We Tried Instagram Furry Lips • Saf & Candace

Candace and I test out the instagram furry lip art that we've been seeing in articles and on our feeds and try and see if people like it! Could this be a trend? Only time, and the comment section, will tell... Would you guys do this?

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Lip Art Instagrams:
Amanda Bellini
Greta Agazzi

Flocking Powder:

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Susperia & Echo

Safiya's Nextbeat:

Candace's Channel:

Elizabeth Robinson
Katherine Sihavanh
Natalie Seraydarian

Special Thanks to Sarah Pohl

Mind The Gap
Good Time
Its On You
Just One
I Want Action
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Author Safiya Nygaard ( ago)
HELLO LOVES! i don't know why we did this, but i had fun and candace got a great hot dog. off to film the next couple of videos, there's gonna be a double header this weekend (sat & sun!). hope to see u there!! also, would you guys do this?! lmao

Author Anna Schaus ( ago)
They were at Universal Studios Citywalk lol

Author CerreBerry ( ago)
i feel like this is a build a bear lip

Author Kawaii Animals ( ago)
0:46 OMG My name is Greta!

Author delfin7461 ( ago)
OMG! LOVE Tyler's reaction!!! What a weird trend! It really looks crusty and not sexy at all.. could be cool for a costume or a crazy look

Author megan losi ( ago)
i have the same exact mirror 😂😂😂 right next to me I use it everyday before school to do makeup

Author Wadha Alkhalid ( ago)
I wonder how they removed it, It takes me 30 minutes removing regular matt lipstick.. smh

Author Lauren Paszkowski ( ago)
"my lips are on flock" 😂

Author Luke Staples ( ago)
"You think that's fuzzy... Take a look down here..."

Author Just Having Fun ( ago)
Flocked wallpaper was a thing in the 60s & 70s y'know.

Author Kelsey Eileen ( ago)
Where would one wear this? To a furry convention, I assume.

Author TheBeauella ( ago)
I love Candace's lip fluff colour

Author Sarah Sharp ( ago)
This is essentially ladylike and I love it!!

Author Takira Lovely ( ago)
I'm so glad she left buzzfeed she is so creative.

Author Miranda Stearns ( ago)
did she say "how to get your life together"? lemme just follow her on everything real quick.....

Author Synthia Hart ( ago)
Last kid had my name and my answer

Author alexandra humbert ( ago)
love you

Author Charlotte Higgins ( ago)
Dang, everyone's leaving BuzzFeed....way to go! It's good for you to leave an "abusive" workspace!

Author AnKariah Calsonia LaRay ( ago)
Love you guys but omg the trend is gross. looks like hair mold... yakko girls come on who is gonna kiss you if you are on a date or geez stop staring at your lips with this face O.o` umm gurl do you know you have pubes on your lips???.. hhhhhaaa good luck licking your lips afetr food.. lip darwin award

Author Tina Salvatore is phan trash #1 ( ago)
I saw this on the news

Author Blue Poppy ( ago)
Heyyyyyy!!!! I have asthma too!! 😘😝😊

Author Mya Rose ( ago)
I love your shirt Natalie👍

Author RawLawal ( ago)
Saf's so well spoken ugh I love it

Author Lainya Awesome Sauce ( ago)
You think that's fuzzy? Take a look down here. Lol.

Author T Stormer ( ago)
Sofiya, please dampen echo

Author Camille Gregersen ( ago)
Are u Danish ?❤

Author Madison Price ( ago)
i think eyelash glue might help? but i have no idea if that's safe for your lips

Author L Starr ( ago)
I love your channel because you guys are so unpretentious and natural. You don't put on an act, you don't fake things for viewers, you don't lie or make up ridiculous outrageous stories during 'storytime' like other youtubers, even your makeup vids are satisfying and are *actually fun* to watch and don't give me a headache (james charles, jeffree starr, manny mua are all annoying fake trash) I just love everything and you should never change <3<3

Author Katherine Neufeld ( ago)
No hate intended, but I honestly feel like a look like this is just kinda dumb.

