Gregory Bearden 1 month ago

    LOL at the trolls!

  • Louis Hindle
    Louis Hindle 1 month ago

    60:60 likes to dislikes. That's actually quite sad.

  • HelloMyNamelsBanana
    HelloMyNamelsBanana 1 month ago

    Wow all these transphobic disgusting rednecks

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty 1 month ago

      Joey - phobia: irrational fear or having an aversion to which aversion means strong dislike, so anyone that hates, has a strong dislike, or irrational fear towards gays / lesbians are homophobic and towards trans are transphobic by textbook definition.

    • Joey Harper
      Joey Harper 1 month ago

      HelloMyNamelsBanana Phobia: The fear of. No one scared of gays.

    • Sarah
      Sarah 1 month ago

      Nothing new. They feel they need a safe space from us amazing trans people living our authentic selves.

  • El Cuñado
    El Cuñado 1 month ago

    I'm surprised this isn't trending. I have watched the daily show, I'm just curious what part of the show is supposed to be funny? Not a trump supporter, but I just think Stewart was just much much better and Noah is about as funny as Daniel day Lewis.

  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 1 month ago

    Trevor Noah! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • callyod
    callyod 1 month ago

    I didn't know he was British😂😂😂

  • ClassicDoc
    ClassicDoc 1 month ago

    How to be allies? Become a social justice warrior cuck... thats how.

  • Alfredo Ornelas
    Alfredo Ornelas 1 month ago

    FYI you can find plenty of allies in 4chan.

  • Keith Howards
    Keith Howards 1 month ago

    The conspiracy theorists were right all along. These people aren't entertainers these people are pawns and are constantly trying to push certain agendas.

    • Keith Howards
      Keith Howards 13 hours ago

      L12 Al praising people for being a tranny is twilight zone insanity.

    • L12 Al
      L12 Al 15 hours ago

      Keith Howards . its always an "agenda" when a person's opinion is against ur own and gets world wide recognition for it.

    • Jermaine Edwards
      Jermaine Edwards 14 days ago

      Keith Howards what agenda is that?

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty 1 month ago

      Do you know what type of channel GLAAD is? why would ppl who disagree with them be on their channel? that's like someone who doesn't like Beyonce, but attend a concert of hers, ppl make no sense.

  • David Maroney
    David Maroney 1 month ago

    Knock it off with the browbeating political sjw bullshit. Trans is a mental disorder that needs to be addressed, not accepted where they can lie to themselves only to commit suicide later. Your endangering lives with this.

    • Ben Shapiro is da best
      Ben Shapiro is da best 28 days ago

      Akon Fenty tell us which obes

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty 29 days ago

      Plenty of verses where Jesus teaches acceptance.

    • Ben Shapiro is da best
      Ben Shapiro is da best 29 days ago

      Akon Fenty the left created transphobia and we are not afraid or angry at them we feel bad we don't yell at this damn trans to get off of our law we say Jesus help these people get through there metal disorder

    • Blew
      Blew 1 month ago

      Akon Fenty Eh, where did Jesus teach to accept people for who they are?

  • VanitySlut 98
    VanitySlut 98 1 month ago

    Angelica and Janet looked fucking beautiful.

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