How to add cheats PEC For PSX Emulator

This is my tutorial on how to add the Your own cheats to the PEC

I would like to thank you all for posting the great comments about this video!! Thank you for your words!!
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Author Marcus Au Weng Yew (2 months)
I've already input the cheat code and titled it, however it doesn't show up
in the list. Help pls. Btw nice power point show. :)

Author Ran Kudo (4 months)
I know that tutorial already and you don't have to explain what is PEC, we
all know that already.
I expect something about one title with many codes.

Author jefthereaper (6 months)
K so I tried this just a few days ago and I have to ask, how to I add all
codes I added now to a preset menu? (the basic pec has a preset number of
games in the left screen, and clicking one of those shows all cheats in the
right screen with checkboxes) How do I just add a new game title to the
left side and show all settings in the right side? would make it a lot
easier to activate and de-activate codes (and organized)

Author TheEngiGuy (4 years)
@Darkelf95 no u

Author lilsparks96 (4 years)
finaly a tutorial thats not retarded. thank you! i would give you 5 stars
but all i can do is press like :) (stupid youtube updates)

Author kroit92 (3 years)

Author ReggievanD (3 years)
It says error when i tried to save it, how to fix this?

Author DjSpinWiggly (4 years)
this video is dumb because i went to file and there is no option for
file/user database.... 0/5

Author Steven Olson (3 years)
@JamesRideout123 Lol no I made this video with a crappy computer that no
longer exist. If you didn't like the this video go watch another one.
Everyone has there own way of doing things. Its youtube. And I like the
music. my video my music? yeah that sounds right. okay have a good day sir
-Steven Li (Original uploader of this video)

Author kasper549 (5 years)
For some reason my PEC cant add any user codes it only says: "" cannot save
user.inf" or something like that please help

Author farfoor farfoora (3 years)
i sub to you now plz answer me

Author Bruno Leal (3 years)

Author Leo Kings (5 years)
worked great thanx man!

Author supereverman (3 years)
@crashyboi is not that serious

Author Джеральд Сантьяго (2 years)
why is my video flashing black and white when i play???

Author Xjz . (1 year)
i dont get it with all the other cheats game names and i do right

Author Eclipsion (2 years)
For everyone getting stuck at Step 5 Right click the PEC program (I have it
saved on my desktop) Click Run as Administrator This let me save the cheats
after entering, I'm using Windows 7. Good luck everyone!

Author Brie Crosley (2 years)
Is there any way I can put my game in full screen with the cheats?

Author southport97 (4 years)
thaNKS just what i needed to play silent hill without dying.

Author TheOrangeDart (3 years)
@MultiTheDuke Ignore that last comment! Thank you so much! It works now! :D

Author Thanatos420 (5 years)
Absolutely helpful and works. Thank you!

Author kroit92 (3 years)
@alontes same here, it was fine yesterday. then when i wanted to add more
cheats, there was this error.. "failed to save bla bla bla..."

Author Mimical (4 years)
@local321 you probably messed up the install, try re-installing or using
diff version.

Author Yukihanabi1220 (2 years)
i also got stuck at step 5 .. psx doesn't appear on the list ='(

Author local321 (4 years)
@saintian2 i am having that same problem someone plz help

Author unleashed2rage (3 years)
it keeps saying that it cant save the code and i should abandon the
changes. What do i do? :(

Author Jesus Aguilera (4 years)
same problem for me its not showing up the pec sheat on the video selection
what do i do????? helpppp

Author neo1027 (3 years)
Hey man, my games runs too freaking fast after I config the video plugin
into the cheater...any help?

Author Marc Christian (2 years)

Author welmar02 (5 years)

Author elvisman2000 (4 years)
rofl the video fails

Author Jakwalski (2 years)
lame, this doesn't help me at all. and the music totally sucks!

Author Ihatethecharacterlim (2 years)
awesome video! Thanks!

Author mikhaelprasetya (1 year)
how to change it? can u tell me?

Author James killer (3 years)
@alontes it's windows 7, it won't let you save changes in a file that's
inside program files folder.

Author fruitwater22 (1 year)
If your running a NEWER computer/windows make sure your running PEC "PSX
Emulator Cheater" as administrator or it wont let you save the codes you
put in.

Author WereWolfGameClub (5 years)
doesnt work on Legend of Legaia

Author enigma0165 (2 years)
The cheats I added is not on the list. where do i find it?

Author alontes (3 years)
@kroit92 I did some more research and I found out what the problem was for
me. I'm using windows Vista, Vista and 7 have restrictions on changes to
"Program Files" directories. So What I had to do was move the "PSX emulator
cheater" file out of "program files" and it fixed the problem.

Author cooltyler1991 (3 years)
this guy FUCKING saved my life for cheats

Author TheVlogOfAnAmputee (3 years)
@randomdude581 same here

Author Siknik64 (1 year)
Not that it matters much anymore, but when you install the PEC program for
the emulator, it'll ask for a directory to put the PEC plugin for your
emulator. This directory is the same one your graphics plugins are. Use
that directory and finish install. Once that's done, select the PEC plugin
as your graphics plugin, then select the graphics plugin from within the
PEC plugin. This allows the PEC program to access your emulator and update
your cheats instantly.

Author fabian25561 (4 years)
ok im only having one problome when you go to save cheat thing i go to the
video thing and look for the one it says to put but it's not there

Author KENDYADOF (3 years)
cool!I will try this for gran turismo 2 =D

Author Jeremy Barnes (3 years)
I have found one site so far that has PS1 gameshark codes. Limited
selection though. gamegenie(dot)com/cheats/gameshark/ps1/index.html Anyone
got any others? I was hoping to get some for Vandal Hearts.

Author TwistedStarPro (3 years)
Arent the gameshark codes more than just one line, though?

Author KENDYADOF (3 years)
So,the pec already knows what game you like by "reading" the cheats?

Author JamesRideout123 (4 years)
@guitarhero966494 You ripped this video from a decent hard working uploader
and then threw annoying music in the background and claimed it as your own
then Youtube disabled the track. Looks good on you.

Author TTT_Gaming (1 year)
In my PSX V1.13 Emulator I went to Configuration then to Video since I
don't have a graphics tab and I did not see anywhere that allowed me to
change to Psx Emulator cheater 2.5.

Author local321 (4 years)
hes not telling us how to fix the problem where we cant save. wtf dude

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