Pyaar Toh Andha Hai (LOVE IS BLIND) - Sheldon Bangera


"Pyaar Toh Andha Hai" is featured on Sheldon's album "Kaisa Tera Pyaar Hai" which was released in December 2009. For more details, visit

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Author Alex Thomas (27 days)
It happend to me once in my life.. and now i am happy like i have never
been before.... all glory and praise to you jesus.

Author Jesse Calvary (1 month)
I love this song and hope U all too..please take time to listen to it !!!

Author SAKSHI SAGAR (1 month)
good song

Author Kathryn Walter (3 months)
Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his
friends. [John 15:13]

Author Linus Santhu (2 months)
Hi friends i see many of u guys are having an argument on this song but
here the singer is comparing worlds love and true love of Jesus. He used
bhaad because when some one fall in love that is worldly love people forget
everything even parents but Love of Jesus is different, he just wanted to
explain the difference in love Heavenly love and worldly love. 

Author LetminJose Gangte (1 month)
Really Love this song

Author Vishal Dass (1 month)
Paul says.... If anybody is a Jew i am also jew if anyone does not know the
law i will be as if i dont know the LAW... i do this because i can bring
them into the salvation of GOD....This song has moved the hearts of this
Generation....Got Salvation...
Bless Sheldon... 

Author Joycee Khant (1 month)
Awesome love of Christ

Author sheeba sanuel (2 months)
Blessed song sung by blessed singer

Author divya sree (4 months)
its one of my fvrt song..! <3

Author autar koitch (3 months)
Nice lyrics...

Author Kevin Verghese (4 months)
Love this song

Author Kanika Kelkar (3 years)
you should give respect the god's the bible
carefully then you knw about spritual wrshper...i agree with that girl...

Author San Jay (2 years)
Jesus Christ !!! Praise the Lord

Author Kanika Kelkar (2 years)
@JoyBoyStanley ..m agree with u..

Author Vijeta Kelkar (2 years)
@JoyBoyStanley I agree wid you.... The song is good.... The slang should
not use... :)

Author Mercy Margaret (2 years)
loving this song ... listening to this everyday morning after my quite time
.. and yess the singer is also blessed what a beautiful voice ... God bless

Author Vijeta Kelkar (3 years)
Hey Guys I am surprised to see ur comments.... 1st u need to understand
about the God worship and his Love. U need to understand what bible says...
Read about worship what Paul says.... What david said and How Jesus has
done his ministry on earth... God is searching a true worshipper not a
performer. Otherwise try to use this word in your church worship and ask
God for the Wisdom.

Author Blessy Monica (1 year)
Loved this song... God's love is truly the greatest! Nothing can ever
compare to His Everlasting Love:)

Author Viraj Kocharekar (4 years)
Wat a fab video...:-)

Author abhishek maddy (1 year)
what is meaning of bhaad ah??? people use such words normally ............
if u really want christ in ur life right!!! u just listen the song in
spirit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to be frank am blessed.

Author Vijeta Kelkar (2 years)
@gorkhatube Thanks for this comments... I totally agree wid u

Author tweetypereira999 (3 years)
@viji1020 totally agree with u.. the word bhaad is not right but then thats
our hindi... if not baad then what will u say???

Author brucealmighty1986 (2 years)
@issacdhan Pls dont judge any1 accordin to what you think.....judge
accordin to the word of God.....there is no malice in this song....songs
come from the heart....if ur heart is full of malice...then malice will
come out...but if ur heart is full of luv....then only good will come
out...the song is abt pure love for Jesus..if you knw sheldon..he ws a
devastated youth who was saved by that fact tht sheldon is so
mch in love wid Jesus is he is blind to your comment.Love is blind bro

Author Daniel Mathew (1 year)
One of the lines ....I will die for you... Is utter man other
than the lord Jesus Christ has or ever will die for another man. That's how
deep his love is.

Author Kanika Kelkar (2 years)
@gorkhatube ..gre8t bro..i like ur commnts ..thanx bro

Author raaz00009 (3 years)
@viji1020 Bhaad means hell ... this song is simple... and the word exactly
shows the the we think these days !! i dont think its too bad.... everybody
uses the word bhaad here n thr.... it actually shows the intensity of our
thots ..