Author Sammie Adams ( ago)
Saf, I love the color though!! so pretty

Author Bunny ( ago)
It is so weird. But I kind of want to try it... do you think there might be something other than that specific flock that might work better?

Also, in green it would look like your mouth is the Shire lol. (It would look like the grass they use on models.)

Author Bianca Fahlin ( ago)
oh safiya! I love your personality. you're awesome!

Author Lauren Whiteley ( ago)
Tyler looks like JD from Heathers

Author Kati Says ( ago)
"My lips are on Flock" Hahaha

Author Fall out by panicking over My chemical romance xxx ( ago)
This was hilarious 😂

Author ToastAndJellyfish ( ago)
You missed the perfect opportunity for a "down to flock" pun. Shame, shame, shame!

Author Ghina Syifana ( ago)
"i think for a costume i would do it again but naaah" 😂😂😂

Author Tangie Mendez ( ago)

Author Nichole Francis ( ago)
just yuck lol

Author Lola Steburg ( ago)
shout out to little Natalie for the bomb ass harry potter shirt

Author Kat Smith ( ago)
i would never ever put flocking powder anywhere near my face

Author Naleen Mounlathep ( ago)
can you do a video about sugaring?

Author aaron sullivan ( ago)
I almost "died" while watching this video. I tried to step over the back of my chair and sit down, but my leg got caught and I almost fell onto my heater. It was still worth it.

Author Kyra Hudson ( ago)
Saf- "Kathryns DTF.... down to fuzz."
Candace (off camera) - "OH... MY.. GOD"

Author whatever I come up with ( ago)
the harry potter t-shirt tho

Author Brianna Hoskins ( ago)
I love Natalie's shirt

harry potter is my liFE

Author Anna Nilsson ( ago)
Hello Safiya. What Im about to comment is pretty off topic but i have been scanning a lot of videos which you was in and the whole buzzfeed ladylike. What i wanted to say was that i have been for the past 2 days thought that Candace resembled someone and i think her "twin" is my cousin. I see a huge resemblance. So it was pretty off topic. i wish i could have clipped in a picture so you yourself could see the resemblance.

But I cant end the comment just like that.
I like your videos and they are very good and funny to look at, keep on doing it!

Author Bobi Lop ( ago)
"My lips are on flock"😂😂😂

Author Daniella ( ago)
Candace and Saf were my favorite buzzfeed girls and this is life. life life life.

Author Britt S. ( ago)
notice me senpai

Author kitcam kit ( ago)

Author Lanybear 381 ( ago)
I'm sad that she left buzzfeed

Author Courtney Addison ( ago)
kinda crusty lol yeah

Author Olivia Talmadge ( ago)
i would kill to see miranda sings do this

Author Katie Harper ( ago)
holy crap. when you describe the underarm lint; i pure screamed

Author Alissa D ( ago)
I *LOVE* Candace shirt. Not those lip though. I chew my lips so much I'd eat that shit right off.

Author Ethel Ohman ( ago)
i would do it for like a dark forest fairy look like a mossy thing and continue it onto other parts of my face or something, but I LIKE IT! :) for what you said (runway, photoshoots, etc.)

Author Skylar Li ( ago)
I love the way u say smash😂😂😂

Author Little Mars ( ago)

Author Paige Selva ( ago)
Stop trying to make your own buzz feed, you left for a reason.

Author jessica ramos ( ago)
I think it would work a lot better with a gloss

Author linda sez ( ago)
video hay

Author xoxTegan85xox ( ago)
My husband would never kiss me ever again 😂

Author Gwendie Kaye Rigor ( ago)
Is it only me who watches buzzfeed's ladylike just to see Saf? I'm loving this channel ;) <3 <3 <3 xoxo

Author GlennKocoTheFourth ( ago)
saf!! girl I love you and Freddie. I identify so much with you!!! keep doing you girl

Author Noelle Soto ( ago)
city walk!! will you ever do a meet and greet at Universal?? 🙄

