Lil Uzi Vert - Do What I Want [Official Music Video]

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  • Soda God
    Soda God 18 minutes ago

    I have to admit but this song looks like they just came back from the club

  • Blue fistgamer
    Blue fistgamer 40 minutes ago

    When your home by yourself.

  • Eat Shiit
    Eat Shiit 45 minutes ago

    Westbrook MVP comes true.

  • PurpleGoo
    PurpleGoo 1 hour ago

    1. write a song with stupid, random lyrics
    2. auto tune the entire song
    3. collect money from simple minded and easily entertained young people who dont know what music is ;)

  • Sam Titley
    Sam Titley 2 hours ago

    Whats the football shirt he's wearing?

  • jake mcdonald
    jake mcdonald 3 hours ago

    generic wack he's the kid who chats at school but if any rapper on earth steps to uzi he will back down

  • Albert Hakobyan
    Albert Hakobyan 4 hours ago

    pusy sucker

  • DR Minecraft
    DR Minecraft 4 hours ago

    yall know this man likes satin

  • Theodore Kidd
    Theodore Kidd 4 hours ago

    When you move out

  • Theodore Kidd
    Theodore Kidd 4 hours ago

    Director: Uzi just make sure you don't wear any branded clothing or we gonna have to blur it, okay?

    Uzi: Now I do what I want, now I do what I want ^_^

  • Kassia Hoskins
    Kassia Hoskins 5 hours ago

    when you at home by yourself💯💯💯💯👍👍👍😹😹😹

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 hours ago

    You know this is absolute shit right?

  • Tezerith Gaming
    Tezerith Gaming 5 hours ago

    what af1s are those

  • leilani Monique
    leilani Monique 6 hours ago

    Whenever your mom leaves you in the car and you change the radio😂

  • GamingKing
    GamingKing 6 hours ago

    when the teacher leaves the room for a minute

  • Klickz
    Klickz 6 hours ago

    When you finally get off of probation.

  • Brayan Arreola
    Brayan Arreola 6 hours ago

    club América 💛💙

  • Adiraj patil
    Adiraj patil 6 hours ago


    • Adiraj patil
      Adiraj patil 6 hours ago


  • GOLD wolf
    GOLD wolf 6 hours ago

    when you're parents arnt home for the week

  • Melvin Garrett
    Melvin Garrett 7 hours ago

    when u open the gun safe when dad left

  • Daniel Solorza
    Daniel Solorza 7 hours ago

    Um I'm on sum shit right-lil uzi

  • Seth TankBoy
    Seth TankBoy 7 hours ago

    ......what...the fuck..
    and many god damn views. i hate the "future". failed like ah mother fucker.

  • 89kaysen
    89kaysen 7 hours ago


  • Goobanater
    Goobanater 8 hours ago

    wow lil uzi is garbage

  • Aser Lewis
    Aser Lewis 8 hours ago

    This is a shit song

  • Luis Emilio
    Luis Emilio 8 hours ago

    This shit trash

  • Justin Stewart
    Justin Stewart 8 hours ago

    When your mom left the house for the weekend

  • jalen faulkner
    jalen faulkner 8 hours ago

    when Russ wins the MVP

  • Kasia Gaming
    Kasia Gaming 9 hours ago

    Me after exams

  • Jason Yager
    Jason Yager 9 hours ago

    lil uzi why yo shirt blurred

  • Ri and ty
    Ri and ty 9 hours ago

    when school is over, and it's summer break

  • Xeno
    Xeno 9 hours ago

    when you parents out of town

  • Swaggy SoLaggy
    Swaggy SoLaggy 9 hours ago

    when u get ankle broken but u get your payback

  • Biggie Chesse
    Biggie Chesse 9 hours ago

    *when youre teacher leave the room to go get some papers*

  • Dorothy Whitfield
    Dorothy Whitfield 9 hours ago


  • Babygirl 44
    Babygirl 44 9 hours ago

    when my family leave the home

  • Braulio Montaño
    Braulio Montaño 9 hours ago

    WESTBROOK !!! :'v

  • Itz Azarah
    Itz Azarah 10 hours ago

    when your mom let's you use youtube !

    KID KOOL 10 hours ago


  • Nate Bozek
    Nate Bozek 10 hours ago


  • Brit Lord
    Brit Lord 10 hours ago


  • Elijah January
    Elijah January 10 hours ago

    when u move out of your parents house💯

    HARMVSP 11 hours ago

    When its summer break ^

  • Robyn Grigsby
    Robyn Grigsby 11 hours ago

    This shit is good

  • Fury Hax
    Fury Hax 11 hours ago

    When you get a mod menu in black ops 2

  • kerrell nora
    kerrell nora 11 hours ago

    when u gradute school

  • Big Boss Boss
    Big Boss Boss 11 hours ago

    Lil Uzi vert is the kind of nigga who would eat his dogs homework

  • Robotcoper Games
    Robotcoper Games 12 hours ago

    These videos should be sponsored. Because the t shirts (or any other kind that have a logo of a company,) the rappers use are being blurred.

  • jaitreal walker
    jaitreal walker 12 hours ago

    i always do what i want

    BLU3 IMMORT4L 12 hours ago

    When that direct deposit comes thru.

