Pyaar Toh Andha Hai (LOVE IS BLIND) - Sheldon Bangera


"Pyaar Toh Andha Hai" is featured on Sheldon's album "Kaisa Tera Pyaar Hai" which was released in December 2009. For more details, visit

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Author Deppak Kumar ( ago)
Nise song

Author John Elijaiah ( ago)
superb song by Sheldon Bangira

Author Prabhakar Pandala ( ago)
Nice song

Author raosaheb Natkar ( ago)
i love jesus

Author Divya Jessie (1125 years ago)
Amazing song!!!! Breathtaking music!! God is Love!!

Author Bond Sati ( ago)
really the love of god is truth.there is no messurements to messure the
love of god

Author Saq Creation ( ago)
heart touched song

Author Mary Monika ( ago)
really great song it

Author Utkarsh Dalmia ( ago)
Awesome song

Author GAMEGAMEST ( ago)

Author Samuel Johnson ( ago)
wow soooo...nice song so that I can't tell/write

Author tuku natung ( ago)
my favrout jesus song JESUS BLESS YOU

Author Boney Meyn ( ago)
is da singer from heaven

Author Sakthi Nadar ( ago)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much beautiful song

Author sapna sharma ( ago)
Beautiful lovely song...

Author sapna sharma ( ago)
Very nice

Author Victor John ( ago)

Author Nish Sm ( ago)
He sang this song in our school <3

This is so good to hear again. :)

Author DKMANDAL MANDAL (655 years ago)

Author Sunder Armani ( ago)
Wonderful song sheldon God bless

Author Angela Sunder ( ago)
May God Bless Sheldon And His Family

Author ruth priya ( ago)
beautiful song.....i love you jesus.... :)

Author Sakthi Nadar ( ago)
i love jesus 

Author ghanshyam baghel ( ago)
Praise the Lord for this beautiful song

Author ruzaina sheikh ( ago)
I love you jesus

Author Naomi Daniel ( ago)
very beautiful video presentation......

Nice song

Author Pramod Chandoria ( ago)
Nice song

Author ruzaina sheikh ( ago)
Such a true song this is

Author anna rai (1116 years ago)
Praise the lord loo this song

Author Ajit Dangwar ( ago)
Wow!!!!!superb! !!! I just love this song. ...:))

Author Karunya Smily ( ago)
Evermore i love u JESUS.....

Author Sharon d'silva ( ago)
too good.....

Author Jave Halkory ( ago)
I love this song ! Well composed !

Author Pratik Edwards ( ago)
I'm blessed by this song.I love this song.

Author Pratik Edwards ( ago)
I'm blessed by this song.I love this song.

Author ritu gardner ( ago)
good song

Author ridima sharma ( ago)
Lovely song ...Sheldon you are truly blessed with this wonderful gift of
worshipping the Creator with your wonderful songs

Author Alex Thomas ( ago)
It happend to me once in my life.. and now i am happy like i have never
been before.... all glory and praise to you jesus.

Author SAKSHI SAGAR ( ago)
good song

Author sun ( ago)
Praise the LOrd

Author Joycee Khant ( ago)
Awesome love of Christ

Author Vishal Dass ( ago)
Paul says.... If anybody is a Jew i am also jew if anyone does not know the
law i will be as if i dont know the LAW... i do this because i can bring
them into the salvation of GOD....This song has moved the hearts of this
Generation....Got Salvation...
Bless Sheldon... 

Author LetminJose Gangte ( ago)
Very Expressive...I really love this song.

Author Linus Santhu ( ago)
Hi friends i see many of u guys are having an argument on this song but
here the singer is comparing worlds love and true love of Jesus. He used
bhaad because when some one fall in love that is worldly love people forget
everything even parents but Love of Jesus is different, he just wanted to
explain the difference in love Heavenly love and worldly love. 

Author sheeba sanuel ( ago)
Blessed song sung by blessed singer

Author sheeba sanuel ( ago)
Blessed song sung by blessed singer

Author Kathryn Walter ( ago)
Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his
friends. [John 15:13]

Author autar koitch ( ago)
Nice lyrics...

Author Kevin Verghese ( ago)
Love this song

Author divya sree ( ago)
its one of my fvrt song..! <3

Author Soloman Lambani ( ago)
goood song..!

Author iksha limbu ( ago)

Author Manu Mathew ( ago)
good song...

Author Sholi SJ ( ago)
Pyaar paralysed :p btw nice song !

Author cath5705 ( ago)
awesome :)

Author LEO UPODESI ( ago)

Author Ashwin Tetu ( ago)
it`s too good

Author sumit lal ( ago)
the excellant song

Author abhishek maddy ( ago)
what is meaning of bhaad ah??? people use such words normally ............
if u really want christ in ur life right!!! u just listen the song in
spirit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to be frank am blessed.

Author Enosh Paul ( ago)

Author Sujith Mathew ( ago)
Nice 1

Author Akbm100 ( ago)
love the song n lyrics esp that part when its says "ye dunia bhad me jaye"
..its showing the exact thought of a lover who dont care the world wen he
is in love.Such an innovative idea to reach the youths. my request is like
this song please write a song on alcoholism which binds to our youth..God
bless u

Author Priscilla J ( ago)
Thank you! God bless.