Author Karen Reyes ( ago)
Love you saf! I enjoy watching your videos 🙂

Author MysticSeraph ( ago)
Well, with Tyler's comment, now it looks like Safiya had Smurf hairy butt hole lips >.<

Author Gabby B ( ago)
it would be perfect for ice skating in the cold

Author Booyah ( ago)
Aww, Safiya looks more happy on her own.😊

Author keeping up with jake ( ago)
i luuuvvvvv you sooo much plz reply you'll make my day

Author HealthyishGal ( ago)
It started coming off in hunks... hahahah

Author you stole my cookie?! anways, ( ago)
This is what our generation has come to. *Fuzzy fucking lips*

Author K A I X X A ( ago)
Love your decision to leave Buzzfeed. You didn't need them! Smart gal.

Author PsychoStreak ( ago)
It's like you two put on lip gloss then made out with Elmo and Grover from Sesame Street.

Your Parents: You were out with that, that muppet again, weren't you?
You: No! Wh-why would you think that?
Your Parents: Your lips look like the inside of a jewelry box.
You: ...
Your Parents: I thought we told you to stay away from those muppets! The blue one is almost 50, and the other one? Ugh. First it's kissing, but then, then he'll ask you to "tickle" him, and then before you know it, you're pregnant and he's off giggling uncontrollably with his friends. Not if I can help it. You're grounded!

Anyway, entertaining as always.

Author Shanna Tate ( ago)
I'm DTF... Down to flock

Author Cody T. ( ago)
I'd like to kiss furry lips. As in, a furry's lips. Not someone with furry lips. :) word play.

Author Ava Intindola ( ago)
Saf I love you you're channel is growing so much so happy for you! Keep it up

Author Mackenzi Krummen ( ago)
So happy you can speak to the viewers now since your parting with BuzzFeed! Congrats love!! <3

Author adelisa ruiz ( ago)
Lol this is what would happen in a first grade class. When you give them glue and fuzz to make the grinch.
(From experience because I go to a school where we have 1 hour to be a "teachers assistant")

Author Chula's Makeup's ( ago)
can you do a video about katvond shade&light vs makeup revolution light&shade pleaseessswweeeewwweeewwwwweeeweeeee

Author leedle lee ( ago)
Some makeup looks aren't to attract men, but to drive men away.

Author Cate Lilian ( ago)
I agree that the color is awesome! Not so sure about the fuzz though...

Author Chelsea Anne ( ago)
....Honestly? You rock that color.

Author Samantha Nunez ( ago)
Dtf Down to fuzz I'm dying 😂😂

Author Random And Awkward ( ago)
Wait... YOU AREN'T IN BUZZFEED ANYMORE ??? NOOOOO ! But I'm subscribing for SURE !!

Author Jelita Aldrich ( ago)
Saf nooooo, its down to flock lol

Author Lizzy D ( ago)
New subscriber & already a fan 💁🏼💕💕 Glad you made your own YouTube page ✨

Author AKIKO CHAN ( ago)

Author T Kittii4 ( ago)
Natalie had an amazing shirt on xD

Author Sammy Golding ( ago)
Candace has two moles on the region where her neck meets her shoulder that look like they might be malignant. Like this to get Safiya's attention to tell Candace.

Author Teona Banu ( ago)
Candace looks gorgeous in that colour, though.

Author Rachel Maurtua ( ago)

Down to FLOCK
Not Fuzz.....

Author The .CrystalBoat ( ago)
Its like when I put on Lipgloss and then get my hair/dogs hair stuck to it lol

Author Jaded Jae ( ago)
lol Candace at the end.. F this I'm hungry 😂

Author Astrid Hollænder ( ago)
Candice totally made out with that hotdog #ReginaGeorg

Author Oli Pearse ( ago)
your reaction to a kid running past blbubububulib was priceless, its like "k.." *carries on* <3

Author Vidhya Sriram ( ago)
My favourite moment has got to be Candace saying "that's what cats feel like". Great video, Saf!

Author 92wlopez ( ago)
Maybe you should try this Chrome mask!

Author Nicole Pisterzi ( ago)
You ladies look amazing with the colors!!

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