  • Indigo Oglesby
    Indigo Oglesby 12 hours ago

    Why soes he always say Yeah and Nowadays

  • dan15
    dan15 12 hours ago

    When you realise it is summer break !

  • Job Lopez15
    Job Lopez15 12 hours ago

    todo bien pero porque usa esa jersey tan fea

  • LK_Snipes LK Clan
    LK_Snipes LK Clan 13 hours ago

    This song makes me drown my fish lmao

  • larry epps
    larry epps 13 hours ago

    No females ijs sooo I guess he's doing what he wants 🤔

  • Gabriel Furtado
    Gabriel Furtado 14 hours ago

    This makes me want to wear fake yeezys to the adidas store

  • Don Hopson
    Don Hopson 14 hours ago

    this dude need 2 stop reppin Philly!!! it's embarrassing on the killadelph tip!!!

  • Don Hopson
    Don Hopson 14 hours ago

    represent Philly 4 real somebody PLEASE!!!!

  • Don Hopson
    Don Hopson 14 hours ago

    why dis dude try n 2 sound like he from the dirty south??? Philly katz don't sound like this?!? ur wack!!!

  • DrayBoogie
    DrayBoogie 14 hours ago

    when her boyfriend goes out of town

  • TheMadBros
    TheMadBros 15 hours ago

    When you finally get out of that responsible relationship!😂

  • Gabriel Swedish
    Gabriel Swedish 15 hours ago

    No mames lil uzi traes la del América? xdxd

  • Jack Glover
    Jack Glover 15 hours ago

    2:40 Man jumped in with the Yeezys on 😧

  • Cleaner lady Op
    Cleaner lady Op 15 hours ago


  • Alan Morales
    Alan Morales 15 hours ago

    uzi my nigga why did ya ass use a 4 wheeler switching lanes & on the side walk!?😒😒😒

  • King Sparks
    King Sparks 15 hours ago

    When you get rich in gta online

  • German Honey badger
    German Honey badger 15 hours ago

    "Do What I Want" has to blur logo for copy right issues

  • Eliazar Perez
    Eliazar Perez 15 hours ago

    Honestly I'm really trying to like these new rappers giving them the benefit of a doubt but dam lol I just can't get into this shit

  • vasiliki themeli
    vasiliki themeli 16 hours ago

    Lil Uzi thanks nigga because you resurfaced my grandma realy she woke up to close the radio

  • James Lovely
    James Lovely 16 hours ago


  • Jarin Cole
    Jarin Cole 16 hours ago

    When you finish the story mode of a game.

  • Tyshon Cleveland
    Tyshon Cleveland 16 hours ago

    What you think turning 18 is like

  • Joseph illuminoti
    Joseph illuminoti 16 hours ago

    when you're homosexual

  • cutty584
    cutty584 17 hours ago

    Lyrics to song: x32 "Now i do what i want". With gibberish in between

  • Young A
    Young A 17 hours ago

    Check out the songs in my playlist 🔥

  • domenica valle
    domenica valle 17 hours ago

    luv is rage 2

  • Vinnie Lunsford
    Vinnie Lunsford 17 hours ago

    so cool

  • crazy russ
    crazy russ 17 hours ago

    try to find the other emoji

  • crazy russ
    crazy russ 17 hours ago


  • crazy russ
    crazy russ 17 hours ago

    if I can do what I want then I will murder Donald Trump😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Nathan Desalegn
    Nathan Desalegn 17 hours ago

    it was litt

  • Camron TV
    Camron TV 17 hours ago

    when golden state win the finals

  • GGFRESH Coool
    GGFRESH Coool 18 hours ago

    When graduate from college

  • Kobe Whitaker
    Kobe Whitaker 18 hours ago

    on the last day of school

  • Cam Scott
    Cam Scott 18 hours ago

    gang gang 🔫💸💎

  • ahmed nuradin
    ahmed nuradin 18 hours ago

    when ur home alone

  • Speedur
    Speedur 18 hours ago

    I like to listen to this song while i practice hot steamy sex.

  • Tajon Brown
    Tajon Brown 19 hours ago

    lil uzi now he could this with out the devil

  • Caleb Bennett
    Caleb Bennett 19 hours ago

    This hook is crazy. wonder how long it took him to write it

  • Talos_ 13
    Talos_ 13 19 hours ago

    funny I typed in shit and this came up

  • Mamadou Diallo
    Mamadou Diallo 19 hours ago


  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 19 hours ago

    I've literally watched this so much since. The day it came out it's my favorite Uzi song and music video

  • Jovani Torres
    Jovani Torres 20 hours ago

    why does he have a soccer jeresy from mexico

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee 20 hours ago

    When you break up with your crush

  • Psyche YT
    Psyche YT 20 hours ago

    When you get all A's on your report card.

  • Freestyle Lifestyle
    Freestyle Lifestyle 20 hours ago

    When your mom gives you $100 and you go shopping

  • Nicolas Villalob
    Nicolas Villalob 20 hours ago

    now I do what I want

  • oliebole kraam
    oliebole kraam 20 hours ago

    After you finish watching ''Project X''

    MATTHEW PERALTA 20 hours ago

    Lil uzi my dad is dating your girl

  • D&E Gaming
    D&E Gaming 21 hour ago

    When you graduate

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