Author Naveen Prakash ( ago)
yeah every thing iz gud but sum words :( "Jesus Christ is disciplined god"
so as a child of god we must be like him" imagine jesus saying these words
;;;; tum sab log jao bhaad me;;; can we imagine...???? no we cant these
kind of words will corrupt next gen kids

Author thevoiceasia (648 years ago)
Congratulations. This video has been selected for MasihiMTV and is also on
the playlist for The Voice Asia radio thevoiceasia com

Author gideonmission ( ago)
praise the lord.

Author Roshni Raj ( ago)
Sheldon's approach to reach the youth(especially the unbelievers) need to
be true lily appreciated. We are belong to the Jesus generation and should
reach all our young friends leading them to Our Best Friend... Great work
Sheldon Bangera....

Author Nancy frida ( ago)
beautiful song nd the lyrics....!^-^

Author Daniel Mathew ( ago)
One of the lines ....I will die for you... Is utter man other
than the lord Jesus Christ has or ever will die for another man. That's how
deep his love is.

Author Priscilla George ( ago)
Everything that you see around you could be good or bad. Attributing
everything under the tag of Christianity to be good is neither the quality
of a born-again child. He might have made some efforts here, but the
ultimate result is zero. The lyrics which you pen down "for God" matters.

Author Priscilla George ( ago)
you have a valid point there. We say our God is Love and if he writes songs
like love is blind, dumb and deaf that is somehow pointing towards the
attributes of our Living God. He is neither blind nor deaf nor dumb.
sheldon is contradicting himself. At one point he says "love is blind"
which could mean that our God is blind. If he means it to be worldly love,
then the entire meaning of the song changes and it has no Biblical basis.
He is describing worldly love, that's it. Not really fruitful.

Author Priscilla George ( ago)
the music is good, but lyrics are not really good...i am not trying to be
judgmental but most of his songs are "like this" and not appreciated.

Author Blessy Monica ( ago)
Loved this song... God's love is truly the greatest! Nothing can ever
compare to His Everlasting Love:)

Author JOHN GANTA ( ago)
i really love this song...he sang it vry well....perfect lyrics to praise
HIM....but i don't know wether they really mean what they sing...???

Author Hareesh S Isaac ( ago)
We r 1st love god

Author jinu03 ( ago)
Hope you really understand Hindi before you type it totally wrong... Its
not BHAND... its Bhaad... Bhaad is a Utensil which is used to bake Chana on
Fire... so Learn the word first.. ! Now in this song... Sheldon explained
that the Worldly love says, Careless about the world ( Bhaad mein gayi
duniya... ishq karo ) its the message of the world... so Sheldon is saying
thats a wrong message ! So he is insisting on Greatness of Agape love of
the Creator. Please Pay attention on the intention first.

Author Rakesh Yadla ( ago)
brothers let this ppl who dont like it"" bhaad mein"" jaaye you ppl are
great, superrrrrrrrrrb song:)

Author Ajay gurung ( ago)
i really love this song thanx for making this kind of hrt touching song

Author canaanoptical ( ago)
Love it.... thanks for sharing.

Author Bill Carson ( ago)
u dint get my point...its like u have eyes but you don't see and so on and
so forth...don't want to be preaching the gospel to you here....u know it

Author 888kraven ( ago)
No one asked you to watch it!

Author James Sagro ( ago)
Nice Song Bro

Author prabhat baa ( ago)
'Bhand me Jaye' in a gospel song, very shameful act.

Author sachin77307170 ( ago)
Its just nice and beautiful...nice one ...good job

Author smi raj ( ago)
@gorkhatube its cos of Godly Love that we still we alive its cos of worldly
love we die daily the love blind dumb and so on is abou worldly love
between God made People which mad'e' by people for their joy for instance

Author Kanika Kelkar ( ago)
@JoyBoyStanley ..m agree with u..

Author Kanika Kelkar ( ago)
@gorkhatube ..gre8t bro..i like ur commnts ..thanx bro

Author Kanika Kelkar ( ago)
@raaz00009 music is great but m talking about that wrd bhadd me jae..m
totly agree with sm people...

Author Vijeta Kelkar ( ago)
@jijo0991 My Brother or Sister, It is not criticism, Word matter when it
comes to presence of Holy spirit, The song is really Good but some words
are not, U should not feel bad if you received any genuine comments, It is
not compulsary that everytime v r right.

Author Vijeta Kelkar ( ago)
@gorkhatube Thanks for this comments... I totally agree wid u

Author Vijeta Kelkar ( ago)
@JoyBoyStanley I agree wid you.... The song is good.... The slang should
not use... :)

Author Vijeta Kelkar ( ago)
@raaz00009 It is not a matter of Spirituality, Its a matter of Words, Do u
know, We know Jesus thru words? Read: John 1:1.... World created thru
Words, Every Miracle happens thru words, We pray thru Words, We worship
thru words.... that y it is matter,"Bhad me jae" Is not a word which we can
even imagine to use in front of Jesus, And It is not criticism, If you are
born again then u will understands the respect of worship songs my
brother,I really Love to hear the other songs of Sheldon...

Author Joise stanley ( ago)
Ya gud some word r not meaningfull.

Author Kanika Kelkar ( ago)
yeah i respect dis wrd duniya bhaad me jae..awesome...

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