Mrs. Claus

Parody of "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. New lyrics by Bob Ricci. Music performance by Bob Ricci and band.

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Author ViraIshnia (2 months)
Heard "Stacy's Mom" at a restaurant today and remembered this song :P

Author strykes22 (5 years)
FUNNY AS HELL i love it

Author TehGeliod (5 years)
original video by bob ricci

Author NogardTwilight (6 years)
5/5 Priceless lol

Author kollamu (6 years)
Yay!Havent seen this vid for years! , love it! :)

Author Tyler Youngkrantz (6 years)
LOL same

Author drachenkopf123456 (4 years)
Its always in my head I love this song^^

Author DavidHN (7 years)
You rock!

Author Matthew Smith (6 years)
hey, is there like a program, you use to make this?

Author EsmeWeatherwax (4 years)
@willsmithmad "stacy's mom" by Fountains of Wayne as said in the

Author JetShinoda (4 years)
es ist schade das samb seine ursprüngliche seite nicht mehr fortführt

Author Matt Helms (4 years)

Author xXxXBabyDontCryXxXx (5 years)
Hahahahaha!!! This is sooo funny!!! HAHAH! LMAO! This is going to be stuck
in my head for ages!!

Author EarthQuad (5 years)
AAAHAHAHA Elves In Dragg xD

Author icyswan2 (3 years)

Author digger96 (7 years)
Bravo! And Merry Christmas! ;-)

Author Sellsy12k7 (6 years)
Dude, Its A Cartoon.

Author darkman4114 (6 years)
this is sorta better than the oringinal

Author ucandoitnicky (3 years)
@Maxy50001 dude it isnt adult humor. its PG 13 humor!

Author ostarasang (5 years)
this video was made in 2004 ;> it is indeed VERY old ;>

Author skylerwd6 (7 years)
Your correct on that one

Author badgers125 (6 years)
lol you rule dude!

Author Sinny42089 (7 years)
The ending is kind of sweet actually!

Author NEtotal (6 years)
awesome video and awesome song!:-D -NEtotal

Author Rock2Band (6 years)
niccceeeeeeeee XD HAHA

Author UNOCK (6 years)
Ingenius! lol... one of the best i've seen so far...

Author Sellsy12k7 (6 years)
No Fast Food One :l

Author KrownsK (6 years)
This song is awesome!

Author Jporiey (5 years)
i used to listen to this when i was in 7th its great to hear
this again.

Author willsmithmad (4 years)
wats the original song called?

Author pivotmasterDXRULES (7 years)
is it just me or at 2:14 isnt that the guy who got fricken blocked

Author Hattusa (6 years)
I'm extrapolating. (Not a hentai fan)

Author PandaAndTekkenRules (6 years)
Awsome by the the way im a girl!

Author Cuuzi (7 years)
Yeah, this stuff is great! =)

Author Hattusa (6 years)
'Tis almost the season for this. Also, Mrs. Claus here is pretty good

Author Sellsy12k7 (6 years)

Author Skan Seth Terloch (6 years)

Author JetShinoda (4 years)
@TheSebical touché ;)

Author GodzillaGumby (6 years)
This video was genieus! But I have to say, this parody is not by Fountains
Of Wayne.

Author TayFab (6 years)
mrs. clause has has totally got it going on

Author IMAMMASH (6 years)
Five stars! =)

Author luggisluggi (5 years)
that is much older than 2 years... but funny every time

Author Vik Icarus (5 years)
Wtf... Haven't seen it for years ? How can you say years when it's not even
2 years old ? *Sigh*

Author nikelbakfreak (6 years)
omg this is awesome i luv it its so funnay!!!!

Author Wesley Foxx (7 years)
Definitely one of your better songs. :P I still prefer the fast food one,

Author JetShinoda (4 years)
@TehGeliod nope original video by Samb, music by BobRicci

Author drachenkopf123456 (4 years)
still cant get it outta my head :D

Author FreeCreditReport1Fan (5 years)

Author wiggles4you2 (6 years)
Keep it going Bob !!

Author dylann king (1 year)
stacey's mom - fountains of wayne

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