Mrs. Claus

Parody of "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. New lyrics by Bob Ricci. Music performance by Bob Ricci and band.

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Author DieKloeteCH ( ago)
Upload all of Bob Ricci songs pls.

Author ViraIshnia ( ago)
Heard "Stacy's Mom" at a restaurant today and remembered this song :P

Author dylan king ( ago)
stacey's mom - fountains of wayne

Author ucandoitnicky ( ago)
@Maxy50001 dude it isnt adult humor. its PG 13 humor!

Author EsmeWeatherwax ( ago)
@willsmithmad "stacy's mom" by Fountains of Wayne as said in the

Author drachenkopf123456 ( ago)
Its always in my head I love this song^^

Author drachenkopf123456 ( ago)
still cant get it outta my head :D

Author drachenkopf123456 ( ago)
I cant get this song outta my head

Author willsmithmad ( ago)
wats the original song called?

Author justin haywood ( ago)

Author JetShinoda ( ago)
@TheSebical touché ;)

Author TheSebical ( ago)
@JetShinoda Stimmt schon, dafür gibt's aber nun seit nem Jahr Gamingclerks .

Author JetShinoda ( ago)
@TehGeliod nope original video by Samb, music by BobRicci

Author JetShinoda ( ago)
es ist schade das samb seine ursprüngliche seite nicht mehr fortführt

Author Matt Helms ( ago)

Author teachers1337 ( ago)

Author TottenhamFeatManUtd ( ago)
this video was made in 2004 ! it came on youtube 2 years ago. *HEAVY SIGH*

Author ostarasang ( ago)
this video was made in 2004 ;> it is indeed VERY old ;>

Author Jporiey ( ago)
i used to listen to this when i was in 7th its great to hear
this again.

Author luggisluggi ( ago)
that is much older than 2 years... but funny every time

Author TDIhoohooh1 ( ago)
other sites

Author xXxXBabyDontCryXxXx ( ago)
Hahahahaha!!! This is sooo funny!!! HAHAH! LMAO! This is going to be stuck
in my head for ages!!

Author Vik Icarus ( ago)
Wtf... Haven't seen it for years ? How can you say years when it's not even
2 years old ? *Sigh*

Author FreeCreditReport1Fan ( ago)

Author NogardTwilight ( ago)
5/5 Priceless lol

Author darkman4114 ( ago)
this is sorta better than the oringinal

Author KrownsK ( ago)
This song is awesome!

Author Rock2Band ( ago)
niccceeeeeeeee XD HAHA

Author IMAMMASH ( ago)
Five stars! =)

Author Tyler Youngkrantz ( ago)
LOL same

Author kollamu ( ago)
Yay!Havent seen this vid for years! , love it! :)

Author Cuerriwurscht ( ago)
daaaaaaaaaaaam i´ve had heared this song the last time for 3 years. I have
found this video again !! :D

Author GodzillaGumby ( ago)
This video was genieus! But I have to say, this parody is not by Fountains
Of Wayne.

Author wiggles4you2 ( ago)
Keep it going Bob !!

Author Skan Seth Terloch ( ago)

Author badgers125 ( ago)
lol you rule dude!

Author Hattusa ( ago)
I'm extrapolating. (Not a hentai fan)

Author Sellsy12k7 ( ago)
Dude, Its A Cartoon.

Author PandaAndTekkenRules ( ago)
Awsome by the the way im a girl!

Author Sellsy12k7 ( ago)

Author Sellsy12k7 ( ago)
No Fast Food One :l

Author TayFab ( ago)
mrs. clause has has totally got it going on

Author Matthew Smith ( ago)
hey, is there like a program, you use to make this?

Author Hattusa ( ago)
'Tis almost the season for this. Also, Mrs. Claus here is pretty good

Author Curtisb51 ( ago)
You Stand Corrected

Author NEtotal ( ago)
awesome video and awesome song!:-D -NEtotal

Author UNOCK ( ago)
Ingenius! lol... one of the best i've seen so far...

Author nikelbakfreak ( ago)
omg this is awesome i luv it its so funnay!!!!

Author digger96 ( ago)
Bravo! And Merry Christmas! ;-)

Author Sinny42089 ( ago)
The ending is kind of sweet actually!

Author skylerwd6 ( ago)
Your correct on that one

Author pivotmasterDXRULES ( ago)
is it just me or at 2:14 isnt that the guy who got fricken blocked

Author Wesley Foxx ( ago)
Definitely one of your better songs. :P I still prefer the fast food one,

Author Cuuzi ( ago)
Yeah, this stuff is great! =)

Author DavidHN ( ago)
You rock!

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