Author iksha limbu (6 months)

Author Vijeta Kelkar (3 years)
Hey Guys read this passage carefully... That's ur answer... 1 Cor. 14:26

Author Jijo George (3 years)
@Prissy1226 i realy want to knw the exact name of that software name....

Author CVCthevoiceasia (1 year)
Congratulations. This video has been selected for MasihiMTV and is also on
the playlist for The Voice Asia radio thevoiceasia com

Author godzeye92 (4 years)
thnk u soooo much.. i was looking for this song since agessss..!!! but do u
have the original version of it? can u upload tht one too. if u have it
please. :)

Author davex2xtrme (11 months)
Iss prem se kahi zyada ... Hai mera jeevan data ... (My GOD is bigger than
the love for any person) I Love you JESUS !

Author Naveen Prakash (1 year)
yeah every thing iz gud but sum words :( "Jesus Christ is disciplined god"
so as a child of god we must be like him" imagine jesus saying these words
;;;; tum sab log jao bhaad me;;; can we imagine...???? no we cant these
kind of words will corrupt next gen kids

Author Issac Dhan (2 years)
sandy9773 . I love to preach about Jesus, we do it on regular bases to non-
Christians It is very important to tell about Jesus through word of God.
Sometimes people needy of healing or deliverance ask us, (when we tell them
to pray or read bible according to there need) ,How many times we have to
do so 40 times or 100 times, which time morning or evening. They compare
Jesus with other God and aspect the same procedure. Because of these songs
wording I suggested. Your comment is obvious.

Author jinu03 (3 years)
Thumbs up & added it in my playlist ! Praise Adonai !

Author Joise stanley (2 years)
Ya gud some word r not meaningfull.

Author tweetypereira999 (3 years)
@viji1020 bhaad mein jao is like do hell with u... or drown in the flood...

Author tweetypereira999 (3 years)
@viji1020 ah and one more thing..why dont u re write this song... in a
better way i can call up sheldon and tell him there are people out here
pointing ur mistakes, he would apprciate it :)

Author Dennis Padarath (2 years)

Author Roshni Raj (1 year)
Sheldon's approach to reach the youth(especially the unbelievers) need to
be true lily appreciated. We are belong to the Jesus generation and should
reach all our young friends leading them to Our Best Friend... Great work
Sheldon Bangera....

Author hirokzjyotiborgohain (1 year)
***=awsme song=***

Author avinash7545 (3 years)
heyyyy bro i love this song...... its truth bro... we are going to sing
this song in our youth event in hyderabad.... may god bless you for this

Author Priscilla George (1 year)
the music is good, but lyrics are not really good...i am not trying to be
judgmental but most of his songs are "like this" and not appreciated.

Author sylvester283 (8 months)
Sheldon n Cyril I love this song

Author Vijeta Kelkar (3 years)
@tweetypereira999 Y u want the people to move to hell.... or y u want to
use these type of thots? JAb prabhu ka pyar jivan me aata hai na to insan
selfish hokar ye nahi kehta ki duniya bhaad me jaaye..... Yeshu masih ne is
duniyta k lie hi apni jaan ko dia.... Do remember it.

Author Issac Dhan (2 years)
Strange. I never found such description of love in bible. Blind, Deaf ,Dumb
and Crazy ? This is what happen when someone wants to make a song which
sound good but not based on bible's principle. Might have made this by
mistake. Song Sounds Super but Please consult your pastor for words.
Because half of this Song's wordings are worldly wisdom. and half is about
singers love towards Jesus. But Song Sound good. Please consult your pastor
before any release.

Author raaz00009 (3 years)
@viji1020 R u telling me that the use of a word ... nullifies the rest of
the song ? we as like most of things .. focus on the bad and not good ...
and the word bhaad comes in reference to thot of the 2 ppl in love ... "jab
do premi .... tab duniya bhaad mein jaaye" .... it's juz the actual
representation of how 2 such ppl think ... no the author's view abt God's
love or our love for God.... Simple...quit fixating on tht

Author jinu03 (3 years)
Awwwww.. Praise God... I have never come across this blessed song... I
wonder How did i not ???? I love this song so very much... Praise the Lord!
What a blessing it is to be able to know His love in our lives & To enjoy &
share it with others. Thank You so much Prissy for posting this. God Bless

Author sumit lal (10 months)
the excellant